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Sara Ramírez. (jeenhartzler) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sara Ramírez.


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😊 . . . . . . . grungephotogr aesthetics grunge grungeblog pastelgrunge pastelgoth pastel acidgrunge pastelgoth aesthetic minimal acid softgrunge pale palegrunge l4l tumblraccount tumblr photooftheday tumblrpost picture alternative followme likebackteam, likes4likes likesforlikes vintage

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🍯🐝 (porcelainharleyquinn) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Gummy bear • • • • photography lips gummybear candy gummy bear gummybears gaptooth gapteeth aesthetic grunge softgrunge palegrunge softlips bored

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 (xx_crazypsychogirl_xx) Instagram Photos and Videos



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softgrunge Alternative Vscocam alt Girl Palegrunge darkgrunge Grungestyles tumblr Tumblrgirl darkthoughts lifefrightening deathawais horrormovies your worst Crazypsychogirl blood in my arms

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 (xx_crazypsychogirl_xx) Instagram Photos and Videos



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softgrunge Alternative Vscocam alt Girl Palegrunge darkgrunge Grungestyles tumblr Tumblrgirl darkthoughts lifefrightening deathawais horrormovies your worst Crazypsychogirl blood in my arms

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Susanna (susannalynnwilds) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Scored yet another pair of Dr. Martens at the thrift store the other day. These are so unique.. Never seen anything like em 😍 . . . . . . . fblogger fbloggers bblogger bbloggers personalstyle personalstyleblog styleblogger stylebloggers styleblog blogger lotd ootd drmartens drmartensstyle thrifted vintage grunge grungegirl pastelgrunge palegrunge pale pastel sustainablefashion instagood me susannalynnwilds

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Super Xtra Special (superxtraspecial) Instagram Photos and Videos

Super Xtra Special


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Super xtra lit 🔥 superxtraspecial merch tshirt bandshirt bandmerch burkeet musician musicians grunge grungeband grungemusic instagrunge softgrunge palegrunge grungestyle alternativerock alternativemusic postgrunge musicislife musiclovers lit musicflow goodmusic tunes hardrock rockband ilovemusic goodband listentothis

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Eli (worldstareli) Instagram Photos and Videos



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D e n i s s e 🐽 🐷 (miss_jackson._) Instagram Photos and Videos

D e n i s s e 🐽 🐷


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 (charbear.xo) Instagram Photos and Videos



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🎞🎞🎞 - - - - - - - - - - gru palegrunge grungetheme grungefeed grungegirl grungestyle grungeblog blackgrunge vsco universal islandsofadventure cinema regal perkins buildings night vscocam nightsky darkgrunge darkfeed feed darktheme aesthetic darkaesthetic blackaesthetic gainpost gaintrainfollowtrain universalstudios universalorlando

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Grunge Grunge Grunge (4ammoods) Instagram Photos and Videos

Grunge Grunge Grunge


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— If I had 1 minute to say everything I ever wanted, I would say more than I would ever say in one day. My mind is a mess and my thoughts need freedom. I'm a walking book that needs reading and a person who needs fixing. All I ever wanted was a voice and all I ever wanted was someone to listen. ————————————————————— aesthetic deep alcohol love palegrunge indie dark heartless quotes softgrunge goth art aesthetictumblr alternative blackgrunge photography pastelgrunge broken sadgirl smoking grunge bipolar drunk emo anxiety sadboy bands grungegirl tumblr

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🥀 (l.o.v.v.e.r) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Can I get a uHhhHhHh passing grade in math • vintage retro grunge edgy alternative neon cryptid aliens anime aesthetic plants aestheticaccount tumblr succulents softgrunge palegrunge darkgrunge

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Sara Ramírez. (jeenhartzler) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sara Ramírez.


