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Ricci~Tree Huggin Nature Lover (rj3624) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ricci~Tree Huggin Nature Lover


Comment from Ricci~Tree Huggin Nature Lover:

Happy Day My Friends 🤗🌻🤗🌻🤗🌻🤗 ............... you have to choose between being kind and being right... Choose being kind and you'll always be right!" ~ Dalai Lama ......................... up my mom always use to say "kill them with kindness" or "you get more with sugar than you do with vinegar!" And of course I had to learn that the hard way as most of us do... Yet the older I get the more I see just how true it actually is and not just towards another.. It's true for my inner peace as well! 😁🤔🙄🤔. .................... or nothing is worth getting all worked up about.. It disturbs your peace of mind and truly disrupts your whole day... So for today instead of reacting negatively back to a yucky situation.. Step back, process it, breathe, smile and kill the situation with kindness.. You'll be amazed at how you'll feel.. Cause negativity has no recourse to a positive response! 😒☺😒☺😒☺😒... ............... ................. happydaymyfr positivity negativity kindnessismagic dontdisturb kindnessrocks breathe pause process smile nonegativity killthemwithkindness peaceofmind peacewithin donotdisturb kindness

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 (chachaaaaann) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from chachaaaaann:

🍁 秋だなぁ…しみじみ。 ..... ドイツ クラフトホリック 秋 落ち葉 たそがれ 黄昏 Deutschland craftholic herbst Blätter pause

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Cyrielle (life__is__joke__) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Cyrielle:

saturday pause cafe brasserie prado beach working girl smile break weekend dontworrybehappy ko nursing coffeetime cafeviennois cream delicious italiangirl delicioso mozzarelladibufala xoxo💋 bellissima love zara rayban style automne🍂

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Dominique Bousquet (domicroque) Instagram Photos and Videos

Dominique Bousquet


Comment from Dominique Bousquet:

Taking a break near the lake Champlain. dominique cdlv lifestyle mtl champlainlake lacchamplain pause indiensummer eteindien 2017 fall automne

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Aurel Bch Sonia O (les_tables_de_saurel) Instagram Photos and Videos

Aurel Bch Sonia O


Comment from Aurel Bch Sonia O:

🥞WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE FLAVOR ? SUNDAY WAFFFFFFLLLEEES 😍 waffles nutella chestnut break pause foodporn pornfood food yummy healthy cream delicious cream marron love eat sunday weekend followus homemade saurel🍒

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_Mara_ (__ma__ra__) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from _Mara_:

Einfach mal daheim ...🎀 weekend sonntag auszeit pause geniesen basel lörrach goodlife rosa brownhair

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1 fil 2 perles (1_fil_2_perles) Instagram Photos and Videos

1 fil 2 perles


Comment from 1 fil 2 perles:

Bonne nouvelle ... les supports à sachet de thé arrivent sur ungrandmarché ... celui-ci a trouvé sa place 😉 aux suivants ... .fr/boutiques/p/univers-cuisin uisine/support-sachet-de-the-r the-rose-breloque-libellule/13 supportsachetthé instantthé pausethé accessoirethé accessoiremug mug pause amateurthé jeboisduthé tisane wirewrapping ugm

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Maison Blanche (maisonblanche_sfax) Instagram Photos and Videos

Maison Blanche


Comment from Maison Blanche:

passez un bondimanche pausedétentelecturemojitomaiso

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uhrcenter Uhren & Schmuck (uhrcenter) Instagram Photos and Videos

uhrcenter Uhren & Schmuck


Comment from uhrcenter Uhren & Schmuck:

Heute ist ein echt toller Herbsttag. Genießt die Zeit. Gefällt Euch die modische Casio Uhr zum lässigen Sweatshirt? Casio uhr watch uhrcenter fashion accessories lifestyle wonderful sommer sun sonne quality gshock style robust sporty instadaily instagood instalike instawatch pause herbst

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 (coralie.rdc) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from coralie.rdc:

nomakeup maquillage dimanche Jouroff off break pause repos inked inkgirl woman selfie pictureofday photodujour leazytime goodday goodtime

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Vanessa (vanetirlo) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Vanessa:

Pause-studio invernali ❄️ ☕️ 🍪 pausa pause te teatime biscotti merenda snack pausastudio police nypd castle mulinobianco food foodporn instafood sunday sundaymood sundayafternoon

