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Dr. Tim Miller


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When anything is possible, everything is possible someone said. walkgently thebestrunnerleavesnotracks anythingispossible traintrustbelievebecome dothedetails winthemoment makeeachstepcount makeeachstepbetterthanlast baseballtraining softballtraining trackandfield doyoubelieve focus discover overcome athletes studentlife fitnessmotivation wbbf ifbb crossfit trackandfield soccer you

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Height Fear Overcome caramoanisland

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🐾💀 MayRa CoRona 💀🐾


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Eventually getting to where i want to be weightlosschallengeweighinsto instomorrowstayfocusedstaydedi ydedicatedovercomementalhealth ealthawarenessmentalchallengek

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It's like the old saying, "When one door closes, another one opens.". Just over three years ago, I was an athlete in entirely different sport...marathon running!! Perhaps hard to believe now, but I ran in 29 races in a 22 month period (2012 - 2014) ranging from 5k's to a full marathon. My goal was set to qualify and run in the Boston Marathon, however, I developed tendinitis in one of my knees and despite taking rest and being careful during a attempted comeback; I was forced to hang up my shoes due to my injury flaring up. As difficult as that was, it has led me to focus on other goals and has led me to bigger and better things. I owe to Rogcity Fitness for getting me into running again after more than 5 years after graduating from high school and getting me to put a bigger emphasis on fitness and nutrition in general. Without my trainer at that time telling me, "Trox!!! You'd kill it! You Beastmode it!" on that first 5k race back in October of 2012...there's no telling where I would be if I didn't say yes to that first 5k! Sometimes taking a chance and trying something new can lead to a multitude of new opportunities and a change for a healthier life!!! Best!!! training fitness fit athlete overcome runner marathonrunner adversity awards medals racingmedals photoshoot photography onceuponatime tbt remembering goals thankyou rogcityfitness inspiration uplifting inspire livetoinspire livetoinspireothers nevergiveup

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Empower Her ACC


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Click ▶️ to hear from our Senior Pastor @norrismcgill on Why you should attend the Empower Her Conference? We are only 5 DAYS AWAY!!! Empowerher2k17 accirving womamEmpoweringwoman empowerment goodvibesonly setgoals anythingispossible overcome quotesandsayings inspireothers chaseyourdreams strive businessowners ambitious persistence willpower inspirations perseverance dailygrind lebenmitkind

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Arbonne’s Healthy Living, easily obtained! Step by step instruction, online, daily coaching, closed Facebook page with information, recipes, and more! opportunity healthy vegan arbonne workout consultant fitness healthyeating happy guthealth headhealth goals sale freeshipping october onlineshopping feelings gethealthy uk usa canada overcome

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Philippe Racette


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success failure perseverance hardwork business overcome faith trust salesfunnels funnelhacker hope commitment grind hustle

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🍀Ben O'Brien🍀


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Don't mind my fat back 😧 had some more cupping done to help relieve my L5/S1 pressure. I tried the retraction table last week and it felt worse when I left so I went back to cupping. I must say this actually helps me out quite a bit. powerlifting bodybuilding cuppingtherapy cupping therapy physicaltherapy uspa yicompete bethegrind pwrful strongformany adapt overcome achieve

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Refreshing Time


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New post alert! "Overcoming Distractions." . . . Learn how to overcome the distractions of this world. Or should I say, worries or cares of this world. John 16:33 says Jesus overcome the world. So can we through Jesus! Learn how through link in bio. . . . . Goodmorning overcomer overcome distractions jesus christianity boston massachusetts world peace comfort rest retreat worry anxiety job career marriage children mother father work Tuesday Monday

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Life is hard. Sometimes want to take the easy route yet when we overcome hardship we feel that much more accomplished. youllgetthere yougotthis hardtimes hardwork lifelessons life tough glowsticks shine believe positivevibes overcome listen understand break journey mentalhealth

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Bank Of England Mortgage

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Are you willing to do what is necessary to reach yours? ________________ You DO Have Time – You have the time, you just aren’t using it wisely. Stop staying up til midnight watching mind-numbing TV or endlessly surfing the Internet… or worse. Get some sleep. Then get up early and get to it!

