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死 (edgilj) Instagram Photos and Videos


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Half healed half fresh. Come get some tattoos. edgilj . . . tattoo tttism TAOT tattoodo tattoo2me tattoosnob tattooistartmag tattooistartmagazine tattooworkers girltattoo neotrad neotradeu neotraditionaltattoo neotradsub neotraditional neotraditional neotraditionaltattoos oldlines darkartists closeup sydneytattoo skindeeptattoo snaketattoo @_skindeeptattoo

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Ashley Donna Marie Horncastle (ashleyhorncastle) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ashley Donna Marie Horncastle


Comment from Ashley Donna Marie Horncastle:

Wonder-ful booty 💙✨ wonderwoman buttheart dc dccomics dianaprince tattoo tattoos ntgallery neotradsub neotraditional tattooworkers loveclassictattoos vancouverta saniderm vancouver gastown gastowntattoo 604 liquidambertattoo inkstagram darkartists tattoosandflash blackwork blackworkerssubmission blxckink btattooing ladytattooers qttr tattooful onlythedarkest

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C U UM B I  AA !!!!! ( Instagram Photos and Videos

C U UM B I AA !!!!!

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Lucky Devil Tattoos&Piercings (luckydeviltattoosandpiercings) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lucky Devil Tattoos&Piercings


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Done by @codedfl @maritimetattoofestival . codedfl halifax luckydevilbarrie luckydeviltattoos luckydeviltattoosandpiercings tattoo tattoos tattooartist ink art ontario ontariotattoos lightbulb lightbulbtattoo mushroom mushroomtattoo neotraditional neotradsub neotrad barrie barrietattoos barrietattoo simcoecounty 705

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That Tattoo Guy Travis Boyd 🌙 (travisboydtattoo) Instagram Photos and Videos

That Tattoo Guy Travis Boyd 🌙


Comment from That Tattoo Guy Travis Boyd 🌙:

Got to outline this one today! Can't wait to color blast this one! art illustration drawing superbtattoos sullenclothing fkirons bishoprotary rosetattoo mandala eternalink kingpintattoosupply nawden girltattoos galaxy guytattoos midwest indiana instagood artoftheday rose traditionaltattoo dope neotraditional neotradsub tattoos tattoo tattoodesign

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⚡️ BEN SMITH ⚡️ (bennytattoos_) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ⚡️ BEN SMITH ⚡️:

Crow and road spikes for @papersnfilters 🔮⚰️ So hyped I got to do this bad boy from my flash collection 😎🔥done at @reverencetattoorichmond 🌿 richmond reverencetattoo neotrad neotraditonal neotradsub darkartist blackandgrey colourtattoo btattooing tattoo besttattoos traditonaltattoo tattooartist tattoocollective tattoogallery tattoooftheday tattoolife tattooflash tattoomelbourne tattooworld customart customink darkartistsubmission blackworkers blackworkersubmission bright_and_bold blackinkedart

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kelsey carman (honeybasiltattoos) Instagram Photos and Videos

kelsey carman


Comment from kelsey carman:

A VERY angry blackandgrey crystal formation. Thanks heather! tattoo tattoos tattooer tattooing tattooart vancouvertattoo vancitylife vancouverbc vancouver bc crystal crystals neotrad neotradsub neotraditionaltattoo neotraditional nature

26 Minutes ago
Andrew C. Young (dr.ew_tattoos) Instagram Photos and Videos

Andrew C. Young


Comment from Andrew C. Young:

Ooooo would be so rad to learn some stuff from all these artist!!!! evergreencontest

29 Minutes ago
David Glantz (davidglantztattoos) Instagram Photos and Videos

David Glantz


Comment from David Glantz:

Made a dent on @loraxgirl's arm today... keeping the colour on the subtle side. Can't wait to do more work on this! Want to book in? Email david archive archivetoronto toronto torontotattoo torontotattooshop yyz yyztattoo 416 416tattoos 416tattoo tattoosnob TAOT blackclaw blackclawneedle davidglantz davidglantztattoos neotradsub neotradeu neotraditional neotraditionaltattoo neotrad fox foxtattoo ramskull skull skulltattoo

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Carl Sebastian (carltattoos) Instagram Photos and Videos

Carl Sebastian


Comment from Carl Sebastian:

Dragon design available sydneytattoosydneytattooartis artistcarltattoosinstagoodbond dbonditattootattoooldschooltat oltattoojapanesetattooornament amentaltattootattooinsoiration ationinkedmagblackworkersinked inkedupinkedtrendingneotradtra adtraditionaltattooskinartmagt tmagtattoolifeneotradsubneotra eotraditionaltattoowbestirezum rezumidragondragontattooryubon

43 Minutes ago
AELLIOTT2(Anthony Elliott II) (aelliott2) Instagram Photos and Videos

AELLIOTT2(Anthony Elliott II)


Comment from AELLIOTT2(Anthony Elliott II):

Got to put on this mysterious ghoul today! Thanks Mitch!

