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Joe Lemire (joe_lemire) Instagram Photos and Videos

Joe Lemire


Comment from Joe Lemire:

Finished up Alison’s chest today. This was a lot of fun. I’ll be getting better photos when it’s all settled in. Thanks for always being tough as nails! 💪🏻 On a side note, I’m always down to tattoo animals.✌🏻😬📧JoeLemireTattoo

4 Minutes ago
♠ Lefty Jayson David-Vattoly ♠ (leftytattooer) Instagram Photos and Videos

♠ Lefty Jayson David-Vattoly ♠


Comment from ♠ Lefty Jayson David-Vattoly ♠:

singleneedle fineline neotrad neotradsub neotraditional neotraditionaltattoo traditionaltattoo brightandbold tattoo tattoos inkmaster steadfastbrand afterinked stencilstuff worldfamousink crazytattoos tattoosofinstagram tattoosoftheday picoftheday inkjunkeyz tattoosleeve tattooscociety ink crazytattoos tattoosforgirls tattoosforwomen tattoosformen colortattoo blackandgray art

5 Minutes ago
tattoosbythai (blvck_thorn) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from tattoosbythai:

Sketching tattooflash tattoo stencilstuff kingpintattoosupply eternalink steadfastbrand traditionaltattoo spitshade traditionalflash neotraditionaltattoos neotradsub redemptiontattoocare tattoosnob swallowsanddaggers besttradtattoos traditionaltattooflash oldlines superbtattoos btattooing tattooisartmag tattooartistmagazine bright_and_bold tattoonation tatsoul tattooartist neotradeu

7 Minutes ago
futurelazertiger (xfuturelazertigerx) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from futurelazertiger:

Kadee made a barley & hops fox! Say that three times fast. 🦊🌾🍻 fox barley hops beer foxtattoo neotradsub neotraditional futurelazertiger ferndale detroit woodward detroittattooartist michigantattooers detroittattooshop ladytattooers girlswithtattoos guyswithtattoos

11 Minutes ago
Johnny Domus (johnny_domus_mesquita) Instagram Photos and Videos

Johnny Domus


Comment from Johnny Domus:

Tattoo in progress!!! Thanks Amalia for the amazing day!! piranhacartridges piranhatattoostudios piranhatattoosupplies forgedbymeta TAOT inked inksav inkedup tattoocollectors tattoocommunity neotrad neotradi neotradeu neotradsub neotraditional neotraditionaltattoo thebesttattooartists tiger

15 Minutes ago
Justin Al (yattoosbyyustin) Instagram Photos and Videos

Justin Al


Comment from Justin Al:

We got a real solid start to Liam's Japanese shark today! Just the color left. Thanks homie! tattoo tattooartist tattooart apprentice tattooapprentice apprenticetattoo ink inked blackandgrey blackandgreytattoo bng sharktattoo shark japanesetattoo japaneseshark legtattoo sleevetattoo linework blackwork instatattoo tattoosofinstagram sinktheink vancouvertattoo boldwillhold neotradsub neotradeu neotraditional neotraditionaltattoo fkirons

23 Minutes ago
Doug Castro (doug__castro) Instagram Photos and Videos

Doug Castro


Comment from Doug Castro:

Em breve na perna da minha gatona @gon_011 . Boa noite creation tattoo beatletattoo neotraditional neotrad neotradsub doug__castro sp

24 Minutes ago
Axel Paez (paintatuajes) Instagram Photos and Videos

Axel Paez


Comment from Axel Paez:

Diseños dispo ! rosetraditional rosedesign rose design diseño disponible heart realitional neotradicionalargentina neotrad neotradtattooers tattooer flash flashtattoo tattooflash colortattoo neotraditional neotradsub ramosmejia ramos ramossur

26 Minutes ago
Katie McGowan (katietattoos) Instagram Photos and Videos

Katie McGowan


Comment from Katie McGowan:

Drop a 🐰 if Louise is your spirit animal 💞🤓💞 bobsburgers louisebelcher illseeyouinhell

28 Minutes ago
Katherine N. Zuñiga (katherine_tattooart) Instagram Photos and Videos

Katherine N. Zuñiga


Comment from Katherine N. Zuñiga:

Micrófono Elvis para @melinaswq neotraditional neotraditionaltattoo microphone neotradsub ladytattooer costarica elvispresley

28 Minutes ago
Mic Allison (tattoomic) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mic Allison


Comment from Mic Allison:

Made this pocket watch with some roses tonight! art ink tattoo tattoos inked artist design tattoosnob skinart_mag inkig bloodmoneyirons tattooer tattooartist boldwillhold inkjunkeyz neotraditionaltattoo neotradsub neotraditionaltattooer ohiotattooers ohiotattooer ohio artbomb artbombtattoos pocketwatch rose roses rosetattoo pocketwatchtattoo

31 Minutes ago
Paul Nycz (nice) (paulnycz_cc) Instagram Photos and Videos

Paul Nycz (nice)


