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Comment from VahidTofighi:

Dubai police summon Russian model who dangled from skyscraper moment Russian model VikiOdintcova risks her life in daredevil Dubai photoshoot

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Comment from 🍒🍒Cosmicowl🍒🍒:

Good morning lol nodrugs police lmao

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sayaka tsuno


Comment from sayaka tsuno:

. . ひなこちゃん🙂🇺🇸から 受け継いだ “ブーツ” 使う時がきた…。 ひなこちゃんの分まで もうひたすら頑張るしかない🚓ᴈᵌ 本当にありがとう💌大切に使うね😽 . ōmiyalockupPrisoner nxstpolicebootsthankyou instagraminstalikeinstagood 久々投稿

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Tóth Cecilia


Comment from Tóth Cecilia:

nypd bestgift police mosolyazarcomon 😊i'mgettingbetter

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Comment from TouchMeNot🌵:

Did You Know? According to Section 100 of the IPC, the ‘killing of another person is not an offence, if the same was done in the exercise of self-defence’ A Zero FIR can be filed at any police station, irrespective of place of incident or jurisdiction, and it can be later transferred to the right police station. Rape is a horrific incident and leaves the victim scarred. Furthermore, in our societal scenario a lot of other factors come into play when it comes to the question of reporting a rape. Taking this into consideration, the Supreme Court has ruled that even if there has been a gap between the report and the occurrence of the incident, the police must register an FIR. For more information email us on - touchmexnotx 🇮🇳 TouchMeNot SelfDefense SelfDefence fir dontgiveup dontpanic bestrong strongwoman womenrights zero police strongwoman womenempowerment bebold dontbeafraid dontbescared iger igersoftheday fightback fightlikeagirl beaware newaccount likeforlike likeforfollow like4like likesforlikes awareness besafe believeinyourself lifelesson Know your rights! ⚖️

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بینایی سنجی مهرشاد 👓


Comment from بینایی سنجی مهرشاد 👓:

عینک روبرت کاوالی‌ محصول ۲۰۱۶ کشور سازنده: ایتالیا قیمت : ۳۲۹۰۰۰۰ تومان لوازم همراه: کیف + دستمال و اسپری روبرتو کاوالی + شناسنامه و جلد و پک عینک_مهرشاد آدرس : خیابان آزادی، خیابان بهبودی، نرسیده به ستارخان پلاک ۳۷۳ عینک مهرشاد تلفن : ۰۲۱۶۶۵۰۴۵۲۸ برای خرید لطفا از طریق دایرکت یا شماره تلفن و یا حضوری اقدام نمایید . ارسال تمام کشور رایگان . ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ tiffanyandco tamford gucci rayban coach tomford escada bvlgari fendi zeiss lacoste rodenstock Gucci Police mehrshadoptic مهرشاد عینک عینک_طبی عینک_آفتابی

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Broken Tricycle


Comment from Broken Tricycle:

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🔞😻Твое настроение😻🔞


Comment from 🔞😻Твое настроение😻🔞:

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Comment from _cosplayindonesia_:

@Regrann from @fluffypuff98 - "Kamu mau ga aku tembak??" Me as Kotori Minami Police ver . . . cosplay cosplayworld cosplayindonesia Kotori Kotoriminami Lovelive Loveliveschool Police - regrann

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Raychad Vannatta


Comment from Raychad Vannatta:

A lot of history here....I can't believe both of these guys are now Major's in the US Army! Much deserved. Congrats on the promotions, boys! Toomer (left) and I were deployed to Iraq together in 2009. We were attached at the hip. Toomey (middle) was also in Iraq in 2009 with the MPs. I've known Toomey since I got off active duty in 2000 when were young enlisted guys. Time flies... - - - promotion party congrats brothers enlisted to officer army life logistics military police aviation my branch is better love grow leader heart

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Tactical Beaver™


Comment from Tactical Beaver™:

Tactical Beaver's American ally and fellow vetrepreneur rocking the SOF Jerky 3/4 -sleeve tri-blend that he had @tacticalbeaverco make for the Green Beret Challenge. It was an honour for @tacticalbeaverco to be a part of this event! tb tacticalbeaver canada usa allies vetrepreneur sofjerky sof regimentmeals woobiesshoes woobies gbc greenberetchallenge edc tactical beaver ftb fearthebeaver international allthewayup military army police firefighter paramedic jerky everydaycarry tpl truepatriotlove

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Comment from TEJ MAIYAD:

rajkot police commissioner anup sir rajkot police

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Wojtek Wrzesień


Comment from Wojtek Wrzesień:


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100% Patriotic


Comment from 100% Patriotic:

What a great moment. Pres Trump allowed a random guy from his rally to come up on stage and give a few words. This is to me the forgotten man trump is fighting for. No other democrat or politician would allow this random man to come up on stage and speak his mind. MAGA 🇺🇸 conservative conservatism trump2k16 trump trump2016 trumptrain trumppence liberals liberallogic republicans democrats guns m4 m16 1911 politics firearms secondamendmant hillno nohillary clinton2016 police bluelivesmatter alllivesmatter makeamericagreatagain clintonforprison USA godblesstheus america merica Wanna debate or have questions? Don't be a stranger, dm us

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Lafi Foto


Comment from Lafi Foto:

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Kwak Hyo Bi


Comment from Kwak Hyo Bi:

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Comment from 41PROTECTION: TACTICAL-SHOOTING Part-01 Gun Safety with Cooney Lai (戰術射擊訓練第一部份 - 槍械安全訓練) Email: klma_system . . . . 41protection cqc closequartercombat cqb defensivetactics usmc mcmap macp closequarterbattle specialforces ptu sdu asu ctru police kravmaga swat tactical 自衛術 接近戦闘術 護身術 格闘技 クラヴマガ 근접격투술 防身 防衛 反恐特勤隊 飛虎隊 機場特警 機動部隊

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Simple Man


Comment from Simple Man:

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Jessy Mühlbauer


Comment from Jessy Mühlbauer:

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