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Solange Marín Canalizadora (solitalo) Instagram Photos and Videos

Solange Marín Canalizadora


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Amor... La mayor riqueza. conciencia sabiduría siguetucorazón GuerrerosDeLuz TrabajoInterior espiritualidad equilibrio consciousness higherconsciousness instagramers spiritual faith love lightworker light energy blessings instagood instacool SolangeMarín instalike instashare

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Rudy Acosta


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AwakeAwakening SourceEnergylifecoachVegan God GoldenAge One Spirituality LifeQuotesAstralProjection Spirit SoulInnerPeace motivationalquotesAlienAstrologyAstronomyEnlightenment Wisdom SpiritualityHigherconsciousnessInnerPeacelightworkerSpiritguideloveunityGrowth Humanitymotivation

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cont.. So the bigger picture is playing itself out in your families right now. Some will feel fearful at your evolution. Their reality will be rocked by it, and so their insecurity will want to hold you back. Your compassionate side - the divinely feminine ray 2 - will want to empathise; whilst your aspirational side - the divine masculine ray 1 - is yearning for higher evolutionary change. Somehow, you've got to blend these two apparently contradictory flows... It's about respecting the space others are in, empathising with them so you may be able to help them energetically, yet staying centred in your own evolutionary path. lightworker ascensionfifthdimension 5dredpilltruthnewearththinkerspiritspiritualitytruthseekervibrationawakening1111knowthyselffreethinkerhigherconsciousnessphilosophylightworkersstarseedindigochildyogiveganconsciousawakenedfreeyourmindwakeupmanifestlawofattraction

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I'm what they call a field/jungle nigga I don't abide by the laws of the lowercellf. I ceasar in planet of the apes 🦍 I'm here to wake my tribe up and live in harmony with nature. I'm awoke to wake the rest up.

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Awakening Human Being 🕉 (awakeninghumanbeing) Instagram Photos and Videos

Awakening Human Being 🕉


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"If there is peace in your mind you will find peace with everybody. If your mind is agitated you will find agitation everywhere. So first find peace within and you will see this inner peace reflected everywhere else. You are this peace." - H. W. L. Poonja 🕊🙏🕉🌳🌙🌀☯️✨🏕☮️🖖🌈. ----------------------------------------------------📷✨ @cristinamittermeier

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Jaz Gill


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Moody Thursday (moodythursday) Instagram Photos and Videos

Moody Thursday


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READING FOR MONDAY: You have a fantastic brain 😉 .🦋. Your preferences, passions, and ideas add flavor and color to the world. .🦋. YOUR PREFERENCES ARE IMPORTANT! .🦋. Do not underestimate yourself. Do not dilute yourself. Do not stop being yourself. .🦋. May the Goddess bless your week 💖 .🦋. Moody Thursday .🦋. ➡️Link in bio @moodythursday for private Tarot & Oracle readings⬅️ .🦋. ~~~~~~hashtags~~~~~~ Wicca Paganism NewAge spirituality Witchcraft Lightworker tarot tarotreading oracle oraclereading loa lawofattraction estherandjerryhicks divineguidance ~~~~~~hashtags~~~~~~

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Stephen L Lizotte


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Excerpt from "Love Note" 3/15/2o17 Find/follow me on all social media using 👉 StephenLLizotte Kindly tag in all reposts. ❤ The words are copyrighted, the photos are not. mirakee writersnetwork poetry poemstagramwritersofinstagram writstagram poemsofig poemsofinstagram poetstagram quote quotestagram inspiration inspirationalquotes motivation motivationalquotes lightworker gypsy gypsysoul words wordsofencouragement wordstagram love lovequotes quotesforher quotesforhim prose ForRealPeople

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Viviana🌬️ (nanami_stardust) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Nature comes to fill everything with its magic 🌸🌸🌸💜💜💜✨✨✨ peace love namaste believe positiveenergy positivemind loa esoteric fullfillment awarness awakening indigochild indigosoul magic light lightworker zen enlightenment divine thirdeye crown spiritual higherconsciousness higherfrequency bethankful havefaith goodday goodnight

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Heather Hennessy (realheatherh) Instagram Photos and Videos

