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👑🍟Foodie Princess🍟👑 (feed.the.princess) Instagram Photos and Videos

👑🍟Foodie Princess🍟👑


Comment from 👑🍟Foodie Princess🍟👑:

Tried Porto’s for the first time and it’s just so good ✨ portos portosbakery food foodie foodlife la losangeles bestfoodla sandwich pastries plantain cuban cubanos

6 Minutes ago
Kerri Sin (mrs_sinsmith) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kerri Sin


Comment from Kerri Sin:

Who needs to go to a restaurant when you get gourmet meals at home sundaydinner tai snapper bbq fish salad plantain & wine 💃🏽🥂

6 Minutes ago
nyam Afro-Caribbean Kitchen (comenyam) Instagram Photos and Videos

nyam Afro-Caribbean Kitchen


Comment from nyam Afro-Caribbean Kitchen:

Repost @angelalawrence10 with @get_repost ・・・ Today I enjoyed delicious creativity at the @comenyam Brunch & Lyme pop up. The Plantain Ackee Quiche with Shrimp was so tasty and original I can’t wait to have it again! Thank you Teneille and Rebecca. Looking forward to enjoying more of your food! jamaicantwist moderncuisine quiche plantain jamaicanfood caribbeancuisine

7 Minutes ago
The Ismaili Ontario (theismailiontario) Instagram Photos and Videos

The Ismaili Ontario


Comment from The Ismaili Ontario:

Repost @theismailinc ・・・ Sometimes we just need simple! Grilled slices of plantain are basted with creamy peanut butter to create an irresistible snack recipe. The best part? Only TWO ingredients and just 10 minutes to prepare! What are some of your favourite toppings? . Photo: Salim Nensi . foodiefriday diamondjubilee ismaili djhealthpledge tinc plantain sweet savoury snack yum yummy grilled grill healthyeating lifestyle healthylifestyle recipe foodie food vegan vegetarian plantbased

31 Minutes ago
Christina Kieler (christina_kieler_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Christina Kieler


Comment from Christina Kieler:

My husband tried his hand at plantain cookies again. These are delicious and @sbordey1 I’m bringing you some to try. Last time they were good but the plantains were very green still. Today, he used ripe or yellow ones. These are gluten, dairy and egg free. We always use @enjoylifefoods chocolate chips for our cookies. 🍪 . . . . . . . . cookies plantain aip lupus celiac autoimmune meditation ulcerativecolitis paleo delicious treatyourself almostvegan

33 Minutes ago
Angela Lawrence (angelalawrence10) Instagram Photos and Videos

Angela Lawrence


Comment from Angela Lawrence:

Today I enjoyed delicious creativity at the @comenyam Brunch & Lyme pop up. The Plantain Ackee Quiche with Shrimp was so tasty and original I can’t wait to have it again! Thank you Teneille and Rebecca. Looking forward to enjoying more of your food! jamaicantwist moderncuisine quiche plantain jamaicanfood caribbeancuisine

56 Minutes ago
Mary Amadi (amadi.mary) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mary Amadi


Comment from Mary Amadi:

Food z good 4 d foodforthesoul jollofrice chicken plantain

1 Hours ago
TheStrangeHippie (thestrangehippie) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from TheStrangeHippie:

fried plantain over vanilla icecream delicious yummy delish

1 Hours ago
L.A. (Lisa-Anne) Sydney (cherry_las) Instagram Photos and Videos

L.A. (Lisa-Anne) Sydney


Comment from L.A. (Lisa-Anne) Sydney:

Peel it, slice it, fry it and let it cool. Press it and fry it again. ohsogood bananpessé plantain goodeats sunday treat

1 Hours ago
🦋 N A Z R I N 🦋 (1naz.naz1) Instagram Photos and Videos

🦋 N A Z R I N 🦋


Comment from 🦋 N A Z R I N 🦋:

The Bloody Jerk (virgin) 😁HarlemUnderground BloodyJerk 🍹 FriedChicken Plantain FriedPickles Waffles Caesar 🍒 dinnerinaglass

1 Hours ago
Kernell Martin (heru_3rdeye) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kernell Martin


Comment from Kernell Martin:

Now criticize you weak mf. mealplan bonappetit plantain sweetpotato irishpotatoes macaronipie roastchicken pigeonpeas whatyourgirlcooked oked whyyoueatingwhitericeonas whereyourmealplan ihateyou ihateyouguyssomuch heru peacetothegods melanin yourmelaninweak peace

1 Hours ago
🍫🍫★彡 TMSR 彡★🍫🍫 (themelaninshadesroom) Instagram Photos and Videos

🍫🍫★彡 TMSR 彡★🍫🍫


Comment from 🍫🍫★彡 TMSR 彡★🍫🍫:

tmsrnews starrnews ghana ghanaians potholes plantain thoughts??

