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Daily Affirmations (enlightenedspirit1) Instagram Photos and Videos

Daily Affirmations


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Shayleene MacReynolds (hayshaybay) Instagram Photos and Videos

Shayleene MacReynolds


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First full day in India complete. Looking forward to the next. (Blog post about the first adventures—link in bio ⬆️). india blogger photography adventure travelblog writer shortstory wanderlust namaste temples history travel

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OHSOSOM | YOGA APPAREL (ohsosom) Instagram Photos and Videos




Work out so you can eat cake! whyelse . . Made by the delicious @jodiedailybakes 🍋 ohsosom sweatinstyle namaste riseandgrind peace fitmom balance treatyourself cake yum healthyeats treats lemon foodporn

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Downey Yoga


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Have you checked out our new 2018 class schedule with new classes? We now have senior yoga hour, level 1 (beginners), level 2 (advanced) and Yin/ Chant. Visit our website for more information!

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Daily Affirmations (enlightenedspirit1) Instagram Photos and Videos

Daily Affirmations


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ANDREA VALENTINI for PLANK (andreavalentini) Instagram Photos and Videos




Ok ok it’s friday yo ga taketwo cause that’s what you gotta do plank yoga vegansofinstagram yogini wellness healthspo instalike fitness yogamat yogamom yogalovers yogalife veganlifestyle highperformance textiles andrea valentini accessories bags madeinusa plank instagood namaste

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Alicia Booker a.k.a foxiboss77 (bosscrystalsandmore) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alicia Booker a.k.a foxiboss77


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Tumbled dragon blood stone 🐲I love blood .. just got my own first piece 🐲 $7.25 +s&h🐲 PayPal only 🐲 free 🎁 with every order 🐲 to claim comment "SOLD"🐲 Ty for 👁️ crystalshop crystalshopsofig bosscrystalsandmore crystals stones rocks macrame hemp natural nature 420 jewlery beautiful handmade love peace namaste reiki healing thankful blessed supportsmallbusiness shop small thankyou

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Still working on my flexibility... 🤗 yoga yogi yogini yogainspiration yogaeverydamnday namaste flexibility yogagirl wheelposevariation

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hippie hippiestyle hippielife psychedelic peace love happylife magiclife namaste tattoo

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Stay grounded and connect with your roots no matter where you go. | Popsicle Maze Travel Mat: link in bio 👆 or —⠀ 📸 @livelightly_ with @yogadesignlab Popsicle Maze Mat

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Victoria | South Africa (northernlights_yoga) Instagram Photos and Videos

Victoria | South Africa


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Happy Friday friend☀️ howzit going? Do you feel excited for a new day?✨✨✨I woke up with the sun again and feel energized even tho I went to bed a little later than usual [read 11pm😄]! I’m excited to tackle my last day with this private client before they dash back to Germany and I’m also excited knowing that I’ll have a whole 2 hours for myself later practicing yoga at the @hotyogastudio —> you know feeling demotivated about your day can often have a tiny explanation that can shift completely if you allow for a few moments to re-connect with yourself! And I mean, especially on a Friday when we are already a little pap from a long week! ✨✨Tip nr 1 to making the most of your [work] week would be✨✨: . . Plan your least favorite tasks [accounts, answering emails, marketing, creating posters...], for when you have the most energy aka early mornings and preferably Monday-Wednesday. After you got that midweek slump it’s better to do things that gets you moving like seeing clients out of your space, doing shopping, printing, taking a longer time out for yourself aka practicing yoga/going to the gym/for a hike/reading/taking a bath/ meeting a friend for coffee —> whatever floats your boat and gets you inspired to tackle your day! . . Stay tuned for more tips the next few days💖Now im off to teach and get this Friday started! ✨✨✨ . . . . . . . . . entrepre entrepreneur light mornings yogi coffeetime besilly livealittle coffeeandyoga yogagirl yogaeverydamnday yoga coffeetime butfirstcoffee movementtherapy movement sheddinglayers2018 getonyourmatforyou love beyou playful playmore liveauthentic namaste inspiration entrepreneurlife entrepreneurmindset entrepreneur yogini

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Rachel Powell (therealyogamonster) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rachel Powell


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Find friends who let you climb on them. Friends that really hold you up! acroyoga partneryoga yogapractice yoga yogaplay yogajourney yogaaddict threeleggeddog downdogsplit yogatribe onzie theyogamonster wildfireyoga paradigmgym balance yogafriends yogalife yogacommunity namaste namaslay

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Ram Sayas (ram_jaen) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ram Sayas


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Come back to your center & refocus

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Tiffany Storms 🕉 (mn_kali) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tiffany Storms 🕉