Heather Hennessy


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"The practice of forgiveness is the most important contribution to the healing of the world." Healing has been a huge part of my life for multiple reasons. I started to really understand the need to heal when I broke my back and lost my career as a top runner. I've been on a path inward ever since. In the last year, as the people in my inner circle know, I have been on a journey of self discovery and self love. Through the variety of things I have done to heal, one of the themes that has appeared throughout is that you can't heal fully without forgiveness. Forgiving allows for us to heal and move forward. This is vital for our own self love and also for the healing of the world.✨🌎🌍🌏💫🙏🏻 Heal Healing Growth Transformation Soul Sunday SuperSoulSunday God Spirit Light Prayer Peace Journey Path World Love SelfLove Lightworker Spiritual SpiritualGangster Forgiveness Nature

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Kara 🔅Health + Wellness + Oils (karajeanpowers) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kara 🔅Health + Wellness + Oils


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When you say Y E S to life, to you, to following your dreams, to choosing what lights you up + brings a smile to your face you may rub up against people who don't like that you choose you, your change (even though it's positive) may make others uncomfortable.. that's ok!! Send love to them and then send their call to voicemail. They may come around, but while you are in the process of growth be around people who empower you, who lift you up, who will dream your dreams with you. Low vibe people and things may try to sneak up on you but it's only to make you stronger and to help you learn forgiveness and unconditional love. Stay true to your why + say yes to life and living in joy + love. And if you are struggling feel free to reach out, empowering + cheering people's dreams on are what LIGHT ME UP!! Love always ❤️

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Viviana🌬️ (nanami_stardust) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Your choice.. What are you grateful for? 🙏🕉️☮️💕💜✨🌻 peace love namaste believe positiveenergy positivemind loa esoteric fullfillment awarness awakening indigochild indigosoul magic light lightworker zen enlightenment divine thirdeye crown spiritual higherconsciousness higherfrequency bethankful havefaith

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Fllavia Ti (fllavia_dakini) Instagram Photos and Videos

Fllavia Ti


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Vamos amar? Sempre? Mais? Todos? Tudo? Já? Eu amo. E você? 💖 maisamorporfavor love counsciousliving lightworker yogini vida goodvibes

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Amelia Williams (ameliamw) Instagram Photos and Videos

Amelia Williams


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This morning I could feel the subtle shift from Autumn to Winter. "Winter is coming." As much as I adore Autumn, I feel ready to hibernate. Winter teaches us to rest. To draw inward. To reflect. The recharge. It's a very yin time. Rest and nourishment is incredibly important. It is necessary for our own growth over the future seasons. Slow, cooler and darker days don't have to be a bad thing. There is so much magic to be felt from creating a little cocoon like space of your own at home. As winter inches even closer, I'm feeling the need to really de-clutter and simplify our home. There's such a maternal "nesting" energy about this time for me. It's like I'm gathering my little chicks and protecting them from the season to come. It's time for us all to slow down. To just be. Oh how I love this seasonal transition time! 🍁🍂🌾🌧❄️

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Amy Louise (starborn_alchemy) Instagram Photos and Videos

Amy Louise


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Basking in vitamin D ☀️ & vitamin SEA 🌊 Happy Sunday, loves!!! 😘

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Mana Aotearoa Spiritual Poetry (kitrinaarohaaubrey) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mana Aotearoa Spiritual Poetry


Comment from Mana Aotearoa Spiritual Poetry:

The majestic woman believes in miracles. She remembers that her dreams can be realised. She is the author of her own book and each chapter is a new beginning. This is no myth, she is the living proof of her own life story. A voice of many poetical words of promise. Writing is a way forward. Her soul becomes the pen of her most truest heart felt desires. Her wings the paper that have grown through tempests, leaving shadowy clouds in dust. She turns waves into books and books into seas. There are no limits, no bounds to whatever she does. She is not a victim of her rough conditions because these situations either make us or break us. Her darkness is an outlet for "healing" and the light in her illuminates "truth". Well attuned intelligence through experience is super sexy. A heart that knows other beings hearts is just dam beautiful.📚🖊 ~Written by Kitrina Aroha Aubrey💋 2017 💖 authorslife poetry inspire creativewriting nzpoetry poetrybooks writer writersofinstagram poetry lightworker healer empoweringwoman author poem wairua poets kiwi Wellington livinglife authorslife poetssociety poetscommunity Follow me:

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Cindy Paliracio (holistic.junkie) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cindy Paliracio


