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Family Fizz (family_fizz_no1) Instagram Photos and Videos

Family Fizz


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NOA (llusyfoxx) Instagram Photos and Videos



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BELLA GNOCCA 🐴❤️ video videooftheday love loved beautiful beauty nice sweet hug heart fantastic work nature super animals ass

3 Minutes ago
Toni Love (mstonitalove) Instagram Photos and Videos

Toni Love


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Sundayinspiration Be the change you wish to see in the world and it's ok to start with you. bethechange loveistheanswer therestoration seeyourself loved 💜 selfcareaware selflove cocreate manifestation

3 Minutes ago
Heidi Clemente (iamheidiclem) Instagram Photos and Videos

Heidi Clemente


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OMG 🙊!!!! Yeyyyyy!!! Mag aaral talaga ko ng mabuti po Lord! 😁😁😁😁❤❤❤ Thankyou po 😇 blessed loved penaddict addiction studies pen plates notes

3 Minutes ago
Vanessa Crittenden Energy Heal (nvanvan) Instagram Photos and Videos

Vanessa Crittenden Energy Heal


Comment from Vanessa Crittenden Energy Heal:

I have loved you allmylife I just hadn't met you ❤️love believe justifymylove pleasure happy romance beautiful liveinlove aliveagain integrity followlove

3 Minutes ago
JoeyDiable(Baby Joey) (joeydiable) Instagram Photos and Videos

JoeyDiable(Baby Joey)


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It's my Gotcha Day and Mom and Dad got me The Dapper Dog Box !!! I just love the treats, the toy tire and mom says I look so handsome in my bandana that comes with it !the dapperdogboxtoys treatstastyfunhandsome handsominbandanaspoiled lovedgotchaday gotchadaydog adopted. @thedapperdogbox Http://

4 Minutes ago
Antonella Amato🦋 (antonellamato_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Antonella Amato🦋


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•Yellow•🌼🦁 loved

4 Minutes ago
Вероника Петровна (antelava_ronya) Instagram Photos and Videos

Вероника Петровна


Comment from Вероника Петровна:

Дивногорск... больше месяца не была здесь. Хорошо, свежо, тихо и душевненько🤗 а ещё тут мамулёк 😘 antelava divnogorsk krasnoyarsk goodday bluesky home loved myfamily spring

4 Minutes ago
Heather & Edwardo (heather_n_ed) Instagram Photos and Videos

Heather & Edwardo


Comment from Heather & Edwardo:

Our love still surprises me. special specialmomentsweshare myloveedwardo loved blessed dreamsdocometrue blessed foreverlove

5 Minutes ago
 (__sweet_mood__) Instagram Photos and Videos



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smile drive loved mood

6 Minutes ago
 (__sweet_mood__) Instagram Photos and Videos



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loved hug kiss mood

6 Minutes ago
Cristina Piñero Muñoz♈ (crispm_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cristina Piñero Muñoz♈


Comment from Cristina Piñero Muñoz♈:

Que venga mi novio y se presente con esto @edymm_ ❤🌹 tecomo lacara loved picoftheday santjordi pink rose book adamnevill photographyy 2017

7 Minutes ago
ωξη γεE (humpty_yee) Instagram Photos and Videos

ωξη γεE


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身体发肤,受之父母。 感恩一切你今日拥有的 ❤️ . . 如今吃得饱睡得好 全都是因为父亲这双大手 今天到厂里帮着点忙 东跑跑西跑跑的 到最后伸出手来还是爸爸的手最脏 sundayactivity loved family

9 Minutes ago
 (__sweet_mood__) Instagram Photos and Videos



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loved hug mood

9 Minutes ago
Michelle Bautista (mushmix) Instagram Photos and Videos

Michelle Bautista


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Didn't think I'd make it to mass today cos if work commitments, but i did!! It's one if my favourite kind of Sundays!!! 8PMMass DivineMercySunday TYL Risen Loved Forgiven TeamWin Tigers GoodDayAtTheOffice CelebratoryDinnerWithMyBoys CompletedSixWeekBusinessCourse :)

9 Minutes ago
Olaitan Jokodola (myjourneywitholaitan) Instagram Photos and Videos

Olaitan Jokodola


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S U N D A Y! 😊 treasuredfavouredlovedexceptionalqueenwonderwomandivineenergyitsallaboutjesusselflovegodsowngodstreasurefemalepreneursrockfemalepreneurcommunicatorwriterspeakermediagirlcreativejoyfulfunnycalmilovemeilovewomeninbusinessprettybeautifulgodsownrestinginhislovetrustinghisplansundaylookweekendovermondaypeeping

9 Minutes ago
Harriee.x (harrieecx) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Harriee.x:

Realtalkkim said something amazing yesterday; "Take it to the throne, instead of a phone." Take it to the throne, instead of venting out your problems on facebook or Twitter - Because when you do, you're going to attract like minded people who in turn are going to keep you stuck. Whereas, if you take it to the throne, God can get you, unstuck. // A beautiful song to listen to, is Throne Room by Kim Walker-Smith. motivation motivationalquotes inspiration motivate encourage throne throneroom wordsofwisdom dailyword trust believe faith truth hope blessed christianblog blogger iamHis love loved God Christ Jesus oneandonly withgod

9 Minutes ago
Abhishek Daniel (abhishek_daniel777) Instagram Photos and Videos

Abhishek Daniel


Comment from Abhishek Daniel:

"IN GOD's sight GOD you are 1000 times valuable than stars in sky...."..... @pr.abhishekdaniel sunday blessings yourday loved live livingingod

10 Minutes ago
hanen el jemi (haneeeneljami) Instagram Photos and Videos

hanen el jemi


Comment from hanen el jemi:

morningvibes birthdaygift birthdaygirl gift happybirthdaytome 23 loved queenbirthday <3 <3

10 Minutes ago
Lebanese Makeup Artist Noor💄🇱🇧 (makeup_noor12) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lebanese Makeup Artist Noor💄🇱🇧


Comment from Lebanese Makeup Artist Noor💄🇱🇧:

makeup loved followme like4like ‏ Chicago passionpassport chitecture visittheusa wu_chicago flippinchi igerschicago chigram chicagogram huffpostgram wanderlust mytravelgram enjoyillinois natgeo midwestmoment tasteintravel travelstoke jetsettering urbanromantix ig_photooftheday exploretocreate artofvisuals createexplore beautifuldestinations tlpics

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Charlotte Gush (charlotteshamanicway) Instagram Photos and Videos

Charlotte Gush


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shamanicway shaman mothernature plantmedicine sacred loved moon personalgrowth remember

10 Minutes ago
🍃Kiều Trinh 🍃 (amynguyen_0712) Instagram Photos and Videos

🍃Kiều Trinh 🍃


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wake me up when summer begins ⛺🌺👙🌅🌞🌊😍 summer sun couple romantic loved day camping see smiles

11 Minutes ago
Natalia (_dreams_girl) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Natalia:

beautiful ideals friends bae bff loved 💕💕💜

11 Minutes ago
engage ❤️💑3-7-17 (shayen07_grant) Instagram Photos and Videos

engage ❤️💑3-7-17


Comment from engage ❤️💑3-7-17:

Encarguez family grand reunion allroundtheworld USA US cebu manila bacolod donsalvador blessedful thankful loved gettogether

11 Minutes ago
Claire Ellis (vintageheirloomau) Instagram Photos and Videos

Claire Ellis


Comment from Claire Ellis:

Patchwork quilt finished!! It will be raffled at the Maytime Fair at Xavier College 6th of May. Raffle tickets are $5 each or x3 for $10 patchwork quilt madewithlove finished loved

12 Minutes ago
Elena (elena_noguera_oficial) Instagram Photos and Videos



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nailart nails uñasmurcia esmaltepermanente uñas Extensionesdepestañaspeloapelo extensiones loved ceremony bodas novia

13 Minutes ago
the adventures of tin-tin™ (matteoluis7616) Instagram Photos and Videos

the adventures of tin-tin™


Comment from the adventures of tin-tin™:

puso photograph goodvibes lovinglife❤️ lovelove samasayalangtayopost unfuckwithable livelovelaugh theadventuresoftintin positivevibes💯👍👍 happy2017 loved 💖

13 Minutes ago
Michelle Goerke (michellegoerke) Instagram Photos and Videos

Michelle Goerke


Comment from Michelle Goerke:

Nobody made a greater Mistake then he who did Nothing because he could only do a LITTEL That really encouraged me and I hope you too. So often I just hear people saying I'm just a small person... I can't save the World.. That's right you can't, but God CAN through YOU. And he will do it with you. He will use you to reach people to tell them the truth, tell them that they are precious and Loved. Everyone deserves to know that, and Jesus comend ALL OF US to go into the World and spread the good news, go all creation. Mark 16:15 Don't try to save the World that's not what we are called to do, chance someones Life. And it will work like a fire. Trust in the Lord. And believe in yourself! Overcome the fear of Man. Amen mistake donothing dolittle stepbystep encourage hope change world changesomeonesworld god godcan godsaves savior hewill hewilldoit godusesyou youareimportant reachpeople spreadthegospel gospel stopfortheone precious loved choosen theyneedtoknow jesus comand mark1615 trustthelord beliveinyourself

15 Minutes ago
Finlay (everydayfinlay) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Hurry up! Finlay bordercollie collie dogs Hund Welpe puppies dogstagram dogsofinstagram loved adorable cute puppy dog bordercolliesofinstagram borderfame

16 Minutes ago
Della Octora (dellaoctora) Instagram Photos and Videos

Della Octora


Comment from Della Octora:

Thank you ✨makeup eyeshadowpallete lagirlcosmetics ivabeauty nüdes followforfollow loved

16 Minutes ago
Sabrina (yogawolken) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Sabrina:

Heute geht's bei belove108 um loved Liebe beginnt immer zuerst bei einem selbst. Wie könnten wir Liebe weitergeben, wenn wir sie nicht in uns haben? Wie könnten wir Liebe von anderen annehmen, wenn wir uns nicht liebenswert finden? teamlove Fotocredit: @lauramalinaseiler

17 Minutes ago
Genny Chiang (genny.chiang) Instagram Photos and Videos

Genny Chiang


Comment from Genny Chiang:

選擇 options dependsonyou loved taipei Taiwan

18 Minutes ago
Joshua Hoadley (joshhoadley) Instagram Photos and Videos

Joshua Hoadley


Comment from Joshua Hoadley:

So today at work, I got a lovely kiss from a cow blessed loved Tesco cow

18 Minutes ago