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Shelley Rose (shelleyismehello) Instagram Photos and Videos

Shelley Rose


Comment from Shelley Rose:

nofilter needed on LakeMichigan 🏖⛱🌊🌞⛵😎

3 Minutes ago
Amy Height (amyheight) Instagram Photos and Videos

Amy Height


Comment from Amy Height:

First open water swim of the year! eek @lifetimetri chicago triathlon lakemichigan

3 Minutes ago
vanessa (vanessavoltage) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from vanessa:

lake michigan looked so inky and tumultuous and magical on sunday. fyi nofilter lakemichigan ovalbeach

4 Minutes ago
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John Hancock Center chicago roadtrip explore tilt viewsfordays lakemichigan

5 Minutes ago
Matthew Parks (matthewsmacrofit) Instagram Photos and Videos

Matthew Parks


Comment from Matthew Parks:

I had a choice for a view out my window every day this would be it! Nature's beauty is absolutely amazing! I think far to often we forget to look at what's around us, our planet has so many amazing wonders and far too often we are off searching for materialistic things instead of embracing the natural beauty around us. So thankful to live where I can enjoy this to the fullest. 🙏🏻😊🌲 • • • • • • • nature puremichigan beauty beautiful blessed thankful lakemichigan lake saltfree peace amazing michigan @pure @awesome michigander @s pure america fitfam

6 Minutes ago
Jessica Swagman (jsevents) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jessica Swagman


Comment from Jessica Swagman:

My goal this summer is to just fall back in love with myself and the world and life again. -Unkown

7 Minutes ago
Jennifer A (jca_pebblebeach) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jennifer A


Comment from Jennifer A:

beachphotochallenge beachcomber lakemichigan ceramicfinds gray marble favoritepotteryfinds Favorite pottery finds (plus no rules) Will found a gray marble today 😲 @whats_on_my_beach

8 Minutes ago
Allison Klauer (allisonklauer) Instagram Photos and Videos

Allison Klauer


Comment from Allison Klauer:

🌊☀puremichigan lakemichigan summer beach shoreline

8 Minutes ago
 (sh3t0r) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from sh3t0r:

Walking across Sleeping Bear Dunes, Michigan, 2016. sleepingbeardunes michigan puremichigan lakemichigan sand dunes nationallakeshore nikon2880 nikond800 nikon

10 Minutes ago
Will (voyageofwill) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Will:

Running lakeside

10 Minutes ago
IntergalacticHarbringerofDoom (space_moggy) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from IntergalacticHarbringerofDoom:

I made a quick stop by Lake Michigan today. water lake lakemichigan

11 Minutes ago
Ontario Womens Basketball (ontariowomensbasketball) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ontario Womens Basketball


Comment from Ontario Womens Basketball:

Coach Chris made it out to Grant Park and got to see the famous Buckingham Fountain today. He's been checking in daily to hear how practices have been going. chicago buckinghamfountain lakemichigan marriedwithchildren

11 Minutes ago
 (micahdeansvela) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from micahdeansvela:

Special thanks for @skyhawkheavy for the water mark!!!! aviationgeek uscg coastguard uscoastguard traversecity tcmi lakemichigan westbay flightmechanic puremichigan aviation aviator avgeek suttonsbay hoisting smallboat flightmechanic helo helicopter

12 Minutes ago
Jamie Vaughan (jamie____lynn) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jamie Vaughan


Comment from Jamie Vaughan:

Trails End Bay 🌾🌊☀️headlands sunset lakemichigan puremichigan bliss upnorth

12 Minutes ago
↟ ᴋᴀʏᴛᴇᴇ ↟ (we_hippieartist) Instagram Photos and Videos

↟ ᴋᴀʏᴛᴇᴇ ↟


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{{ Pluto // Atlas }}

14 Minutes ago
Justine Flatten (just_in_pastel) Instagram Photos and Videos

Justine Flatten


Comment from Justine Flatten:

You'll be missed💔 • • • • chicago youwillbemissed favoritecity view chicagoview hancocktower hancock dinner timetosaygoodbye philadelphiaahead moving excited chicagolove blackwhite towerview lakemichigan chicagobynight weekend trip vsco

15 Minutes ago
Sergei Sputnikoff (sergeisputnikoff) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sergei Sputnikoff


Comment from Sergei Sputnikoff:

Another sunset on the Lake Michigan. puremichigan , mittenstate , Michigan , lake , lakemichigan , beach , sunset , sunsetonthelake , Америка , закатнадозером , закат , мичиган , озеро , спутникофф

16 Minutes ago
Indiana Harrison (h_indiana) Instagram Photos and Videos

Indiana Harrison


Comment from Indiana Harrison:

Looking north over Chicago from River Point. Picture taken through a window so there are some reflections overlapping on the right side adding a few ghostly buildings to the skyline. chicago insta_chicago chicagogram northside chicagoriver riverpoint chicagotribune reflections lakemichigan eastbankclub kinziepark riverbend chicagosuntimes hubbardplace metra

