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Comment from Marcel:

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Comment from dani_downsizing:

The best part of my run?! When it was OVER!! 😅 seriously, I don't normally run at this time- lots of traffic, lots of walkers, lots of other runners who triggered my instinct to push and try to keep up, knowing damn well I'm a beginner and CANT KEEP UP! 😆 anyway, I exhausted myself early on, and the rest was, well it was what it was... next time will be better! 👍🏼

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Comment from MARITA YSTEVIK:

Today's breakie 🍴👊🏼👟

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Comment from Chad Raynor:

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New breakfast and snack options!! Egg and egg white frittata bites with various ingredients!! 5 different options in stock 😛😛

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Comment from Karen Colin:

Meu corpo mudou muito nos últimos dois meses. Confesso que não tem sido fácil 😕 mas está valendo muito a pena. Semana que vem mais uma fase iniciará e mais mudanças virão 🙏 ---------------------------------- My body has changed a lot in the last two months. I confess it has not been easy 😕 but it's worth it. Next week another phase will begin and more changes will come 🙏

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Comment from Faith Reneè 🌸:

~ my face 99.9% of the time as of recent. Regardless, I still manage to remain optimistic because I know it's not over until God says it is. There's soo much to be grateful for in life. When we focus solely on our losses we never appreciate the true value of a win.. so I make it my mission to celebrate even the smallest of wins. 🎈 "The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials." - Chinese Proverb 💎

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Comment from Amie ☕🍉💪🎵:

Dinner was 4 oz of tilapia, 1/4 of rice and roaster brussel sprouts.

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Let others lead small lives, but not you..

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"It's not your intentions but your decisions that will define your destination"- Pastor Phil Hopper

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Comment from The Hell Yeah Group:

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