48 Minutes ago
Omar Herrin (yurnewboy) Instagram Photos and Videos

Omar Herrin


Comment from Omar Herrin:

Gotta show some love for this shoulder flower bee piece ♥️ 🐝 . . . omarstattoo omarherrin drawing flowertattoo abstract abstractart radtattoo art girlwithtattoos blackwork art cute girly girltattoo follow f4f like Nature custom tattoo tattrx neotrad neotradsub neotraditional @tattooers @blxckink @black_tattoo_artist @blacktattooart

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Morrison Vo ⚜ (morrisontattooer) Instagram Photos and Videos

Morrison Vo ⚜


Comment from Morrison Vo ⚜:

Here goes another attempt at coloring this 🙄 neotraditional neotradsub ntgallery oldlines neotradstyle tattoosnob inkedphilly tattoos inked outofstepbookstattooworkers inkedmag neotraditionals tattooartist artdriven artcollective skinartmag tattoorevuemag supportartist

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Elik Lugari (eliklugari) Instagram Photos and Videos

Elik Lugari


Comment from Elik Lugari:

El de hoy 🔥 sketch sketching inklife tattooartistmagazine tatuadoresmexicanos tattoooftheday tattooworkers tattooworld tattoo tattoolife neotradsub neotrad neotraditional neotradicional newtraditional neotraditionaltattoo superbtattoos darkartist

1 Hours ago
Nick Pisani (nick_pisani) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nick Pisani


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1 Hours ago
Empyrean Tattoo (empyreantattoo) Instagram Photos and Videos

Empyrean Tattoo


Comment from Empyrean Tattoo:

wutang tiger done by @danwhipkeytattoos Empyrean tattoo 8610 roswell rd. Sandy springs ga 30350 empyreantattoo atlantatattoos georgiatattoos atlantatattooartist georgiatattooartist tattoo tattoos bodyart tattooed inked ink tattooedgirl tatts instatattoo instatattoos newtattoo art artist amazing neotraditionaltattooers neotradsub follow pridetattooneedles phucstyxtattoosupply love happy instagood photooftheday beautiful

1 Hours ago
rHi 🚀 Wallace (rhiwallace) Instagram Photos and Videos

rHi 🚀 Wallace


Comment from rHi 🚀 Wallace:

A jellyfish armpit from some summers ago @apsychicunicorn Rhiatstic for appointment info 5703017776 pennsylvania ladytattooers armpittattoo

1 Hours ago
Alex Curran (alex.curran) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alex Curran


Comment from Alex Curran:

Got to do this fun gap filler on my awesome girlfriend @yasqueen_lauren thanks for trusting me to draw it on

1 Hours ago
Evan 'Yu' (evanyuink) Instagram Photos and Videos

Evan 'Yu'


Comment from Evan 'Yu':

Galaxy themed girl in progress. This is super fun and I can't wait for the colours. ____________________________ tattoo tattoos tatted girl galaxy space sun moon star neotradsub neotraditional neotrad artwork art illustration draw sketch lines fkirons neotraditionaltattoo toronto eternalink kink chronicink

1 Hours ago
Schyler Ames (schyleramestattoo) Instagram Photos and Videos

Schyler Ames


Comment from Schyler Ames:

Fun foot coffin today on @eric_price_'s boney feet. Thanks again dude! For booking - schyleramestattoo . . bloodmoneyirons griffinsalve joshuabowersmachines tattoosnob tatsoul truetubes kingpintattoosupply blackclawneedle bright_and_bold eternalink ninemag skinartmag neotrad neotradsub tattoosandflash neotraditional boldtattoos stencilstuff newtraditional mentor cleveland clevelandtattoo mentortattoo

1 Hours ago
hayden (haydenthompsonart) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from hayden:

Other side for @emmamxree bit warped in the photo. Sat so well to sit through both sides of these! Dm me for bookings few spaces this week and next ------------------------------ neotraditionaltattoo neotraditional neotrad neotradsub perthtattoo tattooflash tattoo tattooapprentice tattoodesign ipadpro tattoo ipadproart irezumi irezumitattoo neojapanese backinktimeipadprotattooteam tattoosmart floraltattoo taot art neotradeu artcollective japanesetattoosub workhorseirons ipadartists tattoosmart inkjecta metrixneedles blackclawneedle numbskulled numbskulledaftercare

1 Hours ago
Adrian Mateo (admateoart) Instagram Photos and Videos

Adrian Mateo


Comment from Adrian Mateo:

Had a great time finishing up these sweet hydrangeas for Heather today! Thanks so much Heather. Lines & leaves are fully healed, blues & yellows in the flowers is fresh.

