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Beauty By Me 😊 ( Instagram Photos and Videos

Beauty By Me 😊

Comment from Beauty By Me 😊:

Angel 👼🏼 or devil👹? - - - - - - - - art masterpiece makeup eyeshdow cool diy beautiful trendyish eyebrows eyeliner eyelashes perfect blueeyes browneyeshadow repost fullfacemakeup snapchat caption smokeyeye shiny highlight love glitter glow inspire inspired angel angelwings devilhorns creative We need to hide again 😂

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Poonam for life 💕💕💕 (poonampreet01) Instagram Photos and Videos

Poonam for life 💕💕💕


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Tag @poonampreet7 😍😍😍 artpencildrawpoonampree lovef4fc4cl4llikelikes follow punuteamponjaydrawingartist perfectbollywoodtellywoodnaamk naamkaranjuhimayamayasahariado riadodilbandheekdoriseavneilho

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Alexandre d' La Roche (alejandrorocha_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alexandre d' La Roche


Comment from Alexandre d' La Roche:

ammmammmammm booster mydog me notaselfie sony love mrbooster home perfect friend animal adopted street portrait dog

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Gaëlle van den Dool (doemaargaelle) Instagram Photos and Videos

Gaëlle van den Dool


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drips chessplay diy perfect klay

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GIRLBOSS ♔ (kalove003) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Yass! 🌻 . . . instafashion higheels pretty fashionstyle fashioblog queen nice styles awesome beautiful perfect loveyourself girlboss

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Sexiest babes ( Instagram Photos and Videos

Sexiest babes

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Amazing bikini bööbs boobs bra butt äss ass🍑 ass🍑 sex sexy stunning sexywomen pretty perfect lingeriesexy prettygirls fit fitnessgirl fitnessmodel hot höt lady lingerie cute bra bööbs bikini bra butt naked model

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DominikaIzabel (domi_izabel) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Want to get back :3 . . . 🎵 music toptags genre @prague song songs melody czechrepublic love rap dubstep instagood beat beats violin talent lovethissong talented favoritesong bestsong perfect trip repeat listentothis goodmusic instamusic

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Kate (voguexlaw) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Kate:

Sweet dreams to everyone ✨ fashion inspiration glam glamour goals style styles streetstyle luxury perfect trend trendy ootd outfit outfitoftheday beautiful beauty makeup glasses

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Iryna  Moskalyuk (irisha.m.m) Instagram Photos and Videos

Iryna Moskalyuk


Comment from Iryna Moskalyuk:

Я нуждаюсь в успокоительном... Море... algarve lagos portugal praia praiadedonaana mar verão ferias trikini chapeu calorsol summer summertime beach sea vacation redhat blue body slim perfect bikini

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Maria Giovanna Tom ♉️ (giovitom_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Maria Giovanna Tom ♉️


Comment from Maria Giovanna Tom ♉️:

Un buon cacciatore non perde tempo a ricorrere una lepre.. - - - - - - - - italian italiangirl fashion girl girls ootd beautiful amazing tattoo tattoos czechgirl polishgirl girlswithtattoos love style ragazzeitaliane picoftheday women model alternativemodel fitness fit gym perfect motivation selfie fun me

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Ferdinand Marcel 🐻 (marceelo_33) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ferdinand Marcel 🐻


Comment from Ferdinand Marcel 🐻:

Life isn’t perfect but it has perfect moments... 🌊💛 perfect summerinwintersunnyday nydayhotbeachseadnescestujemsl jemslovakboylovetravelegypthur pthurgadaredseathrowbackmoment

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Maria Roszak (tamarysia20) Instagram Photos and Videos

Maria Roszak


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me costaadeje canaries canariesislands happiness posing body perfect perfectbody fit insta instagirls teneryfa polishgirl

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Daniel (danielsan039) Instagram Photos and Videos



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pasteleria bakery panaderia pasteles tortas cake dulce postre dessert pastelero panadero masas bizcochos pan venezolano venezuela venezolanoenchile chile santiago santiagodechile nice cool perfect bread fun friends dulce sweet

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Buddy Mary (buddy__mary) Instagram Photos and Videos

Buddy Mary


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INNA (innafp) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Queen Inna @innaofficial ৚ ৚ ৚ ৚ Love Everyday style instagood amazing girl gorgeous swag lovely hairstyle music pretty outfit perfect best instagood picoftheday loveit

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Bella Baabes (bella.baabes) Instagram Photos and Videos

Bella Baabes


Comment from Bella Baabes:

❤☀☀ Model: @raquelrocha03 bellabaabes model tumblr beautiful sexy hot perfect instagram picture best lindas brasil topmodel gata funk estilo moda makeup hairstyle fitness make

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Tammy (__mstammyan__) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Tammy:

Nom nom nom 😋 🍝 foodieyummiweekendtgifbirthday thdaydinneritalianfoodlasagnah

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Simi Balogun (ceighmee_lola) Instagram Photos and Videos

Simi Balogun


Comment from Simi Balogun:

fam perfect

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Susy Liernur (susy.liernur) Instagram Photos and Videos

Susy Liernur


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ﷲ ❤ عبد ( Instagram Photos and Videos

ﷲ ❤ عبد

Comment from ﷲ ❤ عبد:

Hadi iyi geceler ya :d Good night ❤❤ @saadlamjarred1 @saadlamjarred1 @saadlamjarred1 @saadlamjarred1 @saadlamjarred1 @saadlamjarred1 @redsupa @redsupa @redsupa @redsupa @maherzainofficial @redsupa @wachmacouture @mimialeblanc love @wachmacouture @mimialeblanc @bachir6abdou @ibtissamtiskatofficial @ibtissamtiskatofficial @mimialeblanc @laithbazari @laithbazari @laithbazari @nezharegragui @redsupa @saadlamjarred1 .. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡>> saad loveit nezharegragiu bachir6bau lm3allem saad lamjarred perfect human waadini katnadiini sa3dsa3d anamali enty malhabibi salina salina anamachisahel lm3allem ghaltana letgos_letgo lamjarred perfect human Pls_Come_Turkey Pls_Come_Turke lm3allem lovesaad

