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Zanzibar Fair Trade (zanzibartrading) Instagram Photos and Videos

Zanzibar Fair Trade


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Turquoise is one of the oldest used stones in human history. Mined, collected and worn by all people, from the Turks to the Aztecs, this stone has been adorned and loved for many reasons. Turquoises prime properties include communication, spiritual expansion and feeling wholeness. This stone supplies one with the wisdom of ancients to help one realize that wholeness comes from the acceptance and embrace of ones self. Physically, turquoise draws oxygen to the body to help increase the flow of energy, in turn making the person generally healthier. In the picture above we have tumbled Kingman turquoise for only $4 a nugget! Zanzibar offers minerals like this and much more! Located on the corner of L and 18th street 1731 L street, Sacramento, CA, 95811 11am-6pm Mon-Sat 11am-3pm Sunday 916.443.5601 turquois blue green kingman northamerican na outside beautiful history classes minerals loved fairtrade tumbled sacramento california spirituality mineralism communication

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Ig de namorados ciumentos|J&A (ciumentinhosz) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ig de namorados ciumentos|J&A


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Tá muito gostosinnn😤😂😂 Marque seu amor😻❤ Siga-nos: @ciumentinhosz . Tumblr namorados ciúmes ciumentos ciumentas IG casais distancia humor memes namoradas namoro família marido mulher homem esposa filhos sofrimento amigas love loved loveyou marque seu amor

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SYLVIA L. BENAVIDEZ (albuquerquerealtor) Instagram Photos and Videos




I wished everyone could have a taste of this yumminess. 😋 I’ve been warding off the cold from my girls that I crashed with pure exhaustion Sunday. Katie blessed me with this homemade bone broth, chicken and chilie soup. YUM. Did I say delicious! Love you lady. feelingblessed healthyfood bonebroth chickensoup loved thankyou

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Dannuu (dannuuko) Instagram Photos and Videos



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loved charmander ichoseyou friend

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Beauty By MRL Mobile Salons (beautybymrlmobile) Instagram Photos and Videos

Beauty By MRL Mobile Salons


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My daughter got hurt at school mid client. Thanks to a friend for sitting with her until I could arrive and thank you to my client. Not only did she let me take her car and leave the bus at her house, when I got back she had lunch for me because o had to get directly to another client. I love you Pou Pou! beautybymrlmobilesalons bringingbeautytoyou mobilesalon mobilestylist colorist momlife momfirst shesok thankful grateful blessed myclientsareamazing happy loved stylistlife workingmom socal sandiego chulavista otayranch eastlake

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Since:16/1/2018 (_slay.gay_) Instagram Photos and Videos



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This is soooo me 😂 - - - - - - - - - lgbt lgbtq lgbtq+ lgbtqia beproud gay lesbian bisexual pansexual Asexual transgender loved Bi4life beyourself yourebeautiful improud unaccepted pride 🏳️‍🌈 🌈 🌈🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍🌈🌈

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Since:16/1/2018 (_slay.gay_) Instagram Photos and Videos



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<3 - - - - - - - - - lgbt lgbtq lgbtq+ lgbtqia beproud gay lesbian bisexual pansexual Asexual transgender loved Bi4life beyourself yourebeautiful improud unaccepted pride 🏳️‍🌈 🌈 🌈🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍🌈🌈

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Since:16/1/2018 (_slay.gay_) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Awww - - - - - - - - - lgbt lgbtq lgbtq+ lgbtqia beproud gay lesbian bisexual pansexual Asexual transgender loved Bi4life beyourself yourebeautiful improud unaccepted pride 🏳️‍🌈 🌈 🌈🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍🌈🌈

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Vikram J Athwani 😘😍 (athwanivikram) Instagram Photos and Videos

Vikram J Athwani 😘😍


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Since:16/1/2018 (_slay.gay_) Instagram Photos and Videos



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- - - - - - - - - lgbt lgbtq lgbtq+ lgbtqia beproud gay lesbian bisexual pansexual Asexual transgender loved Bi4life beyourself yourebeautiful improud unaccepted pride 🏳️‍🌈 🌈 🌈🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍🌈🌈

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El perfecto kaos . . photography photographer mountains snow winter tree snowboarding life love like4like followme follow4follow pasion loved free nature wild woods trees folknature nieve instagram

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Jodie Jowers (jodiejlj) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jodie Jowers


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Love My Wedding Present From My Husband 🎁 🤭😍 weddingpresentguccimrsjlawsont loved 🖤

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K i m   N o w a k  🌿🐚 (kim.nowak) Instagram Photos and Videos

K i m N o w a k 🌿🐚


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utrechtpaysbaysnetherlandscana scanalchanelbicycleyellowgoldc goldcolorfluxflousonyalpha77ii a77ii Sonyalphasonya7iiphotogr otographerlatergramemissthispl hisplacepromenadelovedlovelove eloversutrechtnetherlandscoldc

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Subodh Pokhriyal (uzumaki_awsm_naruto) Instagram Photos and Videos

Subodh Pokhriyal


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Uki magh melait has begunloved charki quite dngerous wid Canadians bawaa logs

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A DAILY DOSE OF CUTENESS 😍 (gquties17) Instagram Photos and Videos





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Lucky (you can call me Luxebe) (ladyluxebe) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lucky (you can call me Luxebe)


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Mum has an extra day off this week so she has the honor of spending the day snuggled up with meee!

