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Pietra Perry (cafe_charlotte) Instagram Photos and Videos

Pietra Perry


Comment from Pietra Perry:

Guten Morgen 🗯✨ sprengelmuseum hannover niedersachsen hannoverliebe museum contemporaryart sculpture skulptur kunstwerk igershannover inspiration inspirações cafecharlotte

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Koheshia-Maree Sheppard (koheshia) Instagram Photos and Videos

Koheshia-Maree Sheppard


Comment from Koheshia-Maree Sheppard:

I have a confession... I am a gladiator ⚔ Gladiator Museum Expo Exhibition HardCore Weapon Beware HeavilyArmed VeryHeavyArmour Colosseum ATasteOfRome AncientHistory EmbracingCulture Provocator HeroesOfTheColosseum QueenslandMuseum

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Werner Polwein (wernerpolwein) Instagram Photos and Videos

Werner Polwein


Comment from Werner Polwein:

Menschen im Museum blackandwhitephotography monochromephotography museum k20 kunstsammlungnrw

19 Seconds ago
Jacques Müller ( Instagram Photos and Videos

Jacques Müller

Comment from Jacques Müller:

Jacques Müller "Dreamer" 35cm tall Bronze & Slate art sculpture southafrica capetown johannesburg bronze stone figure man dream interiordesign decor architecture photography instagram facebook green yellow investment museum collection

26 Seconds ago
Torsten Gapsch (torga1708) Instagram Photos and Videos

Torsten Gapsch


Comment from Torsten Gapsch:

hymer museum badenwuerttemberg gopro goproquick huaweip10 photograph photography family like4like likeforlike like4follow picture pictureoftheday mobilephotography likeforfollow video instagram trip wohnmobil cars

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Lidu Pulch (lidupulch) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lidu Pulch


Comment from Lidu Pulch:

Residenzschloss - Zentrum der Dresdner Kunstsammlungen - Grünes Gewölbe. Exposição de varias e diferentes obras de arte, joias e tesouro da realeza. schloss castelo castle jewellery schatz tesouro grünesgewölbe gewölbekeller porzellan porcelain museum architecture arquitetura bibelot porcelaine artesplasticas pintura music exposição austellung artesanato artes kunst art gallery dresden sachsen saxonia deutschland germany 🇩🇪

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 (josephinerosin) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from josephinerosin:

Berlin | Museumsinsel berlin neuesmuseum museum germany museumsinsel photography photo pic woman blue warm cool greek egypt china statue

41 Seconds ago
pomi (pominokinoshitade) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from pomi:

ポーラ美術館🙆今やっている展示がかなり豪華で、ピカソ、シャ カソ、シャガール、フジタ、モディリアーニは特に観られて嬉しか 箱根 美術館 ピカソ シャガール レオナールフジタ モディリアーニ モネ ゴッホ カンディンスキー art polamuseum museum 紅葉がきれい

44 Seconds ago
MAG Mae Art Gallery (maemarceloelias) Instagram Photos and Videos

MAG Mae Art Gallery


Comment from MAG Mae Art Gallery:

MAG Mae Art Gallery Ph: @maemarceloelias An art for life Un Arte para toda la vida +5493816554050 artistasa argentina cultura moda tendencia mundo mercosur museos oldpainting museum galeriasdearte mercosur us music Artfair artcollector incaa hollywood california world audiovisual turismo artslovers france tate arquitectura deco artistic modernart photography

49 Seconds ago
fitria.puspitasarii (피트리아) (cicupied) Instagram Photos and Videos

fitria.puspitasarii (피트리아)


Comment from fitria.puspitasarii (피트리아):

In the middle of the vast ocean One whale speaks softly and lonelily The fact that no matter how much they shout, it won't reach Makes them so gravely lonely that they quietly shut their mouths Now, well, I don't care When only the thing called Loneliness remained by my side I've become completely alone -Whalien52- . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . exploremalang explorebatu explorejatim weekend goodtimes funtimes picoftheday happyweekend holiday vacation instagood photooftheday instadaily likeforlike museum museumangkut instaholiday instavacation portraits portraitoftheday portraitphotography streetphotography streetfashion instalike instamoment instagram instaphoto

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West Dean College (westdeancollege) Instagram Photos and Videos

West Dean College


Comment from West Dean College:

@Regranned from alumni @turbotabsi - Got hypnotised at work 👀 Guilmet‘s Mysterieuse rotational pendulum clock in action. mystery hypnotized hypnosis hypnotherapist mysterious circle sphere pendulum rotation hypnotist clock clocknerd horology behindthescenes conservation restaurator uhrmacher museum collectioncare vienna austria ig_europe europe - regrann

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Vincenzo (enzopolis1) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Vincenzo:

roma igroma igersroma iglazio igerslazio italy borghitalia travel holiday memory romacapitale vaticano cattedrale piazzasanpietro museum museivaticani garden skyblue relax

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Verena ( Instagram Photos and Videos


Comment from Verena:

blackandwhitechallenge industriekultur hattingen nrw ruhrgebiet industrial industrialcharme museum blackfriday

1 Minutes ago
Vladyslav Krasnoshchok (vladyslav_krasnoshchok) Instagram Photos and Videos

Vladyslav Krasnoshchok


Comment from Vladyslav Krasnoshchok:

Все по 100! Отобрал работки для одной европейской ярмарки. Ис под полы!!! artfair artforsale museum vladyslav_krasnoshchok art linocut

1 Minutes ago
Zaid García (zaidgarciaco) Instagram Photos and Videos

Zaid García


Comment from Zaid García:

"Transition 2" Artist: @horacio_quiroz Exhibition: MuerteLenta Year: 2017 • • • oilpainting contemporaryart contemporarypainting mexicanart language colors creativeart transition movement culture influencer museum CDMX CentroCulturaldelMéxicoContemp

2 Minutes ago
Jason Swartwood (butteredroll) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jason Swartwood


Comment from Jason Swartwood:

RE: WARFARE ............ ...... .... ... . @dalimuseum dali salvadordali salvadordalí museum stpetersburg stpetersburgflorida florida fla art surealism surrealist catalan spanishart artlife artist oiloncanvas oilpainting painting arthistory historyofart artwork artislife war magnumopus contemporaryart justgoshoot modernism spreadlove

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MAG Mae Art Gallery (maemarceloelias) Instagram Photos and Videos

MAG Mae Art Gallery


Comment from MAG Mae Art Gallery:

MAG Mae Art Gallery Ph: @maemarceloelias An art for life Un Arte para toda la vida +5493816554050 artistasa argentina cultura moda tendencia mundo mercosur museos oldpainting museum galeriasdearte mercosur us music Artfair artcollector incaa hollywood california world audiovisual turismo artslovers france tate arquitectura deco artistic modernart photography

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Femme aimante (femme_aimante17) Instagram Photos and Videos

Femme aimante


Comment from Femme aimante:

goldenleavesfallfoliage lastglancemuseumcoolserenealon naturewanderer🌿 naturenaturelovernaturephotgra lovejapan🇯🇵

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Jin U (youth_is_m) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jin U


Comment from Jin U:

생각이 넘 많은거 같다 워워~~ 그만 진정해~~~🗺 여행 정선 평창 강릉 생각 미술관 전시회 삼탄아트마인 아리힐스 겨울 추워 travel Peongchang Gangneung art museum 정리

3 Minutes ago
Sasha Zhou (sashafiercesasha) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sasha Zhou


Comment from Sasha Zhou:


3 Minutes ago
GV Antiques & WW2 militaria (gv_militaria_antiques) Instagram Photos and Videos

GV Antiques & WW2 militaria


Comment from GV Antiques & WW2 militaria:

WW2 original german kriegsmarine dagger 🗡 real story... found in Brest in the 70s ww2 wwii military militaria collector collection original peace war deutschland germany dagger wehrmacht dday derfuhrer hitler museum kriegsmarine marine

3 Minutes ago
Dagmar Jedriško (jedriskodagmar) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dagmar Jedriško


Comment from Dagmar Jedriško:

barberini potsdam architectual potsdamer staircase archigrama treppenhausfreitag treppenhauschasingstraightfaca travelgram lg4 arkiromantix bestplacestogo bestcities archilovers fineartarchitecture brandenburg wirsindpotsdam fineart_architecture tourism achitecture lovepotsdam architecture100th klassizismus museum altermarkt museumbarberini architektura duplex

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Travel Bihar (travelbihar) Instagram Photos and Videos

Travel Bihar


Comment from Travel Bihar:

Inside Bihar Museum view beautiful Bihar museum patna India wonderful photography awesome Light.

