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The Positive Indian


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A very happy International men 's day! . . . . . . . . . . . . thought view views life philosophy friends friendship real idea family instagram instalike follow4follow followforfollow follow4like followforlike motivationalquotes motivation Inspirationalquotes inspire positivethoughts positivevibes positive vibes livelaughlove happy ideas

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Alex Ascione


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THE LAST GIG!!! Ultimo giorno di questo tour!! Stasera pronti a chiudere con il botto ad hannover... POSITIVE IN GIRO PER L'EUROPA!! mamaafrikatour2017 connessioniumane lastgig vibe positive

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єяι¢α єℓιzαвєтн ѕℓα∂є~ (ericasladexo) Instagram Photos and Videos

єяι¢α єℓιzαвєтн ѕℓα∂є~


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ihavechanged newme positive quote 💗⭐️

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mydescripition lovethis deep positive life privatelifehappylife 👌😍💞😘

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ⒶⓃⓄⓇⒺⓍⒾⒶ ⓇⒺⒸⓄⓋⒺⓇⓎ 💪🏻🍂☕️ (emilys_recoveryy_) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from ⒶⓃⓄⓇⒺⓍⒾⒶ ⓇⒺⒸⓄⓋⒺⓇⓎ 💪🏻🍂☕️:

Yesterday I had my first ED thought in a while, but once you've been in recovery for so long, you expect that it's a natural part of recovery and it takes more than just a thought to knock you into a relapse 💪🏻 So I told myself it would pass, which is misty has already, and took my Dad up on his offer of getting me a chow mien 🇨🇳🍜😍anorexiarecovery recovery eatingdisorder edrecovery anafighter edfighter ed edfighter edwarrior eatingdisorderrecovery recover recovery positive mentalhealth balancednotclean

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Nicole Gugliucci (noisyastro) Instagram Photos and Videos

Nicole Gugliucci


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I don't know about you but I needed this today... Repost @thelatestkate ( @get_repost) ・・・ comics encouragement positive depression anxiety

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Cvetković Luka.


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Onur Günes🇱🇮 (guenes_01) Instagram Photos and Videos

Onur Günes🇱🇮


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familie cousins motivational mindset moneymaker success determination businessowner inspiration lifestyle millionaire businessman entrepreneur businessmindset101 startup entrepreneurlife fit dedication gratitude bestofday attitude positive luxurylife passion liechtenstein switzerland 🇱🇮🇨🇭

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David Peterson


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New doors for breakthroughs may come from new members. Listen to them. Grounded MetaCognition

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Listen to learn 🤗❤ . . . . . . ovalove ovaloveofficial quotes love spreadthelove positive positivevibes appreaciate cute art words life lesson happy grateful shape appreaciatethelittlethings livelovelaugh nocomplaints livelifetothefullest behappy enjoy cares illustrations nohate dalailama

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what hair colour do you have ? fashion style vibes positive makeup blog blogger girl love hair igers trend fatherkels

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Emily Henderson (emilyhenders0n) Instagram Photos and Videos

Emily Henderson


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This is gonna be a long ass post but it’s all positive n I wanna share my positivity out with you all so here it goes 👇🏼👇🏼 - - never have I ever took a selfie to Instagram that consisted of my crazy frizzy hair, naked makeup-less face and quite an unflattering pose but it’s real and with my Instagram and with our YouTube I always want to keep it 100% truthful, honest and most importantly true to real life ‼️ This was took moments after I finished up with our ab workout; not everything is glam when working out, you won’t look ur best during or after (if u do then ur lucky) but I promise you a billion million times over you will feel the best. And if you feel great, everything else will fall into place and be great too. I was stopped numerous amount of times on my night out last night by girls and boys; telling me I’m an ‘inspiration’ to them and that I motivate them to do things like go to the gym or start up a YouTube channel or even just remain positive during bad situations. My heart felt so warm and I just still can’t get over that those kind words were aimed at me 😭 so thank you to everyone who said the most precious things to me last night, ur one in a mill ❤️ - So keep the positivity going, love yourself and all of your flaws, embrace all the good and forget about the bad. Happy Sunday y’all 😄 - - gym workout health fit physique strength muscle fitfam autogramtags instadaily instagood girlswholift girlswhosquat booty peachgang gymshark pump youtube happiness gains healthy love positive

