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Daniel's Platter Ph (danielsplatterph) Instagram Photos and Videos

Daniel's Platter Ph


Comment from Daniel's Platter Ph:

👋🏽 We present to you our new and improved organic produce list with an abudance of vegetables in different colors to add a touch of 🌈 to an otherwise gloomy weather this week! 😊. . DanielsPlatterPh EatLocal EatHealthy EatGreens Health organicfarms Vegetables Veggies BuyLocal SupportLocal OrganicFarmers KnowYourFarmer LoveLocal OrganicPh SustainableLiving HelpLocal helpfarmers HighlandProduce HealthyLiving EatOrganic EcoFriendly Fresh manilavegans Vegansofmanila Vegetarian paleo nopesticides nochemicals nogmo

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Thunyada K 🇹🇭 (kcrystal3) Instagram Photos and Videos

Thunyada K 🇹🇭


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🔥🥗Turkey Sausage, Steamed Vegetable Medley with Honey Mustard Dressing 🥗🔥turkeysausage broccoli carrots buttersquash peas cauliflower Topping rawcashews gojiberries blackpepper himalayansalt honeymustard By stylekcrystal 🙌🏼 organic glutenfree dairyfree soyfree norefinedsugar nogmo healthyfastfood healthyingredients greenliving healthylifestyle foodismedicine vegetarianfood yummyandhealthy variety eatgoodfeelgood easyandsimple 😋🍴

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There is no easy way to explain the 2007-08 mortgage crisis but Chipotle is a solvent bank now and everyone hates banks but have you have choice somehow bc everyone needs an ATM ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . . . . . . . . subp carnitas toxic assets arbysfamily chipootle burrito bowel noGMO beans memes bank of mexican american fastcasual food

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Liv Worsnop (plantgang) Instagram Photos and Videos

Liv Worsnop


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MAGICAL WORK by richmondcommunitygarden at AVEBURY HOUSE in the Avon Loop! 🍃 their beds are soooo beautiful and SO worth checking out! 🌳 a bunch of us had a big old chat about the red zone tonight. It’s hard to put it all down on here but our voices are combining and we are finding strength in numbers ... it’s exciting, and enriching and full of so many unknowns but my heart is full and my mind full of potential 🌿 holla if you really do want to mobilise a green redzone ... You are needed! 🐝 plantgang christchurch rdfoodandforage fuckmonsanto organic forage plant green local edibles sustainable permaculture motherearth nature natural nogmo marchagainstmonsanto wisdom enlightenment motherearth art contemporarytart socialpractice localism realfood healing awareness

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BksAmirah|Opinions My Own|Ms.V (bksamirah) Instagram Photos and Videos

BksAmirah|Opinions My Own|Ms.V


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ididnotsurvivebrainsurgerytoli eatclean fitness speaker consultant brainsurgerysurvivor braintumorsurvivor 100poundsdown reentrycoach communityorganizer survivor fuckcancer invisibledisability thepowerofyou reikiwombpractitioner blackgirlmagic wellnesscoach energy bodywork relationships lifecoach nationbuild knowyourworth badandbruja ibragdifferent nogmo

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Spread The Love® (spreadthelove) Instagram Photos and Videos

Spread The Love®


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Back to nature 🌿❤️✨ organic nogmo nopalmoil nojunk SpreadTheLove

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Inseparable nogmo

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Bakulshop_Organicfood (bakulshop_organicfood) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Manfaat Beras Merah Organik 1. Membantu menurunkan Kolesterol buruk (LDL) 2. Mendukung Fungsi usus yang sehat 3. Baik untuk menjaga kesehatan jantung 4. Menurunkan Risiko Diabetes 5. Mengurangi risiko terkena berbagai jenis Kanker 6. Menjaga Berat Badan yang Ideal 7. Meningkatkan Kekebalan tubuh 8. Menjaga Kesehatan Tulang 9. Membatu dalam menjaga Sistem Syaraf yang Sehat 10. Makanan yang baik untuk Bayi Please find us at : >> Tokopedia >> Shopee >> Bukalapak (Nama Toko : bakulshop_organicfood) tepung miesayur nogmo kaldusehat kaldusehatsapi nonmsg healthylife healthyfood healthychoice organic organicfood diet sehat organicmind organicheart berasorganik berasorganikmurah berasmerah berasmerahputih pandanwangi berasmentiksusu berasnusantara gulaorganik vco coconutoil alami organiclife bakulshop_organicfood

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LifeDNA (golifedna) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Did you know… some bacteria in your gut can cause you to gain weight while others can help you lose excess fat. Find out which type of bacteria you have at!

