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Dr. Kanak.D (punny_physicist_1999) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dr. Kanak.D


Comment from Dr. Kanak.D:

Wise men say, Only fools rush in, But I can't help falling in love with you. <3 ballpenart sketches obsessedwith instaart art🎨

1 Days ago
Maria Elena Capelli (tuttepazzeperibijoux) Instagram Photos and Videos

Maria Elena Capelli


Comment from Maria Elena Capelli:

Coconut therapy 🌴 obsessedwithcoconuttropicalmoodtuttepazzeperibijouxneverstopstuttepazzeperibijouxfollowthebuyerscreambodylotionsilksummersmell

2 Days ago
Ernesta Maynard-Labokaite (ernielabok) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ernesta Maynard-Labokaite


Comment from Ernesta Maynard-Labokaite:

Hello Colours! The wait is finally over! deciem theordinarycolours theordinary theabnormalbeautycompany foundation treat obsessedwith

2 Days ago
Jacques Arturo (jacques911) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jacques Arturo


Comment from Jacques Arturo:

Friday beerpong tournament obsessedwith beerpong barcelona

3 Days ago
NonCorporateGirls (noncorporategirls) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from NonCorporateGirls:

Episode 12- The Hustle Still Continues is up! 🎧 🎧 🎧 We know how hard it is getting through Friday after a long week. We discuss staying out of a rut, some of the new collaborations we have in the works and our ObsessedWith this week is a little different!

3 Days ago
A Antalia HORC (aantaliahorc) Instagram Photos and Videos

A Antalia HORC


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4 Days ago
NonCorporateGirls (noncorporategirls) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from NonCorporateGirls:

So what that it's not Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!! 💋 💋 💋 Our WCW are called ObsessedWith also a segment of our show that we visually bring to life... 💕 💕 💕 You couldn't put a face to an article when it comes to @morirsonando_ and they like it that way. A content driven website led by 5 strong Latina women. They are mothers, they are forever friends and they support one another. The stories they share are dynamic and their focus is YOU the reader. We encourage you to indulge on the topics that will make you think, cry, smile and gasp!

4 Days ago
Katie Rose (katierose827) Instagram Photos and Videos

Katie Rose


Comment from Katie Rose:

How you doin'? 😉 mylittleflirt obsessedwith🕶 deaconcharles

4 Days ago
Cheese🧀 (finsta_liv_12) Instagram Photos and Videos



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7 Days ago
Arianna Giacometti (druzyforwilly) Instagram Photos and Videos

Arianna Giacometti


Comment from Arianna Giacometti:

🎤🎵🎶 Wake me up if I sleep Cause I'm haunted by my dreams paparoach rock cazzutaggineagogo crookedteeth singalong obsessedwith

7 Days ago
Chrisnelle Joie (chrisnellejoie) Instagram Photos and Videos

Chrisnelle Joie


Comment from Chrisnelle Joie:

Our beautiful friend, Kelsey, got married yesterday and I had the honor of making her wedding cake. 💍🍰✨ Top tier: chocolate & raspberry filling; second tier: vanilla & lemon curd filling; third tier: vanilla & coffee buttercream filling; all iced in Swiss meringue BC. So happy for the 3 of you! Thank you for asking me to do your cake. Happy Familymoon!!! 💗 • • weddings cake happilyeverambroise weddingcake sugarflowers destin sandestin fl destinationwedding local baker joiebakes joieskitchen celebration smallbusiness topsl obsessedwith goldleaf

8 Days ago
Eva Huang (odoorss99) Instagram Photos and Videos

Eva Huang


Comment from Eva Huang:

As we grow older , we realize that nothing is ever that simple limited keepfly obsessedwith onthego 🔛

9 Days ago
Jenn (jennn_i_am) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Jenn:

Succulent shopping . succulents shopping obsessedwith succulents weddingplanning ourbanffwedding jennandmikeinbanff

10 Days ago
nmzeng121 (nmzeng121) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from nmzeng121:

In honor of Mother's Day this weekend I am posting pictures of these two sweet babies who made me a mother and forever changed my life! I love you both so much! mothersday thesetwo obsessedwith tinyhumans thatareallmine

10 Days ago
Fabiene Schneider Dsouza (fab_dsouza) Instagram Photos and Videos

Fabiene Schneider Dsouza


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Me when I try to look scary 😈😈 fail jaja harrypotterparty beincrazy bellatrixlestrange witch wannabe wizard obsessedwith harry voldemort allofthem sisterbday creative strange ridiculous wearecool dontbejealous avadakedavra bitch

10 Days ago
One Of A Kind Jewelry (lolabellegems) Instagram Photos and Videos

One Of A Kind Jewelry


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Is it Friday yet? 😳 pleasebefriday moonstoneearrings beachin newportbeach

11 Days ago
Molokolom Son (molokolom_son) Instagram Photos and Videos

Molokolom Son


Comment from Molokolom Son:

It's not what it seemed to me wall street broken tag hand poster doublemeaning mistake roten beautifuldecay obsessedwith