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dature.&.necouverte ( Instagram Photos and Videos


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Passage chez le coiffeur 😌 coiffure mood edithpiaf vege vegetariangirl vegan parisiangirl paris fit fitgirl fitfam fitinsta sport cycliste cyclisme velo velotouslesjours velodecourse sporttouslesjours💪 fitforlife sportive loved juice womenintech coder developer

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Renae Lapham (renaelapham) Instagram Photos and Videos

Renae Lapham


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One week old. How are you already one week old, Edith Faye?! In one week you have taught me more than I ever thought possible. You have taught me how to love fiercely, have more patients than a preschool teacher, that sleep is irrelevant in order to survive, and have opened up my heart to love every single moment. The mom life isn't the easiest life, but it's worth every sleepless night, sore body, tired eyes, hungry moments, tears, prayers in desperation, and frustrations. You are worth it, so worth it. momlife mybestlife edithfaye babylapham mother motherhood blessed infant oneweekold foreverchanged loved heisgood

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True Love Quotes 💗 (_true.love_quotes) Instagram Photos and Videos

True Love Quotes 💗


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Tag someone who would like this 👍 loveisallyouneed newbeginnings beatiful relationships101 loveiseverything buildtogether eternallove loved datingadvice poweroflove relationshipfail relationshipsbelike truelovers youareperfecttome youareeverything relationshipissues relationships trueloveneverdies loveisyou allyouneedislove sillylove

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God my hero 😍 (god_my_superhero) Instagram Photos and Videos

God my hero 😍


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Follow us : @god_my_superhero 👈 if bae babe babes baby prayer pray prayers prayfortheworld stay staying amor amour love lover loves loved couple couples god jesus amen follow chriatian world hello adele

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Leigh Campbell (the__leighcampbelllifestyle) Instagram Photos and Videos

Leigh Campbell


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I adore this ! 🔥 lovethis safe loved desire youdeserveit behappy passion heart wealldeservelove

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María Andrea Sandoval R.♡ (contitips) Instagram Photos and Videos

María Andrea Sandoval R.♡


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Tengo mi sonrisa lista para cuando te vea. 💕 Me JustMe Myself Girl Brunette Nice Selfie Smile MakeUp Beauty Look Fashion Style Natural Loved Cool Great Like

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O Falante/ Brenno (ofalanteblog) Instagram Photos and Videos

O Falante/ Brenno


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UMA TURMA DESSAS BICHO! 🔝💥 Anitta, uma das convidadas do HarmoniadoSamba para a MelhorSegundaFeiradoMundo, em Salvador, levou o público ao delírio com seus rebolados, desceu até o chão, ganhou beijo duplo de Xanddy e Carla Perez e ainda anunciou que vai puxar um trio sem cordas no carnaval da capital baiana desse ano. O casal, LoreImprota e LeoSantana também participaram do evento e deram um show de swing e simpatia. 🎉❤ love amor loved gata gato anitters festa carnaval2018 lindos anitters vaimalandra leo lorenaimprota bahia ba folia

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TV Swift (tv_swift) Instagram Photos and Videos

TV Swift


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💙From this week’s spoken word 💙

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Eva🌹 (blonde.ely) Instagram Photos and Videos



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•Do you think you know everything? but you do not know anything about me• 🌹•🅖🅞🅞🅓✨🅝🅘🅖🅗🅣•🌹 me girl photo mirror tonight black totalblack mood outfit totalook hair blonde igers fashion style details shoes loved instagirl instalike likeforlike follow instagram

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Brillo de Luna (brillodelunapaginaoficial) Instagram Photos and Videos

Brillo de Luna


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🌿🌸BRILLO DE LUNA🍃🌿🌸Es así como debemos aplicar nuestro tónico milagroso desde la raíz de nuestro cabello con ligeros masajitos para estimular el folículo piloso y crecimiento. pestañas manicure biotina cuidadodelapiel cuidadodelcabello biotin cuidadodelpelo salud barba vitamina vitaminas energia vida cuidadodelasuñas cuidadodelasalud rd santodomingo suplemento palma photography photo likeme followme follow instagram picture life loved model look

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Ely Vep (ely.vep) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ely Vep


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Tanto tiempo sin subir nada... ☺ Aqui va:. grabado4 tecnica mixta chapas de zinc hoja de alto gramaje 35x50cm 240 gr. serie " los desposeidos " "the dispossesseds " " havenots " año2017 inkgraphy colors blackandwhitephoto art arte photographyart photographer photography photo loved engrave ♡

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_msapril (_msapril) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Choose the happier, healthier, my No means No & my Yes means Yes, laughs until your stomach hurts, unapologetic, EMPOWERED YOU over everything! The process of letting some things go may hurt but the YOU God created YOU to be is more precious & valuable than all that! ~You my dear are full of potential you haven’t even tapped in to~ ChooseYou Valuable Precious Worthy Potential DaughterOfAking Loved Forgiven Happy Healthy Empowered Funny Queen Woman Women Ladies Unapologetic Beautiful Unique OnOfAkind MasterPiece

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Jessica Cain (jesselaines) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jessica Cain


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Recently things haven’t been easy, but luckily I have the strength and support of my best friend helping me get through each day. [Insert sobby cliche quote] grateful loved mcm teamoftwo youandme stillgoodmenintheworld reminiscing colorado hiking adventures august2017 gopro

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😌 loved

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S. Hamilton (uglyskot) Instagram Photos and Videos

S. Hamilton


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I neglected to post this somehow. kenmode loved cbaudio

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Pola Paździor (polapazdzior) Instagram Photos and Videos

Pola Paździor


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Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage . polishgirlweddingdressamazingd zingdaymodellifeworkinghardcoo rdcoolstylebeingdeeplylovedbys

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