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Comment from Nurkholis Al Rosyid:

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Comment from ゴーケ:

母親が買い物ついでに2000円もするワックスとガムを買ってきてくれた、安めので良いって言ったのに😂 嬉しいけど「これで体調治るね!」って、難題を迫られました。 #ヘアワックス #peace #stride #風邪でした

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Comment from Julie Weller:

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Comment from Rising Sun Botanicals:

Peppermint's botanical name (Mentha peperita) is derived from the Latin menthe meaning 'thought'. Peppermint oil is a classic cephalic, stimulating the mind and aiding clear thinking. #clear #mind #peace #aromatherapy #essentialoils

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Comment from Tara Priya Das:

How to meditate 101... think happy thoughts! What was your favorite moment of the day? What was your last 10 favorite moments? What did they all have in common? You were present for them: a good meal, playing with friends, a dinner party, acing an exam, playing soccer or frisbee, a bubble bath, a hard but genuine conversation with a friend. You were present. You showed up! Meditation helps us train our discursive minds to do that. In other words, meditation helps us have more fun and be more useful in this life =) #peace #love #meditate

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Comment from MohdFadley:

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Comment from Lisa Pollock Artist:

Our favourite yogi and all round positive person @lisa_active sure makes it look easy! Love our Zen Dragonfly canvas in the background. Check out her feed for more beautiful pics and inspiring words 💞

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