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🦈🐅Animal Rights🐅🦈 (__animals_have_rights_too__) Instagram Photos and Videos

🦈🐅Animal Rights🐅🦈


Comment from 🦈🐅Animal Rights🐅🦈:

Imagine growing up without a mother. Imagine her locked up, forced to produce milk her whole life for another species. It is not fair. compassion conciousness endanimalabuse endanimalcruelty agriculture againstanimalcruelty bacon fmeat ham hotdog meatismurder pig grains worldhunger skinny dying ourfault letsmakeachange

1 Days ago
🦈🐅Animal Rights🐅🦈 (__animals_have_rights_too__) Instagram Photos and Videos

🦈🐅Animal Rights🐅🦈


Comment from 🦈🐅Animal Rights🐅🦈:

Let's make this change 💪🏻💔compassion conciousness endanimalabuse endanimalcruelty agriculture againstanimalcruelty bacon fmeat ham hotdog meatismurder pig grains worldhunger skinny dying ourfault letsmakeachange

1 Days ago
Elvira Tania Yusan (elvirataniayusan) Instagram Photos and Videos

Elvira Tania Yusan


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Abortion is a never ending pain😭😭😭 pregnancy miracle abortion life soul love unconditionallove son daughter mom dad relationship chooselove choosehug choosekiss wearenotgod kidsareinnocent nottheirfault ourfault please youdeservebetterthanthis beautiful quotes

2 Days ago
New Covenant Baptist Church (ncbc.oneonta) Instagram Photos and Videos

New Covenant Baptist Church


Comment from New Covenant Baptist Church:

It is strange how little use we make of the spiritual blessings that God gives us, but it is even stranger that we make such little use of God Himself. Though He is "our God," we scarcely give ourselves to Him, and we ask so little of Him. How seldom do we seek counsel at the hands of the Lord! How often do we go about our business without seeking His guidance! In our troubles how we constantly struggle to bear our burdens ourselves instead of casting them upon the Lord, that He may sustain us! This is not because we may not, for the Lord seems to say, "I am yours, soul; come and make use of Me as you will. You may freely come to My store, and the more you come, the more welcome you will be." It is our own fault if we do not enjoy the riches of our God. Since you have such a friend, and He invites you, draw from Him daily. Never be wanting while you have a God to go to; never fear or faint while you have God to help you; go to your treasure and take whatever you need--there is all that you can ever want. Learn the divine skill of making God all things to you. He can supply you with everything; or better still, He can be everything to you. Let me urge you, then, to make use of your God. Make use of Him in prayer. Go to Him often, because He is your God. Will you fail to use such a great privilege? Run to Him; tell Him all your needs. Use Him constantly by faith at all times. If some dark providence has cast a shadow on you, use God as a sun; if some strong enemy has attacked you, find in Jehovah a shield, for He is a sun and shield to His people. If you have lost your way in the mazes of life, use Him as a guide, for He will direct you. Whatever you are, and wherever you are, remember, God is just what you want and just where you want, and that He can do everything you want. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Devotional material is taken from “Morning and Evening,” written by C.H. Spurgeon, revised and updated by Alistair Begg. Copyright © 2003, Good News Publishers and used by Truth For Life with written permission.

3 Days ago
WeiWei 🐼 (weiweistuff) Instagram Photos and Videos

WeiWei 🐼


Comment from WeiWei 🐼:

Tbt to when we decided to take a bathroom picture while waiting for a certain someone lol tbt throwbackthursday notthebestlighting potd vancouver vancity yvr ourfault oops notreally

17 Days ago
Mikki Lemm (mikkisora) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mikki Lemm


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"But why is the ball broken?" ohno favouriteball ourfault clearly

19 Days ago
Quotes And Lyrics (wordscarryendlessmeaning) Instagram Photos and Videos

Quotes And Lyrics


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. . . . . . . . quotes wordscarryendlessmeaning hate monsters wecreatedthem wordshurt wordscreatemonsters wecreatewhatwehate truth thinkaboutit becarefulwhatyousay lifequotes stopthehate youdidthis wedothistothem donthatewhatyoucaused wedidthis ourfault wordscankill hatecreatesmonsters hatecauseswhatwehate wordsaredangerous wordsarepowerful love loveothers thinkbeforeyouspeak fixtheproblematthesource chooseyourwordscarefully

