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Giulia Iapoce (giuliaiapoce) Instagram Photos and Videos

Giulia Iapoce


Comment from Giulia Iapoce:

◼ Meno male c'è il papi che ogni tanto mi fa trasgredire ◼ Marcelli di Numana ◼ 21.05.2017 ◼ marcellidinumana Ancona italy travel sea blue primobagno eroi eroici dad daddy papi trasgressivi l

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Sir Graphic (sirgraphic) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sir Graphic


Comment from Sir Graphic:

Llegó el mejor regalo que le pasa puedes dar a tu Papá en su día. Las mejores franelas estampadas con los diseños mas originales y divertidos . Si ya tienes un diseño en mente, hazlo llegar a nosotros que simplemente lo estampamos para ti. Contáctanos: 📲 04141792088 💻Facebook: Diseños Sir Graphic 💻Instagram: sirgraphic 📧 sirgraphicven DEJA LA CREATIVIDAD EN NUESTRAS 👐🏼 DiaDelPadre Regalo EnSuDia Celebracion Padre Jefe FranelasEstampadas Mostacho Papi Papa Compromiso Responsabilidad Actualidad Tie Corbata

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Damien Byrnes (kenny_rammaman) Instagram Photos and Videos

Damien Byrnes


Comment from Damien Byrnes:

jjba jojosbizarreadventure josephjoestar monstermusume papi meme photoshop

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mphoDAVID (davidmabo) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Taulant Melek (allaboutferatifamily) Instagram Photos and Videos

Taulant Melek


Comment from Taulant Melek:

ups scheisse gmacht papi het mich verwütscht

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Coronel Man (mancoronel) Instagram Photos and Videos

Coronel Man


Comment from Coronel Man:

SO HOT PAPI PAPI hotmen muscle

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Marica Marino (marica_pu) Instagram Photos and Videos

Marica Marino


Comment from Marica Marino:

Grigliata con il papi 💕 arrosticini sempreloro brace natura verde 🌿

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ezediel🍒 (cubanputo) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ezediel🍒:

name a better duo I'll wait - - openrp nswf anyrp asianrp newrp bts gayrponly straightrp singlerp takenrp rp daddyrp🌸 kpoprp tbhrp 5sosrp krp like4like literaterp likeforlike 1drp birp shameless riverdale 13reasonswhy papi

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Muva👸🏾 (therealifeofday_) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Muva👸🏾:

Even when you get on my last fucking nerve I still got you like no other 🤞🏾🖤 papi

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Su🅱reme ⭕ (thicc_memez_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Su🅱reme ⭕


Comment from Su🅱reme ⭕:

Boi u look like a burnt chicken nugget • • • • • ⏺Follow @thicc_memez_ for more dank memes • • ⏺OC means I made it • • • dank memes dankmemes spicymemes moistmemes trump food spongebob ayylmao 😂 lambsauce iphone hashtags cancer autism cancermemes memedaddy sex papi lmfao lol anime hentai shootingstarmeme lmfao meme notmyrodrick worldstar

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aizek215 (aizek215) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from aizek215:

Always A Good Time @bootsandsaddlenyc With The Bestie @republic_mateo_ 🅰📍💤📧🎋2⃣1⃣5⃣ Latino Taino Rican Coño Carajo Follow Bayamon Beard Modelo Right Boriqua Papi Latino 😬 Donut Donuts 💋Just Me Hola Hello Me Beards Model Boyfriend

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TuffCityStyles (tuffcitystyles) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Proud And Powerful Individualz by Joel TuffCity TCS tuffcitystyles BX NYC tanboys PAPI

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Jaime Awad (clubpapi) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jaime Awad


Comment from Jaime Awad:

THANKS TO EVERYONE FOR MAKING OUR 20TH ANNIVERSARY AT THE FIESTA CALIENTE STAGE AT LONG BEACH GAY PRIDE SO AMAZING!! 💖💙💚💛💜💖💙💚💛 CLUBPAPI.COM CLUBPAPI.COM gay lgbt gaymexico instagay instafame instapride whineup dominicanrepublic gaypride latinpride latinopride papi clubpapi longbeachpride2017 fiesta fiestacaliente latinos musica singer artist prideevents icon legendary prideevents

