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Patrícia Kollár (btchkarma) Instagram Photos and Videos

Patrícia Kollár


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Do what makes your soul happy 💕 horsey horselover mine hero oneandonly horse Slovakiahorse Oliver macko smile together blonde kiss happy happywithhim happiness love lovehim life beautiful beautifulday soulmate imhis heismine intheendishimandi

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Beautician (peggysperfections) Instagram Photos and Videos



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💗Y E S💗 . . . No Doubt About It! . . . peggysperfections lashesbypeggy lashedbypeggy peggythelashartist lashes lashextensions eyelashextensions eyelashes silklashes silkeyelashes silk soft fluffy nomascara nomakeup post daily amazing volume pretty girl daily youcan goals dreams reality oneandonly 2kfollowers

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💛 Mylene Nails 💛 (petite_mylene_nails) Instagram Photos and Videos

💛 Mylene Nails 💛


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- Sylvia ? - Yes, Mickey ? - How do you call your lover boy ? - Come here, lover boy ! - And if he doesn't answer ? - Oh lover boy... - And if he still doesn't answer ? - ...I simply say : Baby, oooh baby... My sweet baby, you're the one ! . . . ring love couple green stone stones greenstone zirconium silver silverring lovering girl miamor loveisstrange youretheone youaretheone oneandonly truelove baby

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Jessica Dove (jessica_dove89) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jessica Dove


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❤❤❤when you come home to this❤❤❤ lovethisboy bf oneandonly spoiled flowers ❤ mademyday @mattwalsh2721

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thewittmore (the_wittmore_barcelona) Instagram Photos and Videos



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All angles are awnsomethewittmore details classy oneandonly relax silence boardgames cocktails fun love barcelona

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Azel Ltu Angami (azelangami) Instagram Photos and Videos

Azel Ltu Angami


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Queen of my Heart 👸 ❤ Thanks for being there always 💑 Love you always 💝 queen forever love rosé myhalf bossbabe relationship anniversary oneandonly

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Karolina 👱 (karolina.banas) Instagram Photos and Videos

Karolina 👱


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💑💕 @czasnabutypl winter kiss couple kocham love inlove fiance futurehusband oneandonly

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 (mosinkuv) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Happy Birthday you spectacular creature. ❤👑🎂🎁🎉 fire WCE bdaywish bday sexy doutzem doutzenkroes inspirationoftheday hot happybirtday unique bday topmodel photomodel photo modeling model angel supermodel fashionweek fashionshow fashionicon icon dreams tag oneandonly pictureoftheday muse inspoformosinkuv

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Amelie (amelie_hvill) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Amelie:

"Small things become big. Winter turns to spring. One thing always changes into another." -BrotherBear- 🐾 readyforspringforawalkinto kintothewoodswithmylovebestbud stbuddiemixedbreedoneandonlyha nlyhappydogloversenjoyinglifea lifeadoptdontshoplovenaturewin

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O&O (1andonlyclothing) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Many people may not value your time. So therefore, you cannot keep giving them your time and energy when they do not value it. NothingEvenMatters LiveLife BeYou DoYou brandoftheyear BestNewBrand kentucky Florida Louisville Detroit Bessemer Alabama chicago BestQuotes OneAndOnly 1andonlyclothing LiveLifeQuotes ValuedTime

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One Rhythm (onerhythm808) Instagram Photos and Videos

One Rhythm


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“Every thought, every action creates vibrations through this infinite field of consciousness. Be mindful of your thoughts and emotion for their effects are far more potent than you realize.” onerhythm808 conciuosness gooddayEP hifinest destroyer onerhythm goodday oneandonly stayaway mahalohawaii

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Michael (me_globel) Instagram Photos and Videos



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She’s my bestfriend 👫 my partnerincrime 🚓 my cuddlebuddy 💏 my happythought 🙇‍♂️ my inspiration 🧠 my frustration 😤 and my oneandonly 👸

