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संdєѕн v.माρєlĸar...😉 (mapelkarsandesh) Instagram Photos and Videos

संdєѕн v.माρєlĸar...😉


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मी तुझ्या सोबतच होतो ना ग सखे, तू एकदा तरी समजून घेशील मला, अशी आस माझ्या मनी होती...💓 . .truwords express writing writersofinstagram maharashtra_desha bookstagram poetry poem poems vedafakir poet marathi marathiboy marathikavitaanicharoli marathiwriterkhelsangramaathva dailylife mumbaimarathiquotespunekars kavi love marathimulga marathimulgi charolyalovequotemarathikalasa

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puisi quote sajak kata (subjek_ketiga) Instagram Photos and Videos

puisi quote sajak kata


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The Unpaid Writer (the.unpaid.writer) Instagram Photos and Videos

The Unpaid Writer


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New Profile Pic . . . microfiction words wordsofwisdom wordstoliveby wordporn wordgasm emotions author poet poem quotes tales stories writting writersofinstagram writersofig authorsofinstagram feelings instawriter tales shortstories inspirationalquotes goodquotes millionairemindset bollywood hollywood

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Aisha ~ عائشة ~ AirRess 👩‍✈️ (april_ice_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Aisha ~ عائشة ~ AirRess 👩‍✈️


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This song is what kept me going through it gave me hope that I would get out but no way in hell would I be leaving my house in a bodybag....can't say he didn't try by trying to run me over with his van in front of the police station as I was leaving...and the reason why I am still alive is Only by God's might and majesty as He sent His soldiers in the form of my family that night as they risked their lives by jumping in front of the van and pulling me out of his clutches....I love all of you more than you know. 🙏🙏🙏💖💖💖 metoo @therealeve loveisblind stopoppression notoabuse nomeansno justiceforwoman poet pilot writer instadaily instavideo instapic poetscommunity writerscommunity pilotscommunity poetsofinstagram writersofinstagram pilotsofinstagram ~ AirRess 💋

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Nicola Zeno Mormile (lacoscienzadizeno_97) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nicola Zeno Mormile


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Sempre precoce, è provocata dagli eccessi di gioventù o dalla concezione di grandi idee. (Gustave Flaubert)poet poetry francese followme follow4follow likeme like4like likeforfollow japanesegirls polishgirls usagirls spanishgirl style stammtuttadiabolik skinhead starwars italianboy napolitanboy life coolnavy military story end jeansjacket love niceday universityboy

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The Habitat (indiehabitat) Instagram Photos and Videos

The Habitat


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Returning for the 81st edition, get ready for another Poetry Slam: Open Mic. 23rd October, 8:00 PM onwards. Full Cover: Rs. 100 Spot registration at entry :D First 30 poets get an assured spot. Spot duration: 5 mins Picture Credits : Harsh Shah Facebook : Say Cheese Instagram : @ysoharsh Mumbai Bombay OpenMic PoetrySlam poetry poem poet poetsofinstagram writersofinstagram writing writer poetrycommunity wordporn writersofig words instapoet poets creativewriting instapoem writers write writerscommunity instapoetry writingcommunity spokenword poetryisnotdead India TheHabitat GoodVibes

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Larue [Serena Dibiase] (serena_larue) Instagram Photos and Videos

Larue [Serena Dibiase]


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- la mia 'Piuma' su Versodove • 18 • rivista di letteratura e chicche varie. 🍬 poet jesuislaruepoet amnesiadeivivi me round poetry writer my words poetrycommunity igers instapoet instapoetry versodove literature art booklover quotes piuma lookingfor altrove

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Bhavya Nayyer (bassboyee) Instagram Photos and Videos

Bhavya Nayyer


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//Is This You, Who Was Never With Me, Whom I Couldn't Even Feel Least. I Know Its You, The Same You Were, The Only Difference Was, Back Then You Went In A Different Flow Just Like The River. Why Is It Always that I Call Upon Your Name, Every Time The Words Come Out Seems To Be Too Much Lame. From Where Does My Feelings, Feel Your Presence, Even If Try To Forget It. The Times I Couldn't Find You Close, As I Felt Untouched But Still Hurt. The Times I Couldn't Think From My Mind, As You Were Unwanted By Me But Still Desired.// . . . . . . . . . q quotes quoteoftheday instaquote qotd words quotestoliveby poetry success writer poem wisdom truth quotestagram lifequotes poet motivational writing inspirationalquotes wordporn entrepreneur inspirational inspire poetsofinstagram business motivationalquotes true writersofinstagram bloger boy

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Sir Sthyvel O'dilon Sambissa (sthyvelodilonsambissa) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sir Sthyvel O'dilon Sambissa


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Olorunnisola Light™🌏 (lightoflights) Instagram Photos and Videos