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H a n n a h G e a s e y


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JUST GO. ______ It’s going to be scary. You are going to wonder why you are doing this. You are going to want to run away. The best part of your story hasn’t happened yet my friend, if you stop now you’ll never know... JUST GO.

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Kimberly Ocampo


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Accomplished a huge goal today for the first time! I started walking from the gym went all the way to the end of the hallway turned around & got back to the front of the gym & finished where I started !! In 44:53.29 min tears of joy at the end so happy to have accomplished this goal after doing my morning workout ✅✅🔥🔥💪🏽💪🏽👣👣🔝🔝😤😤😜😜 overcome empowerment kimocampoinspires meetkimocampo paralysisassasins @neurofit360 onestepatatime spinalchordinjuryrecovery focus fitnessmotivation greatnesschallenge

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Keep pulling yourself up☝🏼Photo by @phunkship fitness fitnesslife fit fitnessgoals fitspiration fitnessmotivation bodybuilding mensphysique competitor conquer uvsu overcome livefreediestrong seekglory livefreediestrong gymlife neversurrender nevergiveup

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T2 Fitness


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San Diego Warriors and Athletes! ***First Session Is On Us!*** Time to forge your body and the mind into a triumphant one! We are holding seasons daily. Come join T2 and Super Bodies in Motion! DM for more information! SanDiego Warriors Fitness Gym OCR NinjaWarrior Health Power Strength Conditioning Lifestyle T2 T2Fitness T2Mindset Superbodies Trials Triumphs BeachBody SD Racing Obstacles Overcome

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Jaime Dubs


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A pastor at @pulpitrockcos once told me that you can't have success without struggle. Life isn't so much about what happens to you, as much as it is how you react to the things that happen to you. That quote has helped me overcome a lot of adversity over the years and I try to pass it on as much as possible. staypositive keeplookingforward positivityalwayswins overcome

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Many of us have stifled our hope as we've experienced life's inevitable sufferings. Perhaps given away our power to the adversities we faced. Remember only with great care and determination will we be able to realize our visions. In fact, our focus on our dreams needs to be laser-sharp. Only if we are willing to make a great effort we will be rewarded with the most astonishing and exciting outcomes. Grab a cup of coffee & get ready to read Transitions & Beyond Kindle booksandcoffee amazonAl inspiration optimism overcome fightback depressed courage moveon lifematters bookstagram leadership goals strategiessuccess goals leadership entrepreneur hustlehard thrive optimistic challenge entrepreneurslife confidence hardwork possible keepitup lifequotes

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HOIST THE COLORS!! . ☠️💀☠️💀☠️ . Took last week off to rest my shoulders. Felt like forever since I’ve trained with the 208 crew. Took it easier during the rolls. It still got a good 2hrs in. . Thanks for the training and the rolls @208fightfitness @drjillaine @trevor_hopkins

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Jonathan Santana


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hardwork limitless purpose overcome fearless entrepreneur life meaning success inspiration motivation jrsinspires

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When God keeps testing you strength endurance instagay sin saint purity overcome malestrippers stripper handstand thistooshallpass

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Balance Hun, balance. 🤦🏽‍♀️😂 Any who, clips from my workout today! I feel peace about putting this together, wasn’t too time consuming either👍🏽! Beginner 😛😂 I know I have wayyy more to learn but I’m very excited! Song- @mandisaofficial : Overcomer LetsGetWholeFirst KingdomBusiness JesusJoy Growth Gainz Gains Fitness FitThick Weighs Hope Love Overcome Faith

