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godisgood godisgreat thankyoujesusforourfood jk godisdead wekilledhim it is ourfault

6 Hours ago
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Hayley Matthews


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Heart wrenching 💔 Let me explain my connection with leaving lights on and starving polar bears. This video is utterly heartbreaking and entirely our fault as humans. We've all contributed to climate change, and I fear that we're too far down the line now to reverse the damage we've done, or change the world that our children will inherit from us. This video is a difficult watch however, ignorance is bliss, and our continued ignorance, will cost our children the earth one day, so please share. This is so so very sad, but surely, we can educate and change our ways. Over the past few years. since I first became aware of the polar bears starving, due to climate change, no ice to fish on etc, I try to always remind myself when I can to: switch off the lights when not being used, recycle when I can, turn off a running car engine as well as making ethical and positive environmental choices when I can. I'm not perfect, far from it, but I always, at least once a day, catch that little voice in my head saying, "think of the polar bears", and this is why............. nationalgeographic nationalgeographicphoto nationalgeographicworld climatechange polarbear polarbears starvingpolarbear starvingpolarbears ourfault wereresponsible

3 Days ago
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How bout we stop talking about how much this breaks our hearts and saddens us and start being part of the change and you know what it wouldnt even have to be for a certain cause other then a better way of life. Stop wasting water, pick up trash you see walking around town, recycle, dont be wasteful, dont put chemicals down the drains, choose more eco friendly products, dont put harmful chemicals into the air, etc. I believe to live an efficiently modern life one must keep the simplicities of our founding fathers and progress with companies and machines that are only eco safe as to not damage our earth. After all it us beings that are harming every species we share earth with. Its our faults as a species. And we need to be the change. We need to stop the big harmful companies and the greediness we have within us and we need to start caring more not just for our own well being and what we are comfortable disrespecting and abusing but for our fellow earth-mates in whom we dont own but we do share this earth with. If we all were to make more wise and aware choices we could turn this around. . . savetheplanet eco eco-friendly ecofriendly toxic earth savetheanimals plantatree stop cometogether harmful dobetter heartbreaking ourfault change

3 Days ago
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Still the Vasu Video empty space . . . . porttownsend uptown vasuvideo change blackandwhite 98368 pacnw olympicpeninsula wastate smalltown implied bnw_zone keycity document local butterbeer community ourfault story

3 Days ago
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we are sorry White 🙏🏻❤️ Repost @sea_legacy ( @get_repost) ・・・ Video by @paulnicklen // “This is what a starving—not old—polar bear looks like. The muscles atrophy. They have no energy. It’s a slow, painful death. When scientists say polar bears will be extinct in the next 100 years, I think of 25,000 bears dying like this. There is no band aid solution. The simple truth is this—if the Earth continues to warm, we will lose species. We must reduce our carbon footprint, go vegetarian, stop cutting down our forests, and begin putting the Earth—our home—first.” - @paulnicklen Please join The Tide (link in bio) to follow @sea_legacy’s efforts to continue turningthetide. wearesorry bioischic vegan crueltyfree environment green greenlife animals white whitebear shocking change greenisgold humanbeing dramaoftheday missing love ourfault instalove think mothernature

3 Days ago
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About starving of polar bears and and our negligence towards the environment... See more abot this and other thins in @natgeo polarbear bear globalwarming negligence environment change ourfault sad biology nature nationalgeographic

3 Days ago
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my heart is broken. what should I say? I think there is nothing more to say. ourfault climatechange natgeo

6 Days ago
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In between 🌊 inbetween beauty climatechange globalwarming ourfault ice broken icebergs theworldfromabove icecold nature thankful mothernature wifionboard americanairline welcometoamerica sevenhourstogo impressions cantgetenough nathalieversusgoescali happyme alltheluckintheworld

