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Laurie and Scott (laurieandscott) Instagram Photos and Videos

Laurie and Scott


Comment from Laurie and Scott:

It seems to me that these big bees defy the laws of physics. Nonetheless it brings us great joy to see them buzzing about. Thanks to Laurie for getting this short video. natureisawesome bees happy spreadlove theydefyphysics soundsloudwhentheyflyby

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Molly Moslander (mollynicolem) Instagram Photos and Videos

Molly Moslander


Comment from Molly Moslander:

It would take ten to hug this tree sequioas kings giants sequoiaandkingscanyon sequoianationalpark breathtaking treehuggers natureisawesome wanderlust livefree milestogo trio2017

3 Minutes ago
A Wild Life (a_wild_life_uk) Instagram Photos and Videos

A Wild Life


Comment from A Wild Life:

What are doing at HOME i.e. in nature this weekend? 🌲🌼. . . . naturelovers wildlifeaddicts naturalworld instanature instanaturelover lovenature naturestagram natureconnection rewildyourlife sharethewild wearewildness natureisawesome rewildyourself naturejunkie naturerocks naturetherapy keepitwild staywild lovelifeoutside freshairandfreedom in2nature outdoorslife outdoorsactivities naturewalk naturehike natureactivity wildernessculture hikingfun

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tamala623 (tamala623) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from tamala623:

The desert is so green in the springtime. tnatouregon

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B.Connolly (astralwulf) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from B.Connolly:

Lovely walk with my best friend I'm so lucky to live where I do Sonny bordersofinstagram bordercolliesofinstagram bordercollielove thegreatoutdoors natureisawesome walkingisfun dogwalking westyorkshire havercroft pma posivibes positivevibes staytrue stayactive

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BabyVivian Leigh Esenbock (baby_vibes) Instagram Photos and Videos

BabyVivian Leigh Esenbock


Comment from BabyVivian Leigh Esenbock:

One of my favorite things about the beach is it changes from day to day! ocean beach sky nature adventure Humboldt love natureisawesome Pacific Pacificcoast sea shore natureisbeautiful california loveeverymoment happy clambeach epicview northerncaliforniaphotographer

50 Minutes ago
We Feel The Pain For Animals (wefeelthepainforanimals) Instagram Photos and Videos

We Feel The Pain For Animals


Comment from We Feel The Pain For Animals:

The only difference is your Perception !! Love.Help.Care ~We Feel The Pain For Animals~ animals animallovers nature natureisawesome think perception educate animation help care dog cat instagramquotes quotes pain compassion mercy lifeisprecious

51 Minutes ago
Sarah Caller (scaller_exploring) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sarah Caller


Comment from Sarah Caller:

The Canal on the edge of my Dads garden.... literally 😊😊😊 canal somerset southwest landscape landscapelovers water home england natureisawesome nature getoutside exploring adventure explore summer happyplace happyplace

52 Minutes ago
Jill (r0sariat) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Jill:

Isn't he a cutie-pie?! Isn't that the most lovely face? _______________________ ______________________________ dobsonflylarvae larvae jesuschristnature wtfisthis whatarethose nature naturephotography insect insects hikingadventures hiking natureisawesome natureisfuckinglit🔥 natureisfuckinglit

53 Minutes ago
Arise Society (arise_society) Instagram Photos and Videos

Arise Society


Comment from Arise Society:

"Without love in the dream it will never come true." ~The Grateful Dead ❤️☀️🌴🌊✌️ (📷 @doyoutravel) Tag someone you'd love to be here with 😍

54 Minutes ago
Justin Liu (just.liu) Instagram Photos and Videos

Justin Liu


Comment from Justin Liu:

The antidote for exhaustion isn't rest, it's nature. 😪😪😪 needavacation natureisawesome summer

1 Hours ago
Emily (iemmpossible) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Emily:

Day 02: seattle here we are! Had fun at the Museum of Pop Culture and checked out Pike Place Market, including some awesome views. mopopculture pikeplacemarket natureisawesome

