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Lete (letinha06) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Lete:

I miss them 😔❤️ dog dogs dogstyle dogstagram doggies dogslover dogsofig dogstagram dogphotography dogsitting mydog dogs dogsofinsta lovedog lovedogs doglover doglovers goldenretriever saintbernard saintbernard_feature aplaceforsaints saintbernards goldens retriever retrievers goldensofig worldofsaints

26 Seconds ago
Ita Gre gram (maaare.07) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ita Gre gram


Comment from Ita Gre gram:

3ヵ月 puppy mydog italiangreyhound イタグレ 一眼 一眼レフ NIKON 写真好きな人と繋がりたい

30 Seconds ago
Cherae Kerekes (cheraesbeautifulworld) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cherae Kerekes


Comment from Cherae Kerekes:

mydog mydude goodforme unconditionallove hissisterscute butsheisnthim

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甲斐麻美 asami kai (inuto_watashi) Instagram Photos and Videos

甲斐麻美 asami kai


Comment from 甲斐麻美 asami kai:

おはよう👋😃☀ マイらぶ❤❤❤ いつも輝く命にありがとう。 あなたたちは太陽みたい。 今日も幸せに気付ける一日でありますように。 dog mydog lovedog dogstagram instagood instadaily instadog shelterdog rescuedog mixbreed いぬ 犬 犬との暮らし 里親になろう 元保護犬 元保健所犬 雑種犬 殺処分反対 優しい選択を 生きてるんだから 甲斐麻美 ペヤング オド ❤

58 Seconds ago
Hassan vom Lambrechter Tal (hassanvomlambrechtertal) Instagram Photos and Videos

Hassan vom Lambrechter Tal


Comment from Hassan vom Lambrechter Tal:

TAKEOFF RUNWAY Berlin Tempelhof Two wieners таксаХасан таксаМотя такса таксы Dachshund Dackel Teckel wienerdog doxie sausage dogsofinstagram dog dogstagram mydog doglove dogs weenie wiener sausagedog longdog instadog instadachshund doxieholic doxieholics dachshundlove dachshundlife sausagedogcentral dachshundsonly dachshundsofinstagram dachshundoftheday

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My Precious Ones (my.precious.ones_) Instagram Photos and Videos

My Precious Ones


Comment from My Precious Ones:

Cute daily Video

1 Minutes ago
샌디에고 휴네집🇰🇷🇺🇸 (lana.loves.hugh) Instagram Photos and Videos

샌디에고 휴네집🇰🇷🇺🇸


Comment from 샌디에고 휴네집🇰🇷🇺🇸:

뛰어요 🏃🏃🏃 풀밭에 꺼먼거 하나 😭😭 . . . 아메리칸코카스파니엘 코카스파니엘 독스타그램 멍스타그램 견스타그램 펫스타그램 인스타독 블랙코카 반려견 미국일상 미국생활 샌디에고휴 샌디에고 소통 americancockerspaniel cockerspaniel cockerlove doglovers dogstagram petstagram instadog mydog

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Raylane 📸 (raylaner) Instagram Photos and Videos

Raylane 📸


Comment from Raylane 📸:

Modelo : Cyntia Martins e Nina 🐩 Idade : 30 primaveras 🌸 Local : casa da modelo Cyntia é minha irmã mais velha ❤ photography photo fotigrafia foto nina dog mydog belezanegra charme modelo model linda beauty house homesweethome hair tranças chanel

2 Minutes ago
Laura's Dog Walking (lauras_dog_walking) Instagram Photos and Videos

Laura's Dog Walking


Comment from Laura's Dog Walking:

Cuddles 😍 -------------------------------------------- • • • • LaurasDogWalkingPohutukawa dogs doglover dogwalker pet furbaby furry cute dogoftheday picoftheday weeklyfluff delight_pets dogsofinstgram dogsofinsta funpetloveclub dogscorner dogdailyfeaturesss inspiredbypets puppylove dogsandpals mydogiscutest petfancy mydog instagramdogs dogoftheday lovemydog lovedogs petsagram sausagedogcentral dogsitting

3 Minutes ago
Ashley (smoke_and_stars) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Ashley:

Just me and Luka hanging out since it's so nice outside. outdoors itssonicetoday husky siberianhusky mydog luka ilovemyhusky blondehair glasses girlswithpiercings septumpiercing tryingtobecute

3 Minutes ago
Darcy H. (darcytheaussie) Instagram Photos and Videos

Darcy H.