6 Days ago
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Будет многобукв)) English version after👇👇👇 talk with me after reading. What do YOU think? Как часто мы слышим от других людей, друзей, знакомых - "я не виноват, что я такой" или "Это родители сказали, я не мог поступить иначе", "это родители виноваты, что я такой/ая", "что же я мог сделать, ничего", "если бы не это и не то, было бы по-другому". Такие люди во всем винят других - людей, обстоятельства, окружение, погоду, только не самих себя. Они бегут от сознания того, что это они приняли это решение. Не кто-то другой, а именно он сам в итоге пошел в этот ВУЗ, а не в другой. Они сами решили так себя вести, а не по-другому. Вдумайтесь. У нас всегда есть выбор как поступить! Всегда. Только мы сами ответственны за свою жизнь и принятые нами решения. Никто другой. Только мы сами. Мы можем прикрыться словами - "мои родители мне запретили делать то-то или то-то, поэтому я делал как они сказали и теперь все плохо". Или "я сделал все по инструкции, это предыдущий отдел виноват". А можем оценить последствия, как отразиться наше принятое решение на будущем, хотим ли мы сами это или нет, и принять решение, основанное на сделанных выводах. Будь создателем своей жизни, а не приспосабливайся к условиям, которые тебе создали другие. Да, это сложнее. Намного проще плыть по течению. Но правильно ли это? Или все таки лучше выйти из зоны комфорта, но не выпустить руль своей жизни из рук? Решать тебе и только тебе.

9 Days ago
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Ayer @tpr_band presentaba su primer LP, "Our fault", en @costelloclubmad y nuestro musincronizado @vividrop estuvo allí para inmortalizarlo. ¡Lo petaron! 🌋🌋🌋🌋 @cuestiondmedios theprovisionalreference tpr ourfault presentación costelloclub Madrid musincronizados apoyandolamúsicaemergente

12 Days ago
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No for real though realtalk adultchildren ourfault raisethemright parents nextgeneration growingupblack youmatter blackbeauty blackispower makeadifference followforfollow

15 Days ago
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Women blaming men. It's always ourfault

17 Days ago
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mauro pn


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17 Days ago
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Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is insanity right? So how insane is it that we keep trying to teach women to protect themselves instead of realizing we should also be teaching teach our men not to rape. bullshit notherfault ourfault realmendontrape

18 Days ago
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collage art arty family uni university animals pets? human ourfault

20 Days ago
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ConciertosRecomendados! El próximo miércoles 29nov, @tpr_band presentan ourfault. Lo harán acompañados de @dandy_wolf en @costelloclubmad . No te lo pierdas!!⠀ ⠀ Toda la info en:⠀ ⠀ Di @bbemergentes, homenaje a tompetty ⠀ ____________________________ theprovisionalreference dandywolf ⠀ .⠀ musicphotography concertphotography livemusic musicaenvivo musicaendirecto concierto madrid madridesmusica agenda planesmadrid madridesmusica lamusicaesconmusicos instamusic musicislife⠀ .⠀ nikon nikkor85mm 3lentescom bestphotomusicshotsg bestmusicphoto bestphotomusic⠀

20 Days ago
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True ourfault ourbadthough

21 Days ago
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David A. Chavez


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repost @unclesamsmisguidedchildren hate to admit it but I have to agree society has changed a lot. How it's changed everybody has their own opinion. Me personally we've become a society of individuals. We no longer look out for one another there is no more love thy neighbor. Its about the four walls and your personal borders, everyone outside those borders is competition or enemy. It's not even about guns anymore it's gone beyond that. gonetofar sadworldweliveintoday ourfault goodhardlookatourselves maninthemirror is the problem. getsome

25 Days ago
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Climate Change


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These are only a few of the affects !. planetearth climatechange makeachange ourfault

26 Days ago
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☠️Amber Nikole💄


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I did a cringy thing, look in my profile for the link about a few things we do. cringenewvideoyoutubecatourfau

31 Days ago
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Ya está a la venta el nuevo disco de TheProvisionalReference @tpr_band OurFault . Puedes escucharlo en Spotify. felizfinde felizviernes instamusic igersmusic rock RockAlternativo alternativerock Stoner Estrenomusical novedadmusical novedadesmusicales bandasemergentes Madrid rockmusic

32 Days ago
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airbrush retro retrofuturism art vintage finishhim ourfault crash space travel

34 Days ago
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Unladylike.Effortless Dreamer.


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Smog, extreme noise pollution, dug up dusty roads, metro construction, potholes everywhere....Delhi, you disappoint, scare and Kill. A Gas Chamber and a real Hell! DelhiSmog GasChamberHell DelhiKills Ourfault Wehavetofixit

