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Like|Comment|follow❤❤ @mindscratchings for more quotesoftoday quotestagram quotestoliveby instawriters instaquotes quotesforlife instawriterscommunity instalife wordpornwordswag writingprompts dailyquotes writerofig spilledink insta quotesfortheday goodthinking blog sayingsandquotes wordgasm quotes positivethinking positivevibes igwritersclub instagramer motivationalquotes blogger quotestags inspirationalquotes wordsofwidsom

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Erryk jennings (EJ) (ocean_is_the_source) Instagram Photos and Videos

Erryk jennings (EJ)


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MOOD!!...🌊🎵🌊.."🎶 "there's more to the picture than meets the eye"🎶 selfie higherself highervibrations higherconsciousness 1111 live synchronicity higherawakening mindfulness grounded blessed positiveenergy positivevibes surfer goodvibes goodvibesonly vibes spiritualgangster spiritual spirituality freespirit sober soberlife sobriety soulmate twinflame enlightenment enlightened live life

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John Kearney (fluiddreamz) Instagram Photos and Videos

John Kearney


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fluiddreamzphotographycontrast trastartartistlocalartisthumbo norcaldesigndigitalartpositive lostcoasthumboldtbay

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Shannolynn 🐢👽💫🎈Gary💍 💏 (shannosaurous) Instagram Photos and Videos

Shannolynn 🐢👽💫🎈Gary💍 💏


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Hair by Tiffany Garrett (tiffsg5) Instagram Photos and Videos

Hair by Tiffany Garrett


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Ayyyye!!! Get it right get it right!!! 🙌🏼 - -- --- ---- ----- Inspired by @glowwithmo heygirlhey girlboss qotd hustle spiritualgangsta levelup love besomebodiesawesome life girlpower commonsense yougotthis amen bosslady motivation blessed getright dontcallitacomeback positivevibes truthonduty money yesplease keepitreal bossbabe randf rodanandfields personalgrowth mondaymotivation mompreneur rodanandfieldsconsultant

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Lena Lindqvist (spiritualawaking) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lena Lindqvist


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You are one step away from success. Did you know that? . . . . positivethinking positivevibes positiveenergy success healyourlife spiritualpath psychicpath psychicconnection spiritualconnection thelawofvibration lawofattraction thelawoftheuniverse loa lightworker manifestation manifestmagic yourhigherself thesecret spiritualmessage psychic psychicmessages thirdeye thepower synchronicity soulgroups

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Live Well With J (livewellwithj) Instagram Photos and Videos

Live Well With J


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This cat of mine is such a drooler! It’s so funny when she does it, because she is such a regal feline, but when she purrs it up she drools away! rescuecats catsofinstagram oregon quietmoments positivevibes mindbodysoul

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Michelle Swindale


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My ready for work face onelife tuesdaymorning imalive trafficwoes positivevibes noregrets

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Geetika Lohani


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A very warm welcome to all of u! :-) anchor centrestage stagelove work corporate event shangrila srilanka graceful lady ladyinblack host emcee elegant vibrant smile spotlight workmode travel instagood instapic shinee bright share grace positivevibes gratitude🙏

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lightworker lightworkersunite lightworkers empathy empaths empath starseed joy happiness innerstrength innerbeauty innerhappiness knowledge wisdom universe universeinside meditate yoga goodvibes positivevibes positive

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Bindaas Dance Company (bindaasbollywood_dancecompany) Instagram Photos and Videos

Bindaas Dance Company


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Call out for Melbourne Photographers - get in touch ASAP for our annual charity fundraiser! MAYA 2018 will be on Sun 18th of March 4pm at Elwood College. One hundred percent of ALL tickets, raffles and donations will be forwarded to HerSpace ( All performers, crew, tech and stage staff are donating their time and talent to the cause. If you are a Melb based photographer, we would love to have you on board! Please get in touch if you would like to sprinkle some kindness towards fundraising for HerSpace. Please keep in mind that we run as a professional business - our performers get paid for almost all the events they do (excluding specific charity events). So we understand completely how improtant it is for artists/creatives to get paid for their hard work, time & effort. However once a year we join forces with Melbourne's most talented artists to fundraise for HerSpace. If you are a keen photog and and passionate about giving back - please do get in touch ❤🤘 . . . . BindaasDance photography photo video melbournedance concert melbournephotographer charity fundraiser goodvibes kindness positivevibes brunswick business morelandmade artist creative entrepreneurship businesswoman entrepreneurship

