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Oh how I adore a colour clash .. imagine having your very own identical person to accessorise with🤔😍thefunwecouldhavetwinn twinningcomplimentaryyingyangt yangtwinsolsentwinssimplydoneo doneolsenstyleobsessedwithpart hpartylookstylequeensvintagegi agegirlsstyleinspominimalismmi ismminimaliststylefashioncrush

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My babies :) gingerbread christmas xmas omnomnom sweets white obsessedwith handmade ivgotsomanytime loveit laced lace patience budapest hungary

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Funky Olive Weddings


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Our team inexplicably showed up to the studio wearing ALL BLACK today.... we deduced that they were our Monday "Mourning" outfits ☠️😭🖤because to be real with y'all, it's cold and dreary + it can be hard to be super productive when there's like cookies and hallmark movies at our every turn! 😂But then we got to talking about this styledweddingshoot at @elnidofarm + OMG these colors brought us back to LIFE. 🙏🏻😭there's so many cool trends and vibes coming this year, we are beyond stoked! . . IG fam, can you give us a double tap if you would be honored to have a meal amongst this fabulousness and if you are feeling these color combos!? . . STILL obsessedwith this lovely shoot by the oh-so-talented Briana of @briananicolephoto 😍😍😍 and the styling by the alwaysbrilliant @laurenemestas of @justlovelyweddings and @darlingdetailsrentals.... We have a full blog post for this shoot in the works dropping early 2018-- stay tuned! . . funkyolivedesign styledphotostylemepretty decklededgepaperproducts weddingbranding ohsopretty2018brideabqinvitati abqstationerAlbuquerqueinvitat abqweddingabqbride albuquerqueweddingweddingplann engagedshesaidyescustom weddinginvitesinvitations moderncalligraphy

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Patrycja Łagosz


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P E R F E C T S E T rednails christmasnails watch riverisland gold bracelet aleksandrastrippentow bestgift fromgrandpa newincollection obsessedwith

3 Days ago
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Slowly but surely making friends with procreate procreateart obsessedwith drawinghair twotonedhair lovedrawinghair twofaced naughtyandnice girl demongirl demon witch artwork artistsofinstagram sketch editing

3 Days ago
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There’s no one going up in my room next year 😂... obsessedwithchristmasohchristm ristmastreeohchristmastree🎄oh e🎄ohchristmastreeohchristmast

3 Days ago
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OMG can you believe it’s been 39 recorded episodes? Because we can’t! You all have rode the wave with us and it’s been a wonderful journey! To end it with a BANG this episode we spotlight Neffy Anderson. We chat media, dating, social strategy and how opportunities are right at your fingertips if you move the right way. Neffy opens up a lot about being vulnerable and her mission to put people on through her platform “The Path Less Traveled Series.” Tune in for the tea— we got some exclusives , a hilarious Aries vs Virgo war and Neffy’s ObsessedWith. Thank you soooo much for rockin with us next season is gonna be Bigger & Better 💯👊🏽🎧🎤

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.:: nicole ::.


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“You’re obsessed with working out” So many people say that to me, but it’s not true. I try to exercise every day, but I’m not necessarily obsessed with it. I would say I’m CONSISTENT. It is just part of what I do each day. Are you obsessed with: watching the news? brushing your teeth? driving to work? Facebook scrolling? {maybe we all are} making your bed? Those are all things most of us do each day, but it doesn’t always mean obsession. Sometimes it’s necessity, it’s habit, it’s a stress reliever, it helps us clear our minds. It’s consistency to help us feel

4 Days ago
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🦋🦄 Stefany 🦋🦄


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realfriends camilacabello cameelacabeyo song lovethisong obsessedwith 🎶🎶 No, I think I'll stay in tonight Skip the conversations and the "oh, I'm fine"s No, I'm no stranger to surprise This paper town has let me down too many times Why do I even try? Give me a reason why I felt that I could trust you, never mind Why are we switching sides? Where do I draw the line? I guess until I need to read the signs I'm just lookin' for some real friends All they ever do is let me down Every time I let somebody in Then I find out what they're all about I'm just lookin' for some real friends Wonder where they're all hidin' out I'm just lookin' for some real friends Gotta get up out of this town Oh, ohh Ohh, ah I stay up Talkin' to the moon And feelin' so alone in every crowded room Can't help But feel like something's wrong, yeah 'Cause the place I'm livin' in Just doesn't feel like home I'm just lookin' for some real friends All they ever do is let me down Every time I let somebody in Then I find out what they're all about I'm just lookin' for some real friends Wonder where they're all hidin' out I'm just lookin' for some real friends Gotta get up out of this town Lookin' for some new friends Oh, ohh Ohh, ah I just wanna talk about nothin' With somebody that means something Spell the names of all our dreams and demons For the times that I don't understand Tell me what's the point of a moon like this When I'm alone again Can I run away to somewhere beautiful Where nobody knows my name? I'm just lookin' for some real friends All they ever do is let me down Every time I let somebody in Then I find out what they're all about I'm just lookin' for some real friends All they ever do is let me down I'm just lookin' for some real friends Gotta get up out of this town

4 Days ago
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For Love Brings love


Comment from For Love Brings love:

Sofia Reina 1985 obsessedwith

6 Days ago
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obsessedwith teriyakitofu mademyown yummy😋

9 Days ago
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Kimberley Daly


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Ugh, I’m such a sucker for well designed packages ....seriously I will buy more because of this. obsessedwith 🖤 @evilqueen