34 Days ago
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James English


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Mmmm, so glad we don’t allow pets on furniture in Daylesford. It’s working really well. ourfault thinktheyarehuman ourfaultagain

35 Days ago
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Danke an das ganze @alpina_zillertal Team 😍❤️!!! Wir hatten eine so tolle und entspannte Zeit bei euch im Familienhotel💆🏼Das Zimmer mit Panorama-Fenster war der Hammer - wir überlegen schon uns eine Bergpanoramatapete ins Schlafzimmer zu machen 😜😂🏔👀Auch das Essen war extrem lecker und immer ganz toll angerichtet. Wir haben uns den gesamten Aufenthalt über so besonders gefühlt und auch alle anderen Familien waren extrem zufrieden habengelauscht diekommenallewieder unddasausgutemgrund 😄Die Mädels in der Kinderbetreuung waren total lieb, auch wenn Lilly das abgegeben werden eben noch nicht kennt ourfault - uuund die Steckdosen hatten übrigens alle eine Kindersicherung, hätte also so oder so nichts passieren können logischistjaaucheinfamilienhot 😁😜Alles weitere könnt ihr demnächst auf meinem Blog nachlesen 😄Wir schwelgen jetzt noch eine Weile in Erinnerungen und lassen den Abend zuhause gemütlich ausklingen ☺️👍🏻Kommende Woche mache ich mich dann an den Blogpost ihr Süßen 😘🤓*Anzeige - - alpinazillert alpina alpini familienhotel kinderhotel urlaubmitkind

37 Days ago
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Ho sette lune e sette soli storti via strano gogo wrong outgun away stillness ourfault maybe argue disappointed nomore tired bullshit Followforfollow likesforlikes follow likesback tagsforlikes picoftheday instamood instalikes instagood instapic picoftheday photooftheday L4L F4F dailyphoto followers likers

38 Days ago
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Oooops! Due to daylight saving time there's been made a mistake and the store will be closed today! We hope to see you tomorrow! oops ourfault wintertijd stardustgroningen

44 Days ago
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•🙏🏻 - - - - •Thank you so much for helping the environment! I need others to join them. Help me on my mission to create a better environment for all animals, not just sea turtles. 😫💙🐢 - - - - •Seaturtles deserve better💙 - - - - •Pretend that’s your baby out there suffocating on a plastic bag. 😖👶🏼 - - - - •How you feel is how about 100,000 mama turtles feel EACH YEAR! 😷😭🤧💙❤️🙏🏻🐢 - - - - • Yes I said 100,00 EACH YEAR. That many turtles are getting killed every year because of us! Join me on my mission to create a better environment for them! Let’s lower that number by half by the end of the year! Stay strong and make the environment a better place💚😩🙏🏻🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢 - - - savetheturtles ilovethem itsus ourfault wemadeit sowecanfixit love seaturtles pride clean environment thanks helpme mission goal journey cleanup noplastic reusable recycle dontlitter stop starthelpingtheenvironment please thankyou 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

46 Days ago
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•Please😭 - - - - •Happens Daily😩 - - - - •I love them so much I can’t stand to see them like this😰🐢💙 - - - - •HELP THEM PLEASE! BUY REUSABLE BAGS AND DO ANYTHING YOU NEED TOO! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😫 - - - - •savetheturtles helpthem please anywayyoucan theyneedus turtle turtlemoment shoutout? help itsus ourfault wedidit wecanfixit ilovethem reusable noplastic joinme

47 Days ago
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Sometimes life makes me sad... he’s a nice old dude, his mind is just muddled... hisfault ourfault meantalhealth usa giveafuck

53 Days ago
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Happy October from your Oklahoma Legislature and Current Governor Education MentalHealth OurVote OurFault RedState

53 Days ago
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He has his own world in him.. We can't reach there.. Our fault 🙂.. child hisworld kidslove brotherlylove childlove kidlove baby photo photography photographer photogram hisfantasy hislove hislife wejudge ourfault stillwehope welovehim welovehimsomuch ourboy instagram instagramer instaworld instaworld_love instaworld_shots

56 Days ago
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forgiveus respectchildhood sosad ourfault inhumans inhumanity pleasestop brokenheart wearelucky

1 Years ago