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justinbieber (bvelieber) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from justinbieber:

What if that was you? Your recent emoji is ur reaction 😋

37 Seconds ago
Mohtashim raza (ch_mohtashim456) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mohtashim raza


Comment from Mohtashim raza:

justin bieber bieberfever justinbieberswag sexy caliente cool novio justindrewbieber instagood photooftheday juju justinb justindb justinb forever biebs neversaynever belieber believe believetour bieberlove

5 Minutes ago
Anna Cameron (its_jus_anna) Instagram Photos and Videos

Anna Cameron


Comment from Anna Cameron:

Perfection at its finest. Stud. • • • sundayswag juju allhim babygq myson floridasunshine fashionkids kidsofinstagram handsomeboy cameronstrong churchflow strikeapose puertoricanboy thathairtho hisstancetho heknowshescute youyourdaddyson sundayfunday ibreedexcellence julianromeo adorable

6 Minutes ago
Dee (yashraj0622) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Dee:

justin bieber bieberfever TagFire TFers beiber beiberfever justinbieberswag sexy hot cool boyfriend justindrewbieber instagood photooftheday juju justinb justindb justinb forever biebs neversaynever belieber believe believetour bieberlove

8 Minutes ago
Maxine Mireles (maxine_luv) Instagram Photos and Videos

Maxine Mireles


Comment from Maxine Mireles:

Happy birthday to my juju godson/nephew... love you daddy

8 Minutes ago
Collective Concepts, LLC-Suave (suaveofnitelife) Instagram Photos and Videos

Collective Concepts, LLC-Suave


Comment from Collective Concepts, LLC-Suave:

💥💥CIAA WEEKEND 💥💥 FriDAY March 2nd, 2018 12p-7p GET READY FOR THIS .. @iamjuju_ and Celebrity Friends TAKOVA THE KANDY BAR Right In the Heart Of the EpiCenter ... CHARLOTTE STAND UP...... KICKOFF YOUR WEEKEND THE RIGHT WAY Doors Open: 12p -7p Music by @djtyboogie1 @incognito98 Charlotte NYC Atlanta Miami Concerts Shows LoveAndhiphop Juju Teamjuju Party Music DJ KandybarCLT KandyBar CIAA2018

11 Minutes ago
Tracey J (traceyj09) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tracey J


Comment from Tracey J:

cockerspaniel juju muddy happy muddy spaniel is a spaniel ❤️

12 Minutes ago
Marguerite 🇫🇷17 (jubunnyt) Instagram Photos and Videos

Marguerite 🇫🇷17


Comment from Marguerite 🇫🇷17:

Y❤️ yannjujurosessaintvalentinkiss

13 Minutes ago
Victoria 👩🏼 (victoriadaily) Instagram Photos and Videos

Victoria 👩🏼


Comment from Victoria 👩🏼:

Brunch Time @ju_seb ✌🏼parisbrunchdayoffweekendsun ndsunnysunwintercoolfoodsunday

14 Minutes ago
Jamille Cardoso (nutrijamillecardoso) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jamille Cardoso


Comment from Jamille Cardoso:

Prontas para o segundo ensaio, agora na praia. • • Senão a irmã mais velha não teria foto com a irmãzinha Maria ainda no forninho. • • E aí minha maquiadora fera @Joane meloo me saí bem na Make?😬😅😍 • • • Hoje ainda posto algumas fotos do making off pelo meu celular, as oficiais de hoje só daqui uns dias😬😅😰😄 juju jujulinda enteadaamada irmãdeMaria nós3 ensaiogestante make makefeitapormim minhasmeninas irmãmaisvelha meumundocorderosa maedeprimeiraviagem vemMaria minhaMaria

14 Minutes ago
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (pchan.gloria) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️:

2枚目は写真の加工ではありません (。・`з・)ムム なんと ;゚Д゚)))ガクガクブルブル @eri__0727 えりちんがトムPを描いてくれた。嬉しすぎて号泣(。´Д⊂)エ ´Д⊂)エーン💦 彼女は自分のことより人に何かをしてあげた してあげたいと思う、優しい心の持ち主のような気がします(*/ ます(*/∀\*)イヤン💕 トムPがお付き合いしてる方々 ≧∀≦)キャッキャ トムPも見習って、人に優しくならなければ らなければと思いました(。-ω-))ペコリ 休日車買い物 お茶漬け絵 才能感謝ニットデニムスニーカー時計アクセサリーサングラスコー 天然flowerldhjuju写真photoインスタグラムi

16 Minutes ago
JULIANA GALVÃO (jullianagalvao) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from JULIANA GALVÃO:

juju 🌀

18 Minutes ago
Johnny Castro (johnny_003) Instagram Photos and Videos

Johnny Castro


Comment from Johnny Castro:


19 Minutes ago
✨YLDZ ✨ (__ruuru) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ✨YLDZ ✨:

Triplées ❤️🤗juju hatice ayse

20 Minutes ago
Justin Drew Bieber 🔥 (myloveforjustindrewbieber) Instagram Photos and Videos

Justin Drew Bieber 🔥


Comment from Justin Drew Bieber 🔥:

I'm back, lol proberly none of you noticed that I was gone, but I'm only back to say that I won't have Instagram for a few weeks (1march I will post smth tho). Instagram is distracting me a lot and I really need to focus on school. My main focus is school rn. So that's why I won't be online anymore, sorry guys but I promise I will be back. See yah all soon. Love you.

20 Minutes ago
Im Done (im_done365) Instagram Photos and Videos

Im Done


Comment from Im Done:

This is scary AF wtf juju imdone

21 Minutes ago
Justin Bieber (justixbiebah) Instagram Photos and Videos

Justin Bieber


Comment from Justin Bieber:

[which is your favorite style?] - Do u like Martin Garrix? I love martin so much. Such amazing man with positive vibes , kind with their fans and amazing things. His music such epic and his smile such adorable and funny too. My favorite moments when he is with Justin... I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. I hopefully they hangout again and collab a song together 😭❤️ gaintrick fthere gainpostdesflop desflopfthere likeforlike like4likerecent4recent recentforrecent cwdarianagrande justinbieber commentcomment4like comentforcoment purposetourselenagomez desflop revivaltour luisfonsi despacito despacitoremix faded love follow4follow selfie imtheone djkhaled xxl davidguetta sëduccíon

28 Minutes ago
Lucid Culture ( Instagram Photos and Videos

Lucid Culture

Comment from Lucid Culture:

juju getting down in the street🔥😂 wshh worldstar dance dancing instacool instago all_shots follow webstagram colorful style swag

31 Minutes ago
Terry Poppa Cleveland (3rd_ward_poppa) Instagram Photos and Videos

Terry Poppa Cleveland


Comment from Terry Poppa Cleveland:

Blessed🙏🙏🙏My Boyess.. ChipJuJuKam💯❤💯

40 Minutes ago
Ana Júlia Brito (minhadoce_anajulia) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ana Júlia Brito


Comment from Ana Júlia Brito:

Sexta feira a bivó (bisavó) nos deu um susto com um probleminha de saúde, ficamos todos preocupados e para alegrar o coração da véia a mamãe levou meu bolo do mesversário pra casa dela e foi maravilhoso! Ela ficou toda feliz 🤗 teve muita comida gostosa pessoal, e eu me acabei no churrasco (brincadeirinha) 😋😂. Dancei mexendo a cabeça 😍 Dei muito tchau, mandei beijo e mamei muito Tetê tbm! Rs viva os 7⃣meses • • • • • • • linda fofa baby babygirl mundobaby plena 6monthsold mundorosa babyfashion insta instagood mae maedemenina maternidade amar amor juju minhamenina jujuba bebe verao carioca rj rio brazil 🍭🌈♥📷 .

