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◀GESER GAMBARNYA YAA▶ Ini dia produk terbaru kita, aksesoris wanita kekiniaaann 🙌 . Fashion Wild Earrings 25rb . Geser ke gambar kedua untuk tabel detail produk ya, love! Pilihan warnanya juga tinggal geser aja yaa cantikk 😚 . *J theladiesfiles earrings antingwanita antingmurah onlineseller onlineshop olshopjakarta jakartaolshop tangerangolshop bogorolshop surabaya antinglucu cute sweet likesforlikes followforfollow

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Pedale88 Bicycles


Comment from Pedale88 Bicycles:

This project really started out as a necessity. I am fairly tall, 6’6” to be exact, and it was really difficult to find an inexpensive bicycle that would fit me. One day it struck me that I could use my engineering background to build the perfect bike on my own. So, I bought a large frame and all of the parts required to build a budget fixie exactly as I wanted. After few months I started thinking about how I could improve it. I particular, I noticed how difficult it was to keep all the parts clean and lubricated in a cold, rainy, and windy country like Scotland. That's the day that I started this project, without even knowing it! After sharing my thoughts on how to improve the bike with several friends and family members, they started encouraging me to design it and put it into production. But I wasn’t quite sure where to start. So, I decided to save enough money to fly and visit different suppliers around the world to propose my drawings and ideas of the bicycle that I envisioned. A bike that is always ready to ride, beautiful, and innovative. I received a lot of "we will let you know", but eventually I found people that really believed in the bike. I am thankful for their daily support. It's an unreal feeling to see a product for the first time, and know that's it, that’s the perfect bike. A product that transpired from a thought to a concept, from a concept to a design, from a design to a simply beautiful bicycle that is practical and easy to maintain. We’re launching soon, but we need your help to build and produce this bicycle for you. kickstarter. Join us! Newsletter link in bio. onebelt oneSOUL Photographer Vsco Vscocam Photographers_tr pornbike Photographers TopLikeTags Photographysouls All_shots Vscocamphotos Likesforlikes Beautiful L4l Foto Beauty Pictureoftheday Likesreturned cycling Picoftheday Fitness gym motivation bicycle fixie tbt commutebybike

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Marina Sobinova


Comment from Marina Sobinova:

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Mariagemma Salatino


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Dilara Büyükbayraktar


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Junior Peña 🇩🇴🇩🇴(TE AMO DIOS)


Comment from Junior Peña 🇩🇴🇩🇴(TE AMO DIOS):

TBT 1995 , Baby Peña 🙈🙈

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Comment from TODO SOBRE SOY LUNA 💕:

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Andrea Esposito


Comment from Andrea Esposito:

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Lucas Silvah 👽


Comment from Lucas Silvah 👽:

Mensagem boa é aquela que te deixa com um sorriso no rosto sem saber o que falar. 💌😍❤ boatardee likeforlike likesforlikes likes

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Clau Valenzuela Barahona

Comment from Clau Valenzuela Barahona:

feliz cumpleaños al mejor profe de la vidaaaaa💙 veintiysiempre

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lucy mountain


Comment from lucy mountain:

when you don't care what your face is doing as long as there's an abs visible. - Had all the fun shooting some content with my gal ninahealthily followed by a rooftop workout with adanola and clean_eating_alice 💪 - So a pretty virtuous day so far. Watching kardashians now and getting ready to ruin it all with friendz, pizza, gin and brixtonjamm 🙃🍕🍾 ACTUALBalance - theFFF

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Kelsey 💖🌸 #awarenessforariel


Comment from Kelsey 💖🌸 #awarenessforariel:

{🌸🌅💝} lmao fml

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Подари мне цветы♥


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Ágata Bicudo 🌼 Fotografias


Comment from Ágata Bicudo 🌼 Fotografias:

Valentina 🌸 9 Dias . 📷 Nikon Coolpix L820

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