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2 Days ago
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This wasn't the first, this isn't the last time. People say they would have never let Hitler rise to power if they lived back then, but then they saw a clear racist from a mile away and they still allowed trump to become president. What he represents is disgusting but he is not the only one at fault. He is just a figurehead. It is all our faults and our ignorance of politics. It is yours and mine and our ignorance that racism never truly went away. Rubybridges Is only 62 people. Her story that we all know with grown men and women spewing hate at a then little girl getting an education. Fred Trump was arrested at a KKK riot although "unclear" why, maybe his bigot son can give us insight as to why. But this is ourfault . For voting, not voting, for ignoring, for not standing up when it counts, for believing in change coming through any president without changing ourselves first. For being helpless. For agreeing with bullshit like alllivesmatter. DUH! That should be common sense but it's not reality when we still have one too many whitesupremacists and too many bystanders who think this is " not that bad". Being angry is not enough.

3 Days ago
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Stopped to smell the flowers today with @kat_males 🌸 A splendid day spent with a beautiful girl who I am lucky enough to call my companion ❤ flowers garden bees butterflies pollen pollenators atrisk indanger worried animals life biology plants humans ourfault letsfixit change climatechange environment canada wonder beautiful splendid companion lifepartner futurewife endlesslove couple couplesofinstagram love

4 Days ago
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Family times on the Yard englishweather ourfault

4 Days ago
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George is feeling remorseful after eating the entire cheese board when we were not looking . Those puppy dog eyes of wanting forgiveness ... Thanks for the visit Herb and Agi 😘naughtydog ateallthecheese ourfault

6 Days ago
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Free unicorn frappe 👧🏼 socute littlelady unicornfrappe beautifulday littleblondlady 🦄 loveshavingherpicturetaken

9 Days ago
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Mom and dad keep kissing me because apparently sleeping through the night is a big deal? 🙄 Chill guys. 👱🏼‍♀️Mom note: my husband wakes up around 330 and was letting Adams out of his crate while he got ready. Dogs truly do learn your routine so that's why he was waking up every night! After one night of covering his crate instead of letting him out he learned night time isn't play time and we've slept allllll night for almost 2 weeks 🙌🙌thankjesus ourfault mamasboy yellowlabpuppy Labrador Labradorretriever labradorsofinstagram puppy talesofalab adorable cute puppylove puppiesofinstagram talesofalabpuppy talesofalab labradorable worldoflabs instadog bestoflabs labrador_class happyboy bbflabradors labradoroftheday dog labsofinstagram instalabs doglover welove_retrievers

9 Days ago
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Stages of waiting in the speech therapy office for 15 minutes 🙄 the dinosaurs are telling each other they're sick of waiting too. guesstrafficisbad wegothere5minutesearly ourfault notketo

10 Days ago
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Yes! YOU Do! WE Do! ALWAYS!! EVERYTIME!! Because we never wants and never accepts the truth and our Faults! . . . . wedo always everyday everytime blame accept truth ourfault fault mistakes quotes quoteoftheday learn motivation inspiringquotes motivationalquotes quote dailyquote waytolife waytolifequotes yourquote life allaboutlife lifehacks hacks nrichsystems thoughtsatdt thoughtsdeepdt

10 Days ago
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‼️Making a difference is sooooooo easy. For example: Everytime when you're leaving the beach or sea or any other place make sure you pick 3 - 5 items that are laying on the ground and throw them into the bin. YES, even if it's not yours! Easy, isn't it? Yeah I know some people don't want to look for a bin, their time is too precious for that 🙄👎🏼 But did you know that according to a study from Plymouth University, plastic pollution affects at least 700 marine species, while some estimates suggest that at least 100 MILLION marine mammals are killed EACH YEAR from plastic pollution ‼️ ( ~~~~~~ please - Make a difference, start NOW 💕🐳🦈🐠🐢🐙🐋🐊🦐🦂🦀💕 ~~~~~ savetheocean savetheplanet plasticpollution trash ourfault bedifferent openyoureyes love animallovers motherearth nature naturelovers potd hot_shotz igersoftheday igersholland igh_youngdutchtalents greenpeace instagram 5minutebeachcleanup @instagram @greenpeace @beautifuldestinations @discovery.hd

11 Days ago
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Because our lives are dope and we do dope shit. hardsummer ourfault

12 Days ago
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Broadway Trash

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Could not agree more. . . . . . . oak greatcomet greatcometof1812 mandypatinkin davidmalloy howardkagan ourfault musicals broadway mylifeisonebigmusical

22 Days ago
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It is ourfault . . . classof2017 . . . . . ourgeneration thisgeneration jobhunting jobsearching soulsearching goalsearch gotajobyet gotaninterviewyet ugh ughh . . . ilaught but iamcryinginside millennial

22 Days ago
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NOT ME PERSONALLY...BUT YEAH. C. DELORES TUCKER AND REV. CALVIN BUTTS SCREAMED ABOUT THE AFFECTS "GANGSTA RAP" WOULD HAVE ON OUR LITTLE GIRLS IN THE 90'S. NOW 10 YR OLDS CLAIM BAD BYTCH...THEY WERE RIGHT. blackmandobetter blackpeople blacklives ourfault wecanfixthis theygotnext blacklivesmatter blackwomen blackwomanisgod

