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My only exercise today was walking 🚶🏼 Blasted a power walk this morning, working this afternoon which involves being on my feet all shift! Tiredness is still a problem & knowing I can't chill on the couch come tea time meant I backed out of a gym session & took the easy option of walking. On the plus side my regular jacket still fits 👀😆 how long for i don't know but I got it zipped 👏🏼👌🏼 if only I could say the same about my work uniform 🙄 #pregnant #pregnancyjourney #25weeks4days #keepmotivated #nurse #nurselife #shiftwork #tiredness #sleep #energeticdays #tireddays #mixofboth #growingbump #activewear #leggings #wrappedup #powerwalk #stayingactive #stayingfit #jacketstillfits

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Comment from Ashley Mammel:

Oh boy is it ever different travelling with a baby😳 It's incredible how much we had to pack for a few nights away! I can't believe how well Paisley did downtown this week...ironically, she slept better in the bathtub at the hotel than she does at home😂👌🏻🛀🏼 Such a fun few days at the BC Dairy Conference. Fancy kid-free evenings, quiet hotel moments, shopping with my Mom while Kevin was in sessions, Starbucks walking distance away, and even time with sister and her hubby at the end of it all! Vancouver, we miss your beautiful city lights, and your cozy king beds, but it's good to be home and back to our traffic free country roads ☺️💕 #didijustsaythat #countrygirl #citygirl #mixofboth #getaway #vancouver #farmerswife

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