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Moni Gausa (re_moni_simas) Instagram Photos and Videos

Moni Gausa


Comment from Moni Gausa:

Lavamanos + lampara @re_moni_simas ✅💐 y creerás estar en una salita ✅ linoverde kaki lino pantalla baño deco decoracion viernes findesemana ✅

12 Minutes ago
Nicola Torode (ohmilomade) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nicola Torode


Comment from Nicola Torode:

Last of three plates. Wish i could work out how to flip the video so the reveal is right side up! . . print printreveal printmaking linoprint lino reliefprint iloveyoutothemoonandback moon kidsart nurserydecor nurseryart wallart

13 Minutes ago
Bulé Summer Boutique ( Instagram Photos and Videos

Bulé Summer Boutique

Comment from Bulé Summer Boutique:

• GOOD VIBES •🌴 Encuentra las mejores pantalonetas y camisas 🔝 solo en 🌊 bestprints forhim trunks palms green gifts holidays lino vacationmode bulésummerboutique

14 Minutes ago
Saville Row (savillerowofficial) Instagram Photos and Videos

Saville Row


Comment from Saville Row:

Camisas de hombre... variedad, colores, texturas y calidades. Conoce nuestros diferentes diseños. . . . savillerow savillerowofficial shirts camisas lino algodon calidad hombre man

18 Minutes ago
Sandy (_sa_lino_) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Sandy:

Neues Regencape weil es in Norwegen 🇳🇴 Dauer regnet draussenmithund meinbesterfreund outdoor outfitfordog regen norwegen norge meinhund hund imtrockenen unterwegs lino

22 Minutes ago
RedLaye (redlaye_designs) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from RedLaye:

Not perfect • Not disappointed • A few things have been learnt; One of them is to not jump into the deep end when you have only just learned how to swim • Pampas will be revisited ••• redlayedesigns redlaye design lino linocut linoprint layers learningcurve print printing brownpaper ink pampasgrass art vscocam vsco

22 Minutes ago
 (paprika_press) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from paprika_press:

Carving the red and first blue block. One more to go! letterpress paprika_press printing printshop printmaker blockprinting smallbusiness ocean love linocut design wip madebyhand capethings instart instartist instafollow followme nausetlight lovetoprint lunchtimelinos lighthouse orleanscapecod nausetbeach capecod christmascard illustration carving artistsoninstagram lino

35 Minutes ago
lino0330 (lino03304421) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from lino0330:

lunchデート❤️ 久々の合流にテンション上がる(๑>◡< (๑>◡<๑) lunch shopping パスタ サラ スタ サラダ 昔話 snow 松山エステサロン 松山脱毛サロ 美肌 美白 スキンケア 毛穴 乾燥 陶器肌 メイクカラー アイシ ー アイシャドウ アイカラー チーク ピンク キラキラ マッ

38 Minutes ago
La Casita de Dali (lacasitadedali_modainfantil) Instagram Photos and Videos

La Casita de Dali


Comment from La Casita de Dali:

Enamorada del colorido Condor ❤️❤️❤️... Que colores más ideales para que los looks de nuestros peques sean perfectos 😍😍😍... Todos los colores disponibles en la Casita de Dali... lisos o canalé... como más os guste ☺️... Desde la 000 hasta la talla 16 años ... fotos @condormodainfantil modainfantilcadizlacasitadedal dedalicondorcondorleotardoscol oscoloridocondorcoloresdetende tendenciacoloresdetemporadaocr linomarroncobaltopetroleo ocean

41 Minutes ago
Davide Canipari (davide_cn) Instagram Photos and Videos

Davide Canipari


Comment from Davide Canipari:

Le vecchie glorie di un paese quasi in estinzione.. lino sanmichele verona

41 Minutes ago
Alisha Baker (whittledinklings) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alisha Baker


Comment from Alisha Baker:

Woohoo! Otterly happy with this friendship love card 💕

42 Minutes ago
Max Brolet (max.brolet) Instagram Photos and Videos

Max Brolet


Comment from Max Brolet:

linocut lino drawing etching geometric abstract abstractart contemporaryart art architecture dystopia linogravure gravure brutalism dessin blocks pattern dark print engraving linoleum stamp stamps stamping printing printmaking

