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I'm moving from my place to live by my own soon

14 Minutes ago

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Big and mighty hunter the dire wolf 💖🐺

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' こーゆーカタチのが欲しいってゆーのがどこにもなかったけん お父さんが銀からつくってくれた🛠 ゴツいのにつけてないみたいにピッタリ🌟 #ordermade #silverring #💍 #l4l #lforl

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I'm going to check out the profiles of as many people who like share and make comments. It all helps so i'm going to try return the favour to as many of you guys. What do you think about this painting? Thank you @tfacuk @liquitexofficial for the paint. (Repost in better quality)

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