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🍋Owner: Neo He/They🍋


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My family goes out of their way to make me uncomfortable. And they wonder why I'd rather play video games. - Cal - (Image from / gaesthetic_ ) - - - - - - - - - - lgbtq lgbtqia queer gay bi loveislove genderqueer nonbinary notstraight pan trans transgender notcis ace afab amab closeted queerteen gayteen lovenothate lgbtqplus oktobegay nohomophobia lovebeforehate equalrights transgender saga pride gaypride ace

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hi 🌎


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not only accurate, but SUPER important. goverment powertothepeople lovenothate to discriminate is to hate. love peace onepercent 99percent

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Tiffany Piercy 🦉


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And in the middle of my chaos, there was you✨ lovenothate longweekendvibes memorialday shesthebest shesakeeper iloveyouforever mylove mywife marriedcouple marriageequality equalityforeveryone loveislove loveher lovemywife lovenothate loveofmylife shesthebest lgbt twowivesarebetterthanone mybestfriend myperson myheart shesperfect weekendvibes wifey

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Earth Child Creations


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just found a magical account over at @peleides this magical comet moth is just one of the stunning little beings captured on this magical feed pop over and take a peak @peleides 💓🙏🐞🌹🍁🍃🌏🌙🌌 magical moths cometmoth beautifulcreatures enchanting natureisbeautiful heavenonearth saveourearth saveourbeings pure lightworker energy calming beingsoflight earthchild lovenothate peaceonearth natureismyreligion lovenlight

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Comment from Ashleigh:

Heroes that lost their lives fighting against hatred. 💔😢 Compassion, courage and love will prevail. standtogether lovenothate

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feline fighting got me like:

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A selfish evil act brings light and strength.. - I❤️MCR. To be here and witness such a memorial feels so surreal and solemn. westandtogether neverforgotten i❤️mcr • • • lovenothate manchester rip standtogether strongertogether uk actofunity unitedwestand

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nojudgement iamimperfect onlylove lovenothate embrace

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Charlotte B8


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fabday family friends roadtrip bluetooth mold denbigh dad lovenothate positivity

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Hey guys! It's Raven ☺️💙 I'm one of the owners of this page! I'm bisexual, and my pronouns are she/they. I love to play the piano, and the guitar. Me and meli are together, we've been together for over a year now! 💕 welcome to our page and we hope you enjoy it! -Raven

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Caryl Lavelle Melnick


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Shouldn't it be this easy...every human deserves human rights. unitypinprojectgoals unitypinproject unitypin unity equalitynow lovenothate

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Ciara Sheahan (cindrellastella) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ciara Sheahan


Comment from Ciara Sheahan:

This is what we navigated 3 times @v_holloway @juliefromdublin and everyone was just so lovely. Manchester be very proud of yourself. You're a bastion of integrity, hope & love. manchester thecourteeners lovenothate

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Be you my nigga be YOU! loveyourself satisfyyoursoul lovenothate dopegirl ❣️

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Claire Garbe (clairegarbe) Instagram Photos and Videos

Claire Garbe


Comment from Claire Garbe:

Words don't describe the emotion in Manchester today. I love the resilience of this city and this country lovenothate lovewins manchester

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🦄 Chrissy


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💛 . . . lovenothate staysweet sundayfunday positivevibes goodvibes soft sunday keepitcute blendedfamily stepmom mom staypositive momlife anxiety depression positiveenergy love wife wifelife sadness sweetness happysunday hereforyou Rp @powerofpositivity

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Brenda Morales (bmora07) Instagram Photos and Videos

Brenda Morales


Comment from Brenda Morales:

Kindness is not a act, it's a lifestyle. ✌🏽😄bekindalways leadbyexample heartofgold treatotherswell lovenothate worldpeace onelove

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Mari (byandby_design) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Mari:

I'm jumping ahead a bit, but it seems appropriate to stitch up some crossesoftheukblocks in solidarity for Manchester. lovenothate

4 Hours ago
Moose Coffee (moosecoffee) Instagram Photos and Videos

Moose Coffee


Comment from Moose Coffee:

Here is our Moose Adam with managers Jo & Jess after running the Great Manchester Run. We hope everyone had a amazing day! lovenothate

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Tim Mayer (timmayer) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tim Mayer


Comment from Tim Mayer:

Coventry people held a vigil earlier this week to pay their respects to the victims and their loved ones, of the brutal attack in Manchester.manchester terrorismhasnoreligion terroristattack england lovenothate lovenotwar

4 Hours ago
Andrew Fritschle (andrew.fritschle) Instagram Photos and Videos

Andrew Fritschle


Comment from Andrew Fritschle:

"I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear." -MLK loveislove lovenothate hotlanta atlanta downtownindy indy

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Lili (lixydust) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Lili:

"Hey, this such a shame You let this good love go to waste" Lemonade, not sourness. Love, not hate. Wine, not baseball bats. lemonade lemonading queenbey beyonce holdup ballet dance yellow funinthesun outdoors lovenothate ballet canon longhair kimmyschmidt inspiredbytituss zurich @beyonce @unbreakablekimmyschmidt @titusssawthis

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Muhi - Generally Temporary (muhi_generally_temporary) Instagram Photos and Videos

Muhi - Generally Temporary


Comment from Muhi - Generally Temporary:

LAST 3 DAYS of our campaign! Please help build Muhi a strong future and make a difference on the ground- We take inspiration from so many NGOs changing the lives for children living within the conflict: middleeastchildrensalliance , palestinechildrensrelieffund, childrenofpeace, hopeandplayforchildrenofgaza, seedsofpeace LoveNotHate LoveMuhi muhigenerallytemporary @medaliaproductions

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Together We Can Make A Change! (theworldlimits) Instagram Photos and Videos

Together We Can Make A Change!