Comment from Darcy H.:

It was so hot out that mom and dad took me out for a swim first thing! 😄 darcytheaussie puppylife dogsofinstagram dogstagram instadog miniaussie australianshepherd aussiesofinstagram aussie australianshepherdworld puppiesofinstagram allthingspups aussienation aussiephotos puppy puppies pnwonderdogs cute cutedog bellinghambark mydogiscutest mydog bestwoof woof aussielovers

3 Minutes ago
Pamela Pomar (pam_pomar) Instagram Photos and Videos

Pamela Pomar


Comment from Pamela Pomar:

Time to wake up😅dog🐶 doglovers doglover dogstagram dogloversofinstagram mydog sleep fin finstagram chill

3 Minutes ago
Giovana Coradini (giih_coradini) Instagram Photos and Videos

Giovana Coradini


Comment from Giovana Coradini:

Minha cara quando minha mãe me chama de manhã cedo pra ir pra escola meupet pet mydog amorcanino instalikes instagoods amor❤ adolescentes myhouse domingoo domingo minhamaedeixa likesforlikes emcasa dehoje tafrio filhote filhadequatropatas peludinhos filhode4patas escola sono dormir fofurinha mesegue

4 Minutes ago
🍀🐾Guinness & Finn🐾🍀 (guinness.the.yorkie) Instagram Photos and Videos

🍀🐾Guinness & Finn🐾🍀


Comment from 🍀🐾Guinness & Finn🐾🍀:

Finn💭Keeping an eye on my figure after a bank holiday weekend of pure indulgence😋 foodaddict . . So, It's contest time!!! We want to congratulate our friend Max for having reached 10.000 followers 👏🏻👏🏻 Max10Kcelebration @maxpower12 The contest is open worldwide, make sure you go and follow all the hosts👉🏻 @maxpower12 @diesel_minnie @yorkiepupi @terry013 @yorkshirebrothers There are great prizes 👏🏻👏🏻 Good luck everyone🍀

4 Minutes ago
⭐️Lucky⭐️ラッキー⭐︎ (luckytokyo) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ⭐️Lucky⭐️ラッキー⭐︎:

あれ、、、笑 体、、、笑 はい。ラッキー、吐いたりした時に皮下注射を受けて、毛玉だらけになっちゃったんです。だから、今回のトリミングでは、1から体をリセットしなくてはならず、丸刈りに笑 夏だし、いっか。。いやーでもモコモコがすき❤️ . . 愛犬 犬 mydog わんこ ワンコ pet doglover littledog doggy toypoodle トイプードル 9thmonth boy kids 🐶 🐩 lovelydog sweetdog puppy lovedog happy cute puppy ふわもこ ふわふわ 犬大好き 犬なしでは生きられない dogstagram doglover doğumgün

4 Minutes ago
ginger_thechi (ginger_de_seta) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ginger_thechi:

Humana que não me dá atenção....🙄🐶 ginger gingerlove mydog dogstagram dogslover chihuahuacariocas zeedog chihuahuas chihuahualove chihuahuaworld chihuahuapuppy

5 Minutes ago
7amirreza (7amirreza) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 7amirreza:

cactus whisky maltwhisky yamazaki 1 dog dogs doglife doglove horse hot wow kissing kiss mylove mydog cool night nightclub club bar pub loveit moscow rome roma italy italiangirl italian florence

5 Minutes ago
Heather (adorablebulldogs) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Heather:

* * * * * oldeenglishbulldogge bulldogfrances englishbulldog frenchbulldogs bulldogingles bulldogloversofinsta frenchbulldogpuppy americanbulldog bulldogsofig bulldog franskbulldog bulldogsofinstagram frenchbulldogofinstagram bulldoglife bulldoglovers puppylove mydog dogoftheday instapuppy germanshepherdpuppy puppyoftheday puppydog puppyeyes ilovemydog cutedog androidography goldenretrieverpuppy doglove mypuppy gsdpuppy

5 Minutes ago
Raphael de Oliveira (raphaelboka) Instagram Photos and Videos

Raphael de Oliveira


Comment from Raphael de Oliveira:

Parceria impar !!! Broder myDog trilha cachu

5 Minutes ago
Shashenka Morado (shashenka_dh) Instagram Photos and Videos

Shashenka Morado


Comment from Shashenka Morado:

Mi angelito 😇 selfie mydog lovemydoggy

5 Minutes ago
Darcy H. (darcytheaussie) Instagram Photos and Videos

Darcy H.


