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Patrick Otterson


Comment from Patrick Otterson:

In life you have to take the unsafe path to get to the good places. Just remember that even the places that are uncomfortable and unsafe can also be the greatest adventures. It's in those places you grow. You learn to overcome obstacles, break fears, and discover deeper parts of your heart. Then when you get to the good places you can arrive as an overcomer and be filled with gratitude of having being tested and refined! kailua maunawilifalls hawaii oahu luckywelivehawaii spiritual journey wanderer adventure explore inspiration meditation contemplation inthemoment beyou neverstopexploring followyourdreams getoutside goodvibes overcome successful goodvibes glimpseofhawaii nakedhawaii nature ragehawaii venturehawaii hawaiiunchained

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Rock Banana

Comment from Rock Banana:

Guess who's back! That's right, happy Monday everyone! Mondays are hard and we get that. So this week, we've cooked up a little something based on our friend @_shesallright's suggestion to help you overcome those Monday blues! Everyone has fears and phobias. But sometimes you just really gotta put your foot down and show those fears that you're not backing down--not today! You'd be surprised at the things you can achieve! Here's a look at two examples of that. 💪👟🕷 😂😂😂 Here's hoping that everyone kills it today! What are some things that you have to this week? Let us know in the comments and as always, suggest a word! Monday blues rawr squish art project collaboration drawing illustration instantdoodles wereback spider phobia fears win strength nottoday word random rockbananaart vsco vscocam

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Michael Scott


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This is a helpful life lesson I have been enacting the past couple of years. I've learned to withdraw -- for a short while -- from several relationships (family, work, etc.) in order to evaluate the status, boundaries, and equitable nature of those relationships. The only way for me to assess and learn was add some distance, journal my true feelings about those relationships, and institute updated healthy and honorable boundaries. . This has made a MAJOR impact. . The power to evolve the relationships ... first resides in me. It's where empowerment is born. And a clearer purpose. . . awareness lifelessons thinking personalgrowth personaldevelopment motivation makingprogress makingprogresseveryday journal journaling focus breathe breathing personalgrowth personaldevelopment motivation makingprogresseveryday overcome perserverance worth nojudgment wakeup nolimits transformyourmind

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Travis Rosen


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Some teamninjawarrior grubbin in between episodes w/ @americanhandstands, @doozgirl & @travrosen, aka TeamTNT! (Plus secret intel member @graceless_sims!) Watch the finale on @usa_network and see how we handle our second trip to the finals! 💪💥💪💥 TNW2 speed fastninjas theOlderYouGetTheFasterYouGo TNW1redemption neverquit overcome ninjawarrior sasuke

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I know millennials crave a life full of fulfillment and meaning which is why I made this video! I have the secret sauce for you! No more going in circles! Hit the link in the bio above▶️👊🏼

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✝✝ Shamim Akram ✝✝ شميم أكرم ✡ (mark_am_imahs_) Instagram Photos and Videos

✝✝ Shamim Akram ✝✝ شميم أكرم ✡


Comment from ✝✝ Shamim Akram ✝✝ شميم أكرم ✡:

LIFE------ Its About The Next Step. life obstacles overcome

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Nicole Sapia 🕷


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Glider chairs are the best. 🤘🏽rockingaway princessrose overcome

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Carl Ocubillo


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Tonight, God spoke to me and revealed something. I've decided to take a little step to further my goal of achieving big things in life. Im glad that I've finally listened to my soul. 🙏🙏 Praying for the good things to happen! beginning keepgoing dreambig overcome selfdoubt smallsteps leapoffaith

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Pablo V. 🚀


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All the world is full of suffering. It is also full of overcoming” Helen Keller mondaymotivation losangeles la ilovela lalife birthday overcome resilience persist dontgiveup life venice hollywood oc southbay art love like helenkeller instagram

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Got to love when they waiting at the top of the hill for me ! fitness workout flex fam painthorses cowboyup makeithappen nevergiveup dreambig smilebigger love adapt adjust overcome besitos thechampandtheponies 💪🦁💪©💙© justwinbaby goraiders goblue

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Juan Gonzalez


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If your thinking you are going to work hard then get to a point where you can relax and take it easy. I'm sorry to tell you but big goals don't work like that. The closer you get to a big goal, the harder the challenges will become. That is why so many people are content with just getting by because their challenges are predictable and safe with the occasional shake up. Those who chase their dreams however are bombarded with uncertainty and are constantly stripped to their core. You have to be mentally prepared to fall apart more times than you would care to think of. This is why so few people make it to the top, not because of capability but because of the sheer effort and will it takes just to endure the setbacks, never mind the next level effort it takes to move forward. You will face doubt, heartache, despair, and fear to name a few. What you do in those moments determines your future. work fearless depression bipolar juansalterego motivation hope despair fear strength myjourney overcome riseabove standandfight smallbusiness startup entrepreneur doubt outworkeveryone faceit 💯 truth noshortcuts pain satx satxbloggers getup keepmovingforward greatness

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Yes you fashion


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What's up...?😜 50% Sale

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munich art dance performance kunstareal pinakothek overcome great performance @mirocraemer !!!