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This looks like a candle burning, but for the first time last night, I saw all of the colors of the rainbow while gazing at this beeswax candle. I've been working on seeing colors in auras for some time. First, I saw the glow around the flame, which turned into indigo, purple and teal, then it transformed into all the colors of the rainbow. It was beautiful. Candles, particularly beeswax candles are good to practice with because they're stationary and emit clean energy, which refIect the full spectrum of colors. . . I first started seeing my daughter's aura several years ago when I was in her room at night when she was sick or had insomnia. After she'd fall asleep, I'd say a prayer and send her love. In those moments, a glowing halo would appear around her torso. I remember blinking and shaking my head because I thought my mind was playing tricks on me. Since then, I'd see energy but it was usually random. Fast forward to the following year, I started practicing reiki. Most practioners including my teacher can see energy and I wanted to be like them. I could only feel the energy, but not see it at will. Feeling energy is simple. Have you ever felt a shock when sticking something in a electric outlet? That's energy. I was told to settle into the peripheral view when gazing at a subject. I did this for awhile with no luck. Then, I had remembered about seeing my daughter's aura. When I filled myself with love and projected it to whatever I focused on, I saw a white glow or halo. Sometimes I would see a glow on a chair someone was sitting on. We, along with everything that is born are energetic beings. If you have difficulty with this idea, look at it this way: our bodies are made up of trillions of cells. In those cells are atoms, in those atoms is an atom. In that atom is a nucleus surrounded by space. In that space is energy that communicate through the space with other atoms. This is how our cells work together when it's in harmony. We have entire universes within our bodies. It's pretty spectacular when you can see it this way. (Continued below 👇👇👇) . .

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José L. Gomez Jr.♋️ (joselgomezjr) Instagram Photos and Videos

José L. Gomez Jr.♋️


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The Confidence comes from WITHIN. I've met models that believe they're not beautiful. I've met doctors that believe they're not smart. I've met guys that do steroids who believe they're not strong. I've met rich people afraid of being poor. I've met people afraid of being rich because they're afraid of being successful. I've met people with eating disorders overcome. I've met people with physical disabilities overcome. I've met people who can't speak be able to communicate. I've met people survive through depression. I've met people overcome addiction. I've met financially poor people who became financially rich. THE CONFIDENCE COMES FROM WITHIN! mind body spirit mindfulness meditation mindfulnesspersonaltrainer personaltrainer fitness health mentalhealth spiritualhealth physicalhealth emotionalhealth intuition reiki yoga empath lightworker starseed leadbyexample love loveistheway iam iami 直感 愛 愛の道 ハワイ フィットネス

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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Light Plus +💡 (lightplus_) Instagram Photos and Videos

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Light Plus +💡


Comment from ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Light Plus +💡:

É isso que acontece quando o seu cliente prefere optar por aquela lâmpada ou luminária de LED "bem baratinha" para economizar em seu projeto.. O nome disso é prejuízo e retrabalho na certa 💸💸 Não caia na tentação do "baratinho" quando o assunto é Iluminacao em LED, principalmente em áreas externas ou luminárias de Led integrado. Opte por empresas que realmente DESENVOLVEM o seu produto e não são aventureiras no mercado. No caso do vídeo, a prefeitura de SP realizou na Marginal Pinheiros um retrofit com luminárias de Led, porém estão todas piscando devido ao elevado aquecimento das luminárias 🔥🔥.. O LED elimina o calor através do dissipador de calor presente em todas as lâmpadas ou equipamentos com essa tecnologia. O alumínio, parte integrante do corpo de uma lâmpada de led, é um excelente e eficiente dissipador de calor, por isso ele é o mais utilizado na maioria dos produtos. A quantidade e o uso do alumínio variam em decorrência do tipo, tamanho e qualidade das lâmpadas ou luminárias. Quanto melhor for esse dissipador de alumínio, maior será a durabilidade e eficiência do LED. Ficaadica fuja do baratinho e procure por empresas sérias 📈 Um bom exemplo é a Interlight está no mercado à 30 anos fabricando suas próprias luminárias no Brasil e com 5 anos de garantia e a Brilia que possui um escritório próprio na Ásia para desenvolver e acompanhar todo o processo de fabricação de seus produtos antes de chegarem no Brasil 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 !!! lightplus lightdesign arquiteturadeiluminacao iluminacao iabbrasil casadoarquiteto casadoarquitetoiab casadoarquitetolitoralnorte lightwork arquitect arquitetosunidos arquiteturaedesign architecture projetoluminotecnico papodearquiteto led lightworker florianopolis santacatarina luzmudatudo arquiteturadeinteriores brilia interlight ledprofiles decor designdeinteriores

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Sophis🌌Sofia (phi.lo.sofie.a) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Life has No Meaning. Each of Us has Meaning, and we bring We BrinG it To Life. It is A Waste to Be Asking the Question, when You Are the Answer. JosephCampbell Namaste 🌿🙂 family of love and light. Found this beauty in wise words from josephcapbell..... 🌟how beautiful and true ... Each of us so beautiful and unique ...expressing ourselves and developing into so many different meanings ...yet in essence ...we are all the same. Don't you Ever believe the illusion some one else tells or thinks you about you or your life. You are the reason, you are the truth, your are life itself ; powerful , omnipotence, truth and born of Devine light.....have fun being your true self; expose your passion and talents ! Because that's what the world needs.🌏 ..... Life is what you make it! 😉 @ioulianapillai namaste life is individualjourneys unique newearth conciousness awakwning toyour bestself you are the answer lightworker spiritualemancipation starseed unity newhuman love connections passion hissedarts occult systembyebye

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Recibimos a Gina con un gran abrazo a nuestra comunidad ya en su 4ta clase!!! Llega con mucha determinación y con mucha atención!!! lightworkerindahousesaltamonteyogahotyogapuertoricowelikeithotbikramyogapralegriabombaehrummayagüez🔥🔥❤️❤️🙏🏽🙏🏽💪🏾🌊✌🏾🌞💦💦

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Nicole 👽


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Repost @psychic_annross ・・・ 🔮 Hello, My name is @psychic_annross and I have over 30+ years experience in Tarot card love readings and soulmate connections. I can tell past, present & future and answer any questions concerning love and relationships, money and career, soulmates and twin flames and much more. Not only am I gifted psychic reader I am also a spiritual healer. I can reunite lovers, stop divorce, remove negative energies and solve all problems of life. Chakra balancing and spiritual cleansing's are available. Call 210-733-4325 or DM @psychic_annross now and begin the New Year a new and better you! 🙏🏻❤🌙 lightworker guidance divinity career clairvoyant wealth chakra tarotreadings intuition psychic spiritual newbeginnings synchronicity indigo wisdom soulmates reunite twinflames psychicreadings dailyhoroscope horoscopes fortuneteller twinflamereading Soulmates tarot tarotcard spiritualhealing psychicannross

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Repost from @inner.bliss inspirationalasfuck inspirational spiritualgangster spiritjunkie cleanandsober partysober inspirationalaf soberissexy keepitsimple spirituality spiritualawakening wisdom meditate manifest lightworker positivementalattitude mindfullness lightworkers raiseyourvibration meditation spiritually recoveryisworthit recoveryispossible mindbodyspirit mindbodysoul yoga spiritualasfuck spiritualaf spiritual_af

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streetshot myview hotel city citywalk travel instatravel montreal streetlights nightout street lights light lightworker reiki reikimaster energyhealing picoftheday feelthevibe

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Viviana🌬️ (nanami_stardust) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Let's think about it 🙏💕✨💜✨peace love namaste believe positiveenergy positivemind loa esoteric fullfillment awarness awakening indigochild indigosoul magic light lightworker zen enlightenment divine thirdeye crown spiritual higherconsciousness higherfrequency bethankful havefaith

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🙏L❤️O💛V💚E🙏 (amuneyeofra) Instagram Photos and Videos



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🙏🙌👌✊✊✊🔥🔥💖 . lightworker twinflame paradigmshift

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👁⭐️Third Eye Consultant 🔮🌙 (thirdeyeconsultant) Instagram Photos and Videos

👁⭐️Third Eye Consultant 🔮🌙


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intuition divination oneness spiritual spirituality karma aura chakra reiki energyhealer psychic meditation indigo thirdeye chakrahealing love spirituallifecoach crystals intuitive goodvibes lightworker positivevibes positivity enlightenment psychics psychicreading esoteric thirdeyeconsultant

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Island Breeze Crystals By:Lisa (islandbreezecrystals) Instagram Photos and Videos

Island Breeze Crystals By:Lisa


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ONLY 2.5 HOURS LEFT TO PLACE YOUR BIDS. . . AUCTION ENDS TONIGHT AT 10 P.M EST . . . JUST A FEW ITEMS FROM OTHER SHOPS .... BIDS NEED TO BE PLACED ON THESE ITEMS!!! SUCH AN AMAZING TIME TO CATCH SOME GREAT DEALS!! . . ✨🌸Hello lovely souls!🌸✨Me and 11 other small shops are coming together for a huge auction! We will be auctioning off lots of beautiful crystals, jewelry, art, self care, and hand crafted items! Don't forget to turn on post notifications to stay up to date on all auctions! • • • These are the shops participating: @Wildfaeriemagick 🦄 @Jessica.Ashley.designs 🌵 @Everascendinglight 👑 @Islandbreezecrystals 🏝 @Cpcrystals 🐄 💎 @Crystalizedclarity 🍄 @Luxurecycles 🌌 @Wingsandthingsvt 🎶 @noveltywonderland 🐇 @redpandaoasis 🐼 @biomorphics 👁 • • • 💟Make sure you're following all of these shops to ensure you see everyone's auction posts! Auctions start Friday at 5pm cst and end Sunday at 9pm cst.  Thank you guys for your love and support! Happy bidding!💟 WEEKEND islandbreezecrystals crystals minerals crystalcreations spirtualhealing HEALING Love postivevibesonly loveandlight reiki meditation lightworker spiritual enlightened positive postivevibesonly magical magicalgems positive wonderlust thebest reiki meditation sale auction groupauction friends

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нealerѕ are ѕpιrιтυal warrιorѕ wнo нave ғoυnd тнe coυrage тo deғeaт тнe darĸneѕѕ ιn тнeιr ѕoυlѕ. awaĸenιng and rιѕιng ғroм тнe depтнѕ oғ тнeιr deepeѕт ғearѕ, lιĸe a pнoenιх rιѕιng ғroм тнe aѕнeѕ. reвorn wιтн a wιѕdoм and ѕтrengтн тнaт creaтeѕ a lιgнт тнaт ѕнιneѕ вrιgнт enoυgн тo нelp, encoυrage, and ιnѕpιre oтнerѕ oυт oғ тнeιr own darĸneѕѕ. This epically empowering talisman of strength and rejuvenation was named "Phoenix Fire" and gifted to me by one of my very dearest (and extremely intuitively talented) soul sister, Jo from @soul_revelry! This crazy beautiful and unique Rainbow Labradorite cab captured me heart right away. Not only did it instantly remind me of The Flight of the Phoenix, but also of my patron Deity Hekate (both immensely near and dear to my being) - as it has the marking of The Crossroads within it, and that is exceptionally rare as I have never seen any other Labradorite adorned with such a powerful and sacred symbol. Jo, I seriously could never thank you enough for blessing me with yet another radiantly intuitive crystalline tool fit for my magickal rights. I meant to post this pic earlier as it was part of my sacred ritual for this past New Moon, welcoming in The New while shedding away the old. It could not have been a more perfect and powerful companion to assist me in doing so! Love you endlessly, beautiful Goddess!! You are the brilliant light that guides the way through the darkness. 🕯🔮✨

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Alex Reyes-Ortiz

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Let's keep on dreaming 💜 evolution awakening ascension development lightworker

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Island Breeze Crystals By:Lisa (islandbreezecrystals) Instagram Photos and Videos

Island Breeze Crystals By:Lisa


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STARTING BID: $25 + SHIPPING ((4" PIPE)) . . Auction Ends TONIGHT AT 10 P.M EST BEAUTIFUL, GLASS BLOWN PIPE (HEAVY GLASS) . . . STARTING BID: $25 + $5 SHIPPING IN THE US/ $18 INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING auction weekendauction weekend islandbreezecrystals crystals minerals pipes 420 enlightened selfheal healing Love lightworker loveandlight spiritual greens glassart glasspipes wonderlust piece stoned bowl

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ॐ Artist ॐ


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🍒🎨 paint artist artwork red root healing create artdaily lightworker highvibrations artgallery art painting flow wip indigo merkaba meditate doyou limitless frequencies poppin bless

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Jedrah Butler


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