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ROMLAH DIPAKSA STAY DIRUMAH MAJIKAN KEJAMNYAAA DANN DIA TERNYATA HAMILL DLUANNNN AKIBAT DIA DIAM2 3 bulan yang LALU KELUAR DIAM2 . .[ MuserBattleIDvsIN TEAMINDO Di ya💕✨👌🏻BANYAK LAGU INDIA YANG KALIAN GA TAU TAPI ENAK LOH WKWK ] .\n[PART LAGUNYA UDAH ADA YA , UDAH UPLOAD DI MUSICAL.LY @DIMAASAGR YA, kalian Bisa ambil lagunya 😘] . . indospeedup featurefams feature featureindonesia featureid indofamilly indomusically musicallyindonesia sokmuserindo pandiamus musically azfamska musergeneration musermtk muser musically likersindonesia rapscommunity muserzone ayogartek

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Comment your snapchat! Mine is Theresaholly TeamTheresa Theresaholly . . beauty fashion beautiful musicallyapp style . makeup Minnesota Lipstick . model beautyblog hair Muser photography . shopping pretty musicallyhangout lively amazing hairextensions like4like eyeshadow musicallyfan Musically dabriel Adidas gucci selfie makeupartist @newyorkcity @weworewhat @songofstyle @chiaraferragni @theblonde @kristenhancher @juliahengel @lelepons @jakepaul @loganpaul @hannahstocking @inanna @lauren.godwin @rebeccazamolo

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Jadi pertanyaan nya gini, tu mata kenapa jadi gitu? Jwaban nya karna w sering begadang jadi gini dehh sembeb gitu 😫 muser muserid muserpalembangsquad muserpalembang musergeneration musically musicallyterhitzz musicallyid lfl fff like4like

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Otro dia 😈 musicallyappaddict likeforfollow muser like4like kevinroldan musicallyapp musicaly inshot like

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Sudah terlalu lama sendiri... . . lfl lff fff tap2x likeaja followme muser musically musicallyindonesia bantenjugapunyamuser cilegonjugapunyamuser cilegonmuser muserindonesia musergeneration sukaiuntuksukai sukaiuntukdisukai

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muser musically rapmuser indonesia lflrolexmuserindofff

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Apa lah ini @anisnisrina7828 lfl❤️ lfl👍 fff😊 like4like muser musicallyindonesia

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Bang she shot me one time! musically music love musergeneration muser musicallyapp girl follow followme video instagood like instadaily singing sing vocals

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siti aulia rajwa kamilah (sitiauliarajwa.k) Instagram Photos and Videos

siti aulia rajwa kamilah


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Malem minggu (malem idul fitri) buat dulu video 😁😁 . . muser muserID transisi musically musicaly musicallyindo musicallyindonesia musicallyrp musicallyOTW fff like4like likeforlike - - @muser.generation @musical.ly_id @bruhhhmusically @musically.charts @musicallys

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□Account Spam□


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I Don't Give a Shit . . musicallyindonesia musically musically .charts musergeneration muser

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Dicky Celfin Wahyudi (dickywahyudiiiiiii) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dicky Celfin Wahyudi


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 (dcddywesley) Instagram Photos and Videos



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head's a mess. - 선팔광주졸려 굿밤 안녕반가워 셀카 셀스타그램 안녕 옷스타그램 주말 dancemoms musically muser dancemomsrp roleplay rp younnowrp magconrp dancefollowtrain like4like likeforfollow like4likes like4follow likesforlikes openrp newopenrp newopenrp🌸

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B I R D Y '🍃


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Jul' (julsartorius02) Instagram Photos and Videos