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💖 . . . . . . . . grungephoto aesthetics grunge grungeblog blue pastelgrunge pastelgoth pastel acidgrunge pastelgoth sky aesthetic minimal softgrunge pale palegrunge scenary tumblraccount tumblr tumblrpost picture photography followme likebackteam, likes4likes likesforlikes vintage

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I’m 22 fuck off (ftmrevor) Instagram Photos and Videos

I’m 22 fuck off


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Today has been hard

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sergio💦 (sexgio) Instagram Photos and Videos



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♡ You are so tumblr

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🌙 belle m. 🌙 (bellesthorn) Instagram Photos and Videos

🌙 belle m. 🌙


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[new theme loading...] sad sadedits christmas depressed love anime girlpower depressionedits depressionvideos suicide suicidal bluegrunge aesthetic bts depression sadness lonely bands grunge softgrunge hardgrunge sadness palegrunge transgender indie darkgrunge grungegirl lgbt nature brokenheart broken

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Hannah💋⛓ (sweetvenom11) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Tbh felt really confident today :)

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No Rest For The Wicked (spirit_eater) Instagram Photos and Videos

No Rest For The Wicked


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grunge softgrunge tumblr indie bands pale sad love rad quote ana cute alternative goth nirvana pastel fashion likeforfollow depression likeforlikes followforfollow spamforspam sfs selfie depressed palegrunge like4like instalike suicidal instachile

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minki 🥀 (mrsmarymoony) Instagram Photos and Videos

minki 🥀


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loveless nights they seem so long.. x 90% jacke 10% minki _____________________________ ' blackandwhite dark lights tumblr blondehair messyhair ponytail smallfuck shortlegs cold skinny grunge grungegirl softgrunge palegrunge darkgrunge alternative girlswithink girlswithgauges inkedgirls crybaby itwasreal

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 (anatvema) Instagram Photos and Videos



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90’s talk show goths - - - - - -paleskin pale palegrunge grunge aesthetic tumblr dark darkgrunge band twentyonepilots panicatthedisco alternative black white softgrunge grungegirl followforfollow pastel vsco spamforspam likeforlike The1975

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Kye (egguke) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Kye:

My appointment was at 3:35 but you're going to call someone in who's appointment is at 4 to see the same doctor as me first??? If my mum didn't speak up I'd be fucked. Get your shit together and remember to print a patients name out ffs. I've been here so long and other people just pop in and get right in. I hate the doctors. × × × Tags! [ tumblraesthetic tumblr scenegirl lgbt tumblrgirl grungeteen pansexual bisexual pastelhair softgrunge emo dyedhair emogirl grunge palegrunge indie grungegirl indiegirl lgbtq alternative poppunk alternativegirl grungegirl pastel alternativehair selca ]

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 (x.x.dollface.x.x) Instagram Photos and Videos



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God is dead Well said Get out of my head Get out of my head Get out of my head • grunge aesthetic tumblr music goth pastel alternative blondegrunge palegrunge love thrasher sadgirlsclub pastelgrunge covers yeahboyanddollface dollface aliens space

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👽 Stitch [ 스티ㅊ ] (ares.strigoi) Instagram Photos and Videos

👽 Stitch [ 스티ㅊ ]


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[ I told y'all I was gonna up my instagram game ] . . . . . tumblr tumblrpic tumblrposts photography aesthetic grunge grungeteens grungeblog softgrunge vsco ulzzang ulzzangboy ulzzangstyle uljjang ulzzanggirl androgynous aesthetictumblr palegrunge alternativestyle harajuku tumblrgirl fashion alien harajukufashion grungefashion seoul travel vintage sunset

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🦁 Edwin Vladimir 🦁 (the.real.lion.king) Instagram Photos and Videos

🦁 Edwin Vladimir 🦁


Comment from 🦁 Edwin Vladimir 🦁:

My little sister would have been fourteen this year. My brother would be twenty-three. I think about them every day and am hoping to memorialize them on my skin next year. 🥀 recovery recovering tired aesthetic aesthetics anxious anxiety sad sick depressed depression palegrunge grunge darkgrunge memorial memory rip gonebutneverforgotten prematurebaby prematurityawarenessmonth prematurityawareness blackandwhitephoto blackandwhitephotography photography cemetery grave graveyard carnation gravestones inmemory

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sage (lagrimosah) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from sage:

ignore every post before this one also ignore the ugly cringy captions i am a changed person

