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Haters are going to hate!! But for me it is a huge compliment! Use that negativity as an opportunity to spread light onto others!!! YOU are what they want to be therefore pick them up and treat your haters with nothing but kindness. Remember, to always be confident in yourself and never get caught up in the hate game. #LoveNotHate #BuildEachotherUp #LoveYourself #LoveTheInsideAsWellAsTheOutside

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hey, everyone. today is a day where i want to be optimistic. i want to have faith in our new presidential administration and its ability to guide us for the next four years. i want to have faith in the american people, that this can truly be a peaceful transition of power. please, please, do not prove me and millions of other americans wrong on that point. despite my own negative mindset on this, though, i really do have hope for this generation and the future of our country. the fact remains that there are so many issues in this world and more evil and hate than we can really comprehend, but i really do believe that good can outweigh that. we all have the power to make positive steps for the future of our society. i believe in us. on that note i want to share what's possibly my actual favorite quote ever. it's already on my personal acct but idc, it just really speaks to me. kurt vonnegut once said, "There is no reason why good cannot triumph as often as evil. The triumph of anything is a matter of organization. If there are such things as angels, I hope that they are organized along the lines of the Mafia." let's keep that in mind. get organized, stay passionate and woke, and fight injustice. you have the ability to make wonderful and profound changes in society and the lives of individuals. love ya, -s :)

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Trump keeps saying we need to build America back up again. This makes zero sense to me. All that Trump has proposed and done in his time as elect and now (ugh) president is tear down all the progress that Obama and his team fought for. We need to keep building the America that we've been building for the last 8 years. I won't stand with a president that uses fear and hate to get his way. That's not a leader of the free world. That's not my America and he may be the president but I will not be silent during his term. He must be kept in check. And the popular vote didn't vote for bigot trump so we need to keep making our voices heard. #womensmarchla #lovenothate #missyouobama💙 #equalrightsforall #poormelania

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Regardless of who you voted for... #Trump @realdonaldtrump , and #Pence are our new #potus and #ingodwetrust . Let's move on... ACCEPT what you cannot change, and embrace the possibilities . 🙏💰💙 "Lord, please give these two men the courage, and wisdom to MAKE OUR COUNTRY GREAT... again. 👍🏼🇱🇷 #ingodwetrust #inauguration #inauguration2017 #trumpwon #MAGA #lovenothate #acceptance #whitehouse #politics #presidenttrump #vppence #us #instagreat #rnc #miraclesdohappen #thankyougod #amen

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