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Carley’s Creations (carleycarls_creations) Instagram Photos and Videos

Carley’s Creations


Comment from Carley’s Creations:

Xander is a another one of my plotties along with his hojita Baren (both are closed species on deviantart owned by MMXII so you can’t make own without permission). Xander is based off an Ocean Breeze Orchid. This little guy loves to skateboard and play with Baren. The two spend their days goofing off somewhere. Xander is also 4 inches tall. (Please don’t steal my work) art plotties deviantart deviantartist orchid

1 Minutes ago
Orchids Candidly (orchidscandidly) Instagram Photos and Videos

Orchids Candidly


Comment from Orchids Candidly:

😱 Winter orchid haul? BigLeafOrchids orchid orchids orkidé orquideas orquídia orquidea orchideen plants

1 Minutes ago
Fe Nequa (fe_nequa) Instagram Photos and Videos

Fe Nequa


Comment from Fe Nequa:

I want a nitendo just go play this shit... cinder my fav 😍😍 We can’t be friends if you never played it 😒 cinder nitendo killerinstinct orchid

1 Minutes ago
Marianne (mariannesorchids) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Marianne:

Haraella retrocalla orchideae orchid orchids Orchideen Orchidee orkidé orchideas Orchidee orchidées instaOrchi Flower Nature OrchidLovers orchidseverywhere orchidsofinstagram instaFlower orchidworld orchidshare orchidshow orchidoftaiwan OrchidsinMunich

2 Minutes ago
seedpot (seedpot_kojimasha) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from seedpot:

seedpot〜 シードポット 純白の花びら 整列した四輪が素晴らしい✴︎✴ 洋ランアドバイザーは本日おります OPEN9:30〜 CLO 〜 CLOSE17:00 seedpot_arrangeme 花のある暮らし みどりのある暮らし 販売インテリア cattliantheorchidgreenroominte lifeisbeautifulgreenlifeseedpo

2 Minutes ago
Pasadena Flower Shop (enchantedflo) Instagram Photos and Videos

Pasadena Flower Shop


Comment from Pasadena Flower Shop:

ORCHID DELIVERY Potted orchid plants and multi orchid planters are easy to care for. In fact, orchid plants are more simple to force a bloom than you might believe. For information on how to care for potted orchids you may receive from Enchanted Florist, or any orchid planter you may have received please visit our blog. To read more about this on our blog, click the link in our bio and use the search bar to find the post quickly enchantedflorist enchanted florist flowershops flowershop florists flowershoplife flowers pasadena houston deerpark friendswood webster clearlake leaguecity flower texas enchantedflorist flowerdelivery flowersonline samedayflowerdelivery flowerbouquet flowerblog orchidplanters orchid orchidplants pottedorchids

3 Minutes ago
Fabiana Leite (fabiana_leitt) Instagram Photos and Videos

Fabiana Leite


Comment from Fabiana Leite:

Vem mocinha nova por aí ❤️ flores plantas amo rosas orquidario orquidea orquideas orchid orchids orquidariovertical asorquideas phalenopsis catleya cattleya cimbidium chuvadeouro jardinagem paisagismo garden flowersdecor decorflowers decorhome homedecoration minhapaixao terapia phalaenopsis phalaenopsisorchid myhome

8 Minutes ago
Blooming Gorgeous (bloominggorgeousflowers) Instagram Photos and Videos

Blooming Gorgeous


Comment from Blooming Gorgeous:

BEyouTIFUL.... . . . . . . .we weddingbouquet florist weddingflorist bouquet sprayroses toowoombaregion toowoombaflorist love orchid stunnung weddingflowers bigday inspiration perfect posy bloominggorgeousflowers igdaily flowersdaily flowerlovers flowersloversdaily floristlife photooftheday weddingphoto flowerphotography flowerphoto bridalflowers bridebouquet

9 Minutes ago
Kapti Riyani (riyani.kapti) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kapti Riyani


Comment from Kapti Riyani:

Rhyncostylis retusa alba ternyata lebih cantik tanpa semburat ungunya. 😍😍😍 orchids orchid anggrek

9 Minutes ago
Molly M. Kruse (mollykrusedesign) Instagram Photos and Videos

Molly M. Kruse


Comment from Molly M. Kruse:

When your new neighbor welcomes you to the neighborhood! Orchid + lasagna soup! How sweet! 🌱 . . . newneighborhood newneighbor chesterfield vibes stlouis olivebranch orchid lasagna soup yum