20 Days ago
Chiara B (chiccamicky) Instagram Photos and Videos

Chiara B


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Quando mi guarda così mi sciolgo.... 💙💙❤️❤️😽🍀cat cats myboo ourfault happywithyou neverforgettosmile kitten kitty kittens pet pets animal animals petstagram petsagram loveya catsofinstagram ilovemycat kisses nature catoftheday lovecats furry sleeping lovekittens adorable catlover instacat

20 Days ago
Dro (drosodope19) Instagram Photos and Videos



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When Im Tryna Bond Wit My Boys😙, But They Jus Wana Bond Wit Sesame Street, Lion Guard & 21st Century Technology🤔😔😒🙄 curved techsavy almost2 youtubeexpert theyskipads ourfault theylovephones itswhatshutsthemup parkitis sundayfunday twinstagram twin dedicateddads dadlife foe getthemoutthehouse letsplay

21 Days ago
Ritchie Tiznado (rtmrmarshmallow) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ritchie Tiznado


Comment from Ritchie Tiznado:

Back home after a lovely time at the beach. Kids want to stay in the car and go to another adventure. What a spoiled kids ourfault puppiesofinstagram

26 Days ago
A l ë n a (alyonaoleynik) Instagram Photos and Videos

A l ë n a


Comment from A l ë n a:

Good night, our little, fragile and innocent planet 🌍 You've done nothing wrong ourfault

27 Days ago
Kevin Walker (kwalk111) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kevin Walker


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reation bullinachinashop ťhoughtoftheday fly lawofthejungle middleeast ourfault dontletthemwin homodeus

28 Days ago
King Dom (Dogon Artworx) (kingdom_dogonartworx) Instagram Photos and Videos

King Dom (Dogon Artworx)


Comment from King Dom (Dogon Artworx):

The harsh reality war famine violence greed corruption wedoittoourselves ourfault theharshreality thetruth reallifefacts veganlife veganworld veganlondon onelove organic organics bevegansavetheworld beinspiring bepositive italfood inspiring italisvital italvital realfood realpeople rasta consciousness consciousfood humanity jesus

32 Days ago
Sarah Jane (gypsiestramps_andthieves) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sarah Jane


Comment from Sarah Jane:

When you're on the verge of crashing from a sugar rush and you have to be dramatic about everything🙃 That's where this kid is at, I'm just waiting for the crash part and crossing my fingers that she'll go down for a nap... Probably won't happen but one can only hope🤘🏻 lifewithatoddler sugarhigh ourfault

33 Days ago
GUAM NEOCON 2017 (guamneocon2017) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from GUAM NEOCON 2017:

Sorry guys. We had to cancel last "That's So Random" contest. Our apologies for the misunderstanding. Vendors, Artists Alley, NEOCON Staff are not eligible for contests. Thank you so much @bkgange for understanding and bringing it to our attention. Another one coming up soon! Get ready! ourfault

33 Days ago
Jaymes talabi (tahlahbee) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jaymes talabi


Comment from Jaymes talabi:

Real life on so many Levels reality london ourfault

38 Days ago
feel the quotes (_feel_the_quotes_) Instagram Photos and Videos

feel the quotes


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41 Days ago
Shelley Patone (shelley__maree) Instagram Photos and Videos

Shelley Patone


Comment from Shelley Patone:

3 cheers for fresh linen day actuallymilwetourbed🙈 ourfault shouldntofgivenherlemonade

44 Days ago
Letta Lu (lettalu) Instagram Photos and Videos

Letta Lu


Comment from Letta Lu:

Yessss! After getting car impounded we can still treat ourselves to poke bowls! frustrated ihatetoronto traffic ourfault hawaiianfood salmon yellowfintuna iwanttogohome pokitocanada

48 Days ago
Jason Lawson (jason_t._lawson) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jason Lawson


Comment from Jason Lawson:

When your 11 yr old daughter thinks she's big n tough enough to talk back and be rude to her Hawaiian/Irish Mom she's lucky all she lost was her bedroom door.. parenting saturdaymornings kids bratz ourfault cantbeatthem wherestheorphanage jtlinfinity

50 Days ago
Yooah Bang Nguyen (yoosilly) Instagram Photos and Videos

Yooah Bang Nguyen


Comment from Yooah Bang Nguyen:

"Cookie, mommy, cookie" we hear as she crawls into our bed. "Crumbs" were now all over our bed. I get up to find the 'cookies' aka brown sugar and chocolate sprinkles eaten and played with. I took this photo as I'm yelling at her to go to timeout and she has the nerve to say "cheese!" All our sheets, floor, feet covered in a stickymess. Sigh. I blame the big girl bed that gives her too much freedom. terribletwos ourfault cheeky jammies averykhanh

50 Days ago
Laura López Fdez (peke__lau) Instagram Photos and Videos

Laura López Fdez


Comment from Laura López Fdez:

I tried to be normal once.... worst two minutes of my life missingmyfriend comebacksoon funnymoments itsnot ourfault wearenotnormal sisters miniñadelpozo ♥️

53 Days ago
Steven Roy (stevenicoleroy) Instagram Photos and Videos

Steven Roy


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microstart deadbattery skidoo attaboy starterpack snowday snowmobile 2up ridehard startof784miles 10hourdrive greatnorthrun kirklandlake love hitatree jumped bringiton easypeasy alwaysbeprepared abitibi hearst cochrane lumberjack trails sheshredstrailswithme enduro ourfault ridehard 2up letsgo vroomvroom -36degrees

54 Days ago
Natalie Mauricio (plathetic_poet) Instagram Photos and Videos

Natalie Mauricio


Comment from Natalie Mauricio:

Beentheredonethat poetry poetrycommunity poems poem poemporn poetsofinstagram writersofinstagram writingcommunity writing creativewriting wecanstillbefriends breakup oldflame neverending lovepoems lovequotes love vodka imeanit idontloveyou calvinklein calvins tears fireandgasoline ourfault whiteflag

55 Days ago
Austin Gunn (topgunn84) Instagram Photos and Videos

Austin Gunn


Comment from Austin Gunn:

She's officially been out for longer than she was in! Time flies! To celebrate, we stopped by Disneyland on a recent business trip and the only thing Abby liked was the fountain in Toon Town. Figures. She's still my favorite, though. ourfault Happy10Months expensivefountaintrip

55 Days ago
Stratton & Borrowed Brother (stratton_wilson) Instagram Photos and Videos

Stratton & Borrowed Brother


Comment from Stratton & Borrowed Brother:

truth changeit ourfault

56 Days ago
Karin Rošker (karinrosker) Instagram Photos and Videos

Karin Rošker


Comment from Karin Rošker:

Se kdaj vprašaš koliko jih pridelaš?😱 mao muzejzaarhitekrutoinoblikovanje fužine museum exhibition polution sea problem problems terrible dosomething packages earth doyouseeit ourfault human humanwork guilty thisisproblem life ourlife polutedlife ljubljana water ground air food drink plastic plasticeverywhere

59 Days ago
Holly Azzara (babeink) Instagram Photos and Videos

Holly Azzara


Comment from Holly Azzara:

Tattooed this lady a few years ago and I'm super happy to have her back in the shop to start this piece.. I think today's line work made me need new glasses instantly.. ps.. eeeeeeeeeep!!❤✏❤ allthecute tinylines ihavetotouchyourweenisagain morecritterstocome

66 Days ago
✨✨Tysha✨✨ (tipsandtoesnailsalon) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ✨✨Tysha✨✨:

My Dy'Mond and Her Dad ❤️. daddysgirl spoiledrotten ourfault 😊

71 Days ago
Sandy Morton (tinbottle) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sandy Morton


Comment from Sandy Morton:

starbucks whatsyourname gotitwrongagain our youngest never gets her name spelled correctly ourfault iguess

74 Days ago
Cody (cg5004) Instagram Photos and Videos



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75 Days ago
Jelly (_jellybatista) Instagram Photos and Videos



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😂😂😂 funniest crap I have seen! TeamJelly funny funnyvideos crap trump presidenttrump president pou dominicanrepublic dominican dominicanpower dominicanpride dominicanasoy 809 829 ourfault news newspaper nbc saturdaynightlive alecbaldwin elnacionalweb elnacional classic mixup

76 Days ago
 (kartoondudez) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from kartoondudez:

It's ourfault for taking dogbirthday photos at the table yesterday now LaLa is looking for more treats cupcakes wet kiss jackrussellterrier jackrussell jrt naughty puppy twitter introuble birthday is 2-15-17 diningroom window decor map trashcan silly

76 Days ago