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Adrian Christopher


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Andrea SKIZZO Mulargia (andreaskizzomulargia) Instagram Photos and Videos

Andrea SKIZZO Mulargia


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Frank e la sincerità... Solo buon vino... Senza paura di confidare le proprie debolezze... Non c'è tempo. 🦋 beskz bestars befrank bemulargia beoriginal blackandwhite wine poet frasedelgiorno

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•••| Anonymous |•••


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~| Broken Hearts |~ . wow mustread lovepoetry love beautiful poet poetry poetryisntdead poetryofig poetrycommunity poetryofinstagram writing writter writtenbyme written workout work smile happy life

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AG Pettet (a.g.pettet) Instagram Photos and Videos

AG Pettet


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My book in the wild. Keeping good company with Morgan Parker, Dorothy Porter and Rilke. poet poetslife agpettet improviseddirges morganparker therearemorebeautifulthingstha dorothyporter monkeysmask rilke rainermariarilke

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- a turn for the worse. - - - writer word art artist poem poet poetry prose poetsofinstagram prosepoetry poetsofig writersofinstagram writersofig write grateful hopeful beach laluna lion happy live life trust truth summer 1111 always love wordswiththumbs lessons

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________ Relatable isn't it? Share your views in comments. ________ By TUS ☀ © All rights reserved. ________ Tags Begin theuniversestories TUS poem poetsociety writer creativewriting word poems poet literature reading writingcommunity writing poetry wordgasm quote relationshipquotes lovequotes promise microfiction tale story love loved relatable sayings relationshipquotes

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quotes instagood instadaily instaquotes instaquote powerfulquotes poet poetry ifly followers leaders inspiration heartbreak heartbreakquotes heartbroken love hate strength inspirationalquotes lovequotes loveyourself beautiful quotestoliveby quoteoftheday quoteday

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Gemma Boyd (gemmaboyd407) Instagram Photos and Videos

Gemma Boyd


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'Vivarium' by Gemma Boyd (My debut collection of poetry which I've coptic bound, written and illustrated). poetryillustration poetrybook handmadebooks vivarium copticbinding poetry poet Synopsis available at where it can be purchased for £20.

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Goddess Awakenin' (goddessawakenin) Instagram Photos and Videos

Goddess Awakenin'


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And I swear..I'm that moment my Soul collapsed onto itself. I was spinning, spinning, spinning..into nothingness - and you never, once, tried to catch me. My own words written in my own hand XOXO, AncoraBella ✨ Godd BreakUps Healing Love Poet Reflection SpokenWord SpokenWordArtist UnrequitedLove Writing

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aesthetic : pining poetry writer words poem poetrycommunity spilledink writersofinstagram poet wordporn angry

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Best Gujju Quotes ❤️ (live_careless) Instagram Photos and Videos

Best Gujju Quotes ❤️


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live_careless live careless gujju gujjuquotes gujju_quotes love lovequotes writer blogger shradhhakapoor poetry poet like like4like follow followforfollow tag

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Ser poeta en Lisboa... poeta poesia poetry poet poem poemas lisboacool pared wallpaper wall wallart streetart

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Saiyed Farooq Jamal (farooqjamal009) Instagram Photos and Videos

Saiyed Farooq Jamal


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You were sitting there, adjusting the hibiscus in your hair. The melodious sound of the sparrows chirping made you smile. You looked up at them, on the edge of the wall where they were perched closely to one another. Seeing them chirping, you also started to hum, and it seemed to me as if you were communicating with them. I found that piece of paper once again which you had left for me. And everytime I look at it, it reminds me of the beautiful dream which I always see. ❤ poetry hindiwriters writers poet poets words write poetsofig poetsofinsta poetsofinstagram wordpornofinstagram writersofig writersofinsta writersofinstagram love her soul unrequitedlove feelings vibes goodvibes positivity universe lifeisbeautiful quotes lovequotes

