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Jennifer Patrick ( Instagram Photos and Videos

Jennifer Patrick

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New York ... will I sleep tonight? newyork getoutthere travel nosleep citylights mylife nyc nofilter

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Comment from Moey:

"And of His signs is that He created for you from yourselves mates that you may find tranquillity in them; and He placed between you affection and mercy. Indeed in that are signs for a people who give thought." Quran 30:21 😍😘 love myworld quran arrum mylove mylife husbandandwife

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🌴🌞🌊📸summersummervacationロケ ionロケーションフォトsummerfashiongopro gopro17awoceanoceanviewcea海day a海dayoffmylifeinstapicinstalik

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 (manolita_77) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Le pazzie mi riescono sembre bene. E’ con le cose normali che ho qualche difficoltà. happyday smile thinkpositive positivevibes positivethinking behappy myday mylifestyle mylife beautiful me instamoment instalike instagood instagood photoofmylife photoofmyday picture picoftheday

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Final Parkour and Freerunning (final_parkour_freerunning) Instagram Photos and Videos

Final Parkour and Freerunning


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If you fall, don't be afraid to try again 😆☺. Dedicado a @fannobtx. freerunning freerunninglife jump lifestyle nevergiveup pk parkour parkourlife life flip flow pklife pkfamily mylife training trainhard tricks 3run free parkour4life pk4life parkourtraining gotrain happy

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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀princess kate 👑🎀 (modwife_) Instagram Photos and Videos

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀princess kate 👑🎀


Comment from ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀princess kate 👑🎀:

the woman who understands me more than anyone, including myself. the best father to my son, harlee. the woman who helps me through my walk of life, not only the good times but the most difficult times as well. the woman who reminds me of my worth when i seem to forget. the woman who reminds me i am loved every single day. the woman who encourages me when i feel i am failing. the woman who i can spend days with and not be bothered. the woman i can trust with my whole life. the woman who reminds me i don't need a man or anyone else for that matter to make me whole. the best drinking buddy, the best snug buddy, the best boyfriend, the only person i could ever need. i love you with everything i have. you're the person i laugh with, the person i cry with, the person i am 100% myself with, no restrictions or limitations. there is no me without you. i am truly the luckiest woman in this world to call you my absolute best friend. these past six months have felt like a life time, in the absolute best way possible. no man, no force or no circumstance will ever separate or divide us. 💋💕🐾🍀🥑🍻🌏🎈hustlegang TGOD mostdope mylife myjourney friendbase newhippies goodtimes goodvibes blonde twentyfour aquarius canadian inked girlswithtattoos selfie happyasfuck happytobehere bodymods l4l f4f loveyourself summer17 bestfriend iloveyou

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🍷W.I.N.O.S.🍷womeninneedofsan wine portwine mixture perfectcombination 19crimes quintadascarvalhas drinkresponsibly wheresmywine newmix winemug wheresmybottle enjoylife live laugh love womenwholovewine myjourney mystory dontjudgeme mylife

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Marco Antonio Grande (marcogrande007) Instagram Photos and Videos

Marco Antonio Grande


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healthy fit fitness workout travelling practice cool viajar traveler practicing mylife myworld mystyle styles feelgood livelife viaje lifestyle style medellin smiling softball befit bestrong candid

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Amelia Roman (a_mee_zing_inspiration) Instagram Photos and Videos

Amelia Roman


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My Boy, now a Senior... now a Man... where does time go? myboy mylife mylove myworld seniorpictures 2018 blessed

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Hesti Alfianita (hestialfianita) Instagram Photos and Videos

Hesti Alfianita


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Selamat dan sukses mybro @pitopangg 😊 semoga segera kerja dan segera lamar ni nur nya wkwk.. Suksees ya koko, Amiin 😊😊

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Phillip H. Luna (pluna101chef) Instagram Photos and Videos

Phillip H. Luna


Comment from Phillip H. Luna:

New York street art. graffitiart newyork hektad travel adventure mylife cheflife westvillage

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Krystal (kteviisbacck) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Krystal:

Blessed beyond words. Thank you God for the love of another year on this earth... ♍️mylife thrivingthirties justme lovingme selflove reddress nofilter lovingmyself birthdaygirl birthdayLove mybirthday sexyvirgo virgo

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John Flammia (juniorlovesari) Instagram Photos and Videos

John Flammia


Comment from John Flammia:

My heart, soul, and headache!!! beautifulgoatmylifebaewifey

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Alekhina_Tanya (alekhina_t) Instagram Photos and Videos



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А я буду продолжать выкладывать летние фото☀🌊🏝 И вспоминать эти чудесные моменты😔 russia rus krasnodarskiykray lermontovo россия кавказ краснодарскийкрай лермонтово summer sun evening blacksea girl russianlady лето2017 черноеморе instagram instagood moment remember photo mylife nature воспоминания память фото моеморе

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♍Katelyn Rabago-Abihai (sun_kissed_artwork) Instagram Photos and Videos

♍Katelyn Rabago-Abihai


Comment from ♍Katelyn Rabago-Abihai:

Dustin and I loved swimming the water, but family was there. So all the kids started to have fun and drowned me of purpose. No matter how much times that happened, he could let me earily lift me way up into his arms.. ... artworks artwork art simple series original pen penwork loved lovedone missinghim pain progress coping coopingmechanism warter strangelove broken mylife ourstory love grief grief

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💫كاريم® (_razaul_karim_) Instagram Photos and Videos



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🌅 . . . . . . like4like likeforlike likeforfollow like4follow commentforcomment recent4recent pictureoftheday photography photoshoot sunset love mylife photographer newyork usa new city nature shoutout style 2k17

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↟ ᴍ ᴀ ᴍ ᴇ ↟ (mamebonsai) Instagram Photos and Videos

↟ ᴍ ᴀ ᴍ ᴇ ↟


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. . . もう 売ってない 撤退したのかな? . . . naturelife mylife nisnap instagram instalife 生活暮らし日々 お気に入り

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malwi27 (malwi27) Instagram Photos and Videos



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With the crazy one! THANK you for all my habibi !!! crazy friends habibi mygirl awesome girl amazing mylife myself myfriend polishgirls london hammersmith thankyou sis tkmaxxteam dziewczynyzlodzi

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💕Krista Payne💕 (kristapayne.69) Instagram Photos and Videos

💕Krista Payne💕


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Selfies with the best!💙 hesthecutest mylove mylife

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Faye Morley-Vaughan (byron130) Instagram Photos and Videos

Faye Morley-Vaughan


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Jasna&Damir (jasna315) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Jasna&Damir:

nosleepart🎨musik mylife nightinstagood love 🎷🎨

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April Marie (aprildegroat) Instagram Photos and Videos

April Marie


Comment from April Marie:

mylife balance josedontplay margsonmargs

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Sabrina Brunson (dvine982) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sabrina Brunson


Comment from Sabrina Brunson:

Lawd!!!! Please Help Me!!!!!! This gurl KILLED me today. Hurricane Irma's Aftermath sure took all MzJelks super powers from her. But I'm not gonna give on my friend. I had to show her TOUGH LOVE today. I really really felt bad (NOT) Hahahahaha. 😂😂😂😂 Remember if you tired of starting over...stop quitting. All it takes is 20 minutes out of your 24 hour day. One "STEP" closer to a healthier you. HowBadDoUWantIt DontQuitOnYou OnYou OneStepCloser ToughLove MyLife NoQuickFixes LetsDoThis

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Tiana ❤💀🎩❤ (horror_is_my_thang) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tiana ❤💀🎩❤


Comment from Tiana ❤💀🎩❤:

We make such a adorable couple ❤️💀❤️ So glad to have @brainsmoke_vhs in my life 😍 truelove lovehim mce horrorcouple horrorgram horroraddict horrorjunkie tilldeath horrorfan horrorfan love mylife mylove myworld

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musical.lys,edits,fotos,prints (orelhinhasdaluara) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from musical.lys,edits,fotos,prints:

Você nasceu para sorrir, não para seguir padrões, você é linda do seu geito💛 - { se pegar as frases comenta PG frases ⚠} { se pegar o edit comenta PG edit ⚠} - ✨LUARA FONSECA✨ Você ilumina como o Sol, Brilha como as Estrelas. Você é a razão só meu viver, a razão do meu sorriso. Você tem o dom de fazer os outros felizes. 🌻 Teamo assim, sem vírgula sem espaço sem ponto final. Te amar já virou rotina. Te amo com todas as minhas forças. 💛 Meu mundo sem você não faz sentido. Meu desenho sem você não tem cor. Meu sorriso sem você não brilha. ✨ - setembroamarelo 💛 É uma campanha para acabar com o Suicídio, o suicídio é coisa séria uma pessoa se matar não é brincadeira, o suicídio pode ser causado por que a pessoa esta sofrendo, geralmente acontece por causa de Bullyng, se você tem algum parente ou amigo que sofre Bullyng ou sofre de depressão ajuda essa pessoa a se animar a pensar que a vida vale a pena, vamos transformar o mundo um lugar melhor para viver. A VIDA VALE A PENA Se ame do geito que você é, vc é lindo por dentro e por fora não importa oq falem de você o importante é você se AMAR, é só isso que importa. SE AME DO GEITO QUE VOCÊ É 👑 - @luaraff 👑 @fabifonsecaff 👑 - LuaraFonseca FabiFonseca love CadêALuaraNoMPN cute mylife myworld mydream mylittle myqueen myprincess mylove ILoveYou - Aliih

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Denis  Krutyakov (double.den) Instagram Photos and Videos

Denis Krutyakov


Comment from Denis Krutyakov:

"Faith is the bridge between where I am, and the place God is taking me." faith hope love lifestyle adventureready adventure mylife bridge justdoit crosstheriver myway

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GC Chang (galenchang) Instagram Photos and Videos

GC Chang


Comment from GC Chang:

Packing up "a few" of my Lego sets 😅 . . . . . . . . lego legostarwars legotechnic afol legomania hobby mylife lol

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Tulika Bhatnagar (tulika_bhatnagar) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tulika Bhatnagar


Comment from Tulika Bhatnagar:

as Ernest Hemingway said, the sun also rises. funtimesvacationtravelh avelholidayalwayskeeptraveling elinglifeisgoodlifemylifelovel loveloveislovemommomlifefamily amilytravelfrancenicetraveling

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GizZeMm SseçenN (PphoibosS) (gizemvecekirdek) Instagram Photos and Videos

GizZeMm SseçenN (PphoibosS)


Comment from GizZeMm SseçenN (PphoibosS):

Çekirdek nasıl bu kadar çok konuşuyor cevabı çok meraklı😄 merakından ısrarından çözdü bu işi o 😆 tb🔙 tbt cutekidsclub cute igbaby igbabies like picoftheday photooftheday pic photo kidsootd kids igdaily instagood kid kidsfashion instalook like4like likeforlike instababy goodday goodlife mylife latergram vsco vscocam internetanneleri bebek

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Poppet and Petunia (poppetandpetunia) Instagram Photos and Videos

Poppet and Petunia


Comment from Poppet and Petunia:

I was having a bad day and @target made it all better with this chambray skirt. It is the cutest, and I'm looking forward to pairing it with tights and oxfords soon. It is my favorite along with my newest little owl friend (a gift) and my Alfred Hitchcock book "Stories Not for the Nervous" (secondhand). This book is perfect for storytelling this Halloween! ☠️

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Muh. Al. Mahdi Fitransyah (madung_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Muh. Al. Mahdi Fitransyah


Comment from Muh. Al. Mahdi Fitransyah:

Selamat Pagi kaka..kaka Selamat Tahun Baru Hijriah ya, semoga ke berkahan selalu ada disetiap niat yang baik.

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Mack (mack_pena) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Mack:

One of my new favorite exercises for training triceps. Last exercise of the night! Just trying to really smoke the triceps out after a solid chest training session. - D-bar tricep extensions (4 sets of 25). Get a nice squeeze at the bottom of this movement and hear those triceps scream!!!! Give this a try next time you train triceps!

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