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Debby Packer (debby_packer) Instagram Photos and Videos

Debby Packer


Comment from Debby Packer:

My delightful daughter decided to expand from her amazing photography to planting wildflower seeds in our garden earlier this year. Despite the intense heat - 107 yesterday - they are thriving and here are some of the blossoms so far. I think we should be encouraged by these hardy plants beating the heat that good will triumph over the evil that is trying to consume our country.. Draw our strength from them and resist! natures_marvels art_of_nature gardendelights picoftheday instagood wildflowers backyard nature naturelovers naturephotography 9vaga9 ponyfony_flowers resist overcome socal calife preserve protect summer

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Comment from td:

theserenityprayer I'm still new to recovery ... Sometimes I still get fleetingthoughts such as: "damn it, I envy people that don't have jobs, have it arranged so that they can get high as fuck all day.." I even find myself saying "I wish I could have it that way.." but then the voiceofrecovery kicks in 😊: "I am proud of myself that I have overcome my addiction " "I HAVE THE ABILITY TO STAY cleanandsober WITH A clearhead ! " THAT'S AN accomplishment " I give myself a patontheback !!! Sure I get a little jealous that some people get high as fuck all day, don't have to work, seem to live a life of luxury. (Spoiled mother fuckers) But Where they are at currently, they have no intention of stopping the selfdestructivebehavior that they partake in constantly They might seem to have it good but the reality is that they are sickandsuffering To them, what I HAVE is impossible... To some degree, they might envy me. Anyone reading this, if you are a recoveringaddict or alcoholic and you have any amount of consecutive daily cleantime and sobriety under your belt, WITHOUT A SINGLE SLIP; give yourself a roundofapplause because THAT IS SOME powerfulshit !!!!!!! My name is Tom and I've never had it so good staystrong my AA family alcoholicsanonymous ✌

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♡♡《Que La Vida Me Perdone Las Veces que No La VIVÍ!!!》♡♡ ~~<>~~ ~~<>~~ ❤💘 (Uno de Los Días Mas Felices de Mi Vida, Ayer. Si Bien Entreno hace Un Año y ya Corri 10 Maratones. Cada Vez que Corro se me Eriza La Piel y Es Para Mi, Como si Fuera Mi Primer Maratón. Ayer Todo Un Desafío haber Corrido 42KM. Si. Todo Mi Entorno Sabian de Mis Miedos. Lloré la Noche Anterior por Miedo a No Poder Hacerla. Por La Distancia Tan Larga. Pero me Fui con La Frente Bien En Alto como Siempre A Enfrentar Mi Reto Mas Dificil. Y Lo Logre! Que Lindo Es Decirlo y Más Sentirlo. Sí, Se Puede. El que Quiere. Tarde o Temprano Termina Logrando su Objetivo.) [Y Ni Bien Termine La Maratón. Fui en Busca de Mis Pequeños para Seguir Tooodo El Dia con Ellos Y Disfrutarlos. De Descanso de Piernas y Brazos, Ni Hablemos 😣😥😁😂] ImFeelRealyHappy ImSoHappy FullNess OverCome 10maMarathon AlwaysSmile AlwaysFine Kids Blessed HappyMoments SundayFunday MiGranTrofeo MisHijos LuzYJuan 😍💗💖💕💓💖

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Talk to God daily ❤️ proverbs31woman overcome allthingsarepossible MyFather godlywoman

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Overcome The Do ✝️🙏💪


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Although we fail, we cannot quit because He never does ✝️ addiction addictionrecovery fightaddiction overcomeaddiction overcomepornaddiction pornaddiction stopporn stopthedo god God godisgood godislove godisreal jesus christian christ overcome recovery bible biblequotes biblejournaling jesusisgod fightthegoodfight cross jesuschrist lovequotes qoutes recoveryquotes nf purity

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Brittany Rivera (brittrivera96) Instagram Photos and Videos

Brittany Rivera


Comment from Brittany Rivera:

Every day is another opportunity to start fresh. Although I haven't been counting, we've all had our fair share of good and bad days, but ultimately it is what you take from a not-so good day that helps you grow. Good days seem so frequent yet the impact of "bad" days linger until you find a solution. I thank God for those bad days because they've made me a stronger individual, someone who fights letting the negative outweigh the positive. It's easier said than done, but through God it is possible. I pray for those going through a hard time. I know how some days appear to be gloomier than others, but just like the sun piercing through an arrangement of clouds, the better days will come. faith God scenery believe pray overcome beautiful blessed thankful love live clouds sand smile appreciative

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hope faith love believe rejoice armyofgod ingodwetrust l4l jesuschrist jesusislord godisgood godisgreat theway myrock jesussaves overcome godislove

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David W. Carr


Comment from David W. Carr:

strength power overcome refine

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Gym, Law, Recovery. ( Instagram Photos and Videos

Gym, Law, Recovery.

Comment from Gym, Law, Recovery.:

My dad celebrating my 2 years of sobriety with me. I put him through so much. I am grateful he never gave up on me when it was probably hard not to. I GET to be a better daughter to him today. That is a miracle.

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J.d. Dragna


Comment from J.d. Dragna:

When an unmovable object meets an unstoppable force. Frustrated with the pain of surgery and inability to properly workout I vented a bit with a sparring sesh. monday mondaymotivation motivated frustrated fight fighter pain sweat fitness bruises beats heat chaos hurt overcome surgery california punch lefthanded speed rage eastcoast tampa chicago sacramento force

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Toy Parker


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IGNITEyourLife with Toy Parker™ 30-Day Power Past Procrastination Challenge 🔥Day 26 Spark: Get radical about getting things done to increase the sense of urgency needed to overcome procrastination! Push through to your breakthrough success. NOW is the time. There's always NOW. Every second is another opportunity to create success! Take action. Trust Him and IGNITEyourLife today! Time is eternal. There is always more time AS LONG AS you maximize your NOW. Optimize the power of NOW. IGNITEyourLife Choose to IGNITEyourLife one day at a time! Visit daily to learn more on how to IGNITEyourLife in love, life and business! For your own IGNITEyourLife with Toy Parker™ Breakthrough Success Session click the link in the bio or here: www.http://igniteyourlife.youc progressnotperfection Procrastination hacks overcome motivationalquotes empowerment instagood nevergiveup nomatterwhat staythecourse breakthrough success train thinkgrowprosper growthmindset

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Matt Pearlman


Comment from Matt Pearlman:

In elementary school, I vividly remember having a tough time. Whether that was being bullied for not learning as fast as others or my speech problem, It really had an impact on me. But, music always helped put a smile on my face, specifically Josh Groban's music. Hope you like this cover of "You Raise Me Up". Let me know your thoughts. @joshgroban sing singer songwriter youraisemeup overcome perseverance dedication hardwork love confidence cover pop stlouis bullying respect thevoice summer voice thegoodvoice classical

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Displaced Hearts:


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Your experiences do not need to equal or exceed anyone else's. They are valid, your feelings are relevant. * * * Tag, Like & Share Follow @displacedhearts for more uplifting content love overcomehurt beawesome healyourheart childabuse childabuseawareness heal positive survivor verbalabuse emotionalabuse physicalabuse bestrong soul heart encourage motivate uplift overcome fight loneliness nofear wordshurt loss recovery betrayal abuse injustice

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marco veliz


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Get out of your own way!! . monday mondaymotivation better betterself work overcome betterperson path life youvsyou nooneelse lifestyle

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OneDay plan Success inspired Faith Hope Courage Believe overcome Life nevergiveup Imagine confidence Power trust Motivation Dream ambition Fitness Dreambig

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Good Vibe DeZign


Comment from Good Vibe DeZign:

"If you can dream it, you can do it" ~Walt Disney mondaymotivation overcome youcandoit youarestrongerthanyouknow strong fitness goodvibes illustration

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Olaf Rojo


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Dolores pasados superados Pain Past Dumb Overcome Aguascalientes Mexico

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Alcohol and Drug Council of NC (adcnc) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alcohol and Drug Council of NC


Comment from Alcohol and Drug Council of NC:

Life has it's up and downs, but that doesn't mean we have to quit when things are hard. This is your journey, and you've come along way. Keep going! What keeps you all motivated to stay sober? ••• Happy Monday!

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Grace Isidro


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He shall reign forever Strongholds now surrender For the Lord our God has overcome Who can be against us? Jesus our Defender He is Lord and He has overcome ~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~• you Jesus!!! Thank you @elevationworship wordstoliveby elevationchurch overcome

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Elliott Jolivette


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