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Handmade lingerie designer


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One of the best advices to follow! 👌👌👌👌 sunday morning quote quotes quoteoftheday instaquote words quotestoliveby success poetry poem writer truth wisdom quotestagram sunday lifequotes poet inspirationalquotes writing motivational entrepreneur poetsofinstagram inspire inspirational writersofinstagram true motivationalquotes business

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Red Papers


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Incredible Gulzar Saab. gulzar gulzarsaab nazm india indialove instagood poetry poet bollywood cinema shayari followback followme hindi l4l languages redpixelsmultimedia blogger bestpic picoftheday

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When I left, the miles between us grew But so did my love for you.. I miss you every single day Everything reminds me of you. Every day In the last 8 months, I found that I can be surrounded by one person or more than a 100 people and I still never failed to think that "I wish she was here" No one knows me like you do and no one will ever take your place in my life and in my heart. I've found a masterpiece in you! We do have our off days and probably plenty more, but that will never change the fact that YOU are my person and I will always love you. Words by @robynchetty94

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-we are alive • • • mywriting mypoetry mywords prose wordporn poem poemsofinstagram poet poetrycommunity poetsofinstagram poets poemsporn words writingpoetry writingsociety writingstories spilledink trauma embrace spilledwords recoveringaussies

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Jen Eng (supernaturalhuntress) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jen Eng


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Repost @magesoul I try. I try everyday to forget you. And as I wish you would disappear, I just keep remembering you. I remember every moment that you and I had. I remember listening to all your crazy thoughts, and how you saw things, and for some reason, I always wanted to hear more. I don't know what it was, but my soul was so in love with you. I knew the difficulties ahead of time, but I felt that united, we could overcome them all. Maybe this is the way it was meant to be, to open up a soul and leave them with the taste of magic, embedded in their love. I could never deny, that I had the chance to cross paths with a goddess, that allowed me to see my soul through her eyes. – Carlos Medina |wordsmith poetsofinstagram poetryofinstagram quote quoteoftheday writingcommunity writersofig quotes relationships poetrycommunity relationship poems instapoet qotd poem igpoets instapoetry poemsofinstagram inspired writer poetry poetsofig poet poetsociety carlosmedina picoftheday typewriter love

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Solo Kulture💂🏿‍♀️ (solokulture) Instagram Photos and Videos

Solo Kulture💂🏿‍♀️


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The African Summer Festival @theafricacentre w. @nattymusic Spreading Love and Positive Vibrations 💛🖖🏿 ___________ poet poetry poem song poetrycommunity poetofinstagram words spokenword wordstoliveby inspiration motivation wordsmith wordplay lyrics vocals intellect articulation writer writersofinstagram art artist artistsoninstagram music livemusic music solokulture theafricansummerfe

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Kushal Chawda (kushal.chawda) Instagram Photos and Videos

Kushal Chawda


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My only regret. . writersofinstagram poetsofig wordporn poem wordporn wordlove poetsofinstagram story poet poetrylovers wordgasm poetryporn love quotestoliveby quotes quotestagram thoughts spilledink heartbreak igwriters words quotesandsayings quotes quoteoftheday wordpress poemsporn writers writingcommunity goodquote wordsofwisdom

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SpokenWordPoetry DEAR BROTHER 👦 Link in the bio // 👫 🙋 youtube poem brave poet writer poetry brother love video dearbrother sister watchmyvideo hope memories siblings bhai fights relations sibling life ❤☄

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Brownies Manten Jatim


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Repost from @yang.terdalam with ... Biarpun lidah ini kelu di hadapanmu. . Kiriman dari @dinaaghnias . Berbagirasa yangterdalam quote poetry poe

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Mario Bolivar (mario_pugliadiary) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mario Bolivar