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😌♒️Ej The Ancient♋️🌎 (ejtheancient) Instagram Photos and Videos

😌♒️Ej The Ancient♋️🌎


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🚨EXPOSING THE TRUTH ABOUT BABYLON’S SIMULATED ENVIRONMENT🚨 Our bodies are 70% water; making water one of the vital elements we need to ensure immortality. We depend on a corrupt system to dispense all natural resources to humanity; but all our natural resources are pricelessly equipped by the earth. Humanity naturally gravitates to the least path of resistance, which is not a bad thing but the time we are in now this has allowed ignorance to seep into the minds of the masses. We are lead to not ask questions, take advertisements and political investments at face value and to go along with what ever the media or the “president” has given us to believe. This all has contributed to the enslavement of the mind to give energy to our lowercellf so that it can oppose its way against life. How long are we going to support this system blindly? Or How long will we consciously? We are in the Information Age that has provided all the facts of what is going on around us and how it is affecting us and the planet. Now is the time to take this information and diligently apply it to our lives so spark a change. We can not change the world until we change ourcellfves. 🌎 guidance consciousness chakra peace namaste Reflection ilovemycellf conscious positive inspirational beautiful awakening educate spirit healing thirdeye divine lightwork lightworker peace love light nature natureboy wakeup oneness loveisunderstanding etherian melanin naturegirl

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beginning end quote positivity positive advice selflove qotd quotes sunday potd

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Sending positive vibes to everyone on this beautiful Sunday ☀️ YesterdaysPic Positive Vibes SundayFunday Glam

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Leslie *


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blonde long hair Dutch girl worry less smile more green eyes positive vibes laugh smiling black and white Snapchat enjoy life live life to the fullest curls feel good autumn motivated

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Rarelypostselfies 😱🚶 adventure travel backhome photography photo trip selfie memyselfandi positivevibes explorer explore love november cold instadaily hiking winter destination travelgram positive life christmas is coming world wander

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Arthur No Love (ovasapov) Instagram Photos and Videos

Arthur No Love


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Лев на каче! Меня не надо учить, как себя вести. Я сам готов, кого угодно загрузить и развести.🦁 борода яборода мояборода уменяестьборода ношубороду брутал брутальный полуспорт полуклассика спокойный лев львиноесердце безэмоций стабильный холост чернаяборода beard mybeard brutal strongman athlete lifestyle positive позитив мотивация blackbeard

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Labbé & Fiona (believemydog) Instagram Photos and Videos

Labbé & Fiona


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Aujourd'hui, grande balade familiale : 7 kilomètres 🌲🍁 J'ai été sage et exemplaire avec toutes les personnes qui viennent me voir.. Même si il faut un petit temps d'adaptation pour que je face confiance. Malgré tout les efforts mis en place je ne suis pas encore très très sociable ... Mais ça va venir, on y croit !! 🐾🐶🤗 histoire chien chiendamour spa refuge adoption deuxième chance nouvelle vie complicité relation labrador americanstaff avenir dog rescue newlife dogrescue toujoursavecmonchien crevette changement evolution positive appartement debut smile perfectmoment

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peach fitness journey 🍑🍑 (sinead_elder1988) Instagram Photos and Videos

peach fitness journey 🍑🍑


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This girrrrllllll 😍😍😍😍 mommydaughtergoals bestfriends lovemyprincess legend positive love pure couldntlivewithouther

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Rajrup D Saha (im_rajrup.official) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rajrup D Saha