23 Days ago
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"We did not ask you white men to come here. The Great Spirit gave us this country as a home. You had yours...We did not interfere with you. We do not want your civilization!"~Ta Sunke Witko (Crazy Horse) littlebighorn battlefield ourfault cheyenneindians custerslaststand peace

24 Days ago
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This makes me chuckle not a little bit but a whole lotta bit! 😂😂😂😂😂😜👌 o well at least I'll get to see the sun for more than 2 hours tomorrow! Hahaha fuck I'm so beat even the pre workout isn't doing a mother fucking thing! Definitely going to be a redbull kinda night! 😫😴😪 have a good day all my kick ass follower fuckers! 🙄😉😆😁 night nightshift 3rdshift ourfault nobodygivesafuck stillgetshitdone day6 onenightoffthatsit fuckmeinthedickhole imbeat

29 Days ago
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OTL Overland Adventures


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Please be careful out there and have respect for our land. BC is on fire right now, and we can use all the good karma we can get. smokeysays fireban wildfire forestfire humancaused ourfault nofires respectmothernature ilovebc

31 Days ago
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Is An Animal She, He, or It?

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Repost @__animals_have_rights_too__ ・・・ Imagine growing up without a mother. Imagine her locked up, forced to produce milk her whole life for another species. It is not fair. compassion conciousness endanimalabuse endanimalcruelty agriculture againstanimalcruelty bacon fmeat ham hotdog meatismurder pig grains worldhunger skinny dying ourfault letsmakeachange

37 Days ago
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Alice AF<^>


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Old people: you kids these days are all lazy and spoiled, you have it so easy Me: has none of the opportunities they did, grew up with not even half the luxury they had, rushing to find a way to not end up homeless. But no totally your right, our generation is the problem... ourgeneration kicksass and todaysproblems arenot ourfault theyare theresultofyouractions we havenot hadthat influenceyet

37 Days ago
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Jack B


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Somehow JD always ends up getting hurt. 🤔 ourfaultintentionallyolliessti esstickstbttbhbffboiihomepablu

38 Days ago
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_ Now Chet is telling me that he's only about 90% sure this photo is of Those Movie Guys. They both have beards, don't they? If he hadn't brought it up, I don't think anybody would've noticed. _ . . . podcast funny comedypodcast theories scooby cartoon research analysis truecrime investigation scoobydoo funnymemes conspiracy conspiracytheory parody comedy tv laughing lol apologize sorry mistake ourfault movies zztop

38 Days ago
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Repost @chasingmyzen ( @get_repost) ・・・ truth 😩potus ourfault howdidthishappen howdowefixit peace love unity compassion harmony equality muslim syria blacklivesmatter alllivesmatter

41 Days ago
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When you had a rough day...thought you would make your parents mad...then all you want to do is be by mom's side. magnet notmad itwasanaccident orfour ourfault frenchton frenchie frenchbulldog dogs dogsofig dogsofinsta bostonterrier

47 Days ago
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ourfault the society we live in? We make up the society we live in. Smh thisshit

48 Days ago
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Tony Gnzalez


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48 Days ago
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Jeff Danger Davies


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Way to go Italy! This used to be green. Did you know the Caribbean has lost 80% of its coral reefs since 1970? globalwarming ourfault

53 Days ago
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Yesterday was a unique day. After traveling around bandung looking for a cafe to enjoy the holiday, none of them which open and that make us end up in food market. ourfault XD . The next thing that is unique is when I meet again with people who that make some troubles with me a years ago. I know they saw me and I saw them after they passed me. A same place that we started our friendship too. Because this is the moment of Eid I want to greet them with "Mohon maaf lahir dan batin" , but it seems they are in a hurry to avoid me. It makes me a little annoyed, but it doesn't matter to me anymore because I have forgiven them. It's okay bro n' sis, I've forgive you already. Btw Paskal new mall it seems interesting.

55 Days ago
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"To all my ladies getting money playing niggas like dummies" This4You LinkInBio 💋 BounceChallengeComigSoon

58 Days ago
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See our mistakes now so later you will know where we came from. Working on our weaknesses. wesobtw nomoreexcuses ourfault

65 Days ago
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Supertrees. Just one of many ways that Singapore represents the future of cities. Sad that in my son's time, the city will go underwater. Maybe that's why she is so green. Stay classy Singapore. singapore gardensbythebay supertree globalwarming sealevelrise ourfault

66 Days ago
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Tori Hairslayer Official Page


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BOOM! Stop being so offensive and just know...its OURFAULT

75 Days ago
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Bernie Fassone


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londoncalling 👊 " London calling to the zombies of death ... London calling at the top of the dial and after all this, won't you give me a smile ? " londonista theclash londonisstrong manchesterisstrong parisisstrong niceisstrong berlinisstrong istanbulisstrong europeisstrong syriaisdoomed iraqisdoomed ourfault reapingwhatwesowed

76 Days ago
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Mom and dad left us all day today.... so we taught them a lesson. Bad pillow. pillowfight brats itwaskoda longday ourfault toobusy curs mountaincur catahoulacur

76 Days ago