30 Minutes ago
The Problem ✪ (moodpostheroes) Instagram Photos and Videos

The Problem ✪


Comment from The Problem ✪:

New song 🔥 //📼//... . . . sailormoon grunge pastel japanese alternative pale softgrunge manga tokyo otaku aesthetic emo pastelgrunge pastelgoth 日本 scene punk goth indie palegrunge animegirl harajuku 原宿 grungegirl kawaiigirl jfashion harajukufashion sad hipster shoes

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Keisi Curquejo (_1995.06.20) Instagram Photos and Videos

Keisi Curquejo


Comment from Keisi Curquejo:

🌩 Me puto encanta la lluvia, los truenos, relámpagos... la tormenta en general. Donde vivo, está cayendo una bastante buena, ¡y me encanta! Sólo me dan ganas de taparme y ver series o animes mientras como algo calentito.~ ¿ Y a ustedes, cuál es vuestra estación favorita ? 🤔🌧 Pale Cosplay Anime Tumblr Style Tokyo Girl Me Kawaii Asian JapaneseStyle Suicide Japanese Grunge PaleGrunge SoftGrunge PastelGrunge Cute GirlSuicide GirlKawaii GirlAnime Spain CanaryIsland

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ᴶᵁˢᵀ ˢᴼᴹᴱ ᴴᵁᴹᴬᴺ (aesthetically_salty) Instagram Photos and Videos

ᴶᵁˢᵀ ˢᴼᴹᴱ ᴴᵁᴹᴬᴺ


Comment from ᴶᵁˢᵀ ˢᴼᴹᴱ ᴴᵁᴹᴬᴺ:

~ I really hate myself. I’m sitting here feeling depressed and self loathing just because my sun has other friends. I just want to be able to be suns friend... I want to be able to go out and have fun with him. But we aren’t close at all.... it would never happen and it’s months until the next chance I’ll get to see him. I hate watching his story and just hating everyone I see on it. That’s not right... Why do I have to be such a jealous person. ~ . . . . white black blackandwhite whiteandblack m&s mms candy chocolate aesthetic whiteaesthetic blackaesthetic blackandwhiteaesthetic bandw blandw b&w black&white pale pastel paleaesthetic palegrunge pastelaesthetic pastelgoth

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 (yourfavdarktumblr) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from yourfavdarktumblr:

we'll understand when we'll be old ____________ • • • • • • • grunge love smile picoftheday life vscocam filter instapic instalove palegrunge tumblr darkness grungeteens goals polishgirl grungeblog girl blog grungefashion feelings otd cute shooting aesthetic

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mars lee (boydivisn) Instagram Photos and Videos

mars lee


Comment from mars lee:

💅💅💅 ♡━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━♡ tags: tumblr kawaii aesthetic goth aesthetictheme tumblraesthetic pale pastel plants succulent grunge lgbt transboy nb kpop bts exo whi alternative softgrunge blm emo punk indie palegrunge boy kdrama tumblrboy

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Sarah Huppers (sasa_and_the_world) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sarah Huppers


Comment from Sarah Huppers:

A pretty late Picture of my 2nd Lipstick of 7daysoflipstick. This beautiful metallic lipstick is @prettyzombiecosmetics wendesday 😍 a fancy black Base with Green and Blue glitter. It Looks stunning! liquidtomatte liquidlipstick review gothlips boldlips blackismyhappycolour blacklips fancylips beautyreview indiebrand vegan crueltyfree makeupreview palegrunge alternative confident forthebrave ghouls heyghoul prettyghouls cathat bblogger beauty girl

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🎅🎄Izzi🎄🎅 (_girls_not_gray_) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 🎅🎄Izzi🎄🎅:

Gordon Ramsay wrapped up in a sleeping bag trying to jump out of a hotel window is pretty much my life now.

43 Minutes ago
10 13 (gl00my.kid) Instagram Photos and Videos

10 13


Comment from 10 13:

i need to take school more seriously lol

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Juliana Martins (juh.pmartins) Instagram Photos and Videos

Juliana Martins


Comment from Juliana Martins:

Uma fotinha só pra lembrar que praia agora, só depois do Natal 😩😅tb prirmãs ❤️

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