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Katy Steele (lionwoofmama) Instagram Photos and Videos

Katy Steele


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Sam trying out his wedding outfit! bowtie alreadysorted guest weddingplanner bigsam thatsmedone whatsleft mostimportantthing thisguy thisface mylove oneandonly theone mydog ourdog handsome allineed

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Sonuc T Saltunc (sonuc_t_saltunc) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sonuc T Saltunc


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If you know you know (SOUND ON) 😈😂 KnightRider Beast oneandonly madcar BuiltnotBought

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Laura NP (launpra) Instagram Photos and Videos

Laura NP


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Made in Sardinia 🍺 travel drinks travelgram beer taste tasteintravel nofilter red birra island italy europe sardinia sardegna sunny sunnyday holidays summer throwback chill relax enjoy worldplaces flag oneandonly visiting hot bottle ichnusa

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Yelena Muse 🐱 Ukraine Kharkov (yelenamuse) Instagram Photos and Videos

Yelena Muse 🐱 Ukraine Kharkov


Comment from Yelena Muse 🐱 Ukraine Kharkov:

Я не из тех людей, кто любит выставлять отношения напоказ. У меня даже сп вк никогда не было 🙈 
Все бы хорошо, но я осознала, что у меня нет ни одного нормального фото с парнем. Понимание этого напугало меня. Через какое-то время нам захочется вспомнить, какими мы были молодыми, а все что будем иметь - это сомнительного качества селфи на телефон. К счастью, Костя понял меня и согласился на авантюру - совместную фотосессию. Пересмотрев кучу фотографов, мы выбрали @bidenko_o . Она очень с пониманием отнеслась к нам, помогала на всех этапах подготовки. ❤️Конечно мы все же волновались, но не смотря на это отличных кадров получилось больше, чем мы могли ожидать😌 
Так что ребята (парни, в первую очередь) не стесняйтесь и соглашайтесь на предложения половинки сфотографироваться вместе или по отдельности. Годы идут, и через время вы будете благодарны себе за то, что не затупили тогда в молодости и сделали достойные фото, которые будут согревать вас воспоминаниями😊 
P.S. Делая свой выбор, присмотритесь к Оле, она правда молодец 💕 . . . lovestory love couple mylove mirror photographerukraine lovely cute kharkiv kiev киев харьков фотосессия hugs обьятия oneandonly xmastree

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The London N1 (thelondonn1) Instagram Photos and Videos

The London N1


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Licorice is the one of the 12 botanicals of The London Nº1. Did you know that it originally comes from Turkey? OneandOnly TheLondonN1 Botanicals Licorice Turkey

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Zuckerschnutte (zuckerschnutte_friendship) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Ich scheiß auf die Jungs ich nehme einfach meine beste Freundin!👭❤ Mit dir hab ich immer die besten Zeiten shziii liebe dich.❣ ZuckerschnutteBestfrien friendMeinzzzFriendshipFriends

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Pakopablos (pakopablos) Instagram Photos and Videos



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tbt with my oneandonly @sdmarcyp no one I’d rather fight along side😍😍 (she’s small but she’ll kick my ass😂) . . . . love baby babe art celebrity powercouple smashglobal redcarpet hollywood fashion hot artist

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Tuba Büyüküstün (tubabustun.fanpage) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tuba Büyüküstün


Comment from Tuba Büyüküstün:

Golden hearted!! ❤️❤️ tubabüyüküstün no1 number one queen canım aşkımbenim güzelim drama kraliçesi mylove myfav talented successfulactress unconditionallove konsulsuzsevgi eniyianne engüzelkadın foreverwithyou weloveyou myinspiration oneandonly turkishdelight turkishqueen @tubabustun.official

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Weyrlan Monteiro (weyrlan) Instagram Photos and Videos

Weyrlan Monteiro


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Ehm? Hehe 😂🎶💥 adele oneandonly vocal vocalist voice couver sound music musica groove nice amazing positividade goodvibes