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먹스타그램 맛스타그램 이자와 규카츠 먹부림 점심 점심스타그램 소통 소통해요 맞팔 선팔맞팔 선팔하면맞팔 오오티디 피드 고딩 고1 고2 고3 좋아요반사 instadaily godisgreat kl havefaith behappy patience thinkwise positive stepup

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Alexander Duran (stallionz_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Alexander Duran


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Good morning! Its a beautiful day to enjoy its beauty stay positive. Always a good time to celebrate your awesomeness awesome 😎😎😎🙋🏻‍♂️😳😛🙊😀😀 boomerang

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Pαge de contenu en éducαtion📄 (_plurielles_) Instagram Photos and Videos

Pαge de contenu en éducαtion📄


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Activité brise-glace: Petits cartons à imprimer en complémentarité avec l’activité précédente. Imprimer, pour chaque élève, une image ‘’ J’aime ‘’ et une image ‘’ Je n’aime pas ‘’. Présenter des images aléatoires sur le TNI aux élèves. Demander à un élève de venir à l’avant. L’élève devra observer lmimage et faire une phrase qui s’applique à sa réalité. Ex: présenter une image de bonbons et l’élève dit ‘’ J’aime les bonbons’’. Les autres élèves, lorsque l’enseignante donne le signal, devront lever un des deux cartons pour dire si, eux, aiment ou non l’image présentée. Assurer une rotation afin que tous les élèves viennent au moins une fois à l’avant. Disponible en PDF. activitébriseglaceniveaud veaudébutantphrasepositivenéga enégativeéducationprimaireprem epremièreannéefrançaislanguese guesecondecommunicationnonverb nverbaleclasseaccueilnouveauxa

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KP Kev the Poet


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positive positivevibes wisdom wisewords

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Frankie Clarke (papermusingss) Instagram Photos and Videos

Frankie Clarke


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SIN LIMITES PARA EL EXITO (silvis_river) Instagram Photos and Videos




Intentalo una otra vez, hasta q el miedo te tenga miedo... Hace mas el q quiere q el q puede...

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BearEssential (thebearessential) Instagram Photos and Videos



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🍁This photo was taken by my dear friend back in Cambridge, England. I used to walk through the St John’s playing fields several times a day and seeing this image this morning brought back a flood of memories. I miss England the most in the fall. I’ll definitely be concocting a “Fall leaves” diffuser blend this afternoon so my essential oils can bring back the rest of this sensory trip down memory lane! 🍁

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yogabbigabba (yogabbigabba) Instagram Photos and Videos



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the one who falls and gets up is so much stronger than the one who never fell. >>keep pursuing life.

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Matt Murray


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robinsharma worldchangers hustle dailymotivation affirmation attitude speakitintoexistence thelawofattraction fit fitness motivation goals networkmarketing networking fitnessgoals gym positive positivevibes positivepeople business wealth money time freedom unleashedentrepreneur

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Feno Rouhana // فانو روحانا (fenorouhana) Instagram Photos and Videos

Feno Rouhana // فانو روحانا


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My Special Playlist 🤘🏻thrashmetal heavymetal speedmetal deathmetal metal dvds cds albums amazing top myworld special metalgods metalhead metalheadandproud deep famous worldwide rockstar metalstar positive doom revolution music

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Rose 🌹 (_icarose) Instagram Photos and Videos

Rose 🌹


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It was so cold this morning but I wanted to take a photo in this new beautiful tee🌹🌙 Big shoutout to @porannedrzewko for waking up early after 3 hours of sleep and going out despite the cold, cold weather only to take photos of me, isn’t she wonderful? Thank you babe 💛

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Ricardo Klayn (ricardoklayn) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ricardo Klayn


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"A criança é o amor feito visível."🌅 . Friedrich Novalis . . . angra paraiso paradise sunset natureza nature sun brazil br son child rj riodejaneiro bestplace criança positividade positive goodvibes filho love boy beach thanks thanksgod family friedrichnovalis pordosol angradosreis

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