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Matrix Machine (matrixmachine) Instagram Photos and Videos

Matrix Machine


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Gift from Nature! . . . . . Naturally ripened Bananas! . . . . . . . Sweet B NoGMO nochemicals natural nature

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Chef Cobbin (realfoodhasroots) Instagram Photos and Videos

Chef Cobbin


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Pan seared sword fish with a coconut, lime, cilantro sauce that is out of this world, steamed broccoli and cauliflower with a hatch chile/ranch seasoning and some sprouted vegetable fried brown rice. Also a fresh baked crossaint roll stuffed with raw milk cheddar cheese and white wine garlic butter seasoning! eatclean realfoodhasroots realfood chefcobbin dearfakefood sundaydinner supportlocalfarmers stoppoiseningyourfamily paleo almostpaleo nailedit nogmo nomonsanto buylocal seafood swordfish cliantrolime goodfood food foodporn organic organicalltheway

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Max Patterson (localtaniwha) Instagram Photos and Videos

Max Patterson


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Miss you Seong ❤️❤️❤️ @hyeon.tak hellers hellersbeef barbequemeatpack nogmo dnalsinep

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Mag Ouille (magouillenumber1) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mag Ouille


Comment from Mag Ouille:

Vege growing is still going well. Our courgette plant is blossoming 😀🌻🥒 vege vegepatch pottedplants greeneating homegrown zucchini courgette flower summerinnewzealand summer plants proud happy gardening hobby familylife

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Lilli - Arbonne Consultant (the_bonne_life) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lilli - Arbonne Consultant


Comment from Lilli - Arbonne Consultant:

The difference between these pictures is only TWO PRODUCTS. The starlight glow palette from the holiday line, and the sheer glow highlight stick make a world of difference! Also how festive?! 🎄👏❤️🎁 If you wana check out my video on how to use ‘em, the link’s in my bio! (Ps if someone could help me with my hair that’d be sweeeeet)😂 • • • selfiesunday crueltyfreemakeup veganmakeup contour bronze highlight giftideas healthandwellness puresafebenificial bonnebabes picoftheday instadaily onthego yukon northerngirl beyourownboss crueltyfree bestproducts love glutenfree peta plantbased nogmo vegancertified always

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Dark Djedi (littlebrothermg) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dark Djedi


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🤔🤔🤔 nogmo fuckmonsanto healthylifestyle frakenfood

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Tim (vagabondart_) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Tim:

regram @disclosureguru @Regranned from @connecting_consciousness - Not only were the yields much lower than monsatan stated, 📉but they didn't tell the farmers that the seeds were terminatorseeds☠️, meaning you can't collect seeds from your crop to grow next seasons crop... instead you had to re-buy more seeds the next season... ultimate bullshit from this disgusting company.👎🏾 🗯 MONSANTO wasn't designed to feed the world, it was designed FEEDTHESHAREHOLDERS.💴💵💶💷 � you imagine? You're trying to grow organiccotton, or rice, then Monsantoseeds are planted next door, the wind blows, your field gets contaminated with the genes from the GMO's, then Monsanto knocks on your door and says hey, you have OUR patentedproperty in your field. Pay up, or we will file lawsuits. That's what happened to THOUSANDS of Indian farmers, while WESTERN PROPAGANDA tells us that they're making GMO rice to help feed India 😂 F*CK Monsanto, F*CK corporately owned media! 🗯 FuckMonsanto (lmao there's 30,000 hashtags for "fuck Monsanto" bahahaha)🔨 Seriously tho this company is literally murderous? And responsible for the near majority of the Earthpoisoning !😠 🗯 If you fund Monsanto, honestly ur partly responsible for this🤷🏽‍♂️. One is a slight wimpy Spineless little dust bucket if you continue to buy gmos after finding this out.👎🏾 🗯 nogmo seedballkenya seedbomb pascalpoot semencesbio plantatreeaday 💚 Not only are you mucking ur genetics up by eating this putridity but you're affecting future generations.🤷🏼‍♀️ 🗯 ALL meat and dairy from the grocery store is not only cloned animals🔬, but also fed gmos asf, conventional apples are now gmo🍎🍏, regularly zucchini is gmo🥒, corn is gmo asf🌽⚠️, Rose pineapples are gmo, "Meloranges" are gmo, canola oil and vegetable oil are gmo❌, "citric acid" is made from GMO black mould, high fructose corn syrup is from gmo corn, soy is gmo asf and shit for you even when organic‼️ 🗯 Quit pointing the blame here and there, it's up to US as the consumers to end this Shit heap fuckwad of a company once and for all by voting with our dollar.❗️♻️ - regrann