44 Minutes ago
M o n i k a (handdrawnpet) Instagram Photos and Videos

M o n i k a


Comment from M o n i k a:

I was so busy with my work and preparation for my Xmass shop space that did not have time to put into work my ideas of packaging it is!! Getting dry!! What do you think? ☜☜☜ packagedesign tags art artistsoninstagram artforartssake artwork creative exhibition artforsale art_galery mywork fridaymood creative artist artista stamping linocut lino printmaking print dragonfly bird cat cactus monstera animallovers plantlover plantlady

45 Minutes ago
Viejo Imperio, Santiago (viejoimperio) Instagram Photos and Videos

Viejo Imperio, Santiago


Comment from Viejo Imperio, Santiago:

Buen Viernes !! 🙏😊. Vestido asimétrico de Lino con bolsillos $65.000. Merced 328, Barrio Lastarria / Costanera 910, Pichilemu 🇨🇱 amamosloqhacemos pichilemu hippiechic lino fibrasnaturales lastarria diseñospropios bohochic vestidosconbolsillos telasdelaindia vestidos instachile instastyle bolsillos lila mujernatural telasindias majas diseñosexclusivos instashopping fotoproduto primaveraverano asimetric

49 Minutes ago
Wonderaar Kunsteducatie (wonderaarkunsteducatie) Instagram Photos and Videos

Wonderaar Kunsteducatie


Comment from Wonderaar Kunsteducatie:

Wat een toppers bij Natuurtalent 🙌🏻 Check deze linosnedes van de tsunsmi 💓 wonderaar kunsteducatie natuurtalent natuurverschijnselen tsunami golf golven grafiek ontwerpen lino linosnede linocut softlino afdrukken groep6 tuinstad primaironderwijs

58 Minutes ago
OLFi ( Instagram Photos and Videos


Comment from OLFi:

Le soleil est brisé dans cette nouvelle série d'estampes, en voici un détail vibration textures fractal gravure mystical printmaker printmaking linocut lino madeinfrance blockprint artcontemporain artmoderne abstrait peinture line surface illumination nature wabisabi originalartwork faitmain newcontemporary outsiderart newart newartwork artpiece artcollection paintings cracks

1 Hours ago
Veera M. I. Nummi (veeranummi) Instagram Photos and Videos

Veera M. I. Nummi


Comment from Veera M. I. Nummi:

Trying to challenge myself a bit more, even when I already have so much stuff to learn about printmaking. Long way to go with this lino but hopefully I will learn a lot from all the details I attempt to cut 😵 drawing printmaking linocut art artistofinstagram lino

1 Hours ago
els (elzyska) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from els:

I am the single point of failure. >> been watching mr robot season 3 lately, I’m mind blown every week ahahahahaha- here’s a lino print of Elliot doing his hacker thing. . . . . . . mrrobot elliotalderson linocut linoprint lino printmaking print artistic_share drawing artwork artfido artista illustrator illustration artofinstagram graphicdesign sketchbook sketchoftheday sketching artsy l4l vscoart artist likeforlike artstagram artist_features art🎨 instaartist instaart @art_feature @illustrationartists @art__explorer @mrrobotseries @whoismrrobot

1 Hours ago
Lola by Tyka Peralta (lolabytykaperalta) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lola by Tyka Peralta


Comment from Lola by Tyka Peralta:

1 Hours ago
Sandra Healthy Life (sandra.healthy) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sandra Healthy Life


Comment from Sandra Healthy Life:

Mi tupper de hoy! Que no he parado y no lo he podido subir antes😅 - CENA: ➰Ensalada🥗 de iceberg, arroz🍚 integral, salmón🐟 ahumado, cebolla, maíz🌽, aceitunas, semillas de amapola, lino molido, aove, vinagre de manzana y orégano🌿 - Buenas noches🌙 - healthy cena ensalada arrozintegral iceberg lechuga semillasdeamapola salmón aceitunas cebolla semillas lino vinagre aove cenassanas fit cocina alimentación healthylife estilodevida ideas food fitness saludable yummy recetas tupper atopedetupper nonstop viernes