17 Minutes ago
whomaxjones82 (whomaxjones82) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from whomaxjones82:

17 Minutes ago
Leanna Medina (adultgirl) Instagram Photos and Videos

Leanna Medina


Comment from Leanna Medina:

I think @tracet82 likes Chicago🤔 chicago illinois lakemichigan tuesday tuesdaymotivation castaway summer pinacolada treatyoself smile travelgram boyfriendsofinstagram partnerincrime

18 Minutes ago
Jennifer Carrow (jmcarrow) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jennifer Carrow


Comment from Jennifer Carrow:

Not too hot and not too windy at Kirk Park Beach! summer beach relax michigan lake lakemichigan

18 Minutes ago
Holly Beadles (artstudio312) Instagram Photos and Videos

Holly Beadles


Comment from Holly Beadles:

lakemichigan dunesnationallakeshore

18 Minutes ago
emma Ouimette (emmaohhhralpf_che) Instagram Photos and Videos

emma Ouimette


Comment from emma Ouimette:

can't wait to get back to the chiiiii 🐠🐟🐡 . . . . . . . . . . phishterrr phish chitownbetches northerlyisland chitown cago2017 lakelife lakemichigan love

19 Minutes ago
↟ ᴋᴀʏᴛᴇᴇ ↟ (we_hippieartist) Instagram Photos and Videos

↟ ᴋᴀʏᴛᴇᴇ ↟


Comment from ↟ ᴋᴀʏᴛᴇᴇ ↟:

{{ 🌿🌞 }}

19 Minutes ago
Pepper Doodle (pepperspicedog) Instagram Photos and Videos

Pepper Doodle


Comment from Pepper Doodle:

when dad tells me i'll be back at the beach in a week!!! 😍🌊🏖 puppy puppylove bernedoodle bernesemountaindog bernesemix beach puremichigan lakemichigan pepperthespicedog play sand sun summer

20 Minutes ago
Olde Tyme (olde_tyme) Instagram Photos and Videos

Olde Tyme


Comment from Olde Tyme:

Fayette Historical State Park UP Michigan on the northern shores of Lake Michigan naturalmichigan Mitte MittenLove PureMittigan Michig ichiganview inspiredbymichigan

20 Minutes ago
Ben Paige (iambenpaige) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ben Paige


Comment from Ben Paige:

•Vintage -Ethan• .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . summer like4like followforfollow grandrapids michigan lakemichigan fun

20 Minutes ago
Brittin Schumaker (lularoebrittinschumaker) Instagram Photos and Videos

Brittin Schumaker


Comment from Brittin Schumaker:

She'll be 2 next month, but she still loves snuggles and naps on Momma, especially on a windy day on the beach of Lake Michigan. lunabuna15 crunchofthemom beachday lakemichigan sunnydays snugglesarethebest momdaughter familytime brittinsboutique sandybeaches puremichigan

21 Minutes ago
Dane (__dani5h__) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Dane:

Chicago driving lsd lakeshoredrive lakemichigan mazdalove mazda6 mazda summer

22 Minutes ago
crunchofthemom (crunchofthemom) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from crunchofthemom:

She'll be 2 next month, but she still loves snuggles and naps on Momma, especially on a windy day on the beach of Lake Michigan. lunabuna15 crunchofthemom beachday lakemichigan sunnydays snugglesarethebest momdaughter familytime sandybeaches puremichigan

22 Minutes ago
Jennzah Cresswell (jennzah) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jennzah Cresswell


Comment from Jennzah Cresswell:

I had a great birthday yesterday! I spent it with my awesome friend Alex, who is an amazing author as well. She'd never been to Milwaukee, so we met up there and went to the Mitchell Park Domes, the lunch at a fab old haunt of mine close to UWM, and finished up chilling by the side of Lake Michigan. Afterwards I stopped by my aunt and uncles, and then returned home to some wonderful presents from my favorite people! Alex got me the signed @maggie_stiefvater arc, @lizpatanders gifted me the Illustrated Chamber of Secrets (fitting cos also 20th anniversary of HP), and the Pusheen is from my friend Becky. Also, the funko I won from @originalfunko arrived on my as well! Such a great day! ❤️ happybirthdayjennzah funko mitchellparkdomes mitchellparkdomes🌸 lakemichigan milwaukee beansandbarley @funko_popvinyl harrypotter20thanniversary pusheen happy birthdayfun

24 Minutes ago
CBDB (cbdbmusic) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from CBDB:

Deebs Fly Together 🦆 - cbdb cbdbmusic webecbdb getinformation birdsofafeather silverlake silverlakesanddunes 8daysofforest lakemichigan

55 Minutes ago
Nick Perles 💖 (nperles) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nick Perles 💖


Comment from Nick Perles 💖:

Chicago lakemichigan nofilter boomerang beach summer views

16 Hours ago