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Comment from Niloyd Pereira:

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Comment from Sťēphý Wīňiātā:

If I dislike being corrected, If I answer very quickly, If I know others who are not as wise as I, I know nothing yet of wisdom. Many people want wisdom, and think it is a gauge of what we know. But wisdom is more about what we DO than what we know. Wisdom deals with who we are and with the decisions we make. Being wise most often brings happiness and prosperity. If we are unhappy and things are not going well, it is nearly always because we have been acting unwisely. #NewZealand #parihaka #northland #bush #blessed #nature #photography #entrepreneur #wordsofwisdom #positivevibes #knowledge #love #beauty #GodisGood

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Comment from Made By Ngarima XO:

Peace Symbol of our Raukura! #Parihaka 💛 Sign that the Angels Tipuna are protecting us!!! The Mountain is Us & We are the Mountain!

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Comment from C H A N T E L L E:

That beautiful mountain in the background is Mt Taranaki. For 22 Years I saw this beauty every single day. I stumbled across this in my phone and realised how much it made me miss home. I have lived in Sydney for 6 years now. My accent has slightly changed and my lifestyle is a bit more chaotic with 2 Australian born accented children. However I don't want them to not know where there parents came from and where that mountain is, is where family is and I try as much as I can to go home at least once a year but it is never enough time. #feelinghomesick #Taranaki #nz🇳🇿 #newplymouthnz #parihaka #letsdoanythingwewant #immigrantlife

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Holidays well spent down home💖 Making our way home to the north zzz #Taranaki #Parihaka

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