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Helen Gu (helengardenplant) Instagram Photos and Videos

Helen Gu


Comment from Helen Gu:

Today I organized my photo folders in my computer. I came across this photo that I took  in my garden this Summer that I like  it very much. I would like share it with you, my friends! Happy Sunday night!! See more @helengardenplant  permaculture whataveganeats homesteading urbangardenersrepublic homesteadlife nogmo epicgardening gardening allotmentlifesweetwilliamflowe flowersperennialspinkgardengar engardeninginstagoodphotoofthe

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Swiss🇨🇭Hempflower 🌱Tea's (chronicice) Instagram Photos and Videos

Swiss🇨🇭Hempflower 🌱Tea's


Comment from Swiss🇨🇭Hempflower 🌱Tea's:

Hempy 🌱 Monday from Switzerland 🇨🇭 hempflowertea goodvibes hempheals natureisnotacrime freeliving relaxtime CBD healingvibes healtymind vegan positivemind THC happylife peace freeyourmind openyourmind relaxing swisscannabisicetea positivevibes chronicice smilemore hempiceatea naturalhealth cannabisculture nogmo freethinker healthylifestyle namaste onelove 💚

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Michele Calhoun (michele.calhoun) Instagram Photos and Videos

Michele Calhoun


Comment from Michele Calhoun:

TESTIMONY FOR THE MEN: "These are my hubby's results. One month of 2-1 & the remaining time has been the IRT. He uses the IRT spray inconsistently but he does use it." monathair monat hair salons savannahstylists nontoxichair allnaturalhaircare savannahhaircare savannahsalons stylists nogmo nogluten noparabens noanimaltesting growhair menshair

3 Hours ago (healthyhiphopradio_com) Instagram Photos and Videos


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StylesPGhostKill hipho hiphophealthhiphopmusichealtha althandhiphophiphopculturegymh egymhiphopheadcrossfittrealhip nogmohiphopradioshowallnatural turalhiphopjunkiegymtimehiphop wellnessundergroundhiphopwealt wealthishealthヒップホップHealthandW handWellnessmusiquedehiphopdan

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Little Secrets (littlesecretsco) Instagram Photos and Videos

Little Secrets


Comment from Little Secrets:

Give yourself a hand...ful. ❄️❄️❄️ 📸: @eatsnacksack

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💕LaShana Nicole💕 (theveganhealthnut) Instagram Photos and Videos

💕LaShana Nicole💕


Comment from 💕LaShana Nicole💕:

Vegan protein options💪🏾🌿💪🏽My faves are chickpeas, spirulina, moringa leaf, lentils, pumpkin seeds, hempseeds, hemp protein powder& quinoa👌🏾Nature will take care of you 💚 ‪ . . BeAHealthNutToo PlantBased VeganFood VegansOfIg VeganFoodShare WhatVegansEat Fit Fitness Fitspo FitFam Health EatClean VeganMeals GoVegan Pure WhatTheHealth Organic Nutrition HealthyFood HealthyLifestyle HealthyLiving VeganGirl Veganism Protein NoGmo Love Foodie

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S E Y A N | D U R A N (underfire_007) Instagram Photos and Videos

S E Y A N | D U R A N


Comment from S E Y A N | D U R A N:

I got so skinny, its bad but I intend to fix this. I'm not far from being "fit", I'm just underweight as usual. I have a high metabolism. fitnessfitlifeabsweightgainsde insdedicateddedicationstriveto ivetobebetterplantbasedNoGMONo GMONoDairyLessMeatmoreGreensEa

4 Hours ago (healthyhiphopradio_com) Instagram Photos and Videos


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StylesPGhostKill hipho hiphophealthhiphopmusichealtha althandhiphophiphopculturegymh egymhiphopheadcrossfittrealhip nogmohiphopradioshowallnatural turalhiphopjunkiegymtimehiphop wellnessundergroundhiphopwealt wealthishealthヒップホップHealthandW handWellnessmusiquedehiphopdan

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Ben Ceccarelli (dinnerformary) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ben Ceccarelli


Comment from Ben Ceccarelli:

Dinner for Mary: Grain-free gnocchi from @cappellos with @wild_idea_buffalo andouille bison sausage, grape tomatoes, and fresh basil. So flavorful and quick! Made this whole meal in 15 min!