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“Trust the process of change. Honor it, respect it, revere it. You no longer have to wait for something to happen. Something is happening right now, within you. Welcome the changes that can be yours. Let life help you, as you take an active part in creating these changes. Let the process become living, interactive, and magical.” -Melody Beattie Had a beautiful night of yoga and laughs with a couple of my fellow yoga fit chicks! We were practicing our flow for yoga teacher training! I’m grateful for this space... for this time... with these ladies.... We all trusted the process of change and we answered when called. we chose to embrace the moment and we’re allowing the moments of living to be interactive and magical. Namaste my friends! 🙏change magical ytt yttinsyn doepicshit syndicateyoga fitgirls yogagirls getyourflowon uplevel fearlessgirl thespacebetween growth lifechangingmoments girltime pushoutsideyourcomfortzone pushyourboundaries namaste unapologeticallyme wildwoman

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Yes! Goodnight, beautiful! 💚 🍓 Follow👯 @dawlyland 💐 . . . . youarebeautiful Waistbeads bodyconfident beyourself flowerchild adorned empowered supporthandmade instalike africanwaistbeads bopowarrior selflove werk mermaids bopo namaste supportsmallbusiness plurvibes 420 confidenceissexy makers bodypostive loveyourself bodypositivity bodyconfidence goodvibesonlybodyjewelry wombman loveyourbody bodypostive

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No caption needed. *whispers to self* 'that's a caption though'. Oh well... Happy friyay all. yoga fitness lifemotivation light dark bright fitlife igers fitspo namaste

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Oxygen Yoga Cloverdale (oxygencloverdale) Instagram Photos and Videos

Oxygen Yoga Cloverdale


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Happy Friday! . . . oxygencloverdale ilovemylife oxygenyoga mantra fitness ican hotyoga yoga stayfit selflove community namaste yogaeveryday yogaeverydamnday loveyourself challengeyourself practice progress yogainspiration

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Amber Lee

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❤️ yyc calgary yycfit blondesofinstgram fit fitness fitnesslife fitspiration fitnessmotivation fitgirls fitgirlsfitness fitgirlsofinstagram fitlife fitfam instafitness gym igfitness gymbabes girlswhosquat workout exercise booty🍑 eatcleantraindirty trainhardorgohome yoga namaste blondebabes curvyandfit greeneyes

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Jamie Khau-Styling The Inside (styling_the_inside_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jamie Khau-Styling The Inside


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Note to self: Don't try to model for the camera in tree pose on a wobbly ledge while your pants are falling down 😂namaste 😜

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Percy & Maxwell (percy.n.maxwell) Instagram Photos and Videos

Percy & Maxwell


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Cat nap yoga 🕉️🙏 • orangecatsofinstagram fluffy pets cats catsofinstagram cute catlover petstagram kawaii neko meowbox gato cutepetclub gingercats gingercatsofinstagram orangetabby maxwellcat catlovers catstagram bestmeow catgr4m lazycat buzzfeedanimals tabby animals animallover namaste

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Danielle | @Balanced_fitstudio (the_benoni_yogi) Instagram Photos and Videos

Danielle | @Balanced_fitstudio


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Smoothie recipe prep: I know this seems like quite a straight forward thing to do, which it is. But my smoothie posts are the ones I get asked the most questions on. So here is a step by step on how I select, prep and make my smoothies. 🙌🏻 1. I don’t buy “special” ingredients or special fruit. In the past I would buy all the fruit I could find and end up with 1️⃣ yucky tasting smoothies because I would just throw things together and 2️⃣ wasting because I couldn’t blend and eat so much fruit in one week. When I buy fruit I usually stick to the things I know I like and fruit I will be excited to eat. These are usually bananas 🍌, strawberries 🍓, orange 🍊, pineapple 🍍, papaya. I always have bananas frozen in my fridge, I have recently discovered it’s the frozen banana that makes the smoothie. I do also try to buy from a food lovers or rebel fruit and veg. And my smoothies will differ depending on the time of the year - eating seasonal is good for you. 2. I chop (sometimes not) the fruit I am going to use and I create my smoothie combinations in ziplock packets. I usually do this on one day and then it usually lasts me a month, some fruit like blueberries and raspberries I buy them on special and freeze them in the container, and just top my oats or smoothie bowls with these or blend into a smoothie I have already created. 3. In the morning I usually take a ziplock bag out and I blend it frozen as it is. I don’t add anything “luxurious” into them, it’s usually water. If I happen to have coconut water then I will use that. . One change I have made recently, and I urge you to do the same is to say NO to plastic, especially STRAWS!!!🤦🏻‍♀️🙌🏻 Not only do they cause wrinkles around your mouth 😅 they are unnecessary. I bought these glass mugs and reusable straws from Wespak and they work perfect if you are on the go. 🤔 also great for cocktails. 😂😉 Happy Smoothies 🌸😉✌🏻

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IrynaFarria (irynafarria) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Love our regular Friday reunion @yoga+ ❤️🙏 practice with my batchmates ❤️💖🙏 flow challengeyourself peacewarriors life stayweird balanced fitmom staystrong everydamnday keeppracticing goodvibes namaste @pixieyogini @lora_by_lora @veuy @gigarcez @vinaohh

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Baptized in blue skies, roll the window down, reach out, feel around for new life godsaveouryoungblood seawall vancouver lionsgatebridge stanleypark dayoff namaste imdoingme breathe selflove chooselove

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娃菲佳 (2) (wafei_jia) Instagram Photos and Videos