1 Hours ago
Oregon Body & Bath (oregonbath) Instagram Photos and Videos

Oregon Body & Bath


Comment from Oregon Body & Bath:

Repair your winter skin with one of our favorite locally-made products, Mrs. Greenbalm! Natural, organic and safe to use on sensitive skin and babies. . . . . . . healingsalve organicskincare winterskin repair lipbalm naturalbeauty comphrey plantain almondoil sesameoil sunfloweroil beeswax essentialoils vitamine manuka locallymade inbend downtownbend snowday

1 Hours ago
Best of Punta Cana (bestofpuntacanaofficial) Instagram Photos and Videos

Best of Punta Cana


Comment from Best of Punta Cana:

How we love tostones. Fried green plaintains. Especially with fish at one of the most beautiful beaches in Punta Cana, Macao. Also something we like doing on Sunday. How did you spend yours? BOP bestofpuntacana puntacana macao beach plantain foodlover tostones platano dominicanfood foodie nature tasty 📷 @thisgirlcc

2 Hours ago
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Lipstick In The Kitchen (lulu.moniz) Instagram Photos and Videos

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Lipstick In The Kitchen


Comment from ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Lipstick In The Kitchen:

Dinner • Hmmm dinner potd foodie food amateurcook cook riceandpeas plantain makemba adobochicken chicken koken eten bakbanaan kip coconutrice

2 Hours ago
Kwai Chi (therealkwaichi) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kwai Chi


Comment from Kwai Chi:

This is Feijoada de Vegetales @cubanalondon - A delicious and nutritious black and white bean feijoada with peppers, sweetpotatoes and vegetables – served with chillirice and plantain yummy😋 streetfood foodie Shot with @asusuk zenfone4 welovephoto Shot by kwaichi therealkwaichi kwaichilife

2 Hours ago
Botanica Collective (botanicacollectiveau) Instagram Photos and Videos

Botanica Collective


Comment from Botanica Collective:

Brag post of you new baby Monstera Standleyana. Watch this space as we will have some in stock. monsteramonday monsterastandleyana

2 Hours ago
April_360 (april_360fit) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from April_360:

Today's food haul. orange greenbanana beets coconut peanuts okra stringbeans cabbage callaloo cucumber ginger plantain mushrooms carrot pumpkin blackberry jamaicanfood jamaican vegetables fruits caribbeanfood

2 Hours ago
Orlandito (orlandiito_) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Orlandito:

Carne Frita + Tostones carnefrita tostones porkloin friedpork plantain plantains puertorico puertoricanfood chef cheflife

2 Hours ago
Ria’s Kitchen (riaskitchen18) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ria’s Kitchen


Comment from Ria’s Kitchen:

Where are all my Nigerians at??? If Your From Niaja like my post. Dodo and gizzards africanfood foodlover goodfood plantain chicken gizzardfest foodgram riaskitchen18

2 Hours ago
Renée Levy (raingodis) Instagram Photos and Videos

Renée Levy


Comment from Renée Levy:

12:30pm Brunch and Dinner was done. Taylor's Godmom came in from Atlanta and what better way to show love than with food? Brunch: AckeeNSaltfish GreenBanana Plantain Pumpkin Irish YellowYam . . . Dinner: JerkGingerChicken RiceNPeas YellowYamSalad FiestaColeSlaw Plantains and my own creation: SourSopCarrotJuice!!! Have a great week. Food page coming soon! ❤️❤️❤️