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CHAPTER 15 (SPAM) -skip to the morning- (y/n's POV) I wake up early today 😀 let me text Jacob first y/n:"hey Jacob gm" (03.44) maybe he hasn't wake up Jacob:"oh hey y/n gm"(03.46) y/n:"wyd now" Jacob:"nothing" y/n:"tomo is weekend, have a plan? " Jacob:" i'm so busy tomorrow, btw can u go to school alone? just for today" y/n:"why" what happened, its hurt me 😢 Jacob:"no, nothing, just for today okay" y/n:"um, okay" -skip to school- i see Jacob with Luna today 🙃 whats going on? he just leave me like that? and now he comes to me, okay, its confusing Jacob:"um hey" y/n:"what" 🙁 Jacob:"why are u... " -y/n stopped his dialouge- y/n:" Jacob, i don't want to hear anything from u rn, please leave me alone 😔" -Jacob leave- (Jacob's POV) just let it go 😶 -class started, and skip to break time- (y/n's POV) Today, jacob and their friends are leave us, and they play w Luna's the gang, i'm so depressed now 😣 -skip to back home- Jacob comes to me Jacob:"hey, i go home with Luna today, his dad drive the car, he can take us, if u want to join? " Luna Luna Luna and Luna 🙃 y/n:" no thanks" and i arrived at home and i go to upstairs and cried so loud, like a cry baby and thats so stupud, i never cried for a boy before, but why its happened when i move to Virginia? ugh😭😭 Mom:"hun, are u okay? " y/n:" please, come, in, mom" Mom:"why u cry this two days? " y/n:" thats because a boy! i'm so stupid! idiot! why am i crying for a boy! it never happen to me before 😭😭 i'm weak now Mom, i need u😭 Mom:"its okay hun, who is the boy u talking about, is that Jacob? " y/n:" yeah... 😭" Mom:"oh, hun.. please don't cry, its okay, everything would be okay" y/n:"but, Mom, the new girl took everything from me" Mom:"wait, are u fall in love with him? " y/n:" um, yes,.. no... um.. yes.. noo.. yes.. i don't know 😭😭" Mom:"and who's the new girl!? u mean our new neighbour? " y/n:" yeah, she is, she is, ugh, i can't 😭😭" - TO BE CONTINUED - ITS SPAM - @jacobsartorius lanyclovelikeitbingolikechalle hallengecooldespacitomusermusi rmusicallyphotoshootyoutubeyou

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Zoey Secret (zoeysecret_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Zoey Secret


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The beat Go Off? 🤔💤 Musically Lol Music LitAudios Awesome Lit !! Muser musicallyapp

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manda🐯 (amandaazhrr_) Instagram Photos and Videos



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2U justinbieber musically muser

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Naresh Babu


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Magyar Musical.lysek™ 🎬 |0,8k| (magyar_musical.lysek) Instagram Photos and Videos

Magyar Musical.lysek™ 🎬 |0,8k|


Comment from Magyar Musical.lysek™ 🎬 |0,8k|:

Gratulálok a 3. featured-edhez❤️😻 @lillasulyan magyaarmusically muser music musically musicallyapp shawnmendes theresnothingholdinmeback congratulations

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랍리 줄비갈 💦 (raflyzulfikarr) Instagram Photos and Videos

랍리 줄비갈 💦


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GTW LAGI ANYNG:'V repost dong kk: @musical.ly_id @famouss.musers @musically.chaos @muserclub_id @muserupnormal @musicallynasonal @muser.genetics @muser.wined @rapsmash @musical.ly_id @musicallygokil @musertime @official.muserbekasi musically musicallyindonesia ofmuserbekasi muserbekasi musicallyindo musergeneration muser muserID musers musermusicallyindo muserzone musicallychaos1 musicallycikarang musicallybekasi transisimusically amatiramcrew transition fuzly rapsmashhid rapsmasher selebmuser musergenius featurme lfl fff

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Baby Kristen👶❤Doesn't follow😭💞 (kristenhancheriscute) Instagram Photos and Videos

Baby Kristen👶❤Doesn't follow😭💞


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Kristen with fans today at @vidcon 😍 I want to meet her so bad 😊 Tag her @kristenhancher fan army fans musically muser

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Dancing Wonders💃 (dancing_wonders) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dancing Wonders💃


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Another Jayden fact😍😍 Tag her for a story shoutout: @missjaydenb @missjaydenb @missjaydenb I'm going to attempt to start an actual theme😂 MISSJADENB musically jayden jaydenperformance jaydenbartels musically muser dance dancers lovemusically jaydensfavorite favorite jaydenb bartels maddieziegler jojosiwa kenzieziegler celebrities celebrity annieleblanc vidcon2017 vidcon annieandjayden jaydenandannie

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Mohon maaf lahir dan batin....😀😁✌ m musicallylombokopmem musicallyindonesia musically music muserkekinian_hitz muser musergeneration muserlombok muserfire muserkingz musical.ly_lombok musically musicallylombok_ muser_ muserlombokid katanyamuser musicallylombok_ musicallytransition muser_repost muser_team02 muserkekinian_hitz muserkece lastopmemmusertransition__ @musertransition__ @muser.lombok @muserlombokid @musical.ly_lombok @muser.kingz @muser_indo_kece @muserkekinian_hitz @katanyamuser

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Perfect Musically's |0,5k


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Axel Danendra


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Yola Agnisa F


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tanz 🍃 (tania.z_04) Instagram Photos and Videos

tanz 🍃


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Baby do yo miss me 😓? • • • dayravr andikahonda18 hondavicii muserid musically musicallyid musergeneration musicallymencaribakat muserzeros divaaav @diva.azzura diatzonic @diat_zon transition musergesrek keluargatransisi rapsmash muser featureindonesia musicallyapp muserriau featurefams amatirancrew treviction gaskentut @rezaoktovian rezaoktavian @indo.muserchoice muserchoice musicallyapp awmuser @cheer_barbie.2020 muserfire indomuserid muserbabies musersquad

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