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🇬🇮🇳🇦 🐶 (ginadoguedebordeaux) Instagram Photos and Videos

🇬🇮🇳🇦 🐶


Comment from 🇬🇮🇳🇦 🐶:

An approx. 3 years old picture. There is nothing better than underfloor heating. These are my three dogs Titus, Horst and Gina. They were one and all together. In the short time i lost two super boys. I miss you angels. We'll see each other again soon. 🙏❤😔 bordeaux bordeauxdogge bordeauxbulldog brown sun family love dog dogs fun Inside house warm heating oneandonly rain doguedebordeaux angel nature always together bigdogs mastiff princess girl baby followers angels boy

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Nathan Powers (daily_dc4) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nathan Powers


Comment from Nathan Powers:

😘 Waking up knowing I have you next to me is the best feeling. I’m so glad we found each other mylady gf girlfriend cutie shesmine oneandonly

32 Minutes ago
Lon Casler Bixby (neoichi) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lon Casler Bixby


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🎀EINMAL Niloh IMMA Niloh 🎀 (xxnilohhh) Instagram Photos and Videos

🎀EINMAL Niloh IMMA Niloh 🎀


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Lon Casler Bixby (neoichi) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lon Casler Bixby


Comment from Lon Casler Bixby:

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Dan Echalas (dandman0418) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dan Echalas


Comment from Dan Echalas:

Anniversary date💕 partnerincrime oneandonly

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🎀EINMAL Niloh IMMA Niloh 🎀 (xxnilohhh) Instagram Photos and Videos

🎀EINMAL Niloh IMMA Niloh 🎀


Comment from 🎀EINMAL Niloh IMMA Niloh 🎀:

Then? Or now? 🧐😂😂😂

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K'ley Photography (kleyphotography) Instagram Photos and Videos

K'ley Photography


Comment from K'ley Photography:

K'ley Photography http://ww :// sgfemalephotographer wedding weddingshoot love parents daughterwedding actualweddingday capturebestmoment oneandonly

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Jeffi Milliron (mr_milliron) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jeffi Milliron


Comment from Jeffi Milliron:

That time I thought it was cool thearnold to max out my no warm up deadlift 300kg 66llbs rogue roguebars rogueplates hookgrip weightlifting noinjuries strong lilboy oneandonly efm tanktop stampede prework @girthbrooks6 is chicken shit. pythons @ironcoffeeco

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 (dendenumum) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from dendenumum:

나라면 못했을것 같은 타국 학교생활. 다들 ‘아이들은 금방해’라고 말하지만 내 생각은 다르다. 아이라서 힘들고 낯설고 스트레스받는다. 스스로 엄청 노력하고 참고 이겨내고 있는 중일거다. 엄마 이건 영어로 뭐야? 저건 영어로 뭐야? 엄마 한글 영어 둘다 얘기해줘. 매일 알고싶어 한다. 아빠 엄마가 알려주면 스펀지처럼 바로 또 받아들이니 아이들 머리는 참 신기하다. 아빠가 말해줬다. “ 이든아 친구들은 영어만 말할 수 있고, 이든이는 한글 영어 둘 다 말할 수 있잖아. 이든이라서 할수 있는거야. 대단한 거야. ” 그리고 네가 좋아하는 안젤라가 있잖아...ㅋㅋ 괜찮아 천천히해도돼 더많이놀자 내사랑

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nicole M.☁️ (nicxlemak) Instagram Photos and Videos

nicole M.☁️


Comment from nicole M.☁️:

mein Kopf will nicht an dich dich denken, doch mein Herz will nur dich e.

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Hikari0702 (pikari0702) Instagram Photos and Videos



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⭐️Happy New Year 2018⭐️ >>>start congrats hello newyear 2018 🐶 戌年 newyearscard myself hope wonderful happy shine beautiful hype great challenge growth healthy aggressive love victorypositive peace joy amazing smile tie oneandonly

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