40 Minutes ago
justinbieber (bvelieber) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from justinbieber:

Justin asks you on a date. Your 4th emoji is your reaction 😜

44 Minutes ago
William Baviera (williambaviera) Instagram Photos and Videos

William Baviera


Comment from William Baviera:

Mande nuds pelo direct 🐸 casio oakley oro juju bomdia domingo narnia legalize ouvindomusica 1kilo rap

44 Minutes ago
Aliza - Nomadic Gitana (nomadic.gitana333) Instagram Photos and Videos

Aliza - Nomadic Gitana


Comment from Aliza - Nomadic Gitana:

Charging up Prosperity Conjure Spell Bottles for several customers🔮 Thank you for all your orders! All Conjure Spell Bottles can be personalized and are infused with petition papers with your name on it to link the energy to you✨ MAY THIS POST SHOWER YOU WITH THE POWER OF ABUNDANCE & PROSPERITY YOU SEEK TODAY💰❤️🔮🙋🏽‍♀️Check Etsy Shop NomadicGitanaByAliza to order🙋🏽‍♀️ spells hoodoo money bottlespell witch bruja witchcraft Wicca magic gypsy juju doll dollbaby crystals crystalsofig

44 Minutes ago
Ariane Lubiana (nanelubi) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ariane Lubiana


Comment from Ariane Lubiana:

Amiga, parceira... e mãe!!! Jujubalândia Juju AnnaJúlia AmigasParaSempre

58 Minutes ago
julia martins da silva (jujubahms) Instagram Photos and Videos

julia martins da silva


Comment from julia martins da silva:

juju jujublogueirinha miniblogueira

59 Minutes ago
julia martins da silva (jujubahms) Instagram Photos and Videos

julia martins da silva


Comment from julia martins da silva:

Look do dia juju jujublogueirinha look amo

1 Hours ago
 (_.drewlieber._) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from _.drewlieber._:

~ My everything. • • • justinbieber justindrew justindrewbieber jb jdb juju gainpost justinbieber jeliebers kidrauhl purposeworldtour purpose beliebers belieber mybeliebers believe myworld sorry bieber bizzle wdym jerry sirbizzle bieberpower justinfan bieberfever neversaynever believetour gainparty gaintrick jelena

1 Hours ago
Michelly Monteiro (michelly.monteiro.31) Instagram Photos and Videos

Michelly Monteiro


Comment from Michelly Monteiro:

Juju sapequinha amordetitia

1 Hours ago
Justin B 🇹🇷 (jdbeibelieber) Instagram Photos and Videos

Justin B 🇹🇷


Comment from Justin B 🇹🇷:

Comment " l love Justin " in your language

1 Hours ago
SXTN das beste Team (nurasweed) Instagram Photos and Videos

SXTN das beste Team


Comment from SXTN das beste Team:

„ich kenne mein ziel und du kannst nur verlieren“ deinemutter asozialisierungsprogramm sxtn sxtnmusik sxtnlove sxtndasbesteteam nura nuralove queennura juju jujulove queenjuju

1 Hours ago
Justin Bieber (okfetus) Instagram Photos and Videos

Justin Bieber


Comment from Justin Bieber:

Do you have any other idol apart from Justin?

1 Hours ago
Juju Smith (rescuedjuju_2018) Instagram Photos and Videos

Juju Smith


Comment from Juju Smith:

Sundays are for naps with mama💙 rescuepup juju jujuonthatbeat sweetpuppy idontsnore

1 Hours ago
Gruppa💫 (best_band__) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Gruppa💫:

😻🖤Чага чагатайулусой chagata дикиймед внутри @sevgilim_klip 🖤 justindb justinbiebers juju justinbieber bieberpower bieberfans beiber jb believe forever justindrewbieber sexy fanfics biebs instabeliebers justinbiber boyfriend beiberfever cool prilaga justin fanpage biebz bieberlove bieberfever justinb

1 Days ago