11 Days ago
 (unicorntrex) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Bon Appetit! 🍽lunch lunchtime lunchvibes asparagus eggs asparaguslove food foodporn yummy yummyfood foodlover obsessedwith cookingtime

11 Days ago
Sue Halter (suehalter) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sue Halter


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12 Days ago
One Of A Kind Jewelry (lolabellegems) Instagram Photos and Videos

One Of A Kind Jewelry


Comment from One Of A Kind Jewelry:

I'm on a bracelet binge right now😂 These amethyst are some of the prettiest I've seen😍 amethyst geode purplepeopleeater obsessedwith liveincolor lovepurple

12 Days ago
NonCorporateGirls (noncorporategirls) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from NonCorporateGirls:

Our WCW are called ObsessedWith also a segment of our show that we visually bring to life... 💕 💕 💕 If you haven't heard her going in on ignorant politicians on CNN, or commentating the word on NPR or honing in on political advocacy in her role at Principal CEO of Impact Strategies in Washington we highly suggest you get your life. Huffington Post says @angelarye is one of the most important political commentators in news with an unbending dedication to fostering positive political change. We could not agree more. Get to know her because she is a powerhouse in our community! • • • Check out Episode 10 where we chat more on Angela and her awesomeness!

12 Days ago
Mahmud Hasaan (mahmudhassansunny) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mahmud Hasaan


Comment from Mahmud Hasaan:

therealworld vs virtualworld upper one is the unity3d editor and the bottom one is the snap from the windowseat while flying with indigoairlines. obsessedwith unity3d. digitalnomad inbetween kolkata jaipur entrepreneurlifestyle horizon

13 Days ago
Cosmo Care Health Wellbeing (cosmocare_healthwellbeing) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cosmo Care Health Wellbeing


Comment from Cosmo Care Health Wellbeing:

cosmo care health wellbeing coffee coffeelover coffeeoftheday obsessedwith feelgood delicious

13 Days ago
Toni  Penélope Archibald (princess_e_ton) Instagram Photos and Videos

Toni Penélope Archibald


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14 Days ago
Nat (nat.scorpio) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Nat:

Look between the palms 👀 walksontheseashore lovingthis view obsessedwith palmitas palmsfordays 🌴 דקל דקלים instapalms hofhacarmel haifa izrael חיפה חוף נוף more mare mer beautifulsunset palme

15 Days ago
Thea Heinzlmeir (jus__thea) Instagram Photos and Videos

Thea Heinzlmeir


Comment from Thea Heinzlmeir:

OK yes... I might be obsessedwith bossy naturesigns idowhatiwant ...itakepictures & wish we didnt need somany signs <3 humanbetter loveEVERYlivingTHING & BEING AllWeNeedIsLove

15 Days ago
KATER🖤NA (katie.ukr) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from KATER🖤NA:

And again ballet night 🖤NYballetlincolncenterobsessedwithclassicalmusicRobertSchumanndavidhkocktheater

16 Days ago
Mandy (cindloo22) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Mandy:

💥 date night obsessedwith blessthemess @official

16 Days ago
Endangered species ‼️ (dcsekars) Instagram Photos and Videos

Endangered species ‼️


Comment from Endangered species ‼️:

That reflection from somewhere, is a lot more for a dusk ‼️ The new week starts already with the weekend fading off with almost perfection. 〰 〰 iphonephoto instagrameverything instagrammer instagram thesunisshining obsessedwith.. weekendvibes goodvibesonly iphonepics noedits powerful summerinuae instagood instaevening

16 Days ago
Lana Carlson (lanajoliecarlson) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lana Carlson


Comment from Lana Carlson:

obsessedwith Oscar Murillo, not because of Leonardo DiCaprio...:) Truly versatile talent, his chaotic paintings, video works, and performances are tied to a notion of community stemming from the artist's cross-cultural ties to diverse cities and places in which he travels and works, and Colombia, where he was born in 1986. In February 2013, London auctions at Sotheby's, Christie's and Phillips all included Murillo’s work. Artnet estimates that 24 Murillo pieces generated a total of $4.8 million at auction that year. Untitled, 2012 sold for £218,500 at Phillips, London, October 2013

17 Days ago
Moé (moeh.ho) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Moé:

obsession 生しらすミルフィーユ いくら付き 2度とGWに鎌倉江ノ島行かない obsessedwith shirasudesuinstalike

18 Days ago
STACEYCHER STYLING (staceycher) Instagram Photos and Videos




One day I'll have a wall like this in my own little style shop 🌈 watchme obsessedwith ———————————————————————————— • • • • ootd leopardprint color colorpop faveprint rainbowcolors lookoftheday style fashion happy girlboss instamood womeninbusiness careergirl amsterdam streetstyle fashionstylist art mustsee personalstylist stylingtips instamotivation whattowear wiwt colors walltraveled smile

18 Days ago
mini me (me_and_my_bujo) Instagram Photos and Videos

mini me


Comment from mini me:

😶 Oups I did it again ... 😉 i'm totally in love with those new markers. 😍 I can't wait to trying them !!! crayolamarkers bujo obsessedwith

18 Days ago