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Minds..💭tattooed inked inkedgirl tattooedgirl picoftheday photooftheday photography instagood daily dailypic girl likesforlikes likeforlike likeforfollow l4l f4f like4like explore hungariangirl eyes alone style makeup body mood lips piercing instapic

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•Nelson Coyne• (neezyrevenge) Instagram Photos and Videos

•Nelson Coyne•


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RAINY DAY rainyday mood twins jeunesse homealone mamanjairatelavion lenfance jordan oldschool

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новыйгодкнаммчитсяскоровсеслуч 😻 москвалюбимая 💕 melalategramlandscapemevsvscot

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Jim Weird


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How was your weekend ... . . weekend hangover dumb chesirecat funnymemes monday mood pin ruined

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B. Becker-Brecht née Brecht🌍  (complayance) Instagram Photos and Videos

B. Becker-Brecht née Brecht🌍 


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Deutsche Version unterhalb (A German version is directly among this) ✰ © Enchanted winter poetry: ❄✰❄ Magical blossom of sheer crystal flowers near a flood of light ✰ Filigree frost flower grow ornately fanned out on glass like a dainty lace pattern ✰ Touch one of them with my fingertips Freezes my skin; ice melts on heart ✰ Glittering leave rough on glass yearning to see distant places It burgeons in various & vitreous crystals on a canopy of light ✰ Crimson lace scratched the wing tips; sparkling from a glass ✰ Beyond a light ... Carmine ❄✰❄ (Dedicated some fragile strings of the hearts) ✰ ✰ © Verzauberte Winterpoesie: ❄✰❄ Zauberhafter Besuch von Kristallblumen purpur nahe von Lichterflut ✰ Blühende filigrane Eisblumen kunstvoll an Glas aufgefächert wie ein zartes Spitzenmuster ✰ Berühre eine davon mit meinen Fingerspitzen klamme Hände so das Eis im Herzen schmilzt ✰ Funkelnde Blätter rau auf der Haut gleich der Sehnsucht nach Ferne knospend aparte Kristalle eingerahmt von einem Baldachin aus Licht ✰ Geschliffen die Flügelspitzen in Scherben blutrot perlend in das Glas ✰ Jenseits von Licht ... Karminrot ❄✰❄ (Einigen zerbrechlichen Saiten von Herzen gewidmet) ✰ ✰ ✰ TEXT© + PHOTO/Selfie© by BARBARA BECKER-BRECHT (née Brecht); (that's me). All rights reserved. . . . 🌸 Note regarding Poetry Art: . About a poetic persona (so the lyric self): © A poetic persona is a dramatic character; distinguished from the poetess (or the poet). And quite often (solely) a unique shadow-narrator of the poem. This shadow-narrator of a poem speaks in the first person (as in a narrative). . . TEXT© by BARBARA BECKER-BRECHT (née Brecht); (that's me). All rights reserved. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . stor story lyrics quotes poem poet poetry sayings comment Gedich edichte 可愛い かわいい فن قصائد сти د стихотворение искусство 希望 기 希望 기대 אמנות inspiration mind mind mood goals blackandwhit dwhite magic look style fashi

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Rafaith Half-man Half-amazing (rafadizzy) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rafaith Half-man Half-amazing


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@leslionsdusenegal @galsenfoot @kebson23 todays mood disneyland selfie galerie_du_senegal leslionsdusenegal galsenfoot TEAM_221 team221 photooftheday Dope world drawing painting digitalpainting me Yolo menfashion Art Senegal design African beauty style amazing caricature vector CARTOON africa. DIzzy Dinasty Not for free:🚫🚫 Contact : +221 77 261 38 40 Dispo sur whatsapp

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Agata Piątkowska Fotograf (agatapiatkowskafotograf) Instagram Photos and Videos

Agata Piątkowska Fotograf


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portrait mood lifeforthestory model @hrabina_czeslawa tattoo minimalmood tattoogirl classy tattooartist thatsdarling style portraitpage portraitphotography portrait_shots infinity_faces moodyports featurepalette top_portraits justgoshoot portrait_vision marvelous_shots blonde tattooart ink

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_s.w.e.e.t.s.o.r.r.o.w_ 🎈 (_s.w.e.e.t.s.o.r.r.o.w_) Instagram Photos and Videos