11 Minutes ago
Vanessa Tatangelo (_fannisha_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Vanessa Tatangelo


Comment from Vanessa Tatangelo:

Alla ricerca di nuovi colori 🤞🏼 ⚪ ▫️ ⚪ ▫️ ⚪ ▫️ orchid blackandwhite photography nature life new adventure hope positivevibes igersitalia instagramers instagramhub photooftheday picoftheday gallery instalike followme like4like passion nocolor elegance instagood goodmood orchidee happiness capture naturelovers igers ig_naturelovers ig_europe

11 Minutes ago
Diane Zylka (zylkafineframing) Instagram Photos and Videos

Diane Zylka


Comment from Diane Zylka:

Beautiful bouquets outside of @sm_flowers 🌺 mondaymotivation boquet hydrange tulips orchid flowers

11 Minutes ago
Tom Bonhardt (tombonhardt) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tom Bonhardt


Comment from Tom Bonhardt:

Wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy. Benjamin Franklin . . . . . . phalaenop magicorchids orchidporn orchidacea orchidheights orchidshow orchidlovers orchids orchid orchidsofinstagram orchidee orchidworld orchidstagram orchidpatch orchidlover flowergram flowerslovers flowergasm plantlover flowerloversdaily flowerloversofinstagram flowerlover instaflower instaorchids closeup newjerseyflowers njflowers 9vaga_orchid9 asorquideas

12 Minutes ago
Cheryl Hislop (ldesignco) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cheryl Hislop


Comment from Cheryl Hislop:

True Beauty. I have a dream of having a house and a sun room filed with orchids. To me, they are so classic, exclusive, delicate, exotic, sensitive, timeless, and gorgeous!!! I love them!! goals motivation love truelove truebeauty orchids orchid island wearmotivation beautyiseverywhere nature newbeginnings new love open loveeverything beopen letlovein letloveout flow flowers

13 Minutes ago
ЛИЛИЯ ГУБАРЬ💌LILA PLANET VOICE (planet_voice_orchids) Instagram Photos and Videos




Сегодня очередная посадка орхидеи polkadots_planet_voice_orchids в секретныйсубстрат effectbio + торф🙏 орхидеилилиигубарь orchids orchide orchidee orchideen orchidees orquids orquidphotografy orchid orchidshow orchidcare фаленопсис орхоманьяк

13 Minutes ago
babbinom (babbinom) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from babbinom:

ニョキニョキ、たけのこのように芽が出てきた🙌 mygar バビ子garden ザ花部 花 flower gardenig 庭 植物のある暮らし orchid シンビジューム アイスキャスケード 蘭

15 Minutes ago
Kat Smith (owls_and_oceans) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kat Smith


Comment from Kat Smith:

Bit of a throwback to before everything was cold and frozen orchid orchids flower flowers flowerphotography plant plants plantphotography nature naturephoto naturephotography macro macrophotography myphoto myphotography pretty photo photographyislife photooftheday photography photographer beginningphotographer beginningphotography canon canonphotography like4like 3thirdsphoto featuristicfilm freezethesecond photographyfeaturing

15 Minutes ago
Nimesh Joshi (nimesh.joshi1) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nimesh Joshi


Comment from Nimesh Joshi:

Plants in my surroundings : BRAHMA KAMAL naturenaturalsnaturepho rephotoflowersflowerphotograph graphybotanicroses🌹himalayanf ayanflowermacromacrophotomacro macrophotographiemacrophotogra tographyorchidsorchidflauraand

17 Minutes ago
Yuliya Kozda (yuliyakozda) Instagram Photos and Videos

Yuliya Kozda


Comment from Yuliya Kozda:

In love...💕 My inspiration... Amazing lobby @fsparis orchidstagram orchids passion flowers flowerpower orchid nature design flowersdesign bloom blooming colors paris inspiration 🌸

18 Minutes ago
Jeff Cummins (jeffluckclub) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jeff Cummins


Comment from Jeff Cummins:

Idea leuconoe chillaxin’ on Phalaenopsis equestris

18 Minutes ago
Netti Farkas (nettifarkashun) Instagram Photos and Videos

Netti Farkas


Comment from Netti Farkas:

masdevallia orchid

18 Minutes ago
 (esperadza.po) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from esperadza.po:

Чудесные орхидеи 🌸 orchid september

20 Minutes ago
Willow Florists (willowflorists) Instagram Photos and Videos

Willow Florists


Comment from Willow Florists:

20 Minutes ago
Dewi Ayu Nurjanah (dewian91) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dewi Ayu Nurjanah


Comment from Dewi Ayu Nurjanah:

I'm gonna give them ( orchid) to my little brother's teacher. She loves gardening too. so I'm preparing this gift for her orchid anggrek anggrekbulan garden gardening flower flowergram flowers kebun berkebun flowerslovers todaymood villagelife

21 Minutes ago
ApplePie™ (lil_apple_bum) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ApplePie™:

Painting of an orchid I did in art today 🌸 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ sourscribbl painting flowers orchid colorful aesthetic pretty

22 Minutes ago
FlorestaAoi (florestaaoi) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from FlorestaAoi:

Coelogyne miniata その名の通り、ちーさな花🌸 でも濃いオレン 濃いオレンジがお気に入りの花。 株が登る癖が強くて…今の鉢植 orchids orchidee orchideen orchidea flowers flower coelogyne miniata species 洋蘭 洋ラン セロジネ ミニアータ 原種 着生植物 園芸 ガーデニング

24 Minutes ago
orchids (raw_orchids) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from orchids:

• raw_orchids • . 🌟 Featured Artist: @fotoneonox. 🌟 . _________________________ ____________________________ ✨ ✨✨ ___________________________ __________________________ Sel by: @chefjane. . Orchid: oncidium . Cc: RAW_Community_Owners . • @chefjane@kristina_nicolina • Cc: RAW_CEO . @tsphotography95 . . Join us in our fresh, creative new movement. . Please check out @raw_kingdom for more of our RAW_community pages. • raw_community . orchid orchids orchidlover orchidsofinstagram orchidshare botanical tropical gardening raw_flowers instaorchid . raw_orchids_fotoneonox

25 Minutes ago
FlorestaAoi (florestaaoi) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from FlorestaAoi:

C. trianaei coerulea ‘Reo Angel’ ずっと欲しかった花、去年やっと迎えられました! れました! 株が小さく奇跡的に咲いた花だからそれなりだけど、 りだけど、独特の紫を堪能できました!😊 写真には写らないけ orchids orchidee orchideen orchidea flowers flower cattleya trianaei species 洋蘭 洋ラン カトレア トリアネイ 原種 着生植物 園芸 ガーデニング 魅惑のリップ

27 Minutes ago
Francesca Capomagi (francesca.veg) Instagram Photos and Videos

Francesca Capomagi


Comment from Francesca Capomagi:

Buonanotte...🌸 orchid orchidee flowers fleurs violet purple veganlife naturelovers crueltyfree goodnight bonnenuit buonanotte flowerlovers january winter

29 Minutes ago
orchids (raw_orchids) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from orchids:

• raw_orchids • . 🌟 Featured Artist: @marjaliisa.l . 🌟 . _________________________ ____________________________ ✨ ✨✨ ___________________________ __________________________ Sel by: @chefjane. . Orchid: brassia Rex. Spider orchid . Cc: RAW_Community_Owners . • @chefjane@kristina_nicolina • Cc: RAW_CEO . @tsphotography95 . . Join us in our fresh, creative new movement. . Please check out @raw_kingdom for more of our RAW_community pages. • raw_community . orchid orchids orchidlover orchidsofinstagram orchidshare botanical tropical gardening raw_flowers instaorchid . raw_orchids_marjaliisadotl

31 Minutes ago
♡ The Lori Diaries ♡ (theloridiaries) Instagram Photos and Videos

♡ The Lori Diaries ♡


Comment from ♡ The Lori Diaries ♡:

orchid flower blooming 🌺

32 Minutes ago
SurLAir (surlair) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from SurLAir:

Оно само купилось 😸😸😸 It has been bought by itself 😸😸😸 -------- орхидея дендробиум дендробиумфаленопсис блухэппинесс orchid dendrobium dendrobiumphalaenopsis bluehappiness орхохомяк

34 Minutes ago
Bohemian Blooms (xobohemianblooms) Instagram Photos and Videos

Bohemian Blooms


Comment from Bohemian Blooms:

🌿Monday Blooms. . . . bohemianblooms mondaymotivation floraldesign flowerstagram orchid whimsical winter fleurs floralart floristry

34 Minutes ago