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leanne desjardins (ldesja) Instagram Photos and Videos

leanne desjardins


Comment from leanne desjardins:

Je voulais simplement prendre un petit moment pour te remercier toi, ta petite personne si aimable. Tu es non seulement mon amoureux, mais mon meilleur ami. Je peux rire, faire des niaiseries, être moi-même et ça, sans jamais être jugée. Même quand je ne me comprend pas, tu réussis à me comprendre et à m'aider du mieux comme tu le peux. Même si je suis pas top shape, tu réussis à m'aimer tel que je le suis. Je suis très difficile, incomprenable et souvent j'ai un moral à terre. Mais je te remercie de tout faire, de mettre corps et âme pour moi, pour t'assurer que je vais bien. Je t'aime du plus profond de mon coeur. Jamais je ne voudrais te voir partir de ma petite vie. À toi, mon amoureux❣️ mylovelove2yearsbab

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Comment from theequeenma:

My baby huskies baby cutie mine love iloveyou lasvegas

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WIRED (wired) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from WIRED:

We'll never get over views of Earth from space. 📸: Benjamin Grant

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N. Diazconti (nikki_diazconti) Instagram Photos and Videos

N. Diazconti


Comment from N. Diazconti:

More Than Words, Forever My Always 😍👑🍫😋❤💋 GeeeesIloveYou QueenToAKing ForeverMyAlways iLoveBeingTiny Mine BeyondBlessed NextTimeDontTakeSoLong WhereHaveYouBeenAllMyLife

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Xander Ogilvie (xander_ogilvie25) Instagram Photos and Videos

Xander Ogilvie


Comment from Xander Ogilvie:

Can you spot the difference? @justin_r56_18 @low50h @matthew_ogilvie27 fords ford fastfords awesome beforeandafter pretty beauty beautiful mine colors gray grey eleanor mustang mustanggt 4point6 fourpointsix v8 rims halos tinted lightning cervini aftermarket muscle

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Marie Chantal Fonseca (chanty_blackgirl) Instagram Photos and Videos

Marie Chantal Fonseca


Comment from Marie Chantal Fonseca:

"Quando mi guardò mi svolgo 💑" love instalove blackandwhite socute instagood beautiful instalike happy instadaily smile instagram bemine mine mylove mylife 🙈 ❤️ f4f

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Giang Huong Nguyen (_ngh_01) Instagram Photos and Videos

Giang Huong Nguyen


Comment from Giang Huong Nguyen:

Breakfast .. . . . . . lfl l4l f4fl flffl ulzzang portrait photos photograph instalove instalike cute picoftheday school student vietnam vietnamese girl love hug kiss selfie mine hi lfllll fl4fl vsco vscocam filter

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Comment from manotti_marie:

heavyfacts if ain't mine it ain't my concern 😎 issaDUB 💯

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Amanda M-R (amandanameyoucantpronounce) Instagram Photos and Videos

Amanda M-R


Comment from Amanda M-R:

I tried to handle how cute they are, but it didn't work. florida honeymoon cuties cutestcoupleaward bae siblings mine noteachothers theyremarried newlyweds olivianduncan toocute roberts couple loveya snapchat yesiscreenshatyou sorrynotsorry nowyourefamous noworries jk

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Authors Are The New Celebs (lisareadsalot) Instagram Photos and Videos

Authors Are The New Celebs


Comment from Authors Are The New Celebs:

All that. All. Of. That. 😍HenryCavill MINE

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Sx. (mrs.styles__249) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Sx.:

Am I the only one who's still in shock? I just can't ignore it. Quite hard and I hope everyone is doing alright now. niallhoran lockscreen mine brown wewant1dback thestylesarestrong

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Alisha McGeown (lishhrose) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alisha McGeown


Comment from Alisha McGeown:

no edit miss the fez never thought id say it😩 Ieuans mistake morgans sticker modified tlc was made this day washed dried polished memories ieuans really mine 😏😏😏😏 @ieuanhadley02