Olorunnisola Light™🌏


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Share this with your friends..☺️☺️❤️ comment or tag me; so I can thank you.!! spilledthought shortstories poetryisnotdead picture pictures quotes quoteoftheday tag repost share writersdesk writing word writtenwords instamood l4l like4like tbh poetry poetrycommunity writingcommunity writersofig poetsofig heart love amwriting poet qotd wordporn

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Tammy Jane Elizabeth Kelly (tammyjekelly) Instagram Photos and Videos

Tammy Jane Elizabeth Kelly


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Seeing it has been a while since I write a poem I just created this one. I am going to snuggle up in bed in the pouring rain and watch the latest season of Wentworth. I didn't get this tough by watching and living the high life and fairytales. 😜💪💖 I hope some of you like it. See you all tomorrow bright humans. Luv yas. 🌍✌❤ poetofinstagram poeticjustice poet poetry poems poemsoninstagram australianartist eclecticart aussieartist nobox equalrights humanist systems womenempoweringwomen underdog poet justice endgovernmentcorruption corruptgovernment love worldpeace

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B A Mudford (mud66y) Instagram Photos and Videos

B A Mudford


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Terrible endings (terrible_ending) Instagram Photos and Videos

Terrible endings


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Comment the movie name and tag your partner🔭 Follow us @terrible_ending writerscommunity writer writersofinstagram write writers poetry poet poetrycommunity poetsofinstagram poeticjusticebraids poem poems thoughts thought love instagram text lovequotes heartbroken funny funnymemes like4like followforfollow

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Daksh (ray.daksh) Instagram Photos and Videos



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No work..just a or you can say the epic Lord of the Rings.. daksh soni writer author holiday poet poetry funny cool happy amazing wow love life lordoftherings hot fashion london paris newyork diwali crazy travel travelling books booknerd bookworm india delhi

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futuredeadpoet (futuredeadpoet) Instagram Photos and Videos



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earlydraft shortstory idea edinburgh writer poet morning musing fiction strangers influence local perception introvert imposed addict thought

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Journey Of My Blues ( Instagram Photos and Videos

Journey Of My Blues

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I do, and you? ------------------------- ------------------------------ @malika_lika24 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow my personal blog on tumblr to know more interesting things about me // damn-that-hurts-me Links in bio -------------------------- ------------------------------ me for free shout outs for shout outs ------------------------- ------------------------------ - share - comment ---------------------- ------------------------------ ------------------------------ [ poem poetry creativewriting literature writer writing writersofinstagram poetic poet poetsofinstagram poetsofig igpoetry poetryisnotdead wordsmith wordporn poetryporn quotes words lovequotes quotes text quotesandsayings sad typewriterpoem storytelling insta keepwriting communityofpoets depressed ] ---------------------------- ------------------------------

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Suzanne Vaughan (chickadeeemporium) Instagram Photos and Videos

Suzanne Vaughan


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My talented son wrote me a sonnet for my birthday. He pinched and altered one line from Shakespeare but the rest was all his! Who else has had a sonnet written about them! sonnet suzannevaughan poet talentedson birthday heart

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Priyansh Ranjan (prishranjan) Instagram Photos and Videos

Priyansh Ranjan


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Hope you people liked it Please comment your views below . write writer writers writersofinstagram writersofig writerscommunity writing quote quote quotestoliveby quoteoftheday story storytime storytelling storyteller author authors authorsofinstagram poem poems poemsofinstagram poetry poetrycommunity poet poets poetsofig poetsofinstagram love lovequotes priyansh_conveys

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Sujato. (sujatobanerjee) Instagram Photos and Videos



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sujatoscribbles poetry poet poem poetsofinstagram writersofinstagram poetsofig lovequotes love poetryisnotdead poetrycommunity leaving writersofig words lovepoem instapoet quotes poets lovequotes instapoem writer writerscommunity instapoetry writingcommunity relationships photorepost poemsporn motivationalquotes motivation motivationmonday motivated

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Foxxy305 (lost.girl.found) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Juicy.... 👅👅👅

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j.e. poetry (judyelisapoetry) Instagram Photos and Videos

j.e. poetry


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Writing = healing. I try to post two original pieces of poetry every day @judyelisapoetry. All words are written on biodegradable mulberry paper, handmade in Thailand ♡ All images ©judyelisa . . . . writing poet poem poetry poezie gedicht schrijven judyelisa poetsofinstagram poetrycommunity lovequote qotd instawriter wordporn writersofinstagram writerscommunity poetryisnotdead wordswithqueens herheartpoetry heartsofpoets instapoem lovequote lovepoem typewriterseries typewriterpoetry selflove healing

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OBEY THE WHORE (milflord.and.sons) Instagram Photos and Videos



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. FRIDAY QUOTES 🖤 . osho quotes rhymes poetry poet wisewords poesie zitate weisheit oshoquotes friday postive goodday art spiritual spirituality spiritualität peace love beard beardedosho hearted weekend loveyourself dichtkunst

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JEEJO (iamjeejo) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Terribly Tiny Tales (ttt_official) Instagram Photos and Videos