_s.w.e.e.t.s.o.r.r.o.w_ 🎈


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Los estimo mucho mis niños ❣✨ mood tumblr like4like follow4follow followme spamforspam cutecouple nice instagood friends sweet likeforlike nature pic swag followforfollow

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 (macey_cindy_havanese) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Love my new shirt thanks 😃 havaneselovers havanese dogmood

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Julia 🎀 27 (jay_psst) Instagram Photos and Videos

Julia 🎀 27


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Similan Island 😍 paradise similanisland similans inlovewiththisview turquoise clearwater travel traveltheworld vacation blessed vacay thailand mood

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Joana Afonso (camila.afonso.joana) Instagram Photos and Videos

Joana Afonso


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champselysses paris interiordesign mood love xmas vitrine art life lifestyle

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Priscila Lasse💋 (priscila_lasse) Instagram Photos and Videos

Priscila Lasse💋


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Almoço deli com elas ❤️❤️ bbf bestfriends confra2017 fimdeano monday mood

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_mmoooodd_kk (sohranenkiiii__) Instagram Photos and Videos



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@sohranenkiiii__ mood potd tbt mmooooddkk love woman goodevening winter skinny wonderwoman 🖤

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laughterplusmeme 🔵


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Tag a friend _ Follow @laughter_plus_meme * * * happy smile pretty best happiness forever moments amazing awesome fantastic life happylife loves feelings mood excited interesting laugh smiling laughing bloom loving super photo selfie my fametags family throwbackthursday friends @fametags

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Y un tbt con la hermana más linda 💛 . . . instalikes followme followback likers lik4like4like igers tags photography picoftheday love smile happy amazing beauty likesfortags likeforlike outfit guys food 20likes like4liked alwayslike4like all_shots style mood

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Muhammad Aiman Aniq 😆 (pokok_kelapa18) Instagram Photos and Videos

Muhammad Aiman Aniq 😆


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在过去,我为某人而战。 , 即使我的一半是休眠的。我可以拥有 我可以拥有我想要的一切。, , 那时我已经蒙蔽了一百万。忽略 百万。忽略所有削弱你的胸部。, , 我想要,我为他努力工作。 努力工作。 但是我得到了什么?, 她回答我的眼泪。, , 失 , , 失望,破碎,流泪,我终于感觉到。, , 原来的伤口比 write puisi quotesoftheday quotes lifequotes ever growth start arsyillaaqilaayu hobby flough like4like likeforlike

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白雲 💋⛅️🌈  Hk actress 🎭🌸 (snowybai) Instagram Photos and Videos

白雲 💋⛅️🌈 Hk actress 🎭🌸


Comment from 白雲 💋⛅️🌈 Hk actress 🎭🌸:

向左走 向右走 👈🏻👉🏻 兜兜轉轉, 我才意識到 ... 背朝背的 他....... 我根本不認識🤣🤣🤣🤣 Thanks @senthos for the pic ❤️ makes me want to go to Tokyo right now ❤️ . . . . . snowy白雲 白雲 japan tokyo shibuya city citylife nughtlife travel travelphotography travelgram photography adventure cityscape neon lights portraitphotography portrait streetphotography mood moodygrams agameoftones exploretocreate japan_vacations

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sad nothappy cry crying tears instasad sadness depressed alone help insta mood badmood moods upset stressed goingmental cheermeup me hate annoyed lifesucks nolovelike4like likeforlike followforfollow followme follow4follow

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Richmond  Hood Company (richmondhoodco) Instagram Photos and Videos

Richmond Hood Company


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Patricia (pattyyyi) Instagram Photos and Videos



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xmastime xmastree christmastime shining shine bright lights december winter instadaily smile teeth whiteteeth instasmile lipstick longhair curlyhair instagirl picoftheday nice beautiful mood instagood instalike insta homemade sopresa flute bicchieri champagne

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Emma Geresy (emmaleemae99) Instagram Photos and Videos

Emma Geresy


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How done I am with class right now... mood

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SINERGY COSMETICS (sinergycosmetics_italia) Instagram Photos and Videos




In Mozambico per la XIII edizione di MFW - Mozambique Fashion Week. New things coming up!!! sinergycosmetics italy fashion mood hair hairstyle hairstyles lookoftheday hairfashion inspiration beautifull iof2k beauty hairdresser hairdressing hairlove hairofinstagram hairideas hairoftheday shatush shatushair hairinspo hairinspiration shinyhair hairmakeover