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A Golden Solution (sticky_crops) Instagram Photos and Videos

A Golden Solution


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Beautiful Weather, Just A Little Chilly. Part Of That NorCal Winter.. . . . . . weedweedofi edofignugnugsnugsofigweedpornn pornnugpornseshgasfireflavorte vorterpspurpleindicahashwedont edontsmokethesamewedontgrowthe owthesamecannabiscannabiscommu communitycrystalsterpssauceext ceextractherbpositivevibesquot

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Georgina Moreno (gee_geee19) Instagram Photos and Videos

Georgina Moreno


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latina curvy model fierce woman girl hott positivevibes hispanic chica misfit

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Akanksha jaimini (akanksha_jaimini) Instagram Photos and Videos

Akanksha jaimini


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I m confident because I can admit who I am , what I have done , and love my self for who I have become 💕 instapic instaupload instadaily instalove positive positivevibes positivelife karma karmabeliever

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🎱。・゚゚✧ 𝕰𝖝𝖙𝖗𝖆 & 𝕭𝖔𝖚𝖏𝖊𝖊:. (winyan.waka) Instagram Photos and Videos

🎱。・゚゚✧ 𝕰𝖝𝖙𝖗𝖆 & 𝕭𝖔𝖚𝖏𝖊𝖊:.


Comment from 🎱。・゚゚✧ 𝕰𝖝𝖙𝖗𝖆 & 𝕭𝖔𝖚𝖏𝖊𝖊:.:

A new beginning. . . . . . . . . . . happiness goals success truth moon amazing positivevibes vibes spreadlove selflove awake positivity focus

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WORTH IT! 👍 Never forget.... You are worth it. Believing it gives you strength, gives you confidence. Gives you the power to ignore the hate from outer world. You are no less than the best. tag the ppl you want to share this with Follow @positive_witty . . . worthit nolessthanthebest strong strenght behelpful bestofyourself motivationalquotes quotes thoughts positivevibes thinkgood lookahead believe alwayshavehope believeinyourself youarenotalone keepmoving itspossible moveahead shareit likeit

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Hola! Got my ticket for Limp Bizkit!🤘😀 and also my entry for Christchurch Half marathon March is gonna be awesome, 2 concerts and 2 races👊 Run, run and run! 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️ 👊 Cardio: 20min 4.16km run, pace 4:30 No weights 🏋️‍♂️ 13.619✔️ Daily weight loss equation: Possible marks food= 6/6 Possible marks basic movement=2/2 Possible marks strenuous exercise= 1/1 Total score =9/9 Total percentage =100% Together Alone - Miles Away and Marcus James🎧 "You can't or you won't " [follow me and I'll follow u] fitnessmotivation runner nzfitfam believe running instafit progress run fitlife anytimefitness instarunners strong inspiration fitspiration fitnessjourney getfit fitness gym determination fitnesslife fit fitfam noexcuses results motivation dedication fitspo positivevibes workhardplayhard newzealand

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Adil Aouad (schaiblog6) Instagram Photos and Videos

Adil Aouad


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love life live win success boss hustle grind smile happines laugh friends family selflove loveyourself livelife quoteoftheday quote wordstoliveby goals motivated motivation inspired inspire inspiration entrepreneur work positivevibes positivity passion

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O V E R T I M E , DROPPING THIS SATURDAY 🔥🏁 Follow my brother @bandmankev216 We in our baaaaaaaaaaaag💥 Collab Tape

