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Comment from #thefolkpr0ject 🍁:

presents: . As part of our family of pages, to unify & showcase the best & biggest talent on Instagram. . ▫️🔳⬛️ we present artist ⬛️🔳▫️ ________________________________________ Photographer: @lukehibbbs In Frame: @trinity.burley ________________________________________ Congratulations to you! Fantastic work! Please pay a visit to their page and view their talented work! . •T A G: #thefolkpr0ject •W E B: •F B: pr0ject_uno •S N A P: pr0jectunoTV •T W E E T: pr0jectuno •M A G: •E M A I L: admin ________________________________________ Selected by family member: ⚜sazzafrazz71 _______________________________________ #folksouls #liveauthentic #livefolk #lifeofadventure #vsco #vscocam #justliving2016 #huffpostgram #visualsoflife #moodygrams #agameoftones #collectivelycreate #l0stfog #featuremeofh #l0tsabraids #expofilm #finditliveit #ig_recommend #outside #mountains #adventure #aov #artofvisuals #liveoutdoors #vscogrid #rsa_outdoors #vogove #soulsavesfolk - [ ]

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Comment from Robert Le:

Can never get tired of this

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Comment from Alexa:

Morning ☀️

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Comment from Claire Brooks:

Afternoon pick me up

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Comment from Nerea García:

if I were you, I would never let me go

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Comment from Claudia Santos:

Maple balsamic vinaigrette — 😍

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Comment from ❂ SARA 🌿🍍💛:

Just feelin myself' 😌 let me live

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Comment from Leanne Miller:

If an engagement ring and wedding date aren't official enough, we now have a brand new JOINT WEBSITE! Chris and I will both be sharing stories here. New posts are on the way soon, but please take a look around and read some of our adventures from the past year! Link in bio!

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Comment from Tiny Bloom:

The current Tiny Bloom features tulips, campanula, mini green hydrangea and seasonal greens. A perfect little hint of spring. Link in profile!

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Comment from Tiny Bloom:

Tiny Bloom + Tiny Succulents on this sunny day!

3 Hours ago