Comment from Together We Can Make A Change!:

Do it. Don't hesitate. nowadays ecofriendly economics extinction social population together togetherwecan religion culture bethechange betterplace betterworld bettersociety poverty feminism gay equality racism local politics nike sports animals extinction love lovenothate peacenotwar peace blacklives cosmetics

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Didem Hızarcıoğlu Edwards (didemgh) Instagram Photos and Videos

Didem Hızarcıoğlu Edwards


Comment from Didem Hızarcıoğlu Edwards:

Terör saldırısının ardından iptal edilmeyen, aksine katılımcı sayısı artan Manchester Koşusu bugün 10.000 kişinin katılımıyla gerçekleşti. Canım sevgilim ve iş arkadaşları da Kanser Vakfı'na destek olmak için 10 Km koştular ve 20.000 TL ye yakın yardım topladılar. Kostümleriyle, tekerlekli sandalyeleriyle, kanser sebebiyle vefat eden sevdiklerinin resimleriyle bu coşkuya katılan herkesi tebrik ve takdir etmek lazım So proud of my darling and his colleagues who ran the Great Manchester Run and raised over 5.000 pounds for Teenage Cancer Trust. It was a great organisation showing the Great Manchester spirit against terror. ilovemanchester turntolove lovenothate manchesterisunited

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Rachel Taylor (sweetbebs82) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rachel Taylor


Comment from Rachel Taylor:

Incredibly moving vigil for someone I didn't know personally but now really wish I had! Inspirational family and friends 🌈☮️🕯💔bemoremartyn heatonmoorpark stockport manchester prayformanchester🙏❤️ lovenothate evilwillneverwin mancunian 22 😔

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Charlie_Nimbus_Chops 💙🐶🐾🎈 (charlie_nimbus_chops) Instagram Photos and Videos

Charlie_Nimbus_Chops 💙🐶🐾🎈


Comment from Charlie_Nimbus_Chops 💙🐶🐾🎈:

Incredibly moving vigil for someone I didn't know personally but now really wish I had! Inspirational family and friends 🌈☮️🕯💔bemoremartyn heatonmoorpark stockport manchester prayformanchester🙏❤️ lovenothate evilwillneverwin mancunian 22 😔

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"Hold up, they don't love you like I love you ... What a wicked way to treat the girl that loves you" When your love life gives you lemons, go lemonading. And your good friends will enable you :) And don't call Becky with the good hair, because mine is already the best ;) . lemonade lemonading queenbey beyonce holdup ballet dance yellow funinthesun outdoors lovenothate ballet canon longhair kimmyschmidt inspiredbytituss zurich @beyonce @unbreakablekimmyschmidt @titusssawthis

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@arianagrande prayforariana prayformanchster prayforpeace lovenothate arianators queenlanadelreynation queennation

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Naomi April Johnson (iamnaomijohnson) Instagram Photos and Videos

Naomi April Johnson


Comment from Naomi April Johnson:

🌈🌈🌈 What a fitting tribute to @martynhett tonight. Hearing the stories, seeing the strength of his family and the thousands that turned out to show support was truly inspiring. In life, he really did make a difference to everyone he met and even to so many that he didn't. That he continues to do so now is the best response to the shitty attempt to spread hate that took him away. LoveNotHate BeMoreMartyn

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People & Places ( Instagram Photos and Videos

People & Places

Comment from People & Places:

Non-Muslim Ramadan Diary, Day 2 Suhur: 2:58am, Iftar: 9:07pm Location: London, UK I have survived the second day of fasting and I felt surprisingly fine today. I even met up with a friend of mine and went to a Spanish Feria where everybody was drinking beer and eating tapas. It might have been because I slept until 11:30am today after my feast last night. For some reason I thought that since I'm skipping three meals during the day, I have to eat all for suhur... See the video how it went... (Feel free to repost) • For those of you who are not familiar with Arabic words, iftar is the meal you break your fast with and suhur is the last meal before dawn. • ramadan2017 suhur solidarityfasting muslimsarenotterrorists islam allah muslim culturaldiversity stopislamophobia lovenothate tolerance multiculti multiculticlub ramadandiary2017 london londonlife hungariangirl ramadan

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Chloe O'Grady (chloeogrady1wattpad) Instagram Photos and Videos

Chloe O'Grady


Comment from Chloe O'Grady:

I am Syria. I wrote this poem almost a year ago alongside an amazing local poet. I wrote a draft and he did a one to one session with me to help improve it. What do you think? calais refugeecrisis refugees thejungle poetry help love lovenothate peace positiveimages

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Lisa Wall-Hayes


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Manchester nofearhere lovenothate i❤ MCR workerbee

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ilovemanchester lovewins wearestrong westandtogether theywillnotbeatus hateneverwins lovenothate

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