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Eli Ena (queen.eli) Instagram Photos and Videos

Eli Ena


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Paningkamot jud girl! Hehehe . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . likef likeforlikel4linstapostinstali stalikeyoutubertraveltraveldia eldiarypotdootdwanderlustvscom vscomoodgoodvibeschristmastree streestrikeaposeselfiegoodevec devechurchigersvacationtbtfash

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steal my posts (tbh.3ditx) Instagram Photos and Videos

steal my posts


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tbh tbhedits tbhpost longtbh tobehonest mood stealmypost stealourposts

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Sigita (sigitamanite2.0) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Winter in my town. Celebrations all month to get us to that point when we can star to count from 1 again. Hope to have that loads of snow.... To my surprise that was a sight yesterday! How nice is to see it!!! ❄❄❄❄❄❄ smile colourful amazing simple local special instagood mood enjoy view different withatwist basics openmind Southend visitSouthend lifestyle relaxwalking stopandbreathe thankyou letitgocelebration winteriscoming lastmonthoftheyear December snow winter instagreat

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Nedyalko Nedyalkov (nedyalkov_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nedyalko Nedyalkov


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Do you prepare for Christmas at your office ? mood startup team happy tree joy green teamwork leadership motivation officedecor christmastime christmasspirit toys

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Steffany Rodríguez Martín (pukestars) Instagram Photos and Videos

Steffany Rodríguez Martín


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THE FINAL RESULT ! 😍😈🖤 facechart timburton corpsebride thecorpsebride makeup makeupartist bodypainting kryolan harpo rcma inglot wig wigs katrina drag dragqueen mood like follow professionalmakeup mua photography photocall dress halloween carnaval party art artist cosplay

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Miriam Norman


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mood sunkissed

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 (1se.da) Instagram Photos and Videos



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me cute goals squad life style curves ootd happy mood girls sun instagood model blonde fit teen like4like bitch bitchplease beauty

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Vivir Para Morir (viivirparamorir) Instagram Photos and Videos

Vivir Para Morir


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|Día 3| Comienzo a pensar que de nada sirve esforzarse.

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Kascadia Wine Merchants (kascadiawinemerchants) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kascadia Wine Merchants


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Christmas is exactly 2 weeks away from today... need any help purchasing your gifts this year? Kascadia can help you with that! Check out all of our wines on our website today and get them delivered to your doorstep shortly after you press a button BOOM Photo Credit: @50thparallelwine

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Daniel Guiney (zahrariskmgmt) Instagram Photos and Videos

Daniel Guiney


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A major part of risk management is focusing on risk reduction. Taking steps to lower the chance of workplace injury is something we can all focus more time towards. Don't forget your PPE. ZRM

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LIFESTYLE & E-COMMERCE (patioameiz) Instagram Photos and Videos




Eu aprendi, depois de algumas experiências, que a gente não deve sonhar os sonhos alheios, mas, sim, sonhar junto aos sonhos que nos escolhem. Sinto-me seguro, equilibrado e contente por reconhecer que os sonhos que me escolheram vêm de Deus e que com Ele, sobretudo, sou guiado para que os meus sonhos sejam amanhã, ou até mesmo, ainda hoje, reais, concretos e motivadores de novos sonhos. O mundo talvez diga (e certamente ele diz/ dirá) que você não é capaz, que "o arriscado pode sair caro", contudo, esquece-se de nos atentar para a estagnação e monotonia daqueles que vivem o que lhes é imposto, sem contradição, manifestação ou reações quaisquer, e que buscam, entre a escuridão, uma sensação de alegria na efemeridade do final de semana. Para a vida pessoal e profissional ressalto uma, ou melhor, duas reflexões das quais sempre recordo: ✨ "Seja o que você queira ser, fazendo o que lhe agrada, desde que você seja o melhor."; ✨ "Nunca deixe que os outros tornem real a impossibilidade que eles dizem cercar os seus sonhos." Com isso, sem mais delongas, reafirmo a importância de sonharmos os NOSSOS sonhos, prezando pelos respeito - consigo mesmo e com os outros - e desprendendo-se do que nada nos agrega. boatarde reflexão mood texto instagram dreams brasil instagood sucess sonhos love realidade instacool fimdeano go adidas natal history think photooftheday peace segundafeira monday paz insta me novafase hoje today smile

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