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Comment from sefe:

Been gone for a month and im finally back. A little weak, a little broken but zero fucks! sixweeksout dcs dcspack packmentality decidecommitsucceed liftangry apeman overcome

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Motivation • Hustle • Success


Comment from Motivation • Hustle • Success:

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Motivation by Master Volty🇵🇭


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Comment from Mark&Lisa:

hope faith love beautiful courage overcome patience strength humble god

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Amirbahman Olfatmanesh


Comment from Amirbahman Olfatmanesh:

My SONSHINE !! 😊 hardwork dream desire dedication determination journey amix jordan vision motivation muscledevelopment fitness bodybuilding believe conquer competetion podolskiy workout trainer overcome greatness hardcoretraining process sucsseschallenge legacy dynasty amirjordan mysonshine

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David Bailey


Comment from David Bailey:

faith believe overcome

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Rafael Arbizu Jr.


Comment from Rafael Arbizu Jr.:

Es 1 % de inspiración 99% de transpiración. 💪 Fitnesslife AesthetixOvercome No Pain No Gain LVFT

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Comment from 💀KeelaAnn👽:

Don't leave your room. You can't do this today. What are you even doing? Don't text them. You're being a burden. You're going to mess this up anyway. Just stop. Go to sleep. Just go to sleep. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• anxiety generalizedanxietydisorder blurryface thoughts goodvibes youcandothis overcome skeletonclique

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Comment from octothorpeproject:

✨Light doesn't have a precondition for either ties or skirts. It just shines. ☄️genderfluid bravery overcome lgbtqia lgbt consciousness faith spirituality confidence healing

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Wendy Lim


Comment from Wendy Lim:

Done on the bus this morning - learnt that we need to know our Top 5 weaknesses so we can be ready for the devil's schemes! Determined not to get lost in the same mountain again!!! joycemeyer blessed thankful sgmum workingmum learning growth overcome strength

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Sha Sha


Comment from Sha Sha:

. Infinite Life . . When a simple picture is a reflection of the complexity you're facing... . . In the midst of the darkness, a light within says, "life- you're almost there, your dreams are at the tip of your fingers... . . blackgirl mind mindset preserve nevergiveup motivation overcome mind art positivity light

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Heartthought Parts Therapy


Comment from Heartthought Parts Therapy:

Need to work on that self love to drive the insecurities away? I'm here to help. <3 Durbanville Bellville Therapy Goals Weightloss Phobia Stress Relaxation Stopsmoking Affordable Private Safe Reachgoals Motivation Lifestyle Overcome Bingeeating Badhabits Goodhabits Breakhabits Takecontrol Changeyourlife Youcandoit

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chessnotcheckers overcome unite

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Benjamino, los mundanos


Comment from Benjamino, los mundanos:

day203 Don't let the struggle get to you. You will be ripped to pieces, set on fire, booed off stage, kicked to the curb and pushed under a bus, figuratively speaking of course. There will be fights that you cant win and that you cant control yourself over. Dont let tribulations take over. Winners dont quit, no matter what! Stay positive, keep swimming, go for it and when the journey is over, the look on the haters' faces will be worth more than your empire. 1m1w motivate postivity yoa yearofaffirmation overcome struggle success journey advice message fight will power keepgoing dontquit win resilient hustle prime grind empire instagram video

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Comment from Gina:

Well this says it all. Definitely got some war wounds in Peru. Face is healing nicely (I would go back today if i could though💟) Until this day, I would rather die than have an IV (terrified of needles) but here I am blind , in pain and very scared about to get my first IV. I couldn't see a hand in front of my face. My phone was just a light box and the pain I was experiencing was how I imagine having my eyeballs tossed in hot sauce for 12 hours may feel🙁 theworstpain the anxiety of not understanding Spanish and not being able to see where i was and fear of becoming permanently blind were enough to make this the scariest thing I've ever been through. The staff were so patient helpful and kind to me in my panic. 💟 They made a very scary experience just a little less scary. The strangest thing now is that I don't know what anyone looked like in the hospital. (Just voices in my memory) I hardly know what the hospital looked like. I flew home with a patch on one eye and very limited vision in the other. To be honest I don't even know how I made it home in that state. Just wanted to share this as I just received it for insurance purposes. I am proud that I made it through this crazy end to my amazing adventure in Peru. . I am not a snow sport pro. (Snow wasnt part of the plan that day)I am learning and having fun. I didn't realize that snow could do so much damage. I would have worn my horribly scratched sunnies the whole day hiking had I even the slightest idea. So please no lectures. I've learned. Trust me😖😎💟 ginassolotraveladventures solotravel warwoundupdate imokhospitalhikingissueswearsunglassessnowblindamshighaltitude crazynightrookieovercomepeoplehopetribe hikeradventurerlife mystory illnessnopainnogain travelmishaps icandoanythingnow potd dreamchaser lessonlearnedpotd

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Comment from VIKTORIOUS:

Worst days are the best days, don't give up! onlinestore signature logo newera 9fifty ontherise positive official mensfashion womensfashion lifestylebrand overcome viktorious goals headgear capgame snapbacks athleticfashion athleticstyle activewear premium athleisure apparel VKTRS

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Jessica Rachelle


Comment from Jessica Rachelle:

New blog post is up on the website! "How often- even before we began- have we declared a task "impossible"? And how often have we construed a picture of ourselves as being inadequate? A great deal depends upon the thought patterns we choose and on the persistence with which we affirm them." ~Piero Ferrucci strength persevere persistence risk breathe courage believe affirmation creativity overcome growth journey singer songwriter blog

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Comment from GET ONLINE BIZ:

Branding heaven! Client Afiso Cafe + Bar let me design my little heart away.. Boy, was it a fun time! GOB ournamemakesushungry getonlinebiz createyourdream

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Comment from unfiltered_gymhippie:

Yassss please follow me on my new journey. 8weekstogreatness and I almost hate that title. Haha greatness is about lifestyle and everyday living. You can't obtain a perfect beach body or that wedding figure you've been wanting in 8 weeks or really 16 or 35. It has to be a lifestyle change. A change in attitude. I know first hand this is hard AF. REALLY. But trust me any human can overcome what they want if they have the desire. I'll go into detail later but I love alcohol and drinking and the socialization, BUT I will overcome and stick to this plan at least for the short time and guess what that turns into... LONG TIME BABY!! So here's my journey.... for meow modernphysique stevecook fit fitnessmotivation muscle lovelife fitfam athomeworkout dumbbells fitness newyou letsslowdown overcome greatness mindset And here's my blog link: And youtube:

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