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_dat me 👀 follow4follow like4like doubletap memyselfandi selfie classyy

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Gary Dover


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. ✈️ αιяρσятѕ. χ . . . . . CatchFlightsNotFeelings airport planes flights wanderlust memyselfandi lifestyle lovelife gone grind follow flights travel workgrind

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Feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, refreshed, good, nourished and renewed my soul. Mission Accomplished blessed thankful luxuryvilla loveisland . . . . . takatomi okinawa island japan privatevilla luxuryhotels luxuryvilla hospitality rejuvenate refresh renewlife renewing energised igtravel devonlife wanderlust travelpic ootd ootdmagazine selfietime memyselfandi entrepreneur

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Riding solo. Taking myself out on a date... Yes I date myself. It's refreshing to get to know you! Lol datenight memyselfandi hardwork singlemommy singlelife noexcuses worstbehavior savageseason

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Anne Danianto (annedanianto) Instagram Photos and Videos

Anne Danianto


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Bring your own Sunshine ☀️☀️☀️ . . happymorning sunshinyday brightday enjoylife enjoythemoment feelblessed instamom instawoman instastyle fashiongram fashionlook fashionstyle instastyle fashionoftheday womanfashion womangram instawoman instamom instabeauty memyselfandi metimeitsme sunnies sunshine

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Imelda Augustine Tirtarahardja (imelda_tirta) Instagram Photos and Videos

Imelda Augustine Tirtarahardja


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While waiting.... selca selfie memyselfandi

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Fer Del Toro ♡ (fergiedeltoro) Instagram Photos and Videos

Fer Del Toro ♡


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I tried to kill the pain, but only brought more 🔪 pretty ginger beautiful memyselfandi curvy friday sickaf

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Jenny Macias (hook_echo) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jenny Macias


Comment from Jenny Macias:

This week ended on a sour note. Hoping the weekend gives me a much needed reset. . . . . . . . . . iphone6s snapseed instagram california lbc longbeach pma pmaallday me memyselfandi badday bettertomorrow mirror

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Marcus Vinicius Schmidt Santos (mviniciusschmidt) Instagram Photos and Videos

Marcus Vinicius Schmidt Santos


Comment from Marcus Vinicius Schmidt Santos:

As vezes as lágrimas enchem os olhos, mas o remédio para toda angustia ou tristeza ainda será um bom sorriso!!! boanoitee instalike memyselfandi

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Yusuf Turan (yusufbilalturan) Instagram Photos and Videos

Yusuf Turan


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08 April 2017 yuttitude proteinburger YT bogazicisultans bogaziciuniversity hillside hillsidecityclub fitnessaddict personaltrainer haveanattitude bidurusunolsun healthyfood memyselfandi happiness istanbul motivation discipline psychology physiology development awakening beyourself lifestyle lifecoach mentor financialadvisor istanbul machine itisnotajoke respect 🍔🥜💪🏻🙏🏻

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Lindsy Hitchens (flockinawesome) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lindsy Hitchens


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Disney Aviators ✅ Beach braid ✅ agnesanddora Angelou dress ✅ Florida life at its finest.

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 (e.voll__) Instagram Photos and Videos



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I remember how at one point I was so insecure. I was too skinny, too boney. My teeth were too crooked. My smile was so yellow. One eye bigger than the other. Scars on my skin. Manly hands. Long ass neck. Adam's apple at that!! I use to hate myself. I really did. I've hated myself more than anyone ever could. One day. I don't know when that day was. But one day. I woke up and decided to love myself. And that has been the hardest obstacle I've had to overcome. And no I'm not there yet. Not even close. But I love the person I've become. I love how hard I've pushed myself. I love how i don't need to find motivation in anyone but my self. I wake up and I'm proud that I've built the strength to roll the fuck out of bed put some clothes on and take on everyday with a smile. Even if it ends in a frown. I've learned to love myself, slowly but surely. And I'm going to continue to show myself love. Because after all this time, I finally realized. I fucking deserve it! LoveYourself LoveThyself SelfLove Growth Security Love MeMyselfAndI

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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Abby Juárez (ajxxi) Instagram Photos and Videos

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Abby Juárez


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Dear Self, today you will Shine ✨ memyselfandi LAgirl californiagirl selfie selflove mexicana

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Anne Danianto (annedanianto) Instagram Photos and Videos

Anne Danianto


Comment from Anne Danianto:

While waiting...💙 . . itsme memyselfandi instawoman instabeauty instafashion fashiongram fashionlook fashionstyle whilewaiting fashiondiaries lookbookoftheday lookbook lookbookindonesia sunnies flowercorsage corsage pradalovers pradasunglasses womangram instagrammer instaselfie enjoylife enjoythemoment feelblessed

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friendshavingfun selfietime memyselfandi nigtout

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Jo Anna (trixie_jho) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jo Anna


Comment from Jo Anna:

Me Myself and I.😘😂🙊🙈

18 Minutes ago
Jessica Lauren (inkd_vegan) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jessica Lauren


Comment from Jessica Lauren:

You're a goddamn work of art and you don't need no asshole art dealer to tell you your worth 💕 goodnight memyselfandi bralette snapchat brunette selfworth xoxo mwah 💋 tattooedwomen savage

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I Z A   M I C H A L S K A (iza_michalska) Instagram Photos and Videos



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good morning world! 🌎☀️♥️ morningselfie bedselfie selfie

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Zharonne Moral (zhao_thiru) Instagram Photos and Videos

Zharonne Moral


Comment from Zharonne Moral:

My favorite juicy burger, Spicy MOS burger! Yay! lunch fastfood memyselfandi

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ahh thatswhatimtalkingabout fridaynight in meditation lovinlife memyselfandi allineed hush bepresent aromatherapy bathtime damnstraight bathsareunderrated sharkinthewater rubberducky rollin solo watersports questionmark isthatweird

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Silence with MeMyselfAndI is not silence, it's a Rich moment if Peace . nature Portland supershortvacation

23 Minutes ago
Elli M (seathegirl) Instagram Photos and Videos

Elli M


Comment from Elli M:

summer summervibes birkenstock free letsgotothebeach seathegirl readyforsummer chalkidiki feet memyselfandi

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memyselfandi 🚯

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Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, dan dreams are forever ~ Walt Disney ✨⚜️ • • • • followme follow gottolovedisney Disney sunset water love lovelife life live quotes i memyselfandi disneyland waltdisney quotestoliveby haveagoodday

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24/7 ❤️ selfie memyselfandi selfietime selfienation girl woman lady photography photooftheday photo pic today samstag saturday weekend wochenende firefighter firewoman firewomen firefighterporn msa feuerwehrfrau feuerwehr mehralsnureinhobby leidenschaft

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marika economou (marikaeconomou89) Instagram Photos and Videos

marika economou


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selfie selfiesofinstagram instaselfie carselfie fridaynight friday goingout partytime party lavieestbelle liveyourlife youonlyliveonce blackandwhite memyselfandi me versuz hasselt belgium havingfun havingdrinks

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Kati Tuomaala (katituom) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kati Tuomaala


Comment from Kati Tuomaala:

Mememyselfandi selfie

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June Pakiding (mynameisjunpax) Instagram Photos and Videos

June Pakiding


Comment from June Pakiding:

Since my friends are out there having the time of their lives beachin' and sun bathin'...I gotta do what I have to do to feel the summer heat. Poolin' it is then. 😁🕶🌤 . . . memyselfandi myownsummerstory summer myworld justme lovingsummerheat

28 Minutes ago
🦋🌹Paige💀🕸 (itzpaigeybaby) Instagram Photos and Videos



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" ...Sent flowers but she said she didn't need 'em."🚫⚘ memyselfandi buhbye lovethyself lovethyselfie tattedmama tatted tattooedgirls girlswithtats stonerchicks fitted bayareagirls

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Álla Ru (honeybadger_ca) Instagram Photos and Videos

Álla Ru


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Happy Friday :) wine movie candle memyselfandi happyfriday blackberry bridgetjonesbaby

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MLbangbang;player👇👇 (kurinrin_gonzales) Instagram Photos and Videos



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I will never wait someone to come and comfort me , i was tired enough to .. memyselfandi 👩

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Rita Mllr (rita_mllr) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rita Mllr


Comment from Rita Mllr:

🍾💃🏼 fridaynight clubbing girlsnight memyselfandi grayhair greeneyes blackdress

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l e m i n h d u c ' s (vyy_pool) Instagram Photos and Videos

l e m i n h d u c ' s


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We can't direct the wind, But we can adjust the sails... memyselfandi throwback picbyme captureme picoftheday photoftheday photocollage sad eyeliner makeup deep shoots moody love vsco vscocam @cabinehanoi vscolike vscocool vscodaily vscolove vscovietnam likesforfollow likesforlikes l4l likes4likes

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