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Jenn Foster JamMomRN


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I thought you all might want to hear this! Love yas! <3 smile beyou heart smileitmakespeoplewonderwhatyo beyourself reasontosmile . . . . . . Suit empowersocial wahm momlife nurse bossbabe bossmom ladyboss sassydirect cinchedthis TheShowMeSuite thinksocial poweredbymaven positivequotes bepositive joy

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~❤Janice lesbian gay bisexual transgender transgirl transboy pansexual asexual aromantic demiboy demigirl biromantic demiromantic queer lgbt pride rainbow loveislove love agender nonbinary genderfluid polysexual intersex genderqueer adrogynous pride positivevibes positivequotes

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•Fabulous Quote, Glory Poem•


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Angan itu terus berlari dipikiran, sampai kulelah memikirkan. quotes yangterdalam dagelan positivevibes lfl fff motivasi positivequotes couple katakrama

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motivationalquotes qoutes lifequotes inspirationalquotes wisequotes positivequotes happiness happinessquotes thinkpositive positivevibes positiveattitude positivethoughts positivethinking behappy❤️ stayhappy workhard nevergiveup makeattempts dontbeaffraidtofail loveeveryone loveyourself beyourself maketheworldahappyplace bekind kindness bekindtoeveryone bekindtoyourself

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Unruly Like A Boss


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sarcasm sarcasticquotes sarcasticmemes positivevibes positivequotes positive kindness kind kindheart heart happiness happinessquotes happier happylife happy happyme healthylifestyle healthylife healthy momlife happymoments motivational motivated motivationalquotes motivation inspire inspiration inspirationalquotes gorgeous

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Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you'll start having positive results. positivity positivevibes positivequotes mood portrait photography happy like4like like4follow best look casualstyle style blog styled fashionpose fashion boys boysstyle nikonphotography nikon100 nikond3400

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Naomi Navec


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JUST KEEP GOING . . Friend, I know what it feels like to witness something you’ve always dreamt or wished on having, happen to other people’s lives except yours. I know that loser type of feeling, that feeling that makes you wonder “why not me, too?” . . I’ve been there but this is what I’ve learned: . . You have your own route and so do they; and everyone’s route is different. Just because your route is awkward doesn’t make it wrong. Just because it’s narrow doesn’t mean it has no exit. Just because it’s taking you longer to get there doesn’t mean you won’t at some point, if you’re meant to get there. Just because its difficult doesn’t make it impossible. . . Know that if deep inside, you know that it’s going to have to happen in order for you to truly feel fulfilled, then know that it WILL have to happen. Nothing and no one can stop something that was put in you from getting out of you to serve it’s purpose . It wasn’t placed in you for nothing for if that was the case, it wouldn’t have been placed in you at all. Nothing just happens and there no coincidences in life, Only choices ! . . BeInspired

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positivevibes positivethinking positivequotes positiveenergy positivity zen betteryourlife

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Jarvis Cobb


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Black History Month day 19 of 28 days of Prominent Black Women Anna Arnold Hedgeman First black woman to graduate from Hamline University First Black women to serve on a New York Mayoral Cabinet First black person to hold a federal security agency position Only woman on the executive committee that organized Martin Luther King Jr’s famous March on Washington. Executive Director of a black branch of the YWCA Executive secretary of the National Council for a Permanent Fair Employment Practice Committee (FEPC) Served as a teacher, lecturer and consultant to numerous educational centers, boards, colleges and universities, particularly in the area of African-American studies. Held memberships in organizationa such as the Community Council of the City of New York, National Urban League, NAACP, and the United Nations Association. Anna married Merritt Hedgeman in 1936. The couple had no children Please join me in recognizing this extraordinary woman! https://en.wikipedia.o Hedgeman https://www.thoughtc

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Laura Lynn


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I believe in magic ✨

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Tbt to makeup I did for the new year eve . 2018 is also running like all other years . Hope it is going good for everyone. If it does not seems to be good, try to stay positive and hopeful that things will be okay one day . Sometimes you cannot avoid a hard time but all you can do is to stay strong and act in it with courage. God has decided certain things and it can't be change . It's all written but what we write is how we react in those situation . So never give up ✌🏻 Keep patience and rock it man . lucknowblogger mua aspiringmua dubaimua lucknowmua dubaifashion fashionistagram love tbt potd allaboutmakeup selfconfidence positivequotes nevergiveup💪 strongwomen plussizeindia nevergiveup💪 popofblue redlips boldlips kickassmakeup

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Tiffany Ireland


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Why do mondays have to be a bad thing? Monday’s always go the fastest for me. They are a fresh start. Reset. New beginnings. Time to make new goals. What are YOU setting for your self this week? I’m still on the mend but I’m going to try a few targeting ab workouts this week. I’m going to focus on trying to start shredding. I think I might be in the position to start. I was going to wait until I entered the 150’s but I still think even with the higher body fat and lifting I could start cutting a bit. I am always in the way of my own success because there are sooooo many rules. I keep saying you’re too chubby still. We will see how it works. These last 35lbs are going to be a big new challenge for me. I think the cardio is getting old. Time to switch it up after losing 50lbs wish me luck! And happy Monday everyone ♥️ slay bomb bodypositive warriors queens losingweight fattofit bodytransformation ivegotthis gym fitness weightlossjourney fitnessmotivation fitnessjourney positivevibes positivequotes positivity quotes motivation motivationalquotes inspirationalquotes inspiration youvegotthis striveforgreatness selflove bossbabe fightforit flexfriday