1 Hours ago
Hajnal Eppley (heepp) Instagram Photos and Videos

Hajnal Eppley


Comment from Hajnal Eppley:

Nature makes pretty colors. theeppsheadwest * * * * * * * * * * * findyour yellowstone naturalspring hotspring elementsofart color natureisawesome nature wyoming

1 Hours ago
Getaway Travel (getaway_travel) Instagram Photos and Videos

Getaway Travel


Comment from Getaway Travel:

Sometimes we just feel so small in this big big world! Great capture of @inlovewiththeworldgirl. Where did you have your 'wow moment'? getawaytravel fridayfeeling itsabigbighouse natureisawesome magicalmoments

1 Hours ago
Pammie Sue (chickdeedodah16) Instagram Photos and Videos

Pammie Sue


Comment from Pammie Sue:

Two-fer Fluffy Butt Friday (and a besties FBF as well) They're always together! Have a fun day with your best friend too 😊fbffluffybuttfridaychickenso kensofigchickensofinstagrambes ambestiesfarmlifehomesteadlife

1 Hours ago
Becca Stone 🐾🌱☕️ (hippytokes) Instagram Photos and Videos

Becca Stone 🐾🌱☕️


Comment from Becca Stone 🐾🌱☕️:

Apparently love is really all you need 😉❤ pnw pnwonderland pnwstoners pnwisbest pnwliving pnwbeauty goodmorning motherearth woods naturelovers nature natureisawesome natureisbeautiful natureiscalling pnwsummer naturewalk outdoors outdoorsisfree outdoorsy outdoorsisbetter mothernaturesbeauty mothernaturerocks washingtonlife sunnydays sunshinegirl sunnyday happyfriday

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Svanhild Høyem Askim (deleglede) Instagram Photos and Videos

Svanhild Høyem Askim


Comment from Svanhild Høyem Askim:

iam trying to hugatree in botaniskhageoslo landveispoppel ilovenature natureisawesome nature bigtree history norway ❤ 🌲 🤗 🌸 😇 💚 🤗

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 (schonemann.p) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from schonemann.p:

swan swans watercolor water walk walkthedog walks natureperfection naturephotography nature outdoor outdoors beauty beautyofnature natureisawesome natureisbeautiful

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 (23hannahjane23) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 23hannahjane23:

Hanging Garden Hike~ Page, Arizona🌵🌷 naturelovers getoutsideandplay outdoorlife natureisawesome natureislife hanginggarden outwestisbest travelersofinstagram hikergirl hikinglife latergram

1 Hours ago
Miranda Engelshoven (miranda.engelshoven) Instagram Photos and Videos

Miranda Engelshoven


Comment from Miranda Engelshoven:

Gewone smalboktor - Stictoleptura rubra wildlife_perfection instanature natureisawesome insectphotography insect_addict insects_of_our_world insects insecten pocket_insects ip_insects kings_insects uwn_insect insectguru macroclique bugs bugstagram bugsofinstagram insect_perfection macro_highlight macros macro_freaks macro_freaks_closeup eye_spy_nature fifty_shades_of_macro insectagram tgif_insects macro_highlight nature_hippys perfect_macro

1 Hours ago
tamala623 (tamala623) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from tamala623:

🌖 tnatouregon

1 Hours ago
The Wilderness Center (wildernesscenter) Instagram Photos and Videos

The Wilderness Center


Comment from The Wilderness Center:

We get the best presents! thankyou to the friend of thewildernesscenter who brought us a plastic container of monarch caterpillars happily munching on milkweed! They are all starting to create their chrysalis - perfect timing for our insect classes! wildernesscenter pollinators outdoors outdoorsohio veryhungrycaterpillar natureisawesome

1 Hours ago
Deb Norton (debnortonwriting) Instagram Photos and Videos

Deb Norton


Comment from Deb Norton:

- - - - wildflowers partwildflowers lifeinthewoods natureisawesome followsflowers flowerfollower getawayfromyourdesk spring seenwhilehiking hikeitout hikeitoff sierranevada plumascounty plumasnationalforest makeamericagreenagain loveyourmother earthfirst

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mschultz (nature_worldhabitat) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from mschultz:

Fledgling right out of the nest. fledgling birds wildlife wildlifephotography audobonsociety naturephotography nationalwildlifefederationcert natgeoyourshot mycapture natureisawesome sonyimages thephotosociety backyardwarrior backyard birdphotography

1 Hours ago
flowwell (flowwell) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from flowwell:

Raven showing me paper wasp nest nowimshowinyou ravensounds paperwasp nest natureisawesome humboldt lifestyle haveanawesomeday tgif hugsfromflow enjoythelittlethings waspnest

2 Hours ago
Dean Martin (thirdeyepics) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dean Martin


Comment from Dean Martin:

Perch perch fish goprohero goprohero4 goprophotography gopro underwater underwaterphotography underthesurface naturephotography nature natureisawesome awesomenature pocket_canada pocket_family icu_canada igs_can

2 Hours ago
Justyna Krol (justynakrol12) Instagram Photos and Videos

Justyna Krol


Comment from Justyna Krol:

skurwielki na patyku nature osa garden home natureisawesome keeplooking

2 Hours ago
Johanna Lörraxx (inpinkcible_summer) Instagram Photos and Videos

Johanna Lörraxx


Comment from Johanna Lörraxx:

Hi friends. if I were you, I would come visit 😊 . . . . . . . . . . . . . c oregon redwoods nationalforest nationalpark forest pacificwonderland pacificocean ocean coast gooutside outside outsideisthebestside outsideisfree outdoors liveoutdoors livelifebeautifully natureisbeautiful natureisawesome nature liveauthentic

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Mahees Ahmed ® (maheesahmed) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mahees Ahmed ®


Comment from Mahees Ahmed ®:

nature naturelover lovenature naturephotographer naturephotography natureisawesome natureisbeautiful adventure adventures buildings green travelphotography traveler travel earth beauty world sky picbyme sea photographer photography srilanka colombo blue sunset sunset clouds cloudy ...

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Marie Olander (thorslynn) Instagram Photos and Videos

Marie Olander


Comment from Marie Olander:

nature nasommar natureisawesome natureisfantastic instaflower flowers midsommar gloryofsweden

2 Hours ago
Kia Luzula (artemisia.vulgaris) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kia Luzula


Comment from Kia Luzula:

Biking against the wind. Our bikes are going backwards faroe windyasfuck biking natureisawesome

3 Hours ago
Masta. Shelter.Group ( Instagram Photos and Videos

Masta. Shelter.Group

Comment from Masta. Shelter.Group:

@Regrann from @edibles_by_nature - This recipe is best made using a juicer but if you have none, use a blender. Add all ingredients to your juicer or blender, blend or juice as the case may be. If blending is what you opt for, you will need to sieve the veggies to seperate juice from the fibre. Drink all of the juice gradually and allow between 5-6 hours before your next meal which preferably should be a no-animal-protein fruit &vegetable based meal (maybe a salad) just like your last dinner. You can add some ginger chunks for an extra kick. DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT A MEDICAL ADVICE AND SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN AS SUCH, CONSULT WITH YOUR MEDICAL DOCTOR IF YOU NEED ONE. kidneycleanser livercleanser healthybody natureisawesome ediblesbynature greenislife🍃 organicforthewin ruleyourbody ruleyourworld natureisbae lagosfitfam naijafitfamsquad lagosfitfamfoodie - regrann

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FannyAngela (fan_nilla) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from FannyAngela:

Come quando da bambina mi perdevo alla scoperta della natura. Magic moment! bees beesarefriends savethebees lavender lovenature 🐝 naturelovers natureisawesome

1 Days ago