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Pang Panvirush


Comment from Pang Panvirush:

The truth is that there is no elevator to success. You need to take the stairs 🏆 staypatientandtrustyourjourney journey stepbystep havecouragebekind disneyprincess namsan nseoultower southkorea travel seoul truth factoflife

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Samantha Cole💙


Comment from Samantha Cole💙:

Transformation Tuesday friends! I look at my before picture and barely recognize myself. I remember that girl but I'm starting to forget her also... that girl on the left was just recently sober, she was so self conscious always worried about what people thought of her. Her anxiety and depression was in high gear. That picture was taken when she just started to eat healthy and work out it was the beginning to a wonderful life. Now the picture on the right is me today. I still have lots to work on, mostly on the inside. I don't feel like people are judging me, my life doesn't revolve around stress and anxiety about what people think anymore. I still have self conscious feeling but they are slowly passing that just means I have more work to do on the inside and I'm okay with that! I have transformed into a person I respect and love. I owe everything to my changes and will continue this journey❤️☺️ weightloss transformationtuesday selfie overweight sobriety gettingclean sober soberissexy happiness takecare odaat loveyourself refusetosink excited progressnotperfection journey weightlossjourney positivity beyourself soberup makechanges hardwork paysoff freedom soberaf love

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Chelsea Harrell


Comment from Chelsea Harrell:

In my world risk and anticipation are both fighting for the spotlight . Both wanting to lead me to my next adventure ... journey wanderlust wanderfolk travel travelphotography exploretocreate explore moodygrams instadaily photooftheday liveauthentic pnw follow photography livefree

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Comment from T:

My lunches always turn out so childish and random 🙈 I did reduce the amount of potato pops this time for some salad 😂 used Aldi's southern fried chicken goujons x1 (really yuuum!) And a splash of Nandos garlic Peri sauce on the salad (which you can't really see in the picture) mahoosive meal but delicious and only aprox 314 cals 😍 . . . . . . . filter weight weightloss weightlossjourney weightlosstransformation calorie calories caloriecounting calories food foodie studentlife sw myfitnesspal mfp life insta foodie srilankan tamil british holidays slimming cook me tamil life journey slimmingworld sw chips peas fakeaway

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Julia Maiorova


Comment from Julia Maiorova:

В горах Армении 🏔🌝🏂 journey nature village vcocam vscogood goodday beautiful amazing +🎽 thenorthface_russia Foto egorkryachkov Camera 📸samsung

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Old Monk


Comment from Old Monk:

सफेद धौलाधार। . . the trekking himalayan solo adventure sun trekking picoftheday instahimachal travelmore hike instalike himachal himgeo _soi peace photography wanderlust explore mountains nature travelgram hilarious hippie indiapictures journey outdoors nomadic kangravalley campfireballs fireballsadventures

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Comment from Lyss✨:

Let's talk about the scale for a minute. I've become so obsessed with a number that I constantly beat myself up if I'm not the number I want to be. When I look in the mirror, I'm seeing changes in my body every day and feel great about the way that I look. Yes I set goals for myself on the scale, & I'm still not where I wanted to be number wise but I've learned that that's OKAY! If I love the way my body is starting to look, & I feel better than ever...I'm not gonna stress myself out over a stupid number when it's clear that my body is still changing!! I still have fat, plenty of it...but 2 years ago, even 1 year ago I would have never posted a picture baring this much. Lol First workout of the day done & over with! Time for work then some cardio & tanning after 👙🔥 • • • • • • • weightlossjourney chicagoweightlossmotivation chicagoweightlossmotivation chicagoweightloss motivation fitspo fitness fit fitnessmotivation fitgirls fat2fit fattofit diet exercise muscles girlswholift gym gymmotivation transformation transformationtuesday weightlosstransformations wlstories journey fitfam

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Sammie J. Dow


Comment from Sammie J. Dow:

Keep pushing! SamSpeaks morningmotivation Tuesday inspiration faith purpose journey encouragement empowerment destiny leadership growth peace

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Yoga instructor 🇮🇩


Comment from Yoga instructor 🇮🇩:

ShivaShaktiShapes shell 🐚kerigyoga yogachallengejanuaryyogaeverydayigyogayogabaliinstayogasiennynamasteposeyogahealthykeeppractiseloveyogaloveyourbodyjourneyprogressyogaeverydamdaychallengeyogachallengeyogaforeveryoneyogaeverywherehealthybodybreathebalancehealthylife

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Comment from Akmal:

completely stranger and become friends . . . . hikersmalaya hikerskental rentas_adventure hiker hiking hike outdoortothemax jungle mountain peak forest malaysia nature mothernature lovenature natureenthusiast naturelover adventure journey iHike wehike

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Positive Changes In 2017


Comment from Positive Changes In 2017:

I'm back 🤓😬 I did as the websites said and went and did a workout to combat my anxiety and now I feel great- anxiety is no longer winning 👊🏼👊🏼 I hurt my back so it was only an easy going workout but I did 35mins on the bike burning 203 calories and then a hill walk for 30mins burning 200 calories--- that's 400 calories and an hours cardio winning fitnessjourney fitness mentalhealthawareness life reality positive positivity positivevibes goals journey life lifestyle lifestyleblogger mentalwellbeing wellbeing strongwomen stronger choose choices happy alive feelinggood sassy women

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Comment from Erin:

Sunrise above the clouds 🌞🌤

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Tian Porter


Comment from Tian Porter:

life 💡 quotes quotesofig instamood life lifequotes journey recover happy positive positivity positivevibes future better quotesdaily quotestoliveby

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AKS Travels


Comment from AKS Travels:

I told the kids to make a silly pose and here's their sillyness 😋 travel traveler traveling orphanage orphans kids children happiness adventure journey islandlife haiti haitians humanity humanitarian communityservice culture global

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Comment from DO IT NOW:

... 퇴근 후 한것도 별로 없고만 벌써 10시57분 nightview nightscape 야경 streetphotography RoadView Europe 유럽 Porto 포르투 Portugal 포르투갈 trip journey travel 여행 여행스타그램 landscape 풍경 스냅 photo image ig_worldclub ig_europe ig_portugal ig_dynamic ig_today 여행에미치다 유디니 canonimagestorming

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Comment from Melissa:

Change is hard, but not impossible. 199lbs. 179lbs. 159lbs. 91 lbs lost all together and a life gained. I've being having some chest issues so the gym has been on hold for now, but whole 30 still going strong. transformationtuesday bikini weightloss weightlossjourney paleo paleodiet whole30 journey selflove fit fitness fitfam fitnessjourney eatclean eatcleantraindirty raw positivevibes proud progressnotperfection beforeandafter workhard gym sweat justdoit exercise believeinyourself girlswholift reality transformation

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장래희망 : 에릭남부인


Comment from 장래희망 : 에릭남부인:

셀기꾼 - - 너무 꿈같은 삶이면 깨고나서 허무할까봐 그래서 내 꿈은 평범하게 지금처럼 적당히 사는거✨

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Comment from kwannam:

wherever . whatever . have a nice day

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Gokul Nair


Comment from Gokul Nair:

When a fearless heart believes, miracles happen! himachal india journey adventure explore wanderlust instagood nature indianphotography lifequotes instadaily view wander trip life faith monastery meditation postcard traveldiaries instapic prayer bell peace sensimilia

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