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ELISABETH...Lost In Nature (counting_leaves) Instagram Photos and Videos

ELISABETH...Lost In Nature


Comment from ELISABETH...Lost In Nature:

A small path into the forest. path forest woods nature naturephotography autumn fall leaves trees

1 Minutes ago
BL Landscaping & Excavation (betterlawnscompanykingston) Instagram Photos and Videos

BL Landscaping & Excavation


Comment from BL Landscaping & Excavation:

Also today.. working on a big spring clean-up north of Kingston on the water 🍃 landscaping spring summer cleanup leaves stihl blower leafblower equiptment kingston ygk water loborough lake betterlawns

1 Minutes ago
 (blooming_seeds) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from blooming_seeds:

4.24.17 Her folds may seem complex, but at the core she is simple quotes deep flower flowers flowersofinstagram flowerstagram whiteflower wedding petals beauty nature naturalbeauty white purple afternoon sunny leaves summer summertime spring happyday happymonday monday

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Daily Plant (daily.plant) Instagram Photos and Videos

Daily Plant


Comment from Daily Plant:

Day 2: something(??) in my garden. . . . . . . . . plant plantpot illustration drawing grow green cute plants leaves plantillustration

1 Minutes ago
Emanuela Morini (emangel26) Instagram Photos and Videos

Emanuela Morini


Comment from Emanuela Morini:

3 in 1 🌟😃 photooftheday like4like follow4follow followme photographer nikonphotography passion passionflower flowerslovers flowers leaves nature naturelovers perfection sun sunset sky clouds spring infinity beauty landscape relax streetphotography instagood rain street sunset

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🇰 🇪 🇻 (kevkrayewski) Instagram Photos and Videos

🇰 🇪 🇻


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The world is made of untold stories. • • • Rain GreyDay Cloudy Autumn Vibes Landscapes BlacknWhite Branches Leaves Trees Raven L4L Instagood

1 Minutes ago
Candace  Martinovic (tinmam_24) Instagram Photos and Videos

Candace Martinovic


Comment from Candace Martinovic:

anzacday dawnservice orange lestweforget trees leaves autumn

1 Minutes ago
Lucy Stoddart (lucystodd93) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lucy Stoddart


Comment from Lucy Stoddart:

When the sunset light illuminates the plants in the conservatory I'm reminded of my time in the Costa Rican rainforest 🌿🍃🌴plantsareunderrated plantpower leaves foliage dappledlight light illumination naturallight nofilter plants botany plantsofinstagram

2 Minutes ago
Elisaag15 (elisaag15) Instagram Photos and Videos



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@elisaag15 Flowers/Flores flowers flores leaves hojas petalos petals stem grow nature beuty belleza crecer naturaleza passion colorful freshness pasion passionflower frescura naturepassion tallo mountain montaña rurallove passionflower naturephotography freedom libertad photography fotografia

2 Minutes ago
Nadia Maria Nacca (nadiadeamaria) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nadia Maria Nacca


Comment from Nadia Maria Nacca:

wild wildness leaves art paintedwall beautiful smiling laughing girl woman style outfit

3 Minutes ago
P@ul🎈 (lotus_flower82) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from P@ul🎈:

Io ti porterò dove vorrai e poi... Aprirò il giardino quando arriverai. Aprirò il giardino e ritroverai quel che avevi perso. "Nel mio giardino" Cristina Donà gardengiardinovillapanzacristinadonàinstasonginstapicinstamusicmusicmusicloverssongofthedayleavesnatureinstanaturehiddengarden

3 Minutes ago
Fernando Gonzalez (fernandogonzalez76) Instagram Photos and Videos

Fernando Gonzalez


Comment from Fernando Gonzalez:

autumn🍁 leaves fall heart_imprint heart_imprint_vip moody_nature streets followme followandlike

3 Minutes ago
Dakaria Soloista (gasti_atl) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dakaria Soloista


Comment from Dakaria Soloista:

Sky Leaves Trees Cloud Clouds Color Colors Pink Purple Black Red Blue Orange Dark Some Nigth Afternoon Sunset Someday InstaLove Spam4Spam like4like like4follow likeforlikeback SpamForSpam likeforlike likeforfollow like

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Jen (jenniferashbury) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Jen:

Love love love my new lampshade! leaves gold retro newflat decorating whoami?

