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Lori Dykes (ldykes04) Instagram Photos and Videos

Lori Dykes


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Thanks to all of that, I am able to be there for my family and enjoy them that much more! blessed🙏 familia friendships dreamscometrue hardworkers faithingod reality powerful workit lucky faith dreamer morewealth blessthelivesofothers give believe morehealth morewealth

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Paul Thane Alton Barnes (eluxiret) Instagram Photos and Videos

Paul Thane Alton Barnes


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LUVya ☆ ;-) X sunset orphic lollypop500joules sophisticated girlgang powerful wealthy smoothoperators @elixiret partyonpeople stayhappy nicevibes cool loveit onon instaparty instaroyal instaplan instazone girlsofthedarkside playonplayet rockit allgood billionaire designer freks prada

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Elisha