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after a to long periode without my boys 😭...WIDE AWAKE is back in the Studio, to creat more special CIRCLE moments / hangout / chill , one week only music & friends , high level mode on .🚬☘️.. i'm so exited ❤️wideawake ninze okaxy niju lushlife lautundluise instagood liveset crazy trip friends leipzig studiotime gin chill cool drinks best food happypeople memories love music ketapop is not ourfault

21 Hours ago
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Zilly Chillin!!!! Dogs life!!! spoiledyorkie ourfault

1 Days ago
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Insider’s Tip... if you and travel companion make two reservations for the same restaurant, make sure you cancel one to avoid receiving a message like this. stupidamericans ourfault stillhadagreattime . . onlyinp textoftheday equalparts whisknlade vacation paris france noexecusedrinklikeachampion DRJandVinneinEurope aroundtheworld chef perfect

2 Days ago
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Gary T.


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“Like a botnet, the fear I've created is spreading so fast, it's practically airborne. It's swallowed us whole, digested us, and now we're stuck in its asshole, waiting to be dumped out. And while we're here? They're having their way with us. They've packaged the fight into product, turned our dissent into intellectual property, televising our revolution with commercial breaks. They've back-doored into our minds and robbed our truth. They've refurbished the facts, then marked up the price. This is what they do. It's what they're good at. This is their greatest trick. Lobotomizing us into their virtual reality horror show. This all started because I tried to hide from society. Remember? Fuck society. Well, I fucked society alright. I reset it to zero. If I don't do anything about it, it will continue to grow in this malignant way. And that's what I'm afraid of most: the future that I set into motion. Who knows what could come from this? What if instead of fighting back, we caved? Gave away our privacy for security? Exchanged dignity for safety? Traded in revolution for repression? What if we chose weakness over strength? They'll even have us build our own prison. This is what they wanted all along: for us to buy in on our worst selves. I just made it easier for them. I didn't start a revolution. I just made us docile enough for our slaughtering. I can stand here and blame Evil Corp and every conglomerate out there for taking advantage of us, and I can blame the FBI, NSA and CIA for letting them get away with it, blame all the world leaders for aiding and abetting them, and blame Adam Smith for inventing modern day capitalism in the first fucking place, and blame money for dividing us, and blame us for letting it — but none of that's true. The truth is, I'm the one to blame. I'm the problem. This was my fault. All of it. I did this. Fuck me.” myfault yourfault us mrrobot fightclub selfpossession split fallofwesterncivilization saynotoracism wakeupnow icantseemtowakeup tyranny socialmediamarketing ourfault thedarkknight batman

4 Days ago
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Hoy @mariskalrock estrena el nuevo video de @tpr_band The Provisional Reference. OurFault primer tema de su segundo disco. Stoner HardRock estreno videoclip musicvideo rock bandasemergentes novedadmusical musical musicallybestoftheday RockfromSpain instamusic igersmusic noticias/estreno-de-our-fault- ault-el-ultimo-videoclip-de-th

6 Days ago
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Hey kids, do you remember that time we left the babies at home so we could spend some quality time with you both and then you would truly see how much we love you and that the twins don't always get our attention? Remember that? We took you to the gardens for the day to explore some art and the amazing tree houses and kids' area? Of course you don't because we waited too long to feed you lunch and the whole thing went day hill way too fast.

7 Days ago
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Setting up for test cuts with the @maritoolusa shrink fit! Stay tuned :) instamachinist

7 Days ago
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climatechange ourfault corporatecapitalismFTW in this case FTW means Fuck The World.