4 Minutes ago
洪铭铧 (hongmenyan) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 洪铭铧:

雕塑 与 画 Sculpture and paintings 月初在 中国 In China a fortnight ago 踢球 华泉中华美术博物馆 美术博物馆 博物馆 华泉小村 艺术村 龙虎山 鹰潭 鹰潭市 江西 江西省 InteriorDesign Playingfootball playingsoccer football soccer HuaquanChineseArtMuseum artmuseum museum huaquanvillage artsvillage longhushan yingtan jiangxi 洪铭铧集邮美景 洪铭铧集邮中国2017 hongmenyanscenery hongmenyanchina2017

4 Minutes ago
Minneapolis Minnesota (tallpaul612) Instagram Photos and Videos

Minneapolis Minnesota


Comment from Minneapolis Minnesota:

Jim Thorpe Road Trip - Lawrence, KS Haskell Cultural Center and Museum (Part 1) New music video droppin 11/28/17 SomeoneGreatWhoLooke TheStoryOfJimThorpe NativeAmericanHeritageMonth

4 Minutes ago
 (wh3r3n3xt) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from wh3r3n3xt:

Saint Francis. louvre museum painting saintfrancis paris france art travel explore wanderlust photography europe

4 Minutes ago
Dubai - Big City Life🏙 (dubai_uae_guide) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dubai - Big City Life🏙


Comment from Dubai - Big City Life🏙:

11 ноября 2017 года произошло масштабное ключевое событие в культурной жизни Абу-Даби - открытие Лувра! Лувр Абу-Даби - это универсальный музей, воплотивший в себе дух открытости и диалога культур. Представленная в двенадцати галереях постоянная коллекция музея, а также заимствованные из ключевых французских учреждений произведения искусства, расскажут историю от древнейших времён до современности. "Город-музей" Лувра Абу-Даби напоминает традиционную арабскую медину ( старый город), расположенную под оригинальным "куполом". Сам купол состоит из сложных геометрических узоров повторяющихся звёзд ( около 8000) различных размеров и углов в восьми различных плоскостях, что придаёт ему нежную форму кружева. Удивительный "дождь из света", создаваемый проходящими сквозь фильтр купола солнечными лучами, напоминает о постоянной игре света и тени и является отсылкой к традиционным крышам из пальмовых листьев. Этот музей обязателен к посещению! The Louvre Abu Dhabi. louvreabudhabiabudhabim habimuseumlouvrejbrdubaimarina arinacitywalkmydubaidubaiBurjK BurjKhalifaburjkhalifaplazaski zaskidubaisnowinsummerkidsduba sdubaibigcitylifeдубайэмиратыс ратыскидубайзаметкиодубаепутеш путешествияburjhalifaарабскиес скиескакуныhorsetopofburjkhali

4 Minutes ago
Ujang Rusli Suherli (rusli_ck) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ujang Rusli Suherli


Comment from Ujang Rusli Suherli:

Itu Mantan atau Pahlawan di kenang muluk 😓 . . museummacan museum art artwork design text world jalanjalan Models likesforlike like4like vsco vscom horizon black jakarta asianboy men man cute culture city naturelove building holiday vacation visitjakarta ootd

4 Minutes ago
Céline  Cottin (celinecottin) Instagram Photos and Videos

Céline Cottin


Comment from Céline Cottin:

Coups de crayon ✏️ wonderfull pen museum asewome art

5 Minutes ago
Sandra (sandysblue) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Sandra:

Prise de tête x3 lestroisombres rodin statue sculpture art masterpiece headhache torsion body details contractions move movement sameperson museum nantes visiting nocturne bigeyes

5 Minutes ago
🌲🐾🎧☔ (even_to_this_day) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 🌲🐾🎧☔:

museum art dali

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Howard Sa (howardsaaaa) Instagram Photos and Videos

Howard Sa


Comment from Howard Sa:

✍🏻 tsmc museum businessvisit taiwan hsinchu sciencepark art instagram instagood instadaily instalike

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andrea massaioli (andreamassaioli) Instagram Photos and Videos

andrea massaioli


Comment from andrea massaioli:

deepblue andreamassaioli art mountain blue castellamonte paint ultramarine oltremare art blue arts artists contemporaryart art workshop exhibitions instaart arte oilpaint summit painting deepblue museum oilpainting artecontemporanea contemprarypainting artoftheday

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