5 Minutes ago
Miranda Fear (mirandacelia_x) Instagram Photos and Videos

Miranda Fear


Comment from Miranda Fear:

😋 salad saladlife leaves food yummy tea tonight ceasarsalad cheese lettuce nofilter

5 Minutes ago
 (catharsis_and_pineapples) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from catharsis_and_pineapples:

Do you ever feel that there is a part of your brain getting heavier? Increasing its mass? With thoughts? . Thoughts that you surely don't like. Thoughts that are pulling you back. Thoughts that scare you? Some small thing happened a couple years back, it was scary. Now you fear it happening again. Heartbreaks are miserable. Heartbreaks are inevitable. Heartbreaks are necessary. Necessary to bring out the kindness even in the coldest person. . You think over it. You over think over it. You get obsessed to the thought. It leads you nowhere. But thinking about it is wierdly satisfying. Even if it makes you feel miserable. . They tell us to talk about it. But how can you talk to about it when nobody understands?!? Nobody knows how it feels. And that's a good thing. Nobody should know how it feels. It is terrible enough for them to not know. . But that doesn't mean you don't want someone to know about it. You don't want to put it into words, but you want someone to know that something is hella wrong. A hug saying, 'i don't know what it is, but I want you to know it'll be okay.' . Here is to all who have ever felt this way. Here is to all who feel this way. Here is to all who will, sometime in future, feel this way. Here is a hug, from me, to you, through our phone screens. . I just want you to know that I have no idea what is not on the track. But I know that things will eventually get back to the track. The best days of your life are all ahead of you. All you gotta do is keep the courage to make it to those days. Because once that you get there, it is totally worth it. . Cheers and love and hugs. -catharsis_and_pineapples . . .watercolorpainting watercolorartist watercolorart watercolor aquarelle girl elegance artistsofinstagram artlovers art brush painting drawing nature leaves writersofinstagram writer hashtags spilledink sketch phoneclick picoftheday catharsis illustration illustrationart

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Whole Cafe (whole_cafe) Instagram Photos and Videos

Whole Cafe


Comment from Whole Cafe:

Hello beautiful people. We're closed today, ANZAC Day, but back to normal tomorrow, open 6:30am - 3:00pm. Bring the kids for a photo with our wings and a play in the leaves autumnal autumninchristchurch leaves ANZAC publicholiday rest respect christchurch seeyousoon opentomorrow

6 Minutes ago
Chris (bystoffi) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Chris:

leaves pink holunder sunshine photography

6 Minutes ago
Boreticulturist (boreticulturist) Instagram Photos and Videos



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astilbe perennial horticulture gardening plants plantsofinstagram foliage leaves

7 Minutes ago
 (username2424242424) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from username2424242424:

trees sky bark flowers naturephotography nature photography tree trees water creek leaves spring colors pictureoftheday photooftheday

7 Minutes ago
 (sharra73) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from sharra73:

autumn iphonephotography iphone6s leaves redleaves iloveautumn god'spaintingsseasonsnaturenaturelover

7 Minutes ago
Ben Wilson (ben_dubzzz) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ben Wilson


Comment from Ben Wilson:

Storeys 🏙🏙🏙 cliffe fort cliffefort plants leaves floors storeys derelict abandoned abandonedearth abandonedplaces cliffefort urbex urbandecay urbexworld exploring adventure building buildings sunnyday photography photooftheday photogram vscodaily vscocam followme ruins

8 Minutes ago
Julia C. Göhring (wofsis_small_worlds) Instagram Photos and Videos

Julia C. Göhring


Comment from Julia C. Göhring:

spring frühling baum tree leaves steinfeld eifel klostersteinfeld

8 Minutes ago
Yasin (koprudenonce) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Yasin:

"Years of love have been forgot, In the hatred of a minute." . . . edgarallanpoe crow raven tree park love leaves april nature vsco vscocam vscogrid vsconature

8 Minutes ago
MJ (shots_by_mj) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from MJ:

🌸🌸 😍 - - - - - - - - - - - - - photo photography photographer digital digitalphoto digitalphotography digitalphotographer nature mothernature flower flowers naturephotography naturelovers upclose closeup pink attention attentionseeker picture pictures art artwork leaves hashtag

8 Minutes ago
Minuet (minuetlovesicecream) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Minuet:

I'm very happy because I got my plants 💚🌿🌱

9 Minutes ago
 (cuddlesncoke) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from cuddlesncoke:

i took this for you

9 Minutes ago
•Freelance Photographer• (alexia.mphotography) Instagram Photos and Videos

•Freelance Photographer•


Comment from •Freelance Photographer•:


9 Minutes ago
Dolly (elysian.soul) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Dolly:

🌿🌿🌿 spring minimal branches leaves green details lookingup nature

10 Minutes ago
Caro Fuentes (carola_lacaracola) Instagram Photos and Videos

Caro Fuentes


Comment from Caro Fuentes:

Sonreír * * * * Otoño Árboles Hojas Lluvia Pasto Paraguas Autumn Trees Leaves Rain Water Umbrella Chilegram instachile like likeforlike like4like instalike picoftheday Pic Picture Foto Photo Fotografía Photographie Cámara Canon PuenteAlto Chile

11 Minutes ago
Zikali CasiCielo (zikalein) Instagram Photos and Videos

Zikali CasiCielo


Comment from Zikali CasiCielo:

Leaves come in so many magic colours

12 Minutes ago
Angela Lucia (ankyria) Instagram Photos and Videos

Angela Lucia


Comment from Angela Lucia:

pink leaves autumn trees 🍁

1 Hours ago
Rachel King (thetextilefairy) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rachel King


Comment from Rachel King:

Gorgeous photo sunrise Sun Autumn seasons leaves filter Orange beautiful

3 Hours ago