10 Days ago
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Gina Guastella-Salmaci


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Love renovating! We've been building our home office/my closet 😏, for the past week. Plus some other renovations in our house. Can't wait for the final product. renovation inprogress homeoffice closet obsessedwith slidingbarndoors barndoors modern industrial simplicity miami soflo

10 Days ago
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Style It Online


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Red LIPSTICK💄💋💫with dice❤ . . red lipstick 💄lovefored redswag redlips💋 instared mood instagram lipstickbloggers dailyupdates✔️ makeupswag redlipstick makeupandbeautyproducts makeupglam instagramfollowers instalikersdaily instalikers followformore likeforliketeam liekforlike instamakeupartist potd📷 redcolor reddice dicegame dice modelstyle blackandwhite obsessedwith redvelvet

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Nicola Nitido


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11 Days ago
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Cinderella combat boots! renecaovillabootenvy tiaraonfoot yourenotmostgirls doppiocoffee lifeoflare iworkatnm🦋 nmsf🦋 shoeluvshoedazzle fashion tanalwaysonpoint obsessedwith

11 Days ago
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مايو ناكاي Jessica


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This is freakin' cute ♥️💭 iwantwishlistobsessedwith dwitharabicarabianarabianstyle stylelovearabicmorrocoscarfins rfinstarabicjasminelifehacksli ckslikeforlikeinstagoodtagsfor

11 Days ago
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Owner Barri Luxury Consulting


Comment from Owner Barri Luxury Consulting:

✨TOTALLY obsessing over these @fernfreemanjewelry earrings. I spotted these must haves at last night’s @londonjewelers @wjanewyorkmetro event!! aboutlastnightlovetheseobsesse sessedwitheargamebigearringswi ngswishlistsparklesparklehaute hautecouturestreetstyleluxemys xemystylejewelrygrammoderngirl ngirlluxuryladyearringsofinsta instagramsogoodeargamestatemen tementearringslondonjewelerson ersontrendfinejewelrynyeventsm

12 Days ago
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Missing my sun glasses! It's the small things in life ...sun sobright obsessedwith

13 Days ago
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Andrea Ocheita


Comment from Andrea Ocheita:

"Every relationship is reciprocal. You touch it, it touches you." -Walter Bishop, Fringe A little Fringe inspiration for today. ♡ Did this drawing about a year ago. Know that however many people you have come across in your life, they have changed you somehow for the better. ♡ Happy Wednesday! ♡😊 blessed morningmotivation fringeonfox fringetheseries fanart obsessedwith

13 Days ago
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Eva Umbra


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Tuch of pink to a gloomy day ❤ undiscoveredsydney . . . . . lookingforinspiration wonderwoman nomad obsessedwith lithuaniangirl livingmydream tryingnewthings photography colouroftheday

14 Days ago
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obsessedwith 90s

15 Days ago
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Mahbubr Rahman Khan


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15 Days ago
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Juan Canizales


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Like when you get to know the actor from one of your FAVORITES and BEST tv series !!! @joshthomas87 ♥️ ... PLEASELIKEME fan fangirling obsessedwith

16 Days ago
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Nancy Murillo


Comment from Nancy Murillo:

Good morning AWESOME followers ☕ if you think you know me leave a comment 😉 goodmorning caffeinequeen comment obsessedwith namesomething happysunday

16 Days ago
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Denise Lucca


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Woohoo! $500 more than just 2 days ago! obsessedwith investing sofuntho

17 Days ago
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Comment from Kate:

Диагноз : стала зависима от яблок. Это лечится? Кто-то может весь день есть сладости 🍭 🍬 🍫, кто-то - пить кофе ☕️, а я не могу начать свой день, пока не съем яблоко 🍏 🍎. Они меня преследуют😱. Даже у девушки с обложки в руках яблоко 🍎. flowers flower flowerstagram magazine magazinecover lovemagazine apple apples loveapples love addiction addictedtoapple obsession obsessed obsessedwith food weekend weekends startofday saturday saturdaybreak autumn autumnmood autumncolours kiev vsco vscocam instaworthy instagood instayum

17 Days ago
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Lesle Crawford


Comment from Lesle Crawford:

Day 329/365 dailygratitudepractice2017 So obsessedwith and gratefulfor these amazing and beautiful clouds... ☁️🌥⛅️ arrivedsafely noosaformoollies funwithfriends

17 Days ago
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Subin Park


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INDY with artistic filters 😜 indianapolis indiana indy obsessedwith artisticfilter

17 Days ago
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Dani Carpentier


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Cierre Campaña Calvin Klein ObsessedWith !!! Tremendo Evento que armo Grupo Somos usando todas sus facetas: Idea, Creatividad, Estrategia, Creación Stand, Audiovisual, Edición, Vestimenta, Digital y Produccion 👌🏼 idea creacion estrategia creatividad stand audiovisual edicion vestimenta digital produccion btl gruposomos calvinklein ck obsessed @marianobrozz @alexandrapiazza @natalanger @jsanhuezau @fernividal @danicarpentier @matias_w @yulicagna calvinklein perfume calvinkleinobsessed obsessed parfum

18 Days ago
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Night Out 💃🏻💄 nightout goodnight buonanotte boanoite bonnenuit buenasnoches moça rapariga chica fille girl occhidiragzza lace laceaddicted ootn necklace obsessedwith hi olá hola

19 Days ago
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Thee Smollest Bean


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Rad Dan speaks truth. • • • funny raddan danradcliffe danrad danielradcliffe danielradcliff obsessed addicted youtellem obsession obsessedwith addictedto -bean🎄

19 Days ago
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ck calvinklein obsessed ckobsessed obsessedwith jagoda

19 Days ago