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Irresistible Cosmetics


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Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable. believeinyoursel believe believeandbeawesome believeandbeunstoppable beunstoppable beconfident beinspired beyourselfalways beyourself bepositive beawesome bewhoyouwanttobe believeinyourselfandyouwillbeu confidence inspiration inspired positivevibes positivequotes inspirationalquotes believeinyourselfquotes motivationalquotes joveesherbal irresistiblecosmetics

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Blissography Photography Club


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Never compare yourself with others because sunsets have their own beauty....😇 Picture by - Utkarsh Kumar photography trust dedication path passion pathfinder belive motivation motivationalquotes success sucsessquotes dailyshots creativity positivequotes negativitycollagecollagelifeho hostellife hostelworldtrust dedication path passion pathfinder belive motivation motivationalquotes success sucsessquotes dailyshots creativity positivequotes negativity

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motivation • success • quotes


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Tag a friend who needs this! • motivation motivationalquotes inspiration inspirationalquotes womenempowerment ladygoaldiggers quotes entrepreneur entrepreneurship entrepreneurlifestyle mindovermatter mindset positivevibes positivity positivequotes positiveenergy positivethinking positivemind positivevibesonly positive girlboss ladyboss bossbabe bossbabe

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Vitamin Sea! Redesign happiness👸👌🙇🌿 * * * * LSED repost via pinterest neutral nude colour fashion trends trendsetter like4like travel travelblogger beach beachlife endlesssummer paradise traveldiary destination colour love instamood qotd quotes happiness motivation inspire words quoteoftheday positivequotes

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Kamilatun Annisa Amalia (ICHA)


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Most importantly, we are mutually reinforcing👭👬👊 Thankyou my lead, my upline and my partner. bussiness people fight positivequotes nonegativity squad community ready thebestday

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Teen Thoughts


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Double tap❤️ Leave a comment if you like❤️ . . . teens teenagers teenagerposts teenagerquote teenagerslife teenagerstyle positivevibes positivequotes positive postiveminds positivelife postivethoughts postivepeople memes memevibes

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After all, it is tax season🤣😂🤪 Repost @studioblo with @get_repost ・・・ 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 Quotes selflove selflovequotes blowout blowdrybar positivevibes positivity positivequotes womenempowerment girlshine studioblo

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Positive Vibes Everyday


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Do you let the weather determine your mood for the day?

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spirituality spiritual quotes quoteoftheday quote instaquotes lifequotes lifequotes positivevibes positivequotes positivity motivationalquotes motivation inspiration inspirationalquotes control poetry poets

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~❤Janice lesbian gay bisexual transgender transgirl transboy pansexual asexual aromantic demiboy demigirl biromantic demiromantic queer lgbt pride rainbow loveislove love agender nonbinary genderfluid polysexual intersex genderqueer adrogynous pride positivevibes positivequotes

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😔💕🍁 @devesh_writes_ goodmorningpostpostivevibespo bespositivequotesfollow4follow ollowTagsForLikescommentslikef likeforlikelifequotesgoodmorni morninglikeforlikelikeforfollo followcommentforcommentquoteof oteofthedayquoteslivelovequote

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Today challenge is: stay positive, be positive. Check out www.brandnewyouwithzp.wordpres positivequotes affirmations staypositive bepositive challenge today

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Angie Callychurn


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No I'm not perfect, I can never be, but I am me that's what differentiates me from others. Accept your uniqueness beautiful people ♥️ • • girl unique smile beautiful flaws life beautifullife imperfections embrace woman positivequotes

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Mariam. 👑


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For sure.❤ . . . . . . . newfeed newpost newvibes instagood instagram positivevibes tuesdaymotivation instagay instame instago followme photography capture capturethemoment shinee sunshine positivevibes followme positivequotes postmalone

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Sally Tanudjaja


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You’re allowed to scream, you’re are allowed to cry, but you’re never allowed to give up✨✨ workoutmotivation postivevibes positivequotes selfreminder fitmom fitspo fitfam fitpiration healthylifestyle instarunners instafitness igfitness

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Jason Thomas


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positivity positive positivevibes positivequotes positivelife positivemind

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👍👊 ---------' @thenje_psikologjike ------------------------------ O L L O W ⤴ . . . . . inspirationalquotes quotestagram tumblrquotes quotegram lovequotes quotesforyou quoteoftheweek quotesaboutlove quotesdaily dailyquotes quotesoftheday quoteofday positivequotes quotesforlife quotestoliveby quotefortheday follow4follow like4like quoteofthenight quotesoflife quotesaboutlifequotesandsaying sadquotes successquotes inspirationalquote quotesgram followforfollow

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Jason Thomas


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positivity positive positivevibes positivequotes positivelife positivemind

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Lauren Jenae


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In moments of doubt... Trust your gut. Hug your dog 🐶 and eat a donut 🍩 Yes please!

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Louise Page @ ɢɪʀʟʏ ᴍᴀᴄʜɪɴᴇ (girly_machine) Instagram Photos and Videos

Louise Page @ ɢɪʀʟʏ ᴍᴀᴄʜɪɴᴇ


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// We are too busy worrying about things that might or might not happen tomorrow, which blinds us from living today. . After years of being a world-class worrier, I have come up with this top regret-avoidance strategy, which I learnt from numerous striking lessons in the course of my career — and a nearly unanimous one — was this: Stop worrying. People end up deeply regretting time wasted worrying about things that never happened. So looking back from the end, they take a radical view of worry. . As one elder told me: “Worry wastes your life.” I personally found this remark very liberating. Phew! . . . . . lovequotes quotesgram inspirationalquote quotesforlife inspirationalquotes quotestoliveby acceptance learntoaccept accept words quotestagram quotesaboutlove quotesoftheday quotesforyou successquotes quoteofday quoteoftheweek dailyquotes quotefortheday quotegram positivequotes quotesoflife quotesdaily

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