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By Owk (owkdib) Instagram Photos and Videos

By Owk


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Ninguno tiene derecho a obedecer, a los que no tienen derecho a gobernar. art pic picture protest now sketch black white edit

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... (izielrio) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Que hino. ❤🎵🎶👑. . . . . . NowPlaying TaylorSwift Reputation Gorgeous Now

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Sammy Dasamz (dasamz) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sammy Dasamz


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Hello Beach! ☀️ • • • • • nowmemenguybaliv balivillaselfieclassyfunwhites hitesmilecoolmenstylebeachnatu hnaturesweethairstyleinstagood agoodguysseahotlifelovecutelik

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みりり✴︎ (____mirichan) Instagram Photos and Videos



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. かーわーゆ💜💜 . instagood ootd goodmorning girl instafashion love tbt tagsforlikes photooftheday happy beauty follow me instafood cute l4l like4like f4f camera japanese 写真好きな人と繋がりたい instamood instagram now instafood korea GUCCI parody fashion

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AHMAD AFNAN ZHAHIRIN (afnanzhahirin) Instagram Photos and Videos





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Ali Shayesteh (ali_shayesteh_management) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ali Shayesteh


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Santa Fe , New Mexico now trio singersongwriter rocker guitar fender deanmarkley live show energyballs youngmoney steaks tour newmexico Santafe artistmanagement charismatic @steakslyons

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Women satisfier (womensatisfier) Instagram Photos and Videos

Women satisfier


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I'll be cumin live for my followers , hurry up and follow me snäpmehörnyrnhötsëxсофеsëxcode xcodesëxचतtâçkğõटटnüdesnowtesa wtesaosafadoboanoiteboanoiteeg hörnyrn hörnyam bigcöck pornös

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IamTanisha Stewart (imthetrending_topic) Instagram Photos and Videos

IamTanisha Stewart


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“don’t look Now girl but he’s coming over here” nashvillenights fridayvibes

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Deborah (deborah.store_) Instagram Photos and Videos



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deborah fashion style woman girl love good recent best fun funny hot legs shorts clothing women cool nice usa now germany france fall winter instagood instacool follow

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Laiza S. Hengles (izasabinoplus) Instagram Photos and Videos

Laiza S. Hengles


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urban urbano nofcolours love blue instagood cute girl amor fofo fotododia amofotografar imagemquefala menina fotografia omelhordodia fotografando brasil brazil amizade eu follow mundo me happy now today hoje

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Sarah Anderson (spiritalchemy) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sarah Anderson


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Fear. The biggest obstacle holding you back from freedom and happiness. Let your wild heart burst through the seams. Explode into a million pieces. Connect to your body and your emotions and let them guide you to fulfilling your wildest of dreams. Ready. Set. Go! nowisallyouhave loveisallyouneed

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Jang-Ho Kim (jang_ho_unchained) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jang-Ho Kim


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The first time for @alexandrawagenbach to be away for 7 days without kids. The first time for us as a couple for 7 days to be away without kids. Strange feelings are mixed with exciting moods. Before i had children, i did not know how much work it is to raise a child. Now after 5 years with two daughters, i know better. Especially i see what all the mothers in the world DO! Giving unconditional love to their children. Their own "me time" is very rare. The next following days are for our ladies. Frank & i are taking our ladies to our retreat for more "me & couple time". Our Now Yoga retreat will start today in Rhodes. A cooperation retreat with Casacook...we are coming! nowyoga now yogaretreat ontheroad nowfamily boysofyoga casacook yoga yogaeverydamnday yogaeverywhere

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Mayur Deshmukh (mayur_8079deshmukh) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mayur Deshmukh


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YOLO✨84life (yosikang) Instagram Photos and Videos



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결혼식 . . 주말토요일지금서대전오류동대전bmkbmk웨 따라 총총총👣 . 일상소통맞팔일상스타그램가을 dailyto

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PE$O ROUTE./Leafy 🍁 (peso.route) Instagram Photos and Videos

PE$O ROUTE./Leafy 🍁


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New Project Leafy. Clothing. Promote 🔊🔊Epic skater // 2 Blk and White w Gold Logo// Embroidered hats Price: $26.99 BUY NOW!! Grind Legit new Canada uk

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New Paltz Hawks (newpaltzhawks) Instagram Photos and Videos

New Paltz Hawks


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Fraser Wilson 🇦🇺 (fraserwilsonfit) Instagram Photos and Videos

Fraser Wilson 🇦🇺


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🌍 All it took was patience. Once you acquire the know-how and the what to do, all you need to do is incorporate patience. Patience is an absolute virtue and it will be one of the greatest determining factors as to whether or not you get to where you want to go. Often times what you’re trying to achieve or accomplish will probably take longer than you’ve estimated. People often overestimate what they can achieve in one year and under estimate what they can achieve in 10. So please whatever you’re heading into be patient. Have the discipline to see it through to the end. Whether or not you get it done with the set time frame you set for yourself, know that results don’t come overnight. Anyone that tells you so is trying to pull the wool over your eyes. - 👊🏼Take your time, incorporate proper practices, do them over a consistent basis and you will achieve results. It’s that simple, don’t over complicate things that don’t need over complicating. Find what you need to do and then implement that day in day out. Understand: excellence is not something that’s naturally ingrained in us, however it is in all of us, and it is unlocked by habits. Habits are formed by consistency and persistence. Consistency and patience go hand-in-hand, you can have all the patience in the world but if you’re not consistent with the actions you’ve put in place, then you won’t achieve results. All it takes is repetitive execution and patience. Have those two things, get them down pat and make sure your implementing proper strategies to get you where you want to be and you’ll get there. Simple! 🙌🏼 — Now Go Do

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Snap👻: NationOfHoops (hoopsnation) Instagram Photos and Videos

Snap👻: NationOfHoops


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Listen closely. Kyrie aint havin' it. h/t @dunked Tags: NBA What Now

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Limestone Field Hockey (golcfh) Instagram Photos and Videos

Limestone Field Hockey


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Smiling after another ECAC Win! NOW.