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Maddy (maddyheartsplants) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Maddy:

It's normal to crave smoothies in 15 degree windchill, right??⛄️ - Also, why hasn't it snowed here yet?🤔 I need to make use of my snow boots! - dEATs: frozen zucchini, frozen cauli, frozen berries, spinach, @furtherfood collagen peptides (code 'HEARTSPLANTS10' to save🤑), @bobsredmill oats, half a date, cinnamon, and water and almond milk for the liquid. Topped with ALL the goods: @paleopassionfoods granola, shredded almonds, @wild_friends classic almond butter, @manitobaharvest hemp hearts, and shredded coconut. Talk about filling👅 - deliciousfoods morningfuel quickmeal bodyandmind eatfitfuel iamwellandgood nourishyourbody eeeeeats noleftovers healthymood feedfeed healthyrecipeshare eatseasonally instaeats beyondthescale foodpage buzzfeedhealth whatieat nomnomfood realfoodrevolution nutritiousanddelicious eatwellbewell eatgreen healthmagazine justeatrealfood f52gram droolclub foodiesofig realingredients nogmo

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Super Leaf Colombia (superleafcolombia) Instagram Photos and Videos

Super Leaf Colombia


Comment from Super Leaf Colombia:

Ya probaste el lechugoso superleaf dale el sabor de tu flor!!! noflavor nogmo 🌱🍁🍯🐼

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OneLove - OneBreath - OneAina (freedivehi) Instagram Photos and Videos

OneLove - OneBreath - OneAina


Comment from OneLove - OneBreath - OneAina:

Psyching on the new @kap_spearguns 130 Custom Uku Gun 🙌 Go see Braddah Russ if you're looking for top quality equipment from one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet 🤙 • • freedivehi freedivehawaii freedive freediving spearfishing pescasub pescasubapnea maui hawaii underwater fishing hunting offshore lifestyle organic nogmo farmtotable oceantotable sustainablelifestyle sustainableliving hilife hawaiilife histandard holoholo adventure onebreath onelove oneaina 📸 @rickjamescoleman

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Big Bang Beverages (bigbangbeverages) Instagram Photos and Videos

Big Bang Beverages


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Watch for the new and improved Wubba Water coming out 12/28! wubbawater electrolytes vitaminc water sick adults flu stomachvirus stomachache dehydration rehydration organic nogmo nodye noaspartame lowsugar baby kids infant healthy healthyfood healthylifestyle mom dad momlife parenting pediatrician

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Brian (brian_the_fitness_guy) Instagram Photos and Videos



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nogmo monsanto poison evil food organic children

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Brian (brian_the_fitness_guy) Instagram Photos and Videos



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So true. fitnesdaddict fitness fitnessmotivation food gym muscle nogmo organic

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Thunyada K 🇹🇭 (kcrystal3) Instagram Photos and Videos

Thunyada K 🇹🇭


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💜Purple Berry Chocolate Chip Cookies 💜maquipowder blueberry almondflour coconutflour brownriceflour agavenectar himalayansalt warmwater bakingsoda almondextract chocolatechip By stylekcrystal 🙌🏼 organic glutenfree dairyfree norefinedsugar nogmo homebaking healthydessert cookieslover superfood eatgoodfeelgood dessertforthought dessertchoices soulful delicious healthydessert healthyingredients feelgoodinsideandout 😋

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Zoe |18| USA (theplantpoweredgirl) Instagram Photos and Videos

Zoe |18| USA


Comment from Zoe |18| USA:

Hey everybody, Lunch today was a little bit unorthodox, unpictured garlic zoodles and pumpkin pie oatmeal. The oatmeal was TO DIE FOR + it's a super easy way to get some extra veggies in. Here is the general recipe I followed: 1- 1 1/2 cups oatmeal, a few tablespoons of brown sugar, 1- 1/2 cups canned pumpkin, one mashed ripe banana, 1 1/2 cups cashew milk, a shake of cinnamon, a dash of salt, and a TINY dash of pumpkin spice. Combine all ingredients in a bowl and microwave for about 2-3 minutes. Save about 1/2 a cup of the cashew milk for the end. This comes out super creamy and reminds me of a nice warm pumpkin pie. Enjoy! vegan veganfood veganrecipes healthymeals healthysnacks vegansnacks whatveganseat plantbased plantpowered crueltyfree cleaneating highcarb lowfat homesteading organicfood eatrealfood selfsufficient dairyfree glutenfree veganbreakfast noGMO health fitness nutrition weightloss

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