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💕👑Dotty 👑💕 (everybodyhatesdot) Instagram Photos and Videos

💕👑Dotty 👑💕


Comment from 💕👑Dotty 👑💕:

❤️💪🏾 MINE

6 Minutes ago
Stephanie Anne (_s_t_e_p_h_a_n_i_e__) Instagram Photos and Videos

Stephanie Anne


Comment from Stephanie Anne:

My tomatoe plant just got a pot upgrade! transplanted it into a new pot my babe got for me today! x2 as big as the last one! Annnnnd is starting to get little beautiful flowers on it. Which should mean it'll start to grow fruit here shortly! Fingers crossed plants flower green tomatoes yellow greenthumb amazing love myhappyplace incredible igrewtthis mine wow

7 Minutes ago
sierra || king doesn't follow (shysxrtorius) Instagram Photos and Videos

sierra || king doesn't follow


Comment from sierra || king doesn't follow:

I wanna make a edit for jacob! Comment down a message for him and i'll add it to the video😊 . . . . . . . . . . | TAG HIM?? | markthomas lorenbeech lorengray lorengraybeech goals followforfollow likeforlike moren music loveyou thomas babe mine boy followtrain edit fanaccount lorengray babyariel blakegray marioselman catselman nickbean zachclayton muser musically loren mark

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 (highimjuliaaa.420) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from highimjuliaaa.420:

OMG 😻 I am now the proud owner of katvond alchemistpalette 💋 I am not worthy!!! 😻 makeuplovers highlighter beautiful love spoiled kvd obsessed makeup toofaced alchemistholographicpalette matte lipstick grannypanties gorgeous makeuponpoint fuckyes buymestuff makeup mine happiness sephora melted purple

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Comment from alienglrl:

Idk who to sketch. Any suggestions?? :: :: :: :: { mine myart sketch }

8 Minutes ago
CREEPY PHOTOGRAPHY (creepyphotography) Instagram Photos and Videos




More static

8 Minutes ago
WannaBeBunny (fulltimefreak) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from WannaBeBunny:

Every single time, I can't even approach people in real life without feeling like I'm going to be sick. life anxiety mine

9 Minutes ago
lostintheundertones (fadedmuses) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from lostintheundertones:

[ new disguise ] • • • glow blue aesthetic aesthetictumblr aestheticallypleasing vsco lfl l4l likeforlike like4like spamme spamforspam mine boy new

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Madison 🌹 (innocentsxcrets) Instagram Photos and Videos

Madison 🌹


Comment from Madison 🌹:

This girl has been my A1 since day one just like she said about me. She's the only girl I've met in role play that hasn't switched up on me or screwed me over and I've known her for a for a good two years now. I'm thankful for her and I'm happy that she's in my life. Ooc we're both planning to share a house in Cali when we go to college 😂👌🏽 she a real og and if you aren't already friends with her you should be. She's a real sweetheart but petty all in one 😂❤️ I highly suggest talking to her because she'll make your day, just remember I'm her bestfriend/ sister though 😜 She my main Chica and I'm real blessed to have her. I love you Merbear 🐻💖❤️ - rp bestfriend sister rpforall madison magicmaddy madisonbeer madisonbeerrp friendrp friendsrp love friendshipgoals merbear mya1fromday1 rpforall rpforeveryone rpwithme rpaccount rpplease singlerp daddyrp mine openrp closedrp

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🏳️‍🌈Brandy Marie (brandy_boo101) Instagram Photos and Videos

🏳️‍🌈Brandy Marie


Comment from 🏳️‍🌈Brandy Marie:

Hmmmm should I get tacos or enchiladas? @laura_0781 🌮🌯🍷🍰💃🏻🕺🏾 duh tacos arelife weirdos mexicanfood brooklyn ny tbt missthis loveyou lovepuffin mine boobie penguin babycows sensitivebadasses girlswhokissgirls girlswholikegirls instagay mifamilia

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Brendan Sisco-Embrey (zippyy444) Instagram Photos and Videos

