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Tommaso Allegri


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Particolari. ⛪ abstract archidaily archilovers architecture architecturelovers architectureporn architexture art arts beautiful building buildings cities city composition design geometric geometry instagood lines lookingup minimal pattern perspective skyscraper street style town urban

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m a n u e l


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blackandwhite bnw bnw_italy monochrome minimalism perspective artphoto artphotography melancholy moody water lake wood geometric travel southtyrol altoadige italy italia highcontrast huaweimate9 mate9 nature architecture stilllife

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Lesly Jiménez


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Rebelión de lápices El puño y la letra son la fuerza de la escritura vehemente y diáfana. Books igersworldwide photography igersperu Escrituras EscrituraInacabable perspective poetry

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The Best Architecture


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▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪ 📐 Juno Academy by SKM Architects 📍Location: Seoul, South Korea 📷Photographer: Jaeyoung-Song ⚪ 👉Follow: the_b3st_architecture ⚪ 👇 Tag an architect below 👇 A company with a big market share in the Korean beauty industry wanted to build an institution for education in human resources in order to secure continuous growth their employees. Aside from maximizing the efficiency of a building on the expensive site in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam district, the client hoped that their whole staff would not only have opportunity to learn and enjoy in their new training, but also feel proud of working at a great company in a space for various programmes like lectures and meetings. Moreover, their requirements also included and enhanced brand value of the company and a space where executives remain to communicate with employees.

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Vitality Health And Fitness


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I really like this quote because for me it sums up what meditation is all about. I just wish I made time to practise it more...! meditation mindbodysoul loveyourself meditationtime practiceyogachangeyourworld workoutoftheday personaltrainer perspective

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Comment from Rahul:

Don't be mad coz I be doing me better than you be doing you - childish gambino . . . film snippet childishgambino legend doyourselfbetyerthananyoneelse perspective film hotel delhi project tb keepstarving dontAskmehowididwhat starvingartistfilms luxuryhotel

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All'insù • architecture building love architexture city buildings skyscraper urban design minimal cities town street art arts architecturelovers abstract lines instagood beautiful archilovers me lookingup style archidaily composition geometry perspective geometric pattern

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Comment from J.J.King:

Surrounded by the love of two beautiful black female airline captains. Black girl magic on display. 👑👑👑✨✨ rosalynpatrice ---------------------------------------- hiphop aviator avgeek perspective king changingourstory changingourimage mytravelcrush travelnoir travel blacktravel upintheairlife blacktravelhackers blackexpat blackandabroad travelnoire travelisthenewclub tstmkrsafrica blackvoyageurs wecomingforeverything blackgirlmagic blackgirlsrock

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Comment from melranieri:

Some perspective on how high this went. Also proof that I wasn't the only crazy person. Except she was wearing shorts...and sports bra as opposed to my boots, pants, shirt combo. But according to matt I scaled that was waaaay faster than those dry clothes in the car made it worth the freezing water and squishy boots! 🙈🙈😎😎😎😎😎 worthit waterfall waterfalls dontgochasinwaterfalls tlc perspective malibu gotthis soamazing beauty nature love saturday birthday soexcited

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That's dafuq stuff beginnersketch perspective tech beginner sketch

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neighborhood vol.2 Sant Andreu is different! moiseswest chillinsight hiphoplife art lifestyle hiphop barcelona rap trap ny california music international asap freedom philosophy love creative create cream wutang nwa oriental mind wave budism shaolin thinking revolution perspective

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Comment from James:

Ship ahoy! . . . . . .

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The more you walk with God the harder it is to scrape your knee sandiego california sandiego_ca mysdphoto whataview thatviewtho beautiful landscape socal oceanview ig_color way2ill texture justgoshoot igerssandiego discoversd pacificsd gorgeous panorama perspective viewpoint californialove californiasoul californiadreaming presidentsday katesessions grateful gratitude thankful westcoast

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Trees are life 🌲

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Lisa Bendas


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Sunday afternoon adventures sono vino exploreeverything

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Nikki Lambert-Nitzband


Comment from Nikki Lambert-Nitzband:

According to National Eating Disorder Association (NEDAwareness): Eating disorders include extreme emotions, attitudes, and behaviors surrounding weight and food issues. I had my first experiences with 12-step programs while in treatment facility in Florida. Eating Disorders were still more of a mystery than they are today, especially for those of us prone to anorexic/bulimic tendencies. As part of my treatment, I had to go to a certain number of 12 step meetings a week, but there weren't many out there for Eating Disorders. I took part in AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), NA (Narcotics Anonymous), and OA (Overeaters Anonymous) to meet my requirements. I connected most naturally with the folks I met in AA but couldn't stand going to OA. I felt judged and criticized as people wondered out loud what I could possible have in common with them. I have no doubts they were feeling judged and criticized by me, too. What I wish I had the courage to say was that my relationship with food was no different than theirs. It was both my best friend and my worst enemy. Some days I couldn't get enough. Some days I got sick just thinking about it. My feelings about my body probably weren't much different either. When I looked in the mirror back then, I didn't see 84 pounds of skin and bones. I saw a big messy blob of nothing but flaws. The first time I had a therapist ask me to name one thing about myself that I liked, I couldn't do it. There was nothing either physically or characteristically. I wish I could have told these mostly heavier-set women in these OA meetings that no, I have never seen people at their weights as ugly or unworthy. A person’s size (other than my own) isn't even something I notice. Everyone (except me) has always been beautiful just as God created them. So there's that. Add in Grace and Confidence, to give that beauty an extra boost, and those curves that these women despised so much made me jealous. Do you or someone you know need help? Toll-free Information and Referral Helpline: 1-800-931-2237 Email:

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Alejandra Cornejo


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In crescendo 'til Forte. F 36daysoftype 36days_F 3d c4d dailyrender music forte musical bubbles metaball colors colorful colours design designer sweet lettering maxon digitalart lights shadows perspective

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