娃菲佳 (2)


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🌹❤️☺️🙋 myfavorite practice yogapractice yogaeverydamnday fitnessfun fitspo workouttime workoutdone yogagirl girlwithmuscle girlswholift yogaflow girlworkout yogaworkout yogaloveme yogawithcats kittyyoga yogaworld practicemakesprogres yogaposes malaysiayoga namaste

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🍍haruka🍍 (haru_yoga) Instagram Photos and Videos



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@hb_hummingbirds 次号のオフショット🍓 大好きな専門誌と大好きなスタジオと大 タジオと大好きなウエアと、、、 大好きまみれの撮影はとんでも はとんでもなくワクワクでした😘 ・ ・ チェック中の私はと 中の私はと言うと、、、 片足プランク。 ・ ・ 皆さんの大好 を💗 ・ ・ 撮影 ハミングバーズ hummingbirds アットヨガライフ アクセフハワイ

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Louisa.Drouet ( Instagram Photos and Videos


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💛💛💛 ... every chapter plays a part ... embrace pisces heart forwardmovementnow . Jus Breathe 🐢 @little_meg08 . yogamind liebe amore love lovewins strength motivation inspiration mentalhealth meditation warrior yoga instaquote quote writing determination meditation inspiration believe namaste growth positivethoughts truth breathe believe achieve breastcancerawareness 💕 strength strong verdad

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The Life Of Yoga ( Instagram Photos and Videos

The Life Of Yoga

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_ Watch carefully the magic that occurs when you give a person enough comfort to just be themselves. 🖤 Wearing @slipinsurfskins blackturtle slipinsurfskinmini yoga yogalife yogi yogaforeveryone namaste yoga365 yogaholic yogalovers yogaprogress

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LuckyPen (luckypenart) Instagram Photos and Videos



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“Just when you think it can't get any worse, it can. And just when you think it can't get any better, it can.” —Nicholas Sparks, At First Sight (Jeremy Marsh & Lexie Darnell, 2)

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ŚivaYogi ॐ (roaminfinite) Instagram Photos and Videos

ŚivaYogi ॐ


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Today marks 3 months since I arrived to India!! I spent the first week and a half in Delhi and Punjab, and the majority of my time in Rishikesh!! One thing I really enjoy about being here so long is that i've been able to become a part of the community! Normally, as travelers, we simply pass through the places we visit, see all the "sights", and then on to the next location.. By staying places longer, you really get a deeper connection with the locals, and the place itself, and always will have friends to come back to if you decide to visit again!! In 3 months I will have to leave the country, most likely going to Nepal, and then, from there, who knows where I will be.... Can't believe it's already been 3 months! It went by sooo fast! I realize that some people only go on a month to 3 months vacation (mainly due to limited visas), but with a ten year visa I'm just deciding to take it easy, and connect with locals wherever I may be!! Hope everyone in the states is doing well!!! Maybe i'll see you in a year or so... who knows what the future holds! I leave it all to the will of God Namaste! -Your Traveling Yogi Friend . . . . yoga yogi Rishikesh yogisofig baba sadhu yogatravel travelingyogi wanderlust seetheworld worldtravel travelingthe globe travelingtheworld mudra worldtraveler travelersnotebook wanderlusting backpacker travelvlog travelvlogger travelblog indiatrip adventure livethedream liveyourlife manifest livingfree ganges namaste

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Joy~Yoga Instructor (mz_yogi_joy) Instagram Photos and Videos

Joy~Yoga Instructor


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Be-you-tiful. . . . yoga yogalife yogaeverydamnday namaste yogaeveryday yogisofinstagram yogalove yogi yogini blackyogis flexibility stretch blackwomendoyoga flex instafit beautiful onebreathatatime yogadoesabodygood fortheloveofyoga yogagram fit instadaily motivationalquotes fitness homeyoga workoutathome yogisofcolor practiceandalliscoming blackwomendoworkout

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Zion ❤️

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This is the opening of our souls emerging from our cocoon!🦋 We have been doing some amazing things throughout our lives together, and by request, we have decided to start a journey documenting our lives. Subscribe to our YouTube account for periodic video feed and uploads! We have some amazing things happening this year so stay tuned for our shedding of the old to emerge as a new vibrant light! With Positive Vibes and constant evolution we bring to you SutratmaNorn! Namaste, Amen and bless it be Set your soul into the wind... fly free! 🙏🏻😘🌀🌿 • • • awake soul collectiveconsciousness universalconsciousness beauty soulfood awakening love yoga yogasutra yogiclife peace namaste awakening ascension yogaeverydamnday universe spiritual nature lovelife love bliss peacefulness butterfly cocoon emerging beginning

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Liana Ho


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To the world you maybe just a teacher, but to your students you are a hero 😊 Thank you @jeffrimatthew 😊 yoga handstand headstand staglegs yogaeverydamday yogaeverywhere sdy stopdropandyoga yogaaddict yogapractice gymlover gymaddict fitinspiration strongyogi yogalove inspiredyogis instafit yogisofinstagram instayoga igyogafamily namaste

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