9 Days ago
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FinesseFriday These YoungNiggas 8nt got no Finesse. And its OurFault. TheOGs EachOneTeachOne. Even Gangsterism should HaveSomeClass... WillyLynch Brainwashed Gangstas are the new KKK... Tricknology OpenYourEyes TakeaLife LoseYourself... sadly SpeakingFromExperience 😰 LetsBeGreat ChildrenoftheSun DontYouSee? theestablishment's GreatestFear is FearofaBLACKplanet. . . LetitSoakin. BlacksStopKillingBlacksChallen

10 Days ago
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Something about clouds and silver linings. And vice versa. toopretty toobadwesuck globalwarmingisreal wow scenery notgonnalastverylong why deathofnature ourfault

11 Days ago
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nature ourfault earth life leon power respect onlylocals wind godbless

11 Days ago
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PRAYING DOESN'T WORK, LAWS DO. enoughisenough gunskill lasvegas americanbloodshed selfinlicted ourfault mentalhealth gunsareforcowards magicalthinking

14 Days ago
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ourfault superhero lovenothate

18 Days ago
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May have gotten stuck in space mountain today. Bonus: it was our fault @agentscarf spacemountain disney disneyland ourfault goodshizz

20 Days ago
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Dash Skala


Comment from Dash Skala:

Video by @paulnicklen taken while on assignment for @natgeo. Warning: Graphic video. Adorable sea otters much important than their looks. They are indicators of a changing oceans. 2 years ago 79 sea otters slowly died in one month alone from the paralytic shell fish poisoning. The water warmed over 3.5 degrees F in 2014/2015 and with that slight increase in temperature, many species started to suffer. Sea otters, sea lions, seabirds and many other species had large die-offs from toxic algae. It is much more than just protecting the cute and the cuddly. We MUST PROTECT entire ecosystems from the microbial life to the megafauna. How do we do that? . Предупреждение: Графическое видео. Морские выдры очаровательны, но они гораздо важнее чем мы думаем. Они являются индикаторами изменений в океане. Два года назад фотограф сфотографировал десятки морских выдр, которые медленно умирали от паралитического отравления. Вода прогрелась более чем на 3.5 градусов по Фаренгейту в 2014/2015 и с этим небольшим повышением температуры многие виды начали страдать. Морские выдры, морские львы, и многие другие виды имело огромный процент вымирания от токсичных водорослей. Это гораздо больше чем просто защита милых выдр. Мы ДОЛЖНЫ ЗАЩИЩАТЬ целые экосистемы до мегафауны. Мы должны найти способ . уменьшить глобальный углеродный след. @sea_legacy seaotter climatechange globalwarming 350org bethechange nature ourfault animals savetheworld savetgeplanet

20 Days ago
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Hahaha this is still funny 😂😂Taylor sister overcooked steak what omg funny hilarious ourfault talking distracted sorryed haha love dang mondaynight blogger family laughs crystals

20 Days ago
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ourfault savepitbulls americanstaff americanstaffordshireterrier pitbull

21 Days ago
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✨ Bella Speaks Her Heart ✨


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@Regrann from @wasabi_paste - . Storms are getting worse and it's all ourfault. . 👈 FULL VIDEO

22 Days ago
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I will open my world


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~Il Primo Specchio Esseno dei rapporti umani~ ·Influenza sulle relazioni: Vediamo e critichiamo negli altri le nostre colpe. ·Frase tipica: "Prima di togliere la pagliuzza dall'occhio del fratello, rimuovi la trave che è nel tuo".- Vangelo di Matteo 7: 3-5. -IO SONO Me: i 7 Specchi Esseni, Arcangelo Miranda. - - - primospecchioes specchiesseni humanrelations see criticize ourfault arcangelomiranda iosonome

23 Days ago
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Chris Padera


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Last day started off pretty bad. Rev's car was gone. Luckily it was just towed away by the police. After several tickets and cab rides we decided to espape the hustle of the city and cool down at the mountain side. revreefer dudewheresmycar not stoned sober af hyundai missing police allcatsarebeautiful wrong parking ourfault morocco marrakech ourikavalley highatlas atlasmountains hiking shooting airgun ballern murrica ramones houseparty folksworstnightmare roadtrip sandalsarenotforhiking selfie ourgirlfriendswereannoyedbyour

25 Days ago
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Bryant Allen


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So this just happened recently and I am so excited! We moved our family to Fishers only a few months ago and already it has been named the best place to live in the country! Coincidence I think not! Of course I'm only kidding about it being because of us, but seriously look it up, I'll wait!....SEE! I am so excited to call Fishers my home for a long time to come. So many great things are coming soon and I can only imagine what is in store for the future! Fishers, keep up the great work, we love you!