Comment from Darcy H.:

WHY DOES EMMA NEVER WANT TO PLAY WITH ME?! 😣😣😣 darcytheaussie puppylife dogsofinstagram dogstagram instadog miniaussie australianshepherd aussiesofinstagram aussie australianshepherdworld puppiesofinstagram allthingspups aussienation aussiephotos puppy puppies pnwonderdogs cute cutedog bellinghambark mydogiscutest mydog bestwoof woof aussielovers

5 Minutes ago
asahi (aaasahiii) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from asahi:

眉毛犬 眉ティント jackrussell jackrussellsofinstagram mydog dogstagram cute

6 Minutes ago
Bob (bobsamoieda) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Bob:

Hiding 🙈🐶🐾 bobsamoieda bob mydog dogloversofinstagram dogsofinstaworld doglife samoyedmoments samoieda samoiedabrasil puppydog instadog

6 Minutes ago
Barkswell - Official (barkswellsf) Instagram Photos and Videos

Barkswell - Official


Comment from Barkswell - Official:

Hazel really wants my cracker. Like, really really. (This was not on zoom and she can't take her eyes off it). . . . barkswellsf muttsofinstagram rescuedogsofinstagram dogsofinstagram chihuahua adoptdontshop weeklyfluff dogscorner dogdailyfeatures pupsofinstagram inspiredbypets mydogiscutest dogs petstagram instadog petsagram doglover dogs_of_instagram ilovemydog dogstagram lovedogs pets adorable mypets mydog pup cute animals love treatyoself

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kei (xgar_jasx) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from kei:

おまたパッカーン 二度寝ムスコ マルックス ミックス犬 MIX犬 犬 ミックス犬同好会 マルチーズ ミニチュアダックス 犬のいる暮らし いぬ イヌ わんこ ワンコ 犬バカ部 犬部 dog mydog dogstagram instadog instadogs pet pets petstagram dogslife dogstyle

7 Minutes ago
Alex (cooperalex83) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Alex:

Cooper mydog smartdog bestfriend

7 Minutes ago
TinManYoga (tinmanyoga) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from TinManYoga:

Day 8 of VinandJuice is yogischoice, mine is savasana... BoozieSnoozie MyDog(Dexter)LikesBeer AfterDoingYogaUnderMyBrokenDownCarEarlierTodayINeededABeerOr5 CarterElectricFuelPumpDown OneOfMyOldDogsWouldDumpMyBeerToDrinkIt ItsOkHeIs21InDogYears DexterIsGoingInForReasonableSuspission,HeWasTryingToTakeMyCarAndDriveUber NotDrivingTodayDexter DontDrinkAndYoga WhoTheBLEEPTookMyPicture MayHaveLayedDownInDogPoo ThanksForBringingMeTools @tanayrenee_yoga @yogibabecakes @alicia.cakes @drunken_yogi Sponsors: @ntrljoe @khromaherbs @coppermugco

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Dogs & Puppies ( Instagram Photos and Videos

Dogs & Puppies

Comment from Dogs & Puppies:

8 Minutes ago
Chris Parent (cparent_la) Instagram Photos and Videos

Chris Parent


Comment from Chris Parent:

memorialdayweekend restandrelaxation with my little girl. dogsrule mydog love

8 Minutes ago
Cryspy (cryspy23) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Cryspy:

Got tatted today. Wanted to get this peice for awhile. One of my beloved dogs Tika who unfortunately passed away last year. Now I can take her memory with me everywhere I go 😊 Hope it heals nicely. More ink to come! inked tatted needles buzzing therapeutic jacked peice banger memories areforever painispleasure art bicep cleanlines pawprint mydog tika puppy missher animalkingdom

8 Minutes ago
F  r  e  s  a 🌹🐾 (fresita__alocada) Instagram Photos and Videos

F r e s a 🌹🐾


Comment from F r e s a 🌹🐾:

Domingo de flojear en la casa! 💚 Les mando besos! 😘 poodle poodlechile dog dogs doglover dogoftheday nice puppy pets good day happy instachile instadog instagood mydog ilovemydog moment pet puppies dogoftheday doglife cute amorperruno miperro princesa

8 Minutes ago
Heidi Gerber (heidiagerber) Instagram Photos and Videos

Heidi Gerber


Comment from Heidi Gerber:

Sleeping dog and dog's best friend❤️dog mydog sleep bestfriend mansbestfriend dogsofinstagram photography photography photooftheday pets petstagram petsofinstagram 🐶

9 Minutes ago
Mickey Roo Dog (mickeyroodog) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mickey Roo Dog


Comment from Mickey Roo Dog:

my mom says don't post this but I say we have to 🐶

9 Minutes ago