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I know it'll kill me when it's over I don't wanna think about it I want you to love me now

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Undulating branches on the Cataract Falls Trail. // Does a long hike sound good around now? Have a hike planned for Alamere Falls, Point Reyes, CA on Saturday, January 28th. DM me or message me. Cheers, Karen 🍄🍃✨💚🍄🍃✨💚

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Beautiful fingerling potatoes. Nature is just awesome.

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A male moth can smell a female more than 7 miles away! Though they lack noses, moths are expert sniffers. They detect odor molecules using their antennae instead of through nostrils. Male giant silkworm moths have elaborate, feather-shaped antennae with hairlike scent receptors that allow them to detect a single molecule of a female moth's sex hormone from 7 miles (11 kilometers) away.
 A beautiful photo by @twin.chan Thank you for sharing. Be sure to check out this artists page!

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