Brendan Sisco-Embrey


Comment from Brendan Sisco-Embrey:

engnater goldsmith new mine mesa tcelectronic guitar guitarist prs pedalboard bbe ernieball

10 Minutes ago
아리아나💕 (shiiari) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 아리아나💕:

-I DID IT AGAIN FOR U BITCH😂💓💜 ~ ~ Cuz he was jelly 💙❣️ ~ ~ Hello bitch💘❣️ you mean a lot to me-//- u a freaking coward sometimes but I still love u~ we've known each other for like idk 5-6 months😂🤗 but ever since I met u, u have been a great friend❤💎 u gave me so many chances and I appreciate that🔐😍 u are always horny ofc, u make me smile when I don't want to..thank u💍😭 gosh I'm crying irl😂 you make me blush like a tomato, u say stupid things that make my day😇 I wanna keep u in my life forever💍💎it's hard finding ppl like u, little shrimp 😂 Gabe, u are unique and one of a kind~ we made many memories and imma take it with me wherever I go🤗 even when I die 😂 you are so wonderful^^ and I hope our friendship lasts a long time💞 u are very special to me and don't forget that jealous baka❣️>~< I dun deserve a bitch like u💕 u are like diamond💎 I'm glad I dived into ur dms👌🏻 your smile is just so fucking adorable😂 tbh we all know that^^ and I'm making this very long cuz i feel like u are worth it😺💜 u are so weird~ dun worry I am too😇 u and mini are freaking goals❤️ I ship hard bitch^^ thx for everything you've done for me love❤💘 and u mofo, skype me sometime😂 love u so much nigga👌🏻☺️💙💎💍btw^^ this took up a lot of my battery so appreciate it😂 koreanpop koreanfashion kpoprp kprp kpop korean kdrama koreanfam mine fam family dramafever dramakorea bestie kpopl4l kpopfff kpopf4f kdrama2017 koreandrama

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Valentina Celis (art.vc24) Instagram Photos and Videos

Valentina Celis


Comment from Valentina Celis:

tb when they exposed my art in the gallery ❤ @vcelis.24 @bobmarley selportrait art exposition gallery mine love

12 Minutes ago
tess julia (tessjuliapoems) Instagram Photos and Videos

tess julia


Comment from tess julia:

poem original poetry writing mine bus commute rain space galaxy

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justindrewbieber (justindriuwbieber) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from justindrewbieber:

🔥❤BiEbEr❤🔥 justinlovejustinbieberkingbieb gbieberjerrykidrauhlpurposetou setourbeliebersfamilybiebersmi

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♥2cook (ita.love2cook) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ♥2cook:

iedmubarak bookcake fondantcake cakedecorating photoalbum instapic instacake foodpic mine

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gonzo the don till am gone (skander_the_don) Instagram Photos and Videos

gonzo the don till am gone


Comment from gonzo the don till am gone:

thuglife thugstyle yet city still mine gonzothedon like4like Hated bâ many yet city still mine

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Ariane Seiler (theonlysloan) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ariane Seiler


Comment from Ariane Seiler:

tbt 💜 . . . . @dinothebeloved . . mylove countingdown love mybeloved king cantwait sosoon throwbackthursday throwback belize sanpedro secretbeach mine 💜 😍

14 Minutes ago
🌻Sil Vieira 💛👑 (eusilvieira) Instagram Photos and Videos

🌻Sil Vieira 💛👑


Comment from 🌻Sil Vieira 💛👑:

Vamos d @beyonce pra relaxar...mine goodnight amoessealbum

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Comment from Mango:

I'm laughing while dad tries to steal my towel for a shower 😼 Mango evilkitty evillaugh evilsmile mine precious attack photooftheday smile sohappy catsofinstagram catstagram purfect Kitty kittycat catlife ilovecats happykitty softkitty sleepykitty purpurpur gingerkitty thegingerflash blueeyes toocute catmom furbaby flawless meow

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Comment from Kaitlyn:

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