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When @travelzoo & @azoresgetaways announced their azoresadventure contest, I thought immediately of this picture, as it's one of my favorites. It's a perfect representation of me from a year ago(nearly falling, lol!) in one of the most incredible places on the planet! I never thought I'd see such wonders.💛💜💚💙 * I didn't ever share this because of my insecurity about being so exposed, but isn't that the point of adventure - to expand our worldview while overcoming our own anxieties? If we don't keep pushing forward, we'll miss so many beautiful things! So, here's to wanderlust, sunsets, and the defeat of our fears ❤❤❤

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Let the shortcomings, let downs & heart break. Grow you stronger & better than ever. Goodnight & sweet dreams! DedicationSquad Coach

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Emeline Mellow, CMP


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// Love Letters . And as you will it, I will work with you and within you to bring it to pass -- Excerpt from 'I Must Have Overcomers' . Alignment MyJourney MyTransformation TransformationalTimesAhead Trust Chastening Character Faith Favor WomensHealth Spiritual IAM EmelineMellow🇨🇦🇩🇲 Patience Overcome . Photo: @taz_k_photographer MUA: @cherryb0mbshell

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Lori Clark


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Overcome your fears and become even greater!☀️🌻💛fearless great work arent afraid fernandoflores fears are meanttobe overcome begreat courage fear triumph conquerfear triumphant greatness faceyourfears perserverance nofear success courageous growth letgooffear action motivationalquotes autumn fall october

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Pancakes are so cooking restaurant nutriprep chef cheflife love passion food foodie foodporn motivation classic attitude fear overcome dream beast fitness iifym truecooks follow like cook keepcookingfunandsimple

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Manager of @jaethelyoness


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The eyes are the window to the soul what is it that you see. Vulnerability can often leave a bad taste in your mouth and often a scar on your spirit. It's inevitable so just embrace the struggles for fear of being outside the box will leave you in that miserable hamster wheel. Even the strongest woman has a weakness. goddessevonuniique vulnerable anxiety disconected soulsearching misfit uncollected goddess beauty naturalbeauty woman strongwoman fear weakness triumph overcome eyesarethewindowtothesoul

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Mais Alhasan (coach.maisalhasan) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mais Alhasan


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Magic happens when we start believing in ourselves. We are all born capable of fulfilling our dreams, the false belief that we cannot came later on through layers of conditioning. Let’s shed off one layer at a time and claim back our power! Have an exciting day ahead. . livelifebydesign coachmaisalhasan youcomefirst overcome believeinyourself yesyoucan magic fulfillment claimyourfuture selfreflection selfempowerment mydubai goodmorning carpediem youarebeautiful

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1st Place;Respect Me💄 (_freakyjo) Instagram Photos and Videos

1st Place;Respect Me💄


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When Life Gives You LemonsOvercomeRemainFocusLive

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Women's Wrestling @ Waldorf U. (waldorfwcwa) Instagram Photos and Videos

Women's Wrestling @ Waldorf U.


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“Start strong, stay strong, and finish strong by always remembering why you're Doing it in the first place.” -Ralph Marston. warriormentality . . . . . embracethegrind athletelife toughgirl wrestle noteasy sportsperformance pushharder doingwork ladieswholift mevsme trainsmart waldorf earnednotgiven eyeofthetiger proudcoach mentality earnit neversatisfied intensity inittowinit physical putinwork compete overcome sparring mixedmartialarts improvement ican selfdefense . @waldorfwcwa

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Vicki Olvera


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And this is how my Monday ends...a little electricity to a injured leg ijustwanttorun electrictherapy alittlepainneverhurtanyone Monday nopainnogain overcome bestself enjoylife instarunners life thanksamazon mylifeinpictures runnerslife runnersofinstagram runner Texas

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Ryan Kelly


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grainofwood deepsiscussion noblame iswhatitis love goodnighttattooheartpatience understood understanding limerancegotherback5150overcom

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Jay Engemann


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catalinaponor eyesinthebackofyourhead Olympic Champion @catalina_ponor 29 Gold Medal Awards and counting. legend Balance Beam European Queen Romania 15 Years Someoneyoushouldknow Adapt Improvise Overcome back heart and Achilles Tendon surgery to become Champion again and Again

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