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Comment from k4ela:

She found that missing him was both easy and hard at the same time. Easy because she loved him; hard because she knew she shouldn't. ms relationshipquoteswordsspilledinkquotesquotelovequotespoemspoetrypoetpoetspoetrycommunitybreakuphappywritersofinstagramwritewriting

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Shannon Rfe


Comment from Shannon Rfe:

Matted. Worth it.

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Comment from Pisces,Poet,Leader,Writer:

Poetic Don! On the rise 📓📝 poempoetrypoetpoeticwriterwritersofinstagramwisewordswisdomstoryepichistorysuccessblessedmylife

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Comment from Tiffany🌺🌛:

I can't speak for all women, but I can speak for me... When it comes to things that a man can give me, what I'm honestly uninterested in is "the world". Do not give me that. That isn't what's going to steal my heart. It's never been. Monetary gifts & materials truly do not impress me. You could make all the money in the world, but it means nothing, especially if you fail to give me you. And not just any you, the real you. The one that comes equipped with flaws and conversation that tells me what it is that you think I could improve on, but yet the same you that still has eyes to still see my potential. Give me things like time. Not just in quantity, but quality. Let the time we spend together be of substance, even if it's filled with days of doing nothing, let those nothings be sweet. And speaking of sweet things, give me passion in all things that you feel, whether it be anger or sadness or excitement, but especially with love... Give me that. Because minor things & superficial things & the world aren't things that should be given to a woman like me. Give me you, and a woman like me can figure out the rest. -Tiffany B. Tag the artist if you know! locs locstyles locjourney locnation girlswithlocs teamlocs womenwithlocs naturalhair naturalhairjourney loclife loclove locd starterlocs twa shorthair shortcut naturalhair words love blacklove sahm queen king positivity light poet poetry poem poetic TiffanyBPoetry

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Comment from Marie:

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Comment from Thoughtsbypoetry:

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The Poetry House


Comment from The Poetry House:

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Comment from E.Corona:

An old piece. prose poetsofinstagram igwriting instapoet poetry wordsofinstagram poetsofig poet poetryofinstagram poetryofig writingofigartofig artofinstagram prose communityofwriters 1940stypewriter poetrycommunity drunkpoetsociety drunkpoetry instapoems smithcorona typewriter ecorona

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Comment from آنسه:

danaa danaa . 2 روز تا تولد بهتـــــرین❤️ danaa موزیک ترانه تنظیم_کننده ترانه_سرا موسیقی پاپملودی خواننده شعر آهنگ آهنگساز متفاوت تنظیمعشق هنر دانارفيعى دانا_رفيعى هنرمندان هنرمند اسفندی music melodysongmusician arrangement poetpianist poem dana_rafiee danarafiee

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Ms Jody-Anne Vanessa


Comment from Ms Jody-Anne Vanessa:

foodforthought sometimes you can't control what you feel. It's OK. It very well might be the best thing that happened to you. It could be a big mistake but live in today and learn from it. Don't overthink it. blackswhoblog blackbloggers blackgirlswhoblog writer writersofinstagram poet wordstoliveby truth

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Comment from Vigil:

Staircase to heaven take me up far, pull me out the abyss, I don't need that much, one third of the way and then I'll pull myself up, from this misery, from the pain and from the hate I'll learn how to love, Not someone or everything but love myself for my flaws, and now I can let go, everything we are meant to be is to help us grow, if your ever scared don't fret I'll always be close, this pain we have willl lead us down our roads, take my hand when you get weak and cold, I'll hold you up when you got no where to go, and your heart will be my wall when I need to rest my soul, because we all really need a place to call home , and if i found it anywhere it would be in the sincere kindness you have shown, this world is a mess and it's nothing new, and seeing it destroy someone like you, keeps me up wondering what i can do, so hold my hand and together we'll get through, you lean on me and when I'm falling apart..I'll lean on you, . poet poetsofig poetsofinstagram poetsociety poetscommunity poemsofig poetry poetrycommunity poetryofinstagram poetryinmotion poetsofig poetry poetsociety poets poetsofinstagram poetscommunity writerslife writers writersofinstagram writersofig writerscommunity creative creativewriting creativeminds photography photo art hope spilledink

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Michael Warner


Comment from Michael Warner:

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Lover of God, family, & career


Comment from Lover of God, family, & career:

After three services and getting home at 10:30pm, it's hard to get past the living room to get undressed for bed...ugh! COGIC life. . IamTonza IamBlessed poet writer author success entrepreneur philanthropist mentor meditation COGIC cogicfashion churchflow

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Comment from آنسه:

danaa danaa سفر کن به هیچ کس هم نگو یه رابطه ی عاشقانه رو زندگی کن و به هیچ کس هم نگو شاد زندگی کن و به هیچ کس هم نگو... آدم هاچیزهای قشنگ رو خراب می کنند! danaa danaa موزیک ترانه تنظیم_کننده ترانه_سرا موسیقی پاپملودی خواننده شعر آهنگ آهنگساز متفاوت تنظیمعشق هنر دانارفيعى دانا_رفيعى هنرمندان هنرمند اسفندی music melodysongmusician arrangement poetpianist poem dana_rafiee danarafiee

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Comment from Zane:

It only took me a year, but I finally finished the lyrics for this song I wrote for cowboycomb. It's got that old west vibe. hiphop rap emcee rapper lyrics lyricist music poet poetry bars introspective psychology mind earth lazertalk beard talent art words metaphor independent artist work rhyme rhythm instrumental beats teambackpack

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Comment from m.m:

It sounds so nice and breathy like a sigh with a lil trill at the end, except it gets butchered whenever it's pronounced oh well. poetryaccountf4flovepoempoetryloveitwordslifepoetrycommunitypoeticquotesbasicpoetcreativewritingwritewritersigpoetsartprosethoughtsemotionsfeelingsselfloveinspirationpoeticsoulpoetsoflovestorieswordporntruth

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Shannon Rfe


Comment from Shannon Rfe:

My happy place. Always. Forever. And ever. curves incoming hawaii paradise justbe

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Manasee Bharathan


Comment from Manasee Bharathan:

Trust Fall.2.26.17

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प्राची मीनु सुनिल जैन (पीजे)


Comment from प्राची मीनु सुनिल जैन (पीजे):

When your article gets published TheAsianChronicle kalaghodaartsfestival2017 mumbai proudmumbaikar Thankyou shon_alley for giving this opportunity, it means more than anything else to me ❣️ thankyouuniverse love proudmoment proudmumbaikar ❣️❣️ ● ● ● faminker februarydiaries poet poetsofinstagram love writersofinstagram writing quotes words wordporn poetrycommunity poetsofig poetryisnotdead writersofig poets writers spilledink writerscommunity instapoet creativewriting writingcommunity instapoem instapoetry quoteoftheday

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