1 Hours ago
Carmen Fenech ( Instagram Photos and Videos

Carmen Fenech

Comment from Carmen Fenech:

Testin' textures . . . . art draw drawing graphicdesign print printmaking linocut lino linoprint tree wip texture

1 Hours ago
Scents & Nature (scentsandnature) Instagram Photos and Videos

Scents & Nature


Comment from Scents & Nature:

spa relax mypersonalspa telobagno asciugamano Immancabile telo in morbido cotone lino lavorato a nido d’ape, assorbe e si riasciuga in pochissimo tempo, in inverno è stracomodo non resta umido!!

1 Hours ago
larissa camara (illaristration) Instagram Photos and Videos

larissa camara


Comment from larissa camara:

Swiss cheese . . . . . . . . . . . l linoprinting printing linoleum linocut linocutting printmaker artist art handcraft design print create handprint swisscheese costeladeadao illustrstion draw drawing pattern patternprint patternaday plants brazil saoluis illaristration

1 Hours ago
Damian Zet (vlad_mocasz) Instagram Photos and Videos

Damian Zet


Comment from Damian Zet:

G.H.O.S.T II linocut draw linocutgraphicintagliosketchdr tchdrawfutureartworkartumklino klinolineblackwhiteretrowave80 ave80shumanhumanoiddroidcyberc

1 Hours ago
 (wizards_leave) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from wizards_leave:

Practice run of a print I did for Jimmy's birthday card. Forgot to get a pic of the finished one but I can assure you it was very nice and heartfelt. itsthethoughtthatcounts jimmytwoshoes sheephead birthdaycards handmadecards typography lino linocut print

1 Hours ago
Olga Danilova (lyola15) Instagram Photos and Videos

Olga Danilova


Comment from Olga Danilova:

Glendalough. Linocut,2015 48×4 была сделана в резиденции @blackchurchprint . Это было в первый мой приезд в Ирландию. Там - в этом национальном парке было так спокойно и красиво, мы сидели на камнях и ели шоколадки.. Скучаю по людям в Ирландии и по горам. danilovaolga linocut lino print linoprint printmakingart printmaker glendalough mountain art get_imprinted линогравюра печать графика искусство Ireland

1 Hours ago
Rach K (theclumsyprintmaker) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rach K


Comment from Rach K:

I've had this design in my head for a while - it's nice to finally sketch it out. . Enjoying a nice little art sesh in my hotel room and am very tempted to start carving BUT a night out in London Town is calling so I'd better get my glad rags on and get ready to tear it up! footlooseandchildfree

1 Hours ago
soloAbiti (soloabiti) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from soloAbiti:

✨good evening💫 working on my 🆕linen collection🆕 spring-summer 2018 100%ecofriendly-100%madei naturale tessutonaturale ecofriendly naturalfabric natural linen minimalchic madeinitaly soloabiti

1 Hours ago
FIT Design (fitextil) Instagram Photos and Videos

FIT Design


Comment from FIT Design:

verano fit textile colors pantone primavera spring summer vibrante moda design diseño argentina textil pasarela stripes tartan broderie lino cotton texturas flores acuarelas

1 Hours ago
SofiiaAylan (sofiiaaylan) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from SofiiaAylan:

Tarta espinacas, acelga, chia y lino ☆

2 Hours ago
MENTE TEXTIL (mechatextiledesign) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from MENTE TEXTIL:

love lino telas tessuti ❤😁😍

2 Hours ago
MENTE TEXTIL (mechatextiledesign) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from MENTE TEXTIL:

Love textiles!!!!❤😍 telas textildesing lino love mentetextil

2 Hours ago
Vestir La Casa (vestirlacasa) Instagram Photos and Videos

Vestir La Casa


Comment from Vestir La Casa:

Reflejo interior. . . . vestirlacasa cortinas curtains lino linen ceramicas cuencos vasija florero vase pottery velas candles mesa table silla revestimiento melamina estilismo styling decoracion decor decostyle

3 Hours ago