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Sunrise suspended between ancient and modern... the immutable moon is watching.// Alba sospesa tra antico e moderno mentre la luna immutabile sta a guardare _ _ _ apulia presidentlife moon puglia conversano traveller instagramers natgeo instatravel southitaly kingdom tagsforlike likeforlike weareinpuglia poet poetry murales pasharistorante igerspuglia italy italia skyline cavaliereerrante

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SpokenWordPoetry DEAR BROTHER 👦 Link in the bio // 👫 🙋 youtube poem brave poet writer poetry brother love video dearbrother sister watchmyvideo hope memories siblings bhai fights relations sibling life ❤☄

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Witty Novelette™


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Suheil Fernandez-Sein (la_morena930) Instagram Photos and Videos

Suheil Fernandez-Sein


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It's the little things, that make me happy... lovetowrite lovecoffee nightowl poetry words heartfelt igpoetry instapoet instagood instamood instapoetry instawords instawrite igquote poetryisnotdead words spilledink spilledwords writersofig writtingcommunityofig igpoet poet writer lovewords love life sfspoetry

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Thinkliv Tv📺|


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Poetry by Theresa. Title- Running 🏃 A short virtual poetry illustration. Continuation of poem(Next post)⬅ Dm for free promotion. .............................. @thinkliv ................................................ LIKE OUR PAGE ON FACEBOOK- @Thinkliv ................................................. Click on the Link in our bio so we can serve you better🔴. .................... .............................. ......... Poetrycompetitionloa the word.📢 ...................... .............................. your poems for upload & views👀 ...................... TAG A FRIEND poetrypoetrycommunityspokenwor enwordartistspokenwordsbelieve lieveinyourselfinstawritepoetr poetryslampoetryofinstagramnig amnigeriapoetrycompetitionwrit nwriterofinstagramwriterwirdso irdsofigthinklivnigeriawriters iterspoetrycontestpoetartartis artistcreativewritingpoetrycha rychallengepoetrypornwordsmith

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No-Puns Intended (chalk_n_pen) Instagram Photos and Videos

No-Puns Intended


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While love connects, religion breaks people apart. Many live stories have ended this way. Many didn't start. Many will not find an end or a beginning. Many of them. Wake oh Awaken! love lifequotes writing writer writersofinstagram readwriteunite bymepoetry writersnetwork writersoninstagram heart lovepoems insta instagram instawriters instapoet instapoem instapoetry poetry poet goodquotes writersofig instagood poetsofig poetsofinstagram instadaily poets poems Bounded divided religion

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ʙᴀʙᴇ, ᴊᴜsᴛ Yᴏᴜ. (quotesformysoulmate) Instagram Photos and Videos

ʙᴀʙᴇ, ᴊᴜsᴛ Yᴏᴜ.


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❤ mindset poetsofinstagram poetrycommunity poetry poem writers writer writersofig quotes instapoetry poetsofig writing poetrysociety writersblock livebywords quotesandsayings poet poets poetryisnotdead poetrytribe blackpoetry blackwriters blackpoet blackpoets lovequotes mybaby babyjas coolkids babybear cutebaby

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~ I slept on a bed of clouds and stars As time passed, reality yanked me out of the sky, my head pulled from the clouds and into the dirt Luckily, I was able to cling to a piece of stardust
Hopes and dreams nestled within my hair And I haven’t stopped reaching for the skies ever since. -I’ve never let go of my dream ~ * * * notmine tumblrquotes poem poet poetry aesthetic aesthetics beauty inspiration inspiration appreciation photograph photo photography photographer photooftheday pastelgrunge softgrunge indie tumblr teen summer adventure alternative cute happy goodvibes vibes love

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SpokenWordPoetry DEAR BROTHER 👦 Link in the bio // 👫 🙋 youtube poem brave poet writer poetry brother love video dearbrother sister watchmyvideo hope memories siblings bhai fights relations sibling life ❤☄

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The Writers Circle


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👫 . Written by our awesome staff 🙏🌍🙏🌏🙏🌎 ( Kaushik ) . thewriterscircle the_writ

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