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k a r l i (_mrsmcgrath) Instagram Photos and Videos

k a r l i


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instead of saying "I have to", try saying "I get to"... 💕 I heard this today and it is honestly so true..! When your baby wakes up during the night, and you "have" to get up and comfort him or her, think of it as you "get to"... you have the amazing gift to be able to get up and cradle your little cherub and rock them back to sleep 💗 this little quote can honestly be applied to every scenario in life and it truely makes a difference in your attitude! I hope this has helped at least one other person out there, as it did me x positivevibes cleanthinking igetto blessed grateful

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Morgan Kay


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21 still a dreamer💖⛸️ getoutandskate dreamer adreamisawishyourheartmakes figureskating figureskater ice sitspin love follow getup passion itsgreattoskate okc edmond positivevibes vibes edeaskates birthdaygirl 21stbirthday blue spirals photoshoot photography

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Pina Yoga Soul 💞 ( Instagram Photos and Videos

Pina Yoga Soul 💞

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Good morning 🙏💕 . pinayogainspiration pinayogasoul igyogacommunity igyogachallenge yogachallenge igyogis yoga yogalove yogini yogi yogawoman yogapractice yogafun happywithyoga positivevibes inspiration yogiinspiration whereyouvibe yogaphotography worldyoga slovenianyogi slovenia eightanglepose Hosts and sponsors: handsdownflyhigh 🕉 @park_yoga_girl @mediterranean_yogi @miss___erica 🕉 @yogisurprise @niyama_sports @hiittoinvert @omsoulshop @breathelifestyles @artistryofintentions . Poses 1-Crow 🕉 2-Eight angle pose 🕉 3-Firefly 4-Grasshopper 5-EPK 6-Flying pigeon 7-Baby crow 8-Flying lizard 9-Elephant pose 10-Yogis choice

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Mama_B ♥️


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selfcare mama bethebestyou babies yourimportanttoo dontforgetaboutyou positivevibes latenightthoughts

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Free from my pain, my past, my heartaches, the people that didn’t love me the way I loved them, from feeling like I need someone to complete me when i know i am more than enough. MyAddictionStories . . . . . . recovery anxiety depression sobriety mentalhealth soberlife soberliving soberissexy partysober cleanandsober addiction addictionrecovery addict recoveringaddict rehab wedorecover mentalhealthawareness heroin support prison writing relapse suicide recoveryisworthit positivevibes share storytelling garyvee

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self-confidence FIRST🌹 (deep_sense_of_self) Instagram Photos and Videos

self-confidence FIRST🌹


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Absolutely love yourself as much as you always can selflove | @awaken5d

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Mental Health Advocacy (mental_health_advocacy) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mental Health Advocacy


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ATHLETE SPOTLIGHT: SERENA WILLIAMS is another household name on the list, but her successful career wasn’t enough to keep her out of the hole of depression. A long injury lay-off put Serena in a deep depression she would have to overcome. SerenaWilliams ----- Mental MentalIllness MentalDisorder Positivity Motivation PositiveVibes Inspiration GoodVibes Strength Recovery PanicDisorder Anxiety OCD BiPolar Schizophrenia PTSD SubstanceAbuse Sober SelfLove Fitness Love Happy Mind Beautiful Soul Healthy Life StayStrong

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Mental Health Advocacy (mental_health_advocacy) Instagram Photos and Videos

Mental Health Advocacy


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WORLD LEADER SPOTLIGHT: ABRAHAM LINCOLN Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, suffered from episodes of depression throughout his life (described by one friend as bouts of profound melancholy). In one instance, he was rumored to have been found wandering the woods with a shotgun following the death of a close friend 🙏🇺🇸 SuccessfulSunday AbrahamLincoln USA POTUS -------------- MentalHea Mental MentalIllness MentalDisorder Positivity Motivation PositiveVibes Inspiration GoodVibes Strength Recovery PanicDisorder Anxiety OCD BiPolar Schizophrenia PTSD SubstanceAbuse Sober SelfLove Love Happy Mind Soul Life StayStrong

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