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🍃Getting Closer... Everything depends on youtr own Perspective🍃 🗺📍~Ciutat de Les Arts i Les Ciències! 🏞Series: My own view of this city... 📷By me! #NaveiraC87

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Hagalund by night - [ 2016-01-17 ]

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Paris is burning 🔥

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• Illusion • • From twin Series • Please check out the other twin post. This time I will play with mirror. Like monozygote twins. There are things which are not completely identical like fingerprints. This photo is mirrored but is not an 100% mirror pic. Which side is the mirrored side? #mirrorpic #blackandwhitephotography #architectural #artphoto

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On the top of Tel Aviv 😎 מלון נורדאו #Hotel #Nordau coming soon.

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#StudentSpotlight #ArtistFeature: Vera Gavrilova has been a student with #TSA since January 2016 taking courses that explore #Anatomy, #LifeDrawing, #Perspective and more! "Marie Lehman (Anatomy) has explained to me how and why a body moves and was invariably patient with me despite my utter lack of even basic knowledge of human anatomy at the very beginning. Thomas Hendry (Portraiture and Life Drawing) has taught me, with his customary gentleness, to approach drawing with empathy and feeling. Paul Turner (Drawing and ) has gifted me with a conceptual toolset for tackling proportions and shown that I could draw things I did not know I could." See more of what Vera has to say about her journey with TSA on our January 2017 newsletter #torontoartist #artist #toronto #TorontoSchoolofArt #studentfeature #drawing #painting #portraiture #art #artschool #community #bloordale #studentlife

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Classic 👁

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