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Comment from Danya:

Happy birthday Samuel! Made this totally vegan sugar covered and decorated chocoalte and haleznut Thomas the tank engine cake! Enjoy! :) food foodporn foodie instafood foodstagram cake bake baking baker bakery chef pastrychef cheflife cakebusiness cake bake sugarcraft sugarwork thomas thomas vegan plantbased plantbaseddiet vegancake chocolate chocolatecake happy positive positivevibes yum

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Comment from BecksG:

Need to get my bum in shape and back on a healthier eating plan. I always get off track for a week or so and then back at it again, cuz you know.. donuts, oreos... the goods. It happens.

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The Ambition Book


Comment from The Ambition Book:

Get the printable version for only $0.49. Link in bio. quoteoftheday quotes quote qotd motivationalquotes motivation ambitiouswomen ambitious ambition positive positivity positivevibes positivequotes goals dailyquote inspiration inspirationalquotes quotesoftheday quotestoliveby lifequotes lifequote instaquote quotesoftheday etsy

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Comment from blackcharger27:

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mbsr & achtsamkeitstraining


Comment from mbsr & achtsamkeitstraining:

2/1 Non-Judging / Nichturteilen⠀ ⠀ “I’m simply saying that there is a way to be sane. I’m saying that you can get rid of all this insanity created by the past in you. Just by being a simple witness of your thought processes. It is simply sitting silently, witnessing the thoughts, passing before you. Just witnessing, not interfering not even judging, because the moment you judge you have lost the pure witness.” (Osho)⠀ ⠀ Non-Judging – a close friend of the beginner's mind:⠀ ⠀ It is a natural habit of the mind to relate to pretty much everything emerging from our experience. If we are mindful, it will continue to be so, but it is much more about cultivating a state of simply observing and seeing which effect it has. A perception of opinions, judgments, assessments and evaluations that are constantly arising from our daily habit. If we pay more attention to this habit, we can see and discover many things more clearly and openly without classifying everything right away.⠀ ⠀ ___________________________________⠀ nonjudging nichturteilen mindset series cultivating helpful positive attitude haltung mindful living achtsamkeit one week training daily mind workout experience tip advice meditation smrti life bias judging sein be stuttgart

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Julie Ellen


Comment from Julie Ellen:

I ❤ packing my own lunch 😄 I know exactly what I am putting into my body...(AND it saves money rather than eating out EVERY SINGLE lunch) 💰WIN WIN 💰Also, today is nothing like the "Monday blues" people say they get. I woke up energized and ready for the day..I think it's because A. I have a short week B. I planned my lunch out and know it's good for me and C. Brett and I are getting back into the gym and starting out a week on the right foot. Yay for positive vibes ✨ Happy Monday All! 🦄• • • • • • • • • • • • •healthy lunch health Monday positive workingout foodporn foodie food greens fitfam modaymotivation motivated

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Joalyn Carillo Te


Comment from Joalyn Carillo Te:

Kanang nagbulad2x ramo sa bhouse sa classmate kay gasto kaayo mos Psychia 😂 taz mag uli nakag 12am,kini na dayun makita nimo?! Ayiiee! Sweet! 😍😘 Thankyou! 💓 💞 inspired laban heartstrong positive

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Natasha Loginova


Comment from Natasha Loginova:

Дорогие мои🙌🏼 Кого интересовали занятия Аштанга йогой! Добро пожаловать!🙏🏼 Какой эффект от занятий? 💪🏼Здоровое крепкое тело, позвоночник 🙃Стрессоустойчивость ✌🏼принятие себя и мира 😋развитие волевых качеств 🙌🏼равновесное состояние Среда, суббота 19:30 Длительность занятия 1 час 20 минут За подробностями обращаться в ватсап, номер в профиле👆🏼 Перед занятиями рекомендую не принимать пищу хотя бы за час😉 ❣Занятие комплексное включает -дыхательные практики -силовую нагрузку -растяжку 🐉Желающим записаться на индивидуальное занятие или тайский массаж писать в Директ или ватсап🐉 yogagirlyoginipracticebalanceposesportpowerfitnessstrongfitnessmodeltattoobodybesttrainingloveworldnevergiveupbeyourselftopositivelifestyleйогауфаawesomenudeуфайогаworkout

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Stella Carter


Comment from Stella Carter:

Old teachings is what lets us all spin saying blackandwhite look comment amazing positive popular quotes

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Andrea Viña Juan


Comment from Andrea Viña Juan:

Disfrutando la Luz del día..- madrid madridmola chueca chuecamadrid smile positive goodvibes mylife aroundtheworld spain

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Flávio Titto


Comment from Flávio Titto:

"Minha vida é andar por este país Pra ver se um dia descanso feliz Guardando as recordações Das terras onde passei..." Partiu Sampa 👊🏽✅🙏Gratidão ao universo. Só love paz goodvibe goodbless leve tranquilo tksgod positive vibe acreditar desejar obem forever lages santacatarina viagem lovemywork mylifestyle vivalavida

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Flávia Toshiki


Comment from Flávia Toshiki:

Há pessoas que choram por saber que as rosas têm espinho. Há outras que sorriem por saber que os espinhos têm rosas! boatarde😘 machadodeassis amor paz✌ positive segundafeira calor🌞

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YogaFit Studios


Comment from YogaFit Studios:

Put your hands up and your problems aside! No matter what's going on in your head, take your body to the next level. 🤗 What's YOUR favorite class to attend?? — (📷: yogafit_lindenhills)

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Noel Dominguez


Comment from Noel Dominguez:

Appreciation post to one of the strongest women I know, and proud to call a best friend, my soul sister, Veronica! Can't wait to grow old and successful and finally travel more! Haha, love you! I'm always here for you! ☺️😁👽🥑🔥❤🍕🌯🍔🍫🍪 . . . . . . soulsister soulsista bestie homie travel adventure explore love live life kissimmee kissimmeefl orlando orlandoflorida centralflorida fashion style success hope positive splitoakforest nature beauty latina latinwomen pandora iphone photodaily

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Joel Mitchell


Comment from Joel Mitchell:

Life is full of mysteries and surprises...patience is key, regardless what a ride!! LunchBreak HangingAtThePark JustMe BePatient SerenityPeace PositiveVibes

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Ashley Marie


Comment from Ashley Marie:

🌻🌻🌻 . . . truth fit fitfam fitspo fitness gym motivation goals strong strength recovery muscles murves photooftheday igers follow selfie positive instagram instalike instamood instagood foodporn quotes love

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It's A Lifestyle Change 〰


Comment from It's A Lifestyle Change 〰:

Paris you were magnifique ❤ À bientôt ! . . . parisquotes travel paris france viajar viagem behappy happy love thecityoflove cityoflove positive bepositive positivevibes dobem paz peace eiffeltower torreeiffel befree fitgirlsguide 28dayjumpstart fitgirl fitkinibodychallenge fitgirlfollow fitgirlvarsity

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Leon John Murphy


Comment from Leon John Murphy:

Monday motivation! Finished job 1 for the day! Getting ready for job 2! Then it's time to train! You Always have time if you make time!

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Matimoo Collections


Comment from Matimoo Collections:

Getting ready for a little holiday party this afternoon. Love a three day weekend!! Can you guess what each guest will be getting with their icy margarita?!? Matimoos + margaritas = perfect holiday weekend!! maragritaparty matimoomargaritaparty evileye giftofprotection goodvibes

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Fuck Being Average inc.


Comment from Fuck Being Average inc.:

Happy birthday and many more may all your wishes come true..

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