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Mily VG (shadowlady_forever) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mily VG


Comment from Mily VG:

Après-midi jeux de cartes !!splendor friends collegues dimanche pause games

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Steff Hamburg Germany🐬🐙🐟🐠🐳🐋 (steff_the_sunshine) Instagram Photos and Videos

Steff Hamburg Germany🐬🐙🐟🐠🐳🐋


Comment from Steff Hamburg Germany🐬🐙🐟🐠🐳🐋:

Einfach mal chillen vor dem Fernseher 📺😊👨🏽‍🎨🍡🍫🎂🍵☕️chillen pause selfie selfies selfmade selfietime fernsehen ruhe gay gayboy gaylike hamburg malemodel face goodday goodlife goodtimes life leben instagay instalike instagram instagood instadaily guy steff_the_sunshine

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Jacki Bassl (jackibassl) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jacki Bassl


Comment from Jacki Bassl:

love these nights with you💃🏽❤️mitmdirndlindietechno echnowerkannderkannkeinepauseb ☝🏽️

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Darine (lhibouchou) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Darine:

[UNE FILLE QUI RESPECTE L'HEURE DE GOÛTER] Happy time with myself and Fally Ipupa 🎶 😄 . . legoutercestsacré pause break weekend sunday coffeeshopday vousinquietezpas envraicestduthé tchaïtealatte positive positivemind positivevibes love coeur heart happiness beyoutiful igers

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Cool AutoImmune Disease Beauty (the_coolaid_beauty) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cool AutoImmune Disease Beauty


Comment from Cool AutoImmune Disease Beauty:

Sometimes we need a reminder every now and then. It’s easy to lose our Shit when we get distracted. Stay present! alittleencouragement forparents formoms formommy formothers formamas formomsanddads dads daddy father fathers positiveparenting beingaparent beingaparentishard beingaparentisfun parenting parentingtips pause breathe love teach bebetterthanyouwereyesterday lovebeingamom momoffive livingmyimperfectlife peacefulparenting momliferocks momlifeisthebestlife gentleparenting momboss

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BIKEN IST LEIDENSCHAFT❤️ (xeudei_mtb_crew) Instagram Photos and Videos





15 Minutes ago
Gymboree Staten Island (gymboreeofsi) Instagram Photos and Videos

Gymboree Staten Island


Comment from Gymboree Staten Island:

⭐️ Enjoy your day! ⭐️ sunday sundayfunday sundays sundayvibes sundayfun gymboreeofsi statenisland fun enjoy enjoythelittlethings enjoylife smile smiles live love lovelife pause stop play music art movement children child kids learn learning wonderful happy happiness

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ROS - Spiseforstyrrelser (nettros) Instagram Photos and Videos

ROS - Spiseforstyrrelser


Comment from ROS - Spiseforstyrrelser:

Ukens tema er "Dagens mediasamfunn". I den anledning vil jeg bare si: Husk å ta en pause. Tenn gjerne et lys. Gjør noe som er avslappende for deg. Ta en pause fra bilder og tekster som stresser deg, eller uroer deg unødvendig. Det er selvpleie å ta en pause. Noen ganger betyr å koble fra å gjenopprette kontakten med deg selv og dine nærmeste. Ta en pause i dag. selvkjærlighetsøndag pause lys avkobling høst nettros

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Marion (maye.univers) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Marion:

Petite pause avant de reprendre le train !!! coffeetime coffee cafe cafeviennois tgv montparnasse pause instacoffee paris

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RaeChell (coach_chell) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from RaeChell:

Did you know that the brain “chemically” processes emotions in only 90 seconds? What that means for us is that any time spent beyond 90 SECONDS on negative emotions IS OUR OWN PERSONAL CHOICE because the brain has already dealt with it. Tip: The next time someone says or does something to tick you off - PAUSE for 90 seconds and your response will ALMOST ALWAYS be more RATIONAL and less REACTIVE. This contributes to why there are so many hateful and negative comments on social media - because many commenters don’t PAUSE, they REACT off of CHEMICALLY induced emotions to content subject matter. Then they go back and delete comments or back down - because once the HIGH wears off they are EMBARRASSED 😞🤔😂😂😂 pause think feelings rudepeople smartass socialmedia art blackart emotions negativity humanbrain brain facts freeyourmind freeyourself lifecoach sunday liveandlearn reflection perspective weddingofficiant montgomeryalabama coach_chell

