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Mike Jebo   "MJ"  🇨🇦🏡 (choosemj) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mike Jebo "MJ" 🇨🇦🏡


Comment from Mike Jebo "MJ" 🇨🇦🏡:

Stoked to start this 3 day Cold Pressed Juice Cleanse!! 😊👌🏼 Shout out to @revitasize for delivering these goodies to my front door! 🚪📦🍹 LetsDoThis CleanUp Detox Revitasize Organic NoGMO ColdPressed

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OctopiOrganics (octopiorganics) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from OctopiOrganics:

Next step achieved in our new aquaponics system that has been cycling for 10 days. We have nitrites! That means we now have the bacterium Nitrosomonas (among thousands of other varieties) that are converting ammonia to . Now just waiting for the beneficial bacteria Nitrobacter to arrive to convert the dangerous to nitrates that can be easily taken up by the plants as food.

4 Minutes ago
Dig Dug (_thouglas_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dig Dug


Comment from Dig Dug:

Can this breakfast BE any more autumn? (Zoom in to check when the milk expires!) tbt TasteyBreakfastThursday 🎃 basic 💁 whitegurlbreakfast breakfastisthemostimportantmea foodpyramid stayhealthy glutenfree vegan noGMO loljkithasallthosethings

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Kyleigh (_nourishtoflourish_) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Kyleigh:

my mom and sisters cringe at this combo everytime but 💁🏽. more for me! cottage cheese and peanut butter, is one of my go-to's when I need an extra boost of protein and healthy fats to help keep me going! any other weird food combinations out there??

11 Minutes ago
cookingwithmikec (cookingwithmikec) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from cookingwithmikec:

Veggie goodness! Spelt crust, Spinach, potatoes, roasted garlic, sun dried tomatoes, onions all topped with some sort of vegan cream. Not hip but it sure was delicious. organic shoplocal veggies veggiepizza spelt nogmo

11 Minutes ago
Gretchen (chic_organic_life) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Gretchen:

Day off = meal prep 🌱Crispy fried rice and chili cheese pasta made with @traderjoes quinoa brown rice pasta and @beyondbetterfoods spicy queso . . . . homemade organic nogmo plantbased plantstrong eatfortheplanet eatforyourhealth eatlikeyougiveafuck vegetarian vegan

11 Minutes ago
Jennifer Rose (lovegfreelife) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jennifer Rose


Comment from Jennifer Rose:

Vegan Pasta with Butternut Squash "Cheese". . . So this delicious recipe was actually a mistake! The Butternut Squash did not hold its shape and became kind of mushy. After tasting it, it had a very similar consistency to mac n cheese! It's so flipping good! . . For the full recipe, head over to my blog by clicking the link in my profile or by going to

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Jay Valencia - Pintxo Sauce® (pintxosauce) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jay Valencia - Pintxo Sauce®


Comment from Jay Valencia - Pintxo Sauce®:

Artesian Natural Foods has been in Stockton for almost four decades. Located in Lincoln Center on Pacific Avenue next door to Podesto’s and Midgley’s Public House. Find our Pintxo Sauce® in the refrigerator by the aioli and Veganaise. Both of which mix well with the sauce. Remember! It’s shelfstable so you don’t have to worry about taking it with you while you continue shopping. We just like keeping it as fresh as possible on the cold shelf. artesiannaturalfoods stockton visitstockton spanish sauce vegan glutenfree nogmo locallymade recipes cooking Please post your great pictures with our hashtag... justneedpintxosauce

18 Minutes ago
CCG (chuckanut_crunchgranola) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from CCG:

Looking for a quick breakfast or wholesome snack in Skagit Valley? Find chuckanutcrunch at skagitvalleyfoodcoop! cerealisle nocanesugar nogmo snackright startyourdayright simpleingredients

19 Minutes ago
AgriSiqilliyya (agrisiqilliyya) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from AgriSiqilliyya:

Freshly collected walnuts from Mount Etna... Absolutely wonderful!! ☀🌋 mountetna etna sicilia sicily sicilian walnut noci noce shellfruit fruttasecca agriculture farming nature organic bio biologico noogm nogmo wild instagreen instanature healthy mediterranean diet food foodporn foodblogger october topquality

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Patricia Frank (triciafrank) Instagram Photos and Videos

Patricia Frank


Comment from Patricia Frank:

💪2 out of the last 4 days is WAAAYYY better than the previous 3 weeks combined... I am choosing go focus on THAT! . A win is a win... don't beat yourself up for what COULD HAVE gone better... but instead, celebrate the ways in which you've improved and succeeded!!! . Small wins over time become BIG WINS! ✌️ . I ROCKED the modifier on my workout today and my Max Out time was 13 mins!! Whooooo!! 30 mins later and I've got that natural high!!! 🙌😍👊

32 Minutes ago
Sascha P Johnston🌿 (smileylymie) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sascha P Johnston🌿


Comment from Sascha P Johnston🌿:

What you put on your skin is just as important as what you put in your mouth ~ My favourite daily essentials, simple and sustainable. Skin care turned to skin food ~ @honest_beauty and @evolueskincare are my "go-to" skincare brands for pure, high-quality products ~ If you know me (as someone with a chronic illness) concealer is ESSENTIAL, and @tartecosmetics 12 hour Amazonian clay, paired with the same blush are a brilliant natural-duo 👄 Check out "The Sustainability Series Part 1 & 2" at to discover sustainable beauty secrets friends! sustainablebeautysmileylymie

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Optimus Garden🌿 (optimusgarden) Instagram Photos and Videos

Optimus Garden🌿


Comment from Optimus Garden🌿:

Bring all colours of nature available inside your home or office to inspire creativity, relaxation and positive energy with Optimus Garden. Given its design and its hydroponics culture it requires a very low-maintenance. OptimusFallFireworks plants: Mini Calluna Vulgaris "Beauty Ladies 🌿 🌿 OptimusGarden MyOptimusGarden OptimusGardener UrbanGarden SmartGarden VerticalGarden IndoorGarden OutdoorGarden UrbanJungleBloggers UrbanJungleBlogs PlantStyling KitchenGarden VegetableGarden HerbsGarden HomeGarden Wellness Hydroponics NoSoil NoPesticides NoGMo OptimusGardenApp CallunaVulgaris

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MzzPeacock (mzzpeacock) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from MzzPeacock:

finally found a good veganCheese it’s good! Most of the other ones I’ve tried we’re Heynis!!! noGMO almondMozzarella grilledCheese doItForYoirHealth healthIsWealth healthyChoices whatsForLunch veggieGirl 💋

35 Minutes ago
Courtney Rose (prana_nutrition) Instagram Photos and Videos

Courtney Rose


Comment from Courtney Rose:

As much as Grover and I enjoyed our rainy day walk it's time to warm up and sip on some tasty homemade bone broth ❤☔ _______ vancouverisland rainyday bonebroth tasty homemade organic foodmedicine foodmatters healfromwithin mindbodysoul prananutrition organic supportlocal paythefarmers bethechange positivity mindfulness nourish heath nutritionist nogmo yourvibeattractsyourtribegrate gratitude

43 Minutes ago
Organic Roots (organicrootsmarket) Instagram Photos and Videos

Organic Roots


Comment from Organic Roots:

Organic Pomegranates are only 99¢ a pound at Organic Roots! 😍

51 Minutes ago
Telesa McCrory (telesa_mc) Instagram Photos and Videos

Telesa McCrory


Comment from Telesa McCrory:

Did you know?!? 😯There is a very good reason!!! lastinglipcolor nogmo noanimaltesting lastsallday💋 lastsallday nomoresmudge smudgeproof senegence lipsenseaddict lipsense lipsensedistributor lipsense💋 lipsenseislife lipsenselife lipsenseobsessed lipstick lipsenselover lipsensecolor lipsenselady lipse

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Sotol Hacienda de Chihuahua (sotolhacienda) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sotol Hacienda de Chihuahua


Comment from Sotol Hacienda de Chihuahua:

Now you may find Sotol Hacienda on Germany through Perola Online-Shop 🇩🇪. https://www.perola-shop. sotol LoveSotol SotolHacienda Chihuahua mexican drinks estilonatural noGMO spirits organic México Germany USDA mixology Prost

55 Minutes ago
Gettin' Lippy in CA (gettin_lippy_in_ca) Instagram Photos and Videos

Gettin' Lippy in CA


Comment from Gettin' Lippy in CA:

New Limited Edition color, T.E.A.M Wicked!

1 Hours ago
Summer Breeze Flowers (atimeforflowers) Instagram Photos and Videos

Summer Breeze Flowers


Comment from Summer Breeze Flowers:

My daughter (4 1/2yrs old) loves tomatoes and avocados so she and I are having our share right now. I added primal kitchens ranch and honey mustard dressing some Himalayan sea salt and I’m set! Yummmmy! It’s so important to feed our bodies good food and to introduce healthy options to the little ones too. I remember when she was two she would ask me to sauté her onions for breakfast. Her and my son like a different variety but both make healthy choices so I honor their Ayurveda doshas and needs and wants connected to that. So with that being said, sending you all blessings today and hoping you get the gift of some good food too! Loving you all! 💖😘🙌🏽🙏🏽🙌🏽😘💖 namaste vegan avocado vegansofig vegangirl yogagirl veganfood veganfoodshare tomatoes yogi yogini healthychoices foodismedicine natural noGMO organic yogainspiration fitnessmotivation fitnessgirl healthyeats nomnom healthyeating cleaneating teamnourish selflove cleanfood whatvegankidseat whatveganseat yogaeverydamnday yogaeverywhere

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PureSugarKane🎬🎰🗺 (trophywifeace) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from PureSugarKane🎬🎰🗺:

I been rocking Js savage supreme TBT paidinfull getrichordietrying I do it for the sneakers 👟💰♠️🖤throwbackthursday throwbackthursdays 🤷‍♀️👸🏽🎬💎🙏🤘🌬💨🌊💦💧☠️� NoGMO naturalhair savagebeauty

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Lee Hiller (leehiller) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lee Hiller


Comment from Lee Hiller:

Vegan smoothie w/ @genuinehealth fermented vegan proteins+ powder (unsweetened unflavored) added to fresh sweet potato, beet root and cinnamon plus frozen apples, manderines and bananas. Top with spring water and Blend! please follow Genuine Health to learn more about how fermented PlantProtein is best for absorption, digestibility and performance. You need good guthealth to get the most out of your nutritional intake. These plant proteins kick-ass like you! fitfuel worlout Fitness healthyoptions nongmo glutenfree nogmo

1 Hours ago
CeCe (iannacamps) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from CeCe:

Better than regular coke? 🤔 I don't know it kinda taste the same to me but with less sugar and natural flavors cola 1893 pepsi pepsicola naturalflavor naturalextract nogmo nofrutosecornsyrup nocornsyrup natrualflavors nogmos

1 Hours ago
kings&queensontherise LLC (kqor2017) Instagram Photos and Videos

kings&queensontherise LLC


Comment from kings&queensontherise LLC:

& this is what they brain wash us to believe 🤔 Coconut oil has helped me in so many ways... .let me guide you to a healthy lifestyle “my story is real “ staywoke ihavelearnedmylesson nogmo

1 Hours ago
Gretchen (chic_organic_life) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Gretchen:

When you realize there's a vegan deli and market in your go there and buy things 🤷🏻‍♀️🌱 . . . . homemade organic nogmo plantbased plantstrong eatfortheplanet eatforyourhealth eatlikeyougiveafuck vegetarian vegan meatlesseveryday kitehill blackbirdfoods followyourheart

1 Hours ago
For Tea's Sake (forteassake) Instagram Photos and Videos

For Tea's Sake


Comment from For Tea's Sake:

This blend is such a great go-to when the cold weather hits. Mix into your steeping routine a few times a week to give your immune system an extra boost. 👊👊forteassake

1 Hours ago
Boku Superfood (bokusuperfood) Instagram Photos and Videos

Boku Superfood


Comment from Boku Superfood:

To celebrate GetToKnowYourCustomersDay, we want to give you the chance to win a months supply of BokuSuperfood! To enter, share a picture of a unique way you use Boku and make sure to tag BokuHack and @BokuSuperFood. Winner will be chosen and announced on Halloween. Good luck and we can't wait to see what you come up with! superfoodgiveaway

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Health First 🍏😴🙏🏽⛹🏾💚 ❕🇬🇧& 🇭🇺❕ (healthtippsjustfollow) Instagram Photos and Videos

Health First 🍏😴🙏🏽⛹🏾💚 ❕🇬🇧& 🇭🇺❕


Comment from Health First 🍏😴🙏🏽⛹🏾💚 ❕🇬🇧& 🇭🇺❕:

Practise makes you perfect❕ lets see again❗️ health healthy practice alldayeveryday nostress peaceful meditate relax youarewhatyoueat building blocks futurematters beawake organicfood importance nochemicals nogmo behealthy ihelpyou followme

1 Hours ago
Nakia Williams (frvroverdressed) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nakia Williams


Comment from Nakia Williams:

This dish reminded me to make more herbed butters, especially for meat! Thyme, dill and cilantro herb butter on turkey breast with carrot ginger brown rice pilaf and sautéed broccoli and corn in a wok. Great meal that keeps you filled!!!

1 Hours ago
Smor Butter (smor_butter) Instagram Photos and Videos

Smor Butter


Comment from Smor Butter:

You won’t believe how good our butters are. smorplease

2 Hours ago
Richard DiFred (honeyucatan) Instagram Photos and Videos

Richard DiFred


Comment from Richard DiFred:

healthyfood holloween 🎃love life ⚜️🌞 @honeyucatan 🌟AhMucenCab honeybee foodoftheday food foodgasm foodfitforthegods kosher organic nogmo enjoy essentials delicious dessert foodie goodvibes pollination beedance beepanels bestimport love delicious honey georgetown yucatan yum beautiful

2 Hours ago
Kanani Moli (kananimoli) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kanani Moli


Comment from Kanani Moli:

Who said you can't have a smoothie for breakfast? Well you can! Specially if it's packed with nutrition!! 💪🏽 thelittlebrownbox

3 Hours ago
Liz (lizzzeb934) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Liz:

Anyone else eat microgreens as a snack or meal? These peashoots from are delish!!! Sprinkle of sea salt and munch. goodeats instagrambirmingham healthyeats cleaneating plantbased microgreens nogmo vegan vegetarianfood healthyliving Produce plantbaseddiet greeneats peashoots peagreens InstaBham PepperPlace bhamgram vegetarianfood HealthySnacking cleaneats organic greenliving healingfood kidapproved snacksforkids

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