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OpenMindedMeansEverything (ommeclothing) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Omme Warrior Order your tshirt today visit us online. ➡➡ @ommeclothing new instafashion outlet production stylish trendy sneakers fashionblog brand repost apparel losangeles menswear fresh live marketing clothingline underground urbanwear instafashion tshirts streetwear tees online consciousness now buzz city miami

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By The Slice (melodypizzalax) Instagram Photos and Videos

By The Slice


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Suzie Cooney (suzie_cooney) Instagram Photos and Videos

Suzie Cooney


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Forward not backward, up not down, together not against, same wave, same 🌊 ocean, all events created equal for everyone. ipaddleforequality redbullheavywater equalityinsports Mahalo @annabelanderson @fiona_wylde @applesteeze @supracer grace power paddle positivity strength sup standuppaddle paddleboard surfing now today dotherightthing performance training transformation all love

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LyricalGangsta (yungscrill) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Get on my level unsignedartist kok standalone LyricalGangsta2 comingsoon independent undergroundhiphop uncut folllowme yungscrill facebook twitter instagram newvideo downandout video clickthelinkinmybio now support bossedup positivethinking takingplace cantstopwontstop rakeitup grindhard ifitsfuckmeyouknowitsfuckyou

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N.T.T.D (dung.min.909) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Đây là hình cây cầu 😂 . . . . . I not gymer how long have abs still lazy for excersise now i need healthy life you are what you eat sexy healthy body l4l f4f vsco want to lean yoga

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Nivine Yoga (nivineyoga) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nivine Yoga


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A passion for creating ❤️ shapes feelings thoughts touch energy ⭐️and then Time stops ✋ when doing something I love ❤️ pottery maycarterpotterystudio art greatstudio greatartists friendly warm goodvibes lynchburg now perfecttime time timedoesntexist themoment swirls yinyang ☯️balance adatewithmyself

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Eduardo Silveira (_eduardosilveira) Instagram Photos and Videos

Eduardo Silveira


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• | adobe photoshop ps max adobephotoshop new now newnew colors cor inspiracao change invest design graphicdesign explore publicidadeepropaganda publicidade iphone web internet windows up

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Jug (⛹🏾)® (jugsport) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jug (⛹🏾)®


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FUCK EM WE BALL ⛹🏽® lifestyle brand clothing mensfashion menswear worldwide shipping dope essentials sports mensstyle style new available now online accessories JUGFW17 hypebeast shop supreme lax atlanta atl dmv clothingbrand tx dallas awge asap ShotBy @allhitsphotography

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 (s69r_) Instagram Photos and Videos



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this weekend's raining,too. typhoonhurricanec canecolddaygoodmorningmornings ningsaturdaysaturdaymorninghol ngholidayholidaymorningbreakfa eakfastbranchesbranchpancakeor akeorangebillstokyotodayjuicen uicenowrainrainingrainingday朝ご

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💖Kaylene Wynn - Melbourne (kaylene_wynn) Instagram Photos and Videos

💖Kaylene Wynn - Melbourne


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Rise Shine stop breathe beautiful beauty universe now today Saturday havefun

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Mardani arip (senyumu_senyumku) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mardani arip


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Maurice (thecoreofbusiness) Instagram Photos and Videos



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I posted for the first time on my blog tonight! www.thecoreofbusiness.wordpre values blog blogging business goals dreams start wordpress journey whynow now life lifecoach

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هيلاري (hilarycarani) Instagram Photos and Videos



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•MILAN• 🕰🚇 clock metropolitana blackandwhite vintage waiting time stopwaiting now itstimetogo itstimetoplay itstimetochange itstimetowork itstimetolisten itstimetotravel itstimetorealize itstimetobeahero itstimetobelieveinmyself itstimetobehappy itstimetobedifferent itstimetolive 💪🏼

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Mel.Rick (mel.k.rick) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Mel.Rick:

Opening Cameron Jamie: ‚Bodies, Faces, Heads‘ exhibition @koelnischerkunstverein 21. October – 10. December 2017 ‚With Bodies, Faces, Heads the Kölnischer Kunstverein is presenting Cameron Jamie’s first institutional solo exhibition in Germany. The work of the artist, who was born in Los Angeles in 1969 and now lives in Paris, encompasses wooden sculptures, ceramics, drawings, prints, photographs, films and artist’s books and can thus be counted among the most diverse contributions to current art and culture. The central subject of Jamie’s work is the social as well as cultural life of America and Europe, with the result that his practice involves anthropological, ethnological and also psychological perspectives. Nonetheless, his many-faceted creations never have the character of scientific studies; instead, they resemble efforts to gain a closer understanding of an individual or societal form of being which bears great metaphorical potential. In the course of this presentation, older and more recent sculptures and monotypes will be used to provide extensive insight into the practice of this internationally celebrated artist.‘ cameronjamieexhibitionkölnisch nischerkunstvereinopeningnight nightexhibitionviewinstallatio lationviewcontemporaryartconte contemporarysculpturesculpture ptureloversfirstinstitutionale onalexhibitionartistlosangeles geleslaartistsparisartistartwo artworkceramicwooddrawingsprin sprintsartcontemporaryartlover loversartexhibitionsurrealismn

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