26 Days ago
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tree forest broken nature photography ourfault bothsides

26 Days ago
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🌏SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT 🌏 The EARTH is 4.6 billion years old. Let's scale that to 46 years. We have been here for 4 hours. Our industrial revolution began 1 minute ago. In that time, we have destroyed more than 50% of the world's forest. Is this sustainable? ourplanet ourfault florida mexico puertorico think

26 Days ago
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photobombed Hallo liebe Unbekannte, falls Du einen Abzug haben möchtest, melde dich bitte...immer wieder gerne 🤷‍♀️😄 heywerbistdudenn dassinddieschönstenfotos ourfault happy photobomb memories nyc timessquare love ❤️

27 Days ago
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chef at work


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irma, harvey, biggest hurricane in decades, st martin devasated, caraibeans flooded probably more to come.... we have to do something hurricane wecansaveourplanet irma harvey planetgoingcrazy ourfault wtfisgoingon saveourplanet helpisneeded

35 Days ago
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Teaching lil man while he's young :) wealmostdiedourfaultwelettheon

37 Days ago
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Gabriel P


Comment from Gabriel P:

accurate hurricane ourfault

39 Days ago
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Dare la colpa agli altri dei nostri fallimenti, è una facile sol­uzione per non assumersi le responsabilità, ma incolpando gli altri restiamo fuori dal gioco.  Oltretutto, quando si sparla di qualcuno, c’è una sola certezza: quella che il nostro asc­oltatore associ quel­la colpa a noi, che parliamo male di qualcun altro e veniamo anche derisi. Se è tutta colpa di qualcun altro, allora noi non siamo nien­te? Che ruolo possiamo avere nella nostra vi­ta, il nulla? Siamo dei falliti? Siamo così impotenti? lamenteemeraviglios Mad Hatter BlameOthers misfortune fail solution easy NoProgress happened OwnResponsibility excuse OutOfTheGame bad powerless additionally shoot nothing NoRole OneCertainty listener associate OurFault SpeakBad BeMocked failed WeAreNothing YourLife way

42 Days ago
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"In 100 years, this glacier will be gone. A new forest will grow in its place and a lake will fill the very spot you stand in" protectthis ourfault seeitwhileyoucan roadtrip dobetter knowbetter

44 Days ago
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Yes! YOU Do! WE Do! ALWAYS!! EVERYTIME!! Because we never wants and never accepts the truth and our Faults! . . . . wedo always everyday everytime blame accept truth ourfault fault mistakes quotes quoteoftheday learn motivation inspiringquotes motivationalquotes quote dailyquote waytolife waytolifequotes yourquote life allaboutlife lifehacks hacks nrichsystems 📷: @waytolife21

51 Days ago
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Remember the heavy rains over the weekend? Two of our partners @bedazzleaccessories and @shopeuls had to brave flooded streets to get home! They went home late that day 'cause they helped us fix our giveaways for Saturday! 😭 ourfault!!!! 😭 Salamat partners for all the sacrifices you make for CommonRoomPH! Ang party sa Saturday para sa inyo! (And of course, our shoppers) 😁 CommonRoomPHCelebrates Com s CommonRoomPHXATC CommonRoomP

56 Days ago
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60 Days ago
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This wasn't the first, this isn't the last time. People say they would have never let Hitler rise to power if they lived back then, but then they saw a clear racist from a mile away and they still allowed trump to become president. What he represents is disgusting but he is not the only one at fault. He is just a figurehead. It is all our faults and our ignorance of politics. It is yours and mine and our ignorance that racism never truly went away. Rubybridges Is only 62 people. Her story that we all know with grown men and women spewing hate at a then little girl getting an education. Fred Trump was arrested at a KKK riot although "unclear" why, maybe his bigot son can give us insight as to why. But this is ourfault . For voting, not voting, for ignoring, for not standing up when it counts, for believing in change coming through any president without changing ourselves first. For being helpless. For agreeing with bullshit like alllivesmatter. DUH! That should be common sense but it's not reality when we still have one too many whitesupremacists and too many bystanders who think this is " not that bad". Being angry is not enough.

61 Days ago