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Corvi LED Light


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CorviLED Tube has a Compact Sleek Design with a 5 Year Warranty. Shop today for Pack of 4 and get 15% discount. LED Lighting HomeDecor InstaHome Renovation LessIsMore InteriorDesign Decor LightingLovers Minimalistic HomeDesign LightEmUp Light LightTheWorld LightWorker LightInspired LEDLighting LEDLights WorthIT Instagood LEDLightDecor Sale Deals igers instalike Follow LoveLights PerfectLighting

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Comment from amenra_sungod:

That moment you receive a 4 page letter from a childhood friend thousands of miles away. All in my feels right now. Always share your truth. You never know who it will effect and how it will effect them 🙏🏾🌞spirituality enlightenment lightworker

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Comment from RaViNtH.G:

Haarp Research Seek the truth humanrights Socialenvy TheSecret ThirdEye Awakening Empower Abundance KnowThyself Awaken Conscious LightWorker Enlightened PinealGland Enlighten SelfDevelopment SelfAwareness - regrann indian legend tbt ManifestYourBest Spiritual Meditation Spirituality LawOfAttraction Consciousness Enlightenment TheSecret ThirdEye likes Awakening Empower haarp likeforlike Abundance KnowThyself Awaken Conscious LightWorker Enlightened PinealGland Enlighten SelfDevelopment SelfAwareness

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🔮 Coach, healer, shaman


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If unhappiness or finding things that are not working in life is your habit then no matter what changes happen in your life, a few weeks, a few months later you'll find ways to be unhappy again. 🙏⠀ ⠀ consciouswisdom ⠀

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Aneta Karma Angels Support


Comment from Aneta Karma Angels Support:

It's got to be a good day! Card of the day later on as I'm on my way to networking event to meet some like minded people healerlifeofthehealer healing energy reiki reikihealing universe lightworker busyme

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The Healing Savant


Comment from The Healing Savant:

I will wait until morning to complete the Moon Series. Then, I'll remake the Saturn series so they have captions. I want to make sure the hearing impaired can still benefit. I am looking forward to showing people how much of an impact my version of astrology can make on them. I am hopeful that more people find me and invest in their future by buying my services. Though the website needs to be filled with a lot more content, I'm still excited about what's coming soon. ❤️ P.s. I'll still post the other themes of this account whenever. :) . . . . . . astrology motivation inspiration lifecoach healing lightworker hope book psychology mentalhealth loveandlight emotions feelings ascendant selfhelp selfcare selflove healing guidance spirit depression words universe moon saturn rising passion truth writersofinstagram writingcommunity

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anja prajna p.


Comment from anja prajna p.:

i sometimes put myself in darkness, so i can cherish the light. midnight hobby: taking and posting creepy pictures of moi.

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Comment from who_cares11_:

I can't be prouder ..he is a warrior of light of love of soul honors yours prince fahad❤ yolofahad soproud beingoflight lightworker comiconjeddah

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Comment from Aeon:

New at aeon.new_era store (link in bio) Natural lava and howlite stone bracelet with silver tiger. Here is some of the metaphysical and healing properties of lava : Brings physical and mental strength and courage Raises energy levels Increases Libido Enhances Creativity Brings Stability Helps with anger management Provides radiation shelding Considered to be anti-bacterial, anti-viral and disinfectant Cleanses Negativity Since lava is known for its grounding qualities, it’s wonderful for calming the emotions. In fact, the quality of fire springs from the ground, so in terms of healing gems, this lends itself to a calming- but intense- energy. Because it comes from raw energy, it’s considered to be a stone of rebirth and shedding unneeded layers of emotional attachment. Spiritual- Lava stones are fantastic for stabilizing and grounding the root chakra. This is because of the strong connection to the earth and its creation within the center of Earth.

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Comment from awakened_dawn:

🌑💫• Darkness and Light • ᴘᴀʀᴛ ɪɪɪ • . . . . oneness energy frequency vibration divine selflove meditation thirdeye chakra kundalini indigo crystal mindfulness spiritual awakening intuition enlightenment stillness silence lightworker healing selfforgiveness selfacceptance ego letgo faith awareness higherconsciousness

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Yellow Like a Lemon


Comment from Yellow Like a Lemon:

Goal: growing & glowing ☉☉💛💫💛☉☉ glowing growing lightworker awake selflove magic spiritualjourney connected receiving miracles youarethecreator love loveisalwaystheanswer

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Love Health Happiness


Comment from Love Health Happiness:

Because, turtles! 😍 CHECK OUT OUR TURTLE JEWELRY! turtles iloveturtles turtlejewelry handmadejewelry chakra hippie bohostyle crystals love selflove vegan animals nature universalconsciousness higherconsciousness consciousness yinyang lightworker light liveinlove unityconsciousness weareone oneconsciousness 1111 222 333 numerology soulmate lovehealthhappinessshop

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I Heart My Soul 💓 with Melody