2 Hours ago
Planttopia💚 (plant_opia) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Planttopia💚:

Sunday craft fun 🙌 I planted this blooming Calla's in that metal box. I've just wanted to make something which will reminds me that the winter is in its final stage, and there just a few weeks to the spring ! 🤗 • • • urbanjunglebloggers plantbased plants plantlife plantlove plantlover house_plant_community livingwithplants urbanjungle calla metalbox ikeabulgaria plantgang plantsofinstagram plantas plantoftheday booming pink greenplants gardener homedecoration decoratingwithplants plant planters planting plantain plantsmakepeoplehappy plantstagram

3 Hours ago
Darrick (minniebkitchen) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Darrick:

Oxtail and Jerk Chicken Dinners! cheflife eatgoodfood orlandoevents greatfood yummyfood yum yummy dinner oxtail riceandpeas catering plantain stew greatfood foodselfie foodtomysoul food foodporn

3 Hours ago
Javy Walters (javy_mr.goodvibes11) Instagram Photos and Videos

Javy Walters


Comment from Javy Walters:

Jasmine 🍚 with Sweet and savory pork, plantain and black beans soaked in red wine 🍷 finished with garlic & sweet onion extract sweetandsourpork jasminerice plantain blackbeans goodfood

3 Hours ago
🇲onsee García (monsee_ge) Instagram Photos and Videos

🇲onsee García


Comment from 🇲onsee García:

Plantain 🍌🍴❤ breakfast deli plantain waffles icecream

3 Hours ago
Fabiola Nyoumssi (fabiolanyoumssi) Instagram Photos and Videos

Fabiola Nyoumssi


Comment from Fabiola Nyoumssi:

It all starts somewhere, my little brothers will never know how much their presence structured me. I am kind of funny(Not kind of.. I am funny 🤪) because I always wanted to make them laugh, had to build my confidence because these kids will gang up on me sometimes lol jk. Knowing I had to take care of them when my parents were not around transformed me into this strong person that I loved to be, because I had to become mum and dad during those times. Never loved when the oldest will hit the youngest but I loved when The youngest complained to me and seek refuge next to me because he thought I could protect him(not knowing that myself I was scared of the oldest) who is still my younger one! My Motherly Nature comes from this one waking me up every morning for breakfast and all his toy problems. I have being in America for a year now but Yan always asks me when I am coming back home, that’s how sweet he is and I love when he hugs me like that. Their nicknames are zimzieu billclinton plantain yaniyano that’s how much I love them😍❤️💕

3 Hours ago
giab (giaunstoppablebrown) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from giab:

Happy Sunday...dinner for one creamed Irish n carrotsbutter honey BBQ shrimpgreen beansplantain n a lil' veg😋

3 Hours ago
Belgium Food Guide (hungryandbelgian) Instagram Photos and Videos

Belgium Food Guide


Comment from Belgium Food Guide:

Sweet ‘n juicy plantains 😍

3 Hours ago
Adventure Time w Rick n Griff (rick_and_the_griffopotamus) Instagram Photos and Videos

Adventure Time w Rick n Griff


Comment from Adventure Time w Rick n Griff:

3 Hours ago
Santito Sánchez (santito_sanchez) Instagram Photos and Videos

Santito Sánchez


Comment from Santito Sánchez:

Last nights dinner. La cena de anoche un Plato Tipico🇭🇳🇭🇳 FoodPorn LatinFood CentralAmericanFood Comida ComidaLatina Honduran PlatoTipicoHondureño Rice Plantain RefriedBeans Cheese Tortilla Chorizo Steak Avocado HonduranCream Mantequilla Queso FrijolesFritos Bistec Chismol Maduro Aguacate Arroz

4 Hours ago
Angie/Foodgie (foodgie) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Angie/Foodgie:

This restaurant was FULL of FLAVA!💥 Between the live music and dancing and the food it was a great experience 💃🏾 this is their Ropa Vieja and white rice 😍 super delicious and juicy! • Guantanamera Restaurant • 939 8th Ave NY

4 Hours ago
Tyberuis.t (tyberius.grams) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Tyberuis.t:

zimbabwe speybay when you spot plantain trees and you are willing to risk snake bite. Trip was Lit . When you have lost your common sense and cant it ..... Went to look for wakanda

179 Days ago
Tyberuis.t (tyberius.grams) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Tyberuis.t:

plantain Bandit ..... Who burns plantain dodoloversunited dodolover

1 Years ago