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Home Of The Orig Tutu Dress (itsybee_boutique) Instagram Photos and Videos

Home Of The Orig Tutu Dress


Comment from Home Of The Orig Tutu Dress:

How adorbs is Baby @phillyswiftgarcia rockin her Hija De Papi tutu dress! @dannyswiftgarcia is totally going to love this for Father's Day! 💗 make sure to grab yours today available in Black, baby pink, and red! hijadepapa papi daddy dad customoutfits itsybee

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🇫🇷🇮🇹 \ ✨XXIII/III/XXXII✨🙄🙏🏼 (_samendosa954) Instagram Photos and Videos

🇫🇷🇮🇹 \ ✨XXIII/III/XXXII✨🙄🙏🏼


Comment from 🇫🇷🇮🇹 \ ✨XXIII/III/XXXII✨🙄🙏🏼:

Papi... Déjà plusieurs que tu est partit, je ne t'ai connu que durant mes 7 première année d'existence, mais chaque moment passé En ta présence ont été ceux des meilleures que j'ai connu dans ma vie, tu me manque, tu est encré dans mon esprit ainsi que dans ma peau ❤️ 🙏🏼✨🖕🏼🙄🖕🏼✨😓🙏🏼 papi rip🙏

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Luisa McQueen (luisa_iveth) Instagram Photos and Videos

Luisa McQueen


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Garrett Iverson (papi.garrett) Instagram Photos and Videos

Garrett Iverson


Comment from Garrett Iverson:

Snapple back at $1.67 🙌🏻 maybe they can fix my will to live next - | | | | | memes memesofsteel adolfhitler emo pornhub guns feminism triggered notmypresident authentic stolen noodles porn filthyfrank walmart followme anime suicidal spongebob coldone doggo pupper doggos puppers idubbz idubbbz maxmoefoe papi snapple

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Livier Ventura (livierventura) Instagram Photos and Videos

Livier Ventura


Comment from Livier Ventura:

🐶🌲🌳 Y cada que te miro ...Me pienso gracias ❤💙🐶 Relaxs papi vidadeperro

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157 Dayssss!!💕🍑 (poisonghost_) Instagram Photos and Videos

157 Dayssss!!💕🍑


Comment from 157 Dayssss!!💕🍑:

"Every body has a chapter they don't read out lout"🌈 - - - - - - - - aesthetic grunge vogue tumblr tumblraesthetic pintrest like4like l4l sfs theme kyliejenner tumblraccount vogueaesthetic wanderlust papi drake vintage art softaesthetic beautiful goals kylie vans aesthetic spam4spam

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Florine 🌸 (florineee_29) Instagram Photos and Videos

Florine 🌸


Comment from Florine 🌸:

Depuis toujours.✨💛familymomentamourlovemamiepapitogetherdepuistoujoursmaviepoureuxmercipourtoutplogoffsunbeautempsprintempshappykeepsmilepicofsundaynicebeautifulpicquelafamille

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simplemente yop 🌸🍀🍁☄💫 (catta_orellana) Instagram Photos and Videos

simplemente yop 🌸🍀🍁☄💫


Comment from simplemente yop 🌸🍀🍁☄💫:

Quien mas que tu💪😚😊 papi

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Hazelyn Vida (littlemisshazelyn.vida) Instagram Photos and Videos

Hazelyn Vida


Comment from Hazelyn Vida:

Que Lindo esta este TuTu 😄 . . Code:ITSYBEEFAMBAM Please mention HAZELYN at check out . . @Regrann from @itsybee_boutique - Donde Estan Las Hijas De Papi 💗 this tutu dress is a must for this Father's Day!!! Make sure your little one is picture ready for daddy's big day! fathersday dad daddy papi hijadepapa custom handmade itsybee - regrann trendykids trendytots trendykiddies toddlersofig fashionbaby igkiddies fashionista igbabyfashionista Minifashionista smallshopsupporter smallshop handmadetutus

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Kay (barcelonababies) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Kay:

When papi is tired so tries to convince the baby he is too!! goodluckwiththat cantblameaguyfortrying parenting parentinglife wideawake boytime fatherson daddy daddysboy zzzzz

23 Minutes ago
Home Of The Orig Tutu Dress (itsybee_boutique) Instagram Photos and Videos

Home Of The Orig Tutu Dress


Comment from Home Of The Orig Tutu Dress:

Donde Estan Las Hijas De Papi 💗 this tutu dress is a must for this Father's Day!!! Make sure your little one is picture ready for daddy's big day! fathersday dad daddy papi hijadepapa custom handmade itsybee

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Drizzytheking (drizzy_the_king) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Drizzytheking:

Life is like toilet. The king laughing at haters 😂😂😂 . . Follow us for more! . . drizzy drake rap 2017 torontorappers toronto papi champagnepapi celinedion music youngmoney canada bbmas billboards2017 billboards2017 haters love photooftheday

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Jennessa Louisa (jennessalouisa) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jennessa Louisa


Comment from Jennessa Louisa:

To the man who picks me up when I fall literally lovehimpartnerincrimemommipapi

23 Minutes ago
Paloma Alcantar🇲🇽🌵♊️ (palomamua) Instagram Photos and Videos

Paloma Alcantar🇲🇽🌵♊️


Comment from Paloma Alcantar🇲🇽🌵♊️:

When your MCM is the flyest everyday✔️💯😻💓✔️💯❗️fly mcm papi bf lover bestfriend happy babe handsome guapo

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•Ele 🐔• #Essenze • (elegalli) Instagram Photos and Videos

•Ele 🐔• #Essenze •


Comment from •Ele 🐔• #Essenze •:

🥂🎂🥂 Birthday man... • Essenze scatti Chiavari papone papi daddy birthday family happybirrhday wine selfie vinoria instafamily instadaily picoftheday photooftheday instapic instamomen instabirthday ig_liguria_ ig_genova_ igersliguria @instagram @ig_italia @ig_liguria @vivo_selfie

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ZUCKERLINA (zuckerlinaa) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ZUCKERLINA:

⭐🎠⭐ ⭐ "God so loved.." Haarspange ⭐ 🌠 "God so loved.." Barette ⭐ ⭐ ___________💫👗🎠🌠🎀____________ bornagain followerofjesus truelove cometojesus throughtheson tothefather father daddy papi daddyinheaven fathergod fatherinheaven bible jesus yeshua messiah LOVE childrenofgod healeroftheworld jesusisoursavior savioroftheworld rightsideofthefather loveyourneighbour reallove is limitless ___________💫👗🎠🌠🎀____________

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 (_yfe_) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from _yfe_:

Papi 👦🏻😎 Papi Baby Gray WayTooCool

28 Minutes ago
Willie Marte (marte_willie) Instagram Photos and Videos

Willie Marte


Comment from Willie Marte:

6 months ago I arrived expecting to stay for a brief amount of time; however, that short term became a journey. Yesterday, I closed Fences and I was able to share it with these two special woman in my life, my beautiful mother and aunt. I am eternally grateful for my experience, the memories I created, the FANTASTIC people I met, and the relationships I made. Thank you everyone for my time here! Now I'm off to sit back, relax, and enjoy a week here in Florida before I return home! CT friends and family, I'll be back soon! GetReady Vacation Fences AugustWilson Actor Closing Thankful Papi weepppaa Dassitt

29 Minutes ago
Mark Morice Youssef (mark.morice.youssef) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mark Morice Youssef


Comment from Mark Morice Youssef:

Park life with my angels having fun on a Monday longweekend. Hope everyone else enjoys there day bless.angels park family goodvibes laughs familytime life live loveyouall mvo toronro 416 longweekend 6ix keepit100 mybabies myteam myworld rolemodel dad king daddysgirls memories monday papi princesses

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Rochelle Colinas (Roloff) (_rosheshe) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rochelle Colinas (Roloff)


Comment from Rochelle Colinas (Roloff):

Mondays got me like... mcm😍 stealmykissesfromyou mrandmrscolinas papi DiaDeColinas puntomorro ensenada Mexico [Photo Cred: @leetalsteps] [Hair by: @laurenmroberts]

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