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You know, just being cute. 😛

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#Repost @gracie.beagle.mix ・・・ We have just sent of Miss Gracie's dna test from @wisdompanel and have decided to host a little contest while we wait for the results! The contest will run until the results come back which should be around 3-4 weeks! To enter you will need to: 1. Like this picture! 2. Follow the hosts/vendors: @adventures.with.arya @texanservicedogadventures @guidepuppy_pepper @pomglock @texanservicedogadventures @catahoula.creations 3. this picture including your guess and the hashtag #whosyourpawrentsgracie in the caption! Be sure to tag me ( @gracie.beagle.mix) IN the image so we don't miss anybody! IMPORTANT RULES! ● When making your guess, be sure to add in what percentage of each breed you think she is! Don't just say Beagle & Coonhound, say 50% Beagle & 50% Coonhound, Etc. ● One guess per repost, UNLIMITED entries! ● PUBLIC account is best. Giveaway accounts are okay. Private CAN enter, but if I'm not following you then I won't be able to see your entry. ● USA only - Unless you are willing to pay shipping international! The person who guesses closest to the actual dna results will be the winner! If a tie occurs, the prize will be split, or the winner will be decided by RNG(if there are more than two who guess closest). Prizes: A special prize from @gracie.beagle.mix One tag from @catahoula.creations Your choice of item from @texanservicedogadventures (on products made eligible by the shop) . #dog #dogsofinstagram #dogstagram #petstagram #cattledog #cattledogsofinstagram #heeler #houla #cataheeler #cattlehoula #catahoula #catawhat #catahoulasofinstagram #mixedbreed #mutt #cute #floridadog #unitedpawsgroup #weareunitedpaws

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