Comment from Paul Nycz (nice):

Beware of the scorpion woman for her sting is dangerous but her love is deadly.... . . . . Paulnycz tattoo traditionaltattoo classiccooltattoo iowa desmoines ironhearttattoo tattoosdesmoines oldlines americanatattoos tattoosnob besttradtattoos topclasstattooing bright_and_bold neotradsub thebesttattooers tattooartistmagazine

32 Minutes ago
Sean Addy (seanaddytattoo) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sean Addy


Comment from Sean Addy:

Earth wolf. Part of an element sleeve tattoo ink inked art artist illustration drawing theshopportjervis wolftattoo earth flowers neotraditional neotradsub

41 Minutes ago
CJ White (cjwhite.tattoos) Instagram Photos and Videos

CJ White


Comment from CJ White:

Squeezed this diving falcon into a gap on Taylor, thanks again man!

42 Minutes ago
🏮🏮🏮 Manny 🕉 Fernandez 🏮🏮🏮 (mannysrevolution) Instagram Photos and Videos

🏮🏮🏮 Manny 🕉 Fernandez 🏮🏮🏮


Comment from 🏮🏮🏮 Manny 🕉 Fernandez 🏮🏮🏮:

Had fun with this one for sale 250$ 20”X36” spray paint acrylic on canvas tattoosbymannyfernandez revolutiontattooparlor revolutiontattooparlor lv 702 lasvegastattooshops lasvegastattooartist mannyfernandez goodtattoos neotat neotraditional neotraditionaltattoos inkjecta brightcolors customwork originaltattoos originalwork wip draw work putintime electric electricink lvta neotradsub vegastattooartist vegasartitst wacom wacomteam tattoosmart

43 Minutes ago
Oscar Medina (moca_lefthand) Instagram Photos and Videos

Oscar Medina


Comment from Oscar Medina:

Prismacolor, tinta india y unas pinceladas de café Matlapero darkartist neotraditionalart neotraditional neotradsub ntgallery

44 Minutes ago
Julio Escalante (julio.escalante.h) Instagram Photos and Videos

Julio Escalante


Comment from Julio Escalante:

50 Minutes ago
Omar Herrin (yurnewboy) Instagram Photos and Videos

Omar Herrin


Comment from Omar Herrin:

🌟 the vibe feels right so hang tight 🌟 . . . thinkbeforeuink arrowtattoo arrow

55 Minutes ago
Ben Osrowitz (benoztattoo93) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ben Osrowitz


Comment from Ben Osrowitz:

57 Minutes ago
Lygon St Tattoo Co. (lygonsttattooco) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lygon St Tattoo Co.


Comment from Lygon St Tattoo Co.:

Tattoo by @courtelisetattoo lygonsttattooco tattoostudio melbourne tattoo tattoos brunswickeast brunswick portrait photo photooftheday neotrad neotraditionaltattoo neotradsub trad skinartmag skinart skinart_mag illustrative art drawing drawings design designs colortattoo colourtattoo skinart_mag fruit tattoorevuemag tropical pineapple

1 Hours ago
Lygon St Tattoo Co. (lygonsttattooco) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lygon St Tattoo Co.


Comment from Lygon St Tattoo Co.:

Tattoo by @cvhtattoos lygonsttattooco tattoostudio melbourne tattoo tattoos brunswickeast brunswick portrait photo photooftheday neotrad neotraditionaltattoo neotradsub trad skinartmag skinart skinart_mag illustrative art drawing drawings design designs colortattoo colourtattoo skinart_mag tattoorevuemag

1 Hours ago
Ashley Donna Marie Horncastle (ashleyhorncastle) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ashley Donna Marie Horncastle


Comment from Ashley Donna Marie Horncastle:

⚫ geometric dotwork geometrichalfsleeve mandalatattoo dotworktattoo mandala geometrictattoo

1 Hours ago
Daniel Tobon (danieltobontattoo) Instagram Photos and Videos

Daniel Tobon


Comment from Daniel Tobon:

Tatuaje del día de ayer. Mano y rosa Neotradicional. Citas y cotizaciones DM o whatsapp 3166465654 hand handtattoo rose rosetattoo neo Neotradicional neotradsub tatuajeneotradiconal colombia belloantioquia

1 Hours ago
Eric Bovay (ericbovaytattoos) Instagram Photos and Videos

Eric Bovay


Comment from Eric Bovay:

Added some daisy’s to clients tattoos, will finish it up next session. Script and grey work not by me. • • daisy daisytattoo tattoos tats inked mtl mtltattoo montreal montrealtattoo art artist instatattoo instagood mtlprodigies neotradtattoo neotraditional neotraditionaltattoo neotradsub ntgallery tattoolife

1 Hours ago
Anthony Lennox (lennoxtattoo) Instagram Photos and Videos

Anthony Lennox


Comment from Anthony Lennox:

Made a good start on this cover up today for Phil! And yes I am aware she has a unicorn horn, to be covered in the next sit 💯☠️ tattoo tattoos tattooist tattooer tattooed inked tattooflash the_inkmasters uktta ninemag tattooideas neotradsub neotraditionaltattooers tattooworkers tattooistArtMagazine tattoosnob artist inkjunkeyz anthonylennoxtattoos art fresh tattooart TATTOODO instadaily tattoostudio highwycombetattooartist highwycombetattooist btattooing flashworkers blackworkerssubmission @tattooinkspiration @tattoosnob @tattooistartmag @the_inkmasters @inkmachines @inkedmag @inkjunkeyz @killerinktattoo @tattoos_of_instagram @tattoolifemagazine @neotraditionaleaurope @neotraditionaltattooers @blackworkers

1 Hours ago
Matt Stolzenburg (mattydarkside) Instagram Photos and Videos

Matt Stolzenburg


Comment from Matt Stolzenburg:

CHICAGO! DETROIT! And the UK🇬🇧 I am booking for those locations and dates 👉🏼(check bio)👈 and I’d LOVE to do more things like this 👆🏻👆🏻so hit me up and let’s make it happen! *swipe for more* thank you for your trust and support! . . . . @blood_money_irons @thetommyhaley_bloodmoneyirons @kingyocolor @vitalitreetattoo @akara_arts @blickmkemiad bloodmoneyirons tommyhaleytattoomachines eternaltattooink gamblinoil painting blickmke rosemarybrushes trekell hushanaesthetic kingpintattoo milwaukee milwaukeehome mke travel tattourist tattoo milwaukeetattoo villainarts mkehome tattooing neotrad neoillustrative neotraditional illustrative traditionaltattoo tattoosnob darkartist neotraditionaltattooers skinarttraditional neotradsub .

1 Hours ago
Fabiano Nievola (fabianonievola_tattoo) Instagram Photos and Videos

Fabiano Nievola


Comment from Fabiano Nievola:

》CARIBBEAN《 Feita hoje na @daquelalaia 🕸LAIA CREW TATTOO🕸 flashtattoo traditionaltattoo traditionaltattooflash oldschool oldlines neotraditional neotrad neotradsub tatuagem ink cwbtattoo darkartists customtattoo curitibatattoo extremefreaktattooanddraw curitibacool curitilover laiacrew tattoo sailor sailortattoo sunset sea caribbean ttt oldschoollove oldschooltattoo classictattoo tradtattoo

1 Hours ago
Robbie Mills ♍️ (robbie_tattooer) Instagram Photos and Videos

Robbie Mills ♍️


Comment from Robbie Mills ♍️:

Fun one from today. Love doing roses. rosetattoo flash @fusion_ink @reapermachine @stencilstuff @kingpintattoosupply tattooideas neotraditionaltattooers handtattoo neotradsub tattooedwomen neotradstyle tattoosofig tattoosofinstagram tattooedlife tattoosnob tattoo_art_worldwide tattooartmagazine tattoodo awesometattoos0 bestbodyink igtattoogirls radtattoos myworldofinj inkstinctsubmission tattoolife reddingcalifornia dayinthelifeofrobbiemills 530

1 Hours ago
kelsey ellis (honeybasiltattoos) Instagram Photos and Videos

kelsey ellis


Comment from kelsey ellis:

Did not get amazing photos and apparently my phone cropped off the jawbone below which is nice but thank you Cari for getting this old flash piece and snagging a cancellation spot!!🌿 neotraditionaltattoo neotraditional neotrad neotradsub kingstonontario kingston kingstontattoos ontariotattoos botanical botanicals colour tattoo nature naturetattoos crystal crystals fluorite

1 Hours ago
Henry Gaßner (henrytattoos) Instagram Photos and Videos

Henry Gaßner


Comment from Henry Gaßner:

I love roses 🌹🌹

2 Hours ago
HEART ADORN PASCHOAL (_paschoal_) Instagram Photos and Videos




Back of thigh OUCH!!

2 Hours ago
Bryn Goodall Tattooist (bryn_goodall) Instagram Photos and Videos

Bryn Goodall Tattooist


Comment from Bryn Goodall Tattooist:

One shot Gypsy chick for Amanda. Thank you 👐 WWW.BRYNGOODALL.COM

2 Hours ago
Yan (rak_grond_praduction) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Yan:

🔥New tattoo 💸”Yang Many” Lil Wayne liltunechi 🙏My Tattoo artist: go_tattooer 📸Foto artist: kanisov_foto new tattoo traditionaltattoo newtraditionaltattoo neotraditionaltattoo neotradsub ntgallery fkirons id57337953 (vladbladirons) tatrussia tattooinrussia perm tattooperm пермь perm татупермь татуировкапермь tattoospb spbtattoo spb travellink travellinktattoo tattooworldwide tattooartist fkirons vladbladirons gangster rap hiphop trap rapgrandproduction chikano beggar

2 Hours ago