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Alessandra Di Maio (asalways_dimas) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alessandra Di Maio


Comment from Alessandra Di Maio:

sweetness colleagues work pause friends polaroid instax blackandwhite girls

19 Minutes ago
Swiss Based Fotoartist (prettyvenditti) Instagram Photos and Videos

Swiss Based Fotoartist


Comment from Swiss Based Fotoartist:

kaffee tee swissblogger italianblogger teatime sahne pause break

22 Minutes ago
Filou & Cola (filou_und_cola) Instagram Photos and Videos

Filou & Cola


Comment from Filou & Cola:

Gestern hab ich endlich wieder Filou besucht und zusammen haben wir die Hundewiese unsicher gemacht. Oder erst hat Filou das alleine machen müssen, weil ich wie immer alle Gebüsche und Ecken auf eventuelle Hasen und Vögel prüfen musste. Aber als es dann leerer wurde und ich sicher war, das kein Hase auf dem Gelände ist habe ich ihm geholfen. Auf dem Foto machen wir gerade Pause...weil ich sag euch, das kann gut schön anstrengend sein. So eine Wiese. hundewiese pause bestefreunde tolleswochenende gleichgehtesweiter baldwieder spaß blödsinn hundeleben setter settermädchen filou bordercollie hundeliebe happydogs happyme instadogs cutedog lieblingshund herzenshund hundi hundefotografie

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MindSource (your_mindsource) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from MindSource:

Man kann einem Menschen nichts beibringen, man kann ihm nur helfen, es in sich selbst zu entdecken. 🌻 ........................... dir der Beitrag gefällt, dann Klicke auf Gefällt mir ❤☺

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Zitronella (zitro_nella) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Zitronella:

Ich hab dann heute nochmal gebacken. Die besten Kekse der Welt 😊👍 cookiesbakingeatkaffee fo ee foodfoodporninstafood insta instagoodpausesonntag chillens

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Matt Brissetti (brissetti) Instagram Photos and Videos

Matt Brissetti


Comment from Matt Brissetti:

detente letempsdunweekend pause designinterieur

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Gaming mit Qualität ® (realteamcall) Instagram Photos and Videos

Gaming mit Qualität ®


Comment from Gaming mit Qualität ®:

Welches Game suchtet ihr so ? ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Folge um nichts mehr zu verpassen @realteamcall ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⚜ | Partnerseiten: ➡️ @gamessplit ⬅️ ➡️ @gaminginfo2 ⬅️ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ gaming xbox xboxone playstation ps4 gamer girl zocken deutsch german hamburg berlin steam pc meme memes markierteurefreunde markieren teamcall max maximum trollface level lvl reden klasse schule pause

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Just have Fun (fun_justhave) Instagram Photos and Videos

Just have Fun


Comment from Just have Fun:

Something dry can produce_ green_😉🤔 . nature instagram instaphoto instapost pause natural plantbased seadoo earthpix earthing durba n capetown dubai❤️ johannesburg people

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Bilal Khalil (bilal_calgary) Instagram Photos and Videos

Bilal Khalil


Comment from Bilal Khalil:

Sunday pause button funny

27 Minutes ago
Annaëlle 🌺 (annaelle_lemeur) Instagram Photos and Videos

Annaëlle 🌺


Comment from Annaëlle 🌺:

I want to travel the world ⛵️Palma de Mallorca 🇪🇸spainpalmapalmademallorca palmademajorque travelworkjobfrenchnavyescalep calepauseworldpartphotogrpahym architecture

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Shayna Rooney (shaynarooney) Instagram Photos and Videos

Shayna Rooney


Comment from Shayna Rooney:

headstand pause

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nissa (m_nissa) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from nissa:

As the weather gets cooler, we begin to draw energy inward, lending us time to pause, reflect and process what came of the summer growing season. The pulse of cosmic synchronization, leads your way to full presence in the here and now. Understanding the cycle of processing, this is the time to rest and download all the insight you have received so far. mayascope mayancalendar cosmic autumn colors leaves fall inspiration naturephotography colorful nature naturalbeauty pause

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