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Skylar🦄 ( Instagram Photos and Videos


Comment from Skylar🦄:

Wedding party friends family daughter mywife newlyweds ido perfect

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 (kkkkassss) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from kkkkassss:

awesome instagood tagsforlikes love perfect beautiful beauty addme sweet couple tattoo style blackandwhite wonderful amazing tumblr gorgeous add_me inked model yoga fitness selfie perfectbody cosplay followme followforfollow kiss hug snapchat

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❥sᴛʀᴀɴɢᴇʀ ᴛʜɪɴɢs (updschnapp) Instagram Photos and Videos

❥sᴛʀᴀɴɢᴇʀ ᴛʜɪɴɢs


Comment from ❥sᴛʀᴀɴɢᴇʀ ᴛʜɪɴɢs:

The cutest... GOSH💓 @noahschnapp squad noah schnapp strangerthings strangerthingd1 strangerthingsseason1 strangerthingsseason2 strangerthings2 strangerthings3 strangerthingsseason3 strangerthingswill strangerthingstv strangerthingssquad netflix netflixandchill sweden sverige love perfect 💓

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Fashion Mania Inspiration (fashionmania_ig) Instagram Photos and Videos

Fashion Mania Inspiration


Comment from Fashion Mania Inspiration:

Yes or No? Tag your best friends fashionablefashionfash nfashionblogfashionistafashion shionpostbloggerbeautifulmatch matchinggorgeousgoalsgirlphoto photoofthedaybeautyinstapicins icinstalikeinstaloveperfectsty ctstylestylishstreetstyleoutfi

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Kristina Brukštaitė (kristinabrukstaite) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kristina Brukštaitė


Comment from Kristina Brukštaitė:

weekend mood perfect music chill

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Philippe (michalaphil) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Philippe:

🔲 black igersbnw @top.tags bwoftheday tags noiretblanc noirlovers bwbeauty white blancinegre monochrome bw_lover bnw_creatives blancoynegro total_bnw art bw_society bnw_fabulous blackandwhite www_bnw bwstyles_gf bandw beautiful perfect nb noir bw mono bnw monoart dm

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Ana Ana (anna_kakietek_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ana Ana


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INNA (innafp) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Queen Inna @innaofficial ৚ ৚ ৚ ৚ Love Everyday style instagood amazing girl gorgeous swag lovely hairstyle music pretty outfit perfect best instagood picoftheday loveit

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Simona Beeckmann (simonat) Instagram Photos and Videos

Simona Beeckmann


Comment from Simona Beeckmann:

12 Tenors!😍 12tenorsmilleniumtou umtourmusictenorsperfectbestsh

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Maren Brckr (marenbrckr) Instagram Photos and Videos

Maren Brckr


Comment from Maren Brckr:

The pressure to be perfect is hard to break, when it's shown to your face every single day. Perfect lives battered on our screens, The same old pictures on constant repeat. When you see the same thing it conditions your brain, Manipulates your mind till you think the same. And actually you stop and you start to compare, How you wish that was you, how life isn't fair. So you go to the gym and try to be healthy, Do crazy diets, take millions of selfies, Pushing yourself yet never satisfied, Cause you're comparing yourself to what you see online, Pick yourself apart, how you hate this and that, How you don't like your face or think you're too fat. Want instant results from the first day, And then disappointed cause it doesn't work that way. Waxing eyebrows, full face of make up, Pressure to be perfect for the moment you wake up. Editing pictures with filters and apps. Critique everything from the clothes that you wear, your relationships, or the colour of your hair. Spend hours taking selfies to post them online, But can never find any that you really like. Cause you're used to seeing filters and face tune edits, When you see something real, you don't give it credit. Now with social media the pressure is unreal, Likes and comments affects how you feel. The content need to seek validation has corrupted the minds of this generation. Relationships, friendships it's always about goals, That's all you ever see whenever you scroll. So we push and we push and we push ourselves, Until we break and it affects our health. We try so hard to look great online, Which makes us feel insecure inside. Every selfie must be perfect, every caption funny, You have to get a job that pays a lot of money. Manage your career with a great social life, The perfect combo house kids and wife. We set our lives against expectations, It's not realistic there's limitations. Don't lose who you are along the way, And try to change to fit in some way. All you can do is try your best, There's really no need to compete with the rest. The only standard you should uphold is the one you set yourself, It's ok to struggle and ask for help.

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Moda Feminina (univeerso_feminino) Instagram Photos and Videos

Moda Feminina


Comment from Moda Feminina:

look casual moda lindo inspiracao blogueira ootd dica girl trend closet perfect estilo fofo

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Inga Paukshtite (inga_paukshtite) Instagram Photos and Videos

Inga Paukshtite


Comment from Inga Paukshtite:

Сложная форма swarovski swarovskicrystals вена австрия austria vienna crystal movie beauty beautiful iphone7plus amazing glass crystals trip путешествие art glassart crysralart cube perfect happylife cityvienna travel wonder art installation

13 Days ago
Джаланта (dzalanta) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Джаланта:

Вид из моего окна сегодня :)😍💗🌴 lfl instatravel fff nature photographer photo джаланта photography cyprus storm travel voyage sky sunset blue travelling amazing beautiful sony paysage sealike4likes tourism traveling awesome landscape clouds perfect instagood nice

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