1 Hours ago
Aidan Miskelly (aidanmiskelly) Instagram Photos and Videos

Aidan Miskelly


Comment from Aidan Miskelly:

Pigskin no. 7 black and grey snake & rose 🐍

1 Hours ago
Jon Squires (squirestattoos) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jon Squires


Comment from Jon Squires:

Drawin' on tatts. Thanks Darren! . . . . . . . yeg yegart yeggers yegtattoo squirestattoos picoftheday photooftheday love me instagood trad tradtattoo tradworkers traditional neotrad neotradsub neotradtattoo neotradtattoos

1 Hours ago
ayako (ayako666) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ayako:

mtl montrealtattoo montreal quebectattooshops upcomingcanadatattoo greatwhitenorthtattoos montrealartist harrypotter hogwartstattoo ladytattooers tattoolife tattooworkers canada ipadprotattooteam hptattoo harrypottertattoo neotrad neotradsub neotraditionel vifdor tattooistartmag tattoorevuemag montrealartist colortattoo potterhead artnerd

1 Hours ago
Manny Hernandez (manny_themachete) Instagram Photos and Videos

Manny Hernandez


Comment from Manny Hernandez:

We trippy mayne! Thanks Cole! Got time if you got time! Text 4807295727, Manuelhernandez6, or DM for info on how to set sothing up! tattoo traditional traditionaltattoo tattooistartmag arizonatattooshop tattooculturemagazine skinartmag tattooartist neotraditional tattooing tattooer tattooflash bright_and_bold tattoocollector tattoocollectors realtattoos tattooed neotraditionaltattoo neotradsub spitshaded whipshaded tattooartist tattooart aztattoo aztattooer arizona phoenix phoenixarizona arizonatattooartist

1 Hours ago
kenneth nash (tattoosby_nash) Instagram Photos and Videos

kenneth nash


Comment from kenneth nash:

Really happy with this Doggo I did earlier! If anyone wants a neotraditional dog or person portrait hmu! Thanks for looking! tattoosby_nash fusioninks inkjecta dankubinrotary girlswithtattoos calftattoos chickswithtattoos dudeswithtattoos inkedgirls dogtattoo bulldogtattoo chicago desmoines denver wichita dallas kcmotattoos kansascitymo igkansascity neotraditionaltattoo neotradsub newtraditional americantraditionaltattoo digitalart @ipadprotattooteam @fusionink_ca @tattoosnob @darkartists @best.of.kc @kcmo_finest_tattoos @inkedmag @skinart_traditional @inkjecta @fusionink_peggy

1 Hours ago
 (derbylablonge) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from derbylablonge:

NMHRK ❤ . . daimoku buddhism buddhist lifestyle lifegoals goals nmhrk nammyōhōrengekyō kosenrufu peace tattooed tattoo tattooworkers blacktattooworkers artsy graffiti instatattoos maori maoritattoo chesttattoo sacredgeometry ornamentaltattoo mandala realistictattoo oldschool neotradsub traditionaltattoo sketch drawing tattooedpeople

1 Hours ago
Nick Ferrell (nickferrelltattoos) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nick Ferrell


Comment from Nick Ferrell:

Today was a good day. girlswithtattoos guyswithtattoos besttattoos d_world_of_ink boldwillhold blacklines blacklinesmatter neotrad neotradsub neotraditional neotraditionaltattoo skinartmag tattoosnob tattooartistmagazine fkirons kingpintattoosupply traditionaltattoo

1 Hours ago
SHANE MURPHY (inkbyshane) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from SHANE MURPHY:

10th mountain Division for Jack tonight! Thanks for letting me do my thing with it! 10thmountaindivisionarmytattoo attootattootattoosveterantatto tattootattoostattoosofinstagra tagramtattooworkersblackandgre ndgreyblackandgreytattooblackw lackworkersblackworkinkinkedin kedinkedmagmountaintattoocusto

2 Hours ago
✵ Adam Steel (adamsteeltattoo) Instagram Photos and Videos

✵ Adam Steel


Comment from ✵ Adam Steel:

adamsteeltattoo uktta uktattoo manchester manchestertattoo leedstattoo btattooing boldwillhold brightandbold tattooworkers neotrad neotradsub ntgallery neotraditional tattooculturemagazine besttradtattoos real_traditional classic_tattoos traditionaltattoo tradworkers tradworkerssubmission eutradtattoo oldschooltattoo topclasstattooing oldlines radtrad

2 Hours ago
Nick Kohlmeier ( Instagram Photos and Videos

Nick Kohlmeier

Comment from Nick Kohlmeier:

Shots of the whole piece. tattoo tattoos tattooartist tattooworkers tattoocollective thenewtraditionalists art artnerd artcollective darkartists bright_and_bold ntgallery neotradsub girlswithtattoos guyswithtattoos blackworkerssubmission tattooedgirls tattooedguys blackclaw blackclawneedles fusionink dynamicink kingpintattoosupply skinartmag tattoorevuemag prideaftercare tattooistartmagazine myneotrad

2 Hours ago
• Martin Bianchi • (martin_bianchi) Instagram Photos and Videos

• Martin Bianchi •


Comment from • Martin Bianchi •:

Tattoo para mi amigo Mosqui ! @romero_piercer 😁 gracias por darme tanta libertad en el diseño. Por consultas pueden escribir a martinrbianchi

2 Hours ago