Terribly Tiny Tales


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Niharika Kabra writes a [ 140 ] on Fear We’re a book old now. Get the first ever Terribly Tiny Tales book on Amazon now- terriblytinyta ttt microfiction wordporn words wordgasm writer author poetpoem writing writersofinstagram writersofig poetsofinstagram poetsofig authorsofinstagram writerscommunity writingcommunity poetrycommunity instawriter instapoet storytelling stories shortstories tales App

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Floto.graphie (floto.graphie) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Peter Pan (cries_of_pen) Instagram Photos and Videos

Peter Pan


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Credit - @papan_writes poetry poem poet poetsofinstagram writersofinstagram writing poetsofig writer poetrycommunity poems wordporn writersofig words spilledink instapoet typewriter prose poets creativewriting instapoem writers write writerscommunity instapoetry writingcommunity spokenword poetryisnotdead igpoets

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Maheen Shahab (heens_med) Instagram Photos and Videos

Maheen Shahab


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🍁 . . . text autumn rose wordstoliveby love friends quote writersofinstagram writerscommunity beautiful lights poet poetrycommunity poetsofinstagram fall flowers writer pakistan pakistani blogger books

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Miriam R. Krüger (miriam_r_kruger) Instagram Photos and Videos

Miriam R. Krüger


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Welcome to my world, my poems, my draws... @miriam_r_kruger miriamrkruger photography writer inspiration beyourself poet enjoythemoment womanspoets artiste poetssoul poetsluxembourg drawing writings miriamrkrugerpoet Luxembourg instaphoto olivetti nikon timeforme poeta ecriture myworld monunivers mimundo expressyourself artwoman artwork arte art

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justine greenwood (juzgreenwood) Instagram Photos and Videos

justine greenwood


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Gotta love moz!! Fridaylistening singer songwriter god muscian poet morrisey smiths lyrics words feelingsemotions music instagram instagramers ♡

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malik lendell (kidfromstl) Instagram Photos and Videos

malik lendell


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Where is the artistry when there is no challenge? Many artists have lost so much integrity when reaching greater audiences. Their work is no longer art. It simply is a reflection of what everyone wants or expects to see. It has no challenge in mind. It is made to be easy to digest, and slip away like fiber. Nothing sticks. Art is meant to challenge the eyes and ears and so on. It is not always supposed to be easy to package away. Now we have a ton of dying artists as they grow into celebrities as they lose their true integrity. ~ poetry poetsofinstagram poets instagrampoetry igpoets poetsofig blackpoets poet instagrampoetry igpoetry poetrycommunity societyofpoets instagrampoets instagrampoetrysociety poetrycommunity poetrycommunityofinstagram poetrysocietyinstagram poem poems poemsofig quotestoliveby quotes wisesayings

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Na2S_MQA (na2s_mqa) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Ujian Jangan takut sayangku Semua akan berlalu Ini semua hanyalah ujian Jika lulus akan tambah kemuliaan Kita pasti bisa Karena Alloh sudah sediakan jawabannya Dia pun tak segan berikan bantuan-Nya Kita hanya tinggal memintanya Jangan khawatir sayangku Alloh sudah menjaminnya Bahwa kita pasti sanggup melewatinya Karena Dia Maha Bijaksana Tak akan membebani di luar kemampuan hamba-Nya Jangan menangis sayangku Jika aku tak bisa berada di sampingmu Melewati ujian pemberian-Nya Karena Alloh selalu ada Menunggu kedatangan kita Datanglah pada-Nya Dalam sujud malam kita Sampai jumpa dalam do'a-do'a Yang kita panjatkan ke haribaan-Nya sajak sastra puisi poet poetry poems syair ayoberkarya salamliterasi sastraindonesia puisinanas na2s_mqa diarynanas coretannanas kisahnanas jejaknanas perjalanannanas jejakperjalanan belajarmenulis nanasbelajarnulis kisahkehidupan berbagi berbagisemangat berbagirasa berbagipikiran berbagipengalaman like4likes likeforlike likeit

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//shardz/ (shardz_unfounded) Instagram Photos and Videos



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The Dream Called Circa 1988 (Totem) . Every fucking second and i’m opening my eyes to the drama the farce and charade embezzled theatrics to patronize needs never satiated Always distracting ourselves From the question of Why It only leads to the emphatic melodramatics that is thus these very moments nestled in time we take for granted and owe it to ourselves to discover the what behind the whys The whys of our time leading us down spiral staircases into cellars of profundity enshrouded in time, and perhaps ensnared by gnosis these lights flicker through haunted neural pathways visual hallucinations kneaded seamlessly, headlong into—among octaves of ocean pearls It’s all been a dream and i’m waking up a nightmare circa 1988 . . . //shardz/ .

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Ryan (escryon) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Scars. ~~~ story quote poem poetry quotes writer escryon write words wordporn quotes poet poetic music stories

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