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Comment from Jed:

Will I ever like this? No. Get used to it? Probably not. But, it's the hand I was dealt and I'm playing it to the best of my ability. Lately I get a lot of messages from people and clients alike asking, "How do you stay motivated?" "How do you keep going when a situation is hard?" I am human...I have hard days, times when I want to quit, and times where the situation I'm in frustrates me. But there is one thing I turn to that always helps me snap out of it quickly. It's the simple fact that it could be a lot worse and, there are others who DO have it far worse! I look to those people for inspiration. People in tough situations, PERMANENT situations. It is crucial, no matter the trial, no matter the difficulty, no matter the disappointment, no matter the frustration, always...ALWAYS find a way to BE GRATEFUL. #BeGrateful #Obstacles #Trials #Overcome #Progress #Rehab #RupturedPlatellaTendon #Surgery #Strength #JedFit3 #TotalTraining #WarriorFuel #TeamWarriorFuel #WeLiveIt #BeLegendary #WarriorsRise

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Comment from Kylie Schalz:

6/12/2011: My first time out of bed and my first time out of my room in ICU. We took a roll around the ICU to get some stale hospital air and take in the view full of beige walls. As exciting as it sounds, it was actually extremely uplifting for me. My first movement from the 7'x3' space that was my hospital bed was the first movement of my journey.

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Comment from Nadine Marchant:

Standing on the edge of a mountain sure got the heart racing! #gopro

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Comment from foodstruggles:

Set goals and go after them! Stop making excuses and worrying about everyone else around you. Focus. Calm down all the noise around you. What do you want? How do you want to live? What do you want to leave behind you..? Now Go get it!!! Make a plan and take the first step. It's now or never #loveyourself #2017 #goals #challenges #struggles #motivation #motivated #motivationalquotes #motivational #angry #hungry #conquer #overcome #power #strength #strong #selflove #selfconfidence #selfawareness #meditation #energy #goodvibes #hustle

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Comment from 💙kristi blue:

Day 0/30. Fit Test complete. It was a total of 25 minutes and I almost puked 10 minutes in. It's going to be an interesting month of Asylum 😎

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Comment from Rod Franco:

"You, me, or nobody, is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain't about how hard you hit... It's about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward" Last year I came close to giving up entirely. I lost friends, loved ones, a spouce, opportunities, and even my loved pup Mocha; but nothing hit me as hard as losing myself along the way. I've learned to dig my heels in the dirt and push back...and I'm never getting lost again.

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