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Well friends, it's been about two weeks since McKenzie and I have returned from our adventure in Nepal. Thank you to so many individuals that have supported us and contributed to our mission. We learned a lot. We made so many new friends. We made a difference. We made you proud. ... I am now back in the DC Metro Area with NASA, and McKenzie is in Central Texas with SpaceX. We've already begun to share our experiences verbally, keep tabs on our websites for written updates over the next few months, as we digest this newfound love of the language, mountains, and, most importantly, the people, we found in Nepal. ... Finally, the book pictured is "The Art of Travel" by Alain de Bottom. I began reading it over my fall semester, but didn't have time to read the last chapter, on Return, before I left for Nepal. It's perfect to read it now; I'm hoping it will quell my heart which yearns to return to the Himalayas, until next time.

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Biar Semesta yang menyeleksi, siapa yang benar-benar pantas kutemani hingga nanti, mati.

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Kami berada di titik ini karena kami juga ingin merasakan, kami berpijak di tempat ini karena kami juga ingin melangkah, dan kami berusaha karena kami juga ingin berhasil. Itu semua kami lakukan karena kami yakin semua kesusahan kami akan menjadi sebuah pengalaman yang sangat berarti . 🔎 Mt. Bawakaraeng 2830mdpl . #exploreneverending #expnvrend #exploremalino #bawakaraeng #2830mdpl #puncakbawakaraeng #pendakipemula #pendaki #travel #traveling #traveler #travelgram #adventure #mtma #id_pendaki #instapendaki #instapetualang #pendakimakassar #bawakaraengmountain #mountain #mountaineering #trip

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Orizaba Peak, North Face

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Toblerone-ish 😛

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