Comment from I Heart My Soul 💓 with Melody:

How my inner child feels after a deep Soul coaching session with a client.💖 I feel just as healed + enlivened as the client. 😍 It's one of the most fulfilling meaningful thing I do on this planet. soulmidwife

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Comment from 🦋TheSlipperyGypsy🦋:

who's in need for some guidance? Who's in the mood for some fun reading? Plz, DM! 😘😘💜 . . fortuneteller tarotreader tarot witch

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Ish Sha Ulrikke Aagaard


Comment from Ish Sha Ulrikke Aagaard:

222 Gateway Portal of Galactic Activation An Initiation of the highest order As I stand here before you, I invite you to go through the Portal of Galactic Activation Portal of miracles and infinite possibilities I Ish Sha (your name) Invoke these highest Cosmic Light key codes of light to pass through every atoms, cells, electrons, within this form of mine Flowing through, filling and renewing every cell of my mind and body right now, to fully enter and anchor into all parts of me - releasing my highest potential Divine alchemy occurred new Light Codes the new HUman templates activated AND SO IT IS ~ Ish Sha Ulrikke Papaya Aagaard Join here In Universal Service▲ Keeper of The Diamond Light Codes Light encoded Art By: Keeper of The Diamond Light Codes soul whitefire womanenlightmnet womenempowerment 222 lightworker love micralove miracles mindfulness encoding gateway galactic portales cosmic activated divine diamondraywhite keeperofthediamondlightcodes

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Angel Teixeira


Comment from Angel Teixeira:

Repost peace_love_light with repostapp ・・・ Let it be ✌️📺💜📺✌️ from the fabulous vybesource ✌️ letitbe goodvibes esoteric energy enlightenment peace mindful peaceonearth paradigmshift love lightworker loveandlight metaphysical consciousness awakening happy beautiful soul source spiritual meditation hippie universe cosmos zen indigochild oldsoul ॐ

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Madame Eva


Comment from Madame Eva:

The soul is eternal. It cannot die, only transformed. We go through each life destined to balance the karma carried over from the previous one. With each life lived, & karmic lessons learned, we can evolve into higher realms of existence. Many of us here now, in this incarnation, are ancient souls. The awakening which took place in 2012 had opened the portal to unlock dormant blocks of our DNA which stored past life memory & access to the higher realms. Many had experienced their pineal gland (third eye chakra) decalcify & allow their kundalini energy access to their crown. This is when heavy shadow work had kicked in as well - many healers had their past life karma echo so intensely into their present that they were triggered & put through the ringer of finding their truth & inner light. This life has given me so many trials & tests in resolving the karma carried from the past ones. The abuse, the need to shy from my gift, the difficulty with control & authority.. & the silent warrior that still conceals their emotions because they're too strong & proud. My earliest life was on Atlantis where I had gained much of my wisdom my soul still carries today. One of my hardest lives I was a victim of the inquisition in Scotland. I had spent many lives as a man, a warrior, as well as a philosopher & poet. Many call this realm of consciousness the Akashic Records, or the Great Hall, which all of your history & future is stored. I use gemstones & crystals to assist in reaching those memories. I have practiced on myself & others, & each time the results are amazing. I will be conjuring up some intention kits to help you unlock the ancient past of your soul as well. The magic gemstones, intention, & understanding the laws of nature have brought into my life completely changed the game for me. I want to share these magical tools with you all 💖

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Lynne Taggart Success Coach


Comment from Lynne Taggart Success Coach:

Happy Hump Day! Who's on track so far with their goals for the week? 👩🏼💗 . Snap by kaboompics

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Hand Me That Pencil


Comment from Hand Me That Pencil:

A little lot in love with the card samples I have for ArtistOpenStudios in a month! Will be selling tarot decks, journals with my deck illustrations and these amazing gift cards ... I'll list them on Etsy soon along with card readings! Exciting plans ahead ✌🏼💕✨ ink photoshop draw stationery

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Comment from L A U R E N:

FRESH BLOG!! After speaking up at daniellelaporte last night so many women on IG wanted to know MORE about the discussion we had about coercion and not being enough in the world of Tantra. . So here she is in her full glory. The 'why I have come full circle to declare that vanilla is indeed my favourite sexual flavour' and why I've had my dose of the not sexual enough/orgasmic enough/embodied enough message from all of the offerings out there. . I also share insights into what does work for unleashing female sexuality in a way that is real. Because it occurred to me that I am a Mama of 2, driving my wagon and living in the 'burbs and that it is OK to love my very normal sex life. That I don't have to feel bad anymore. That I like what I like and I just want to help women to source their pleasure, joy and goodness with sex too. . Link in bio 👆Devour it and tag a girlfriend that needs to know that her sexiness is enough. Lauren xo clitoris orgasm orgasmic permission ownership empowerment femmepower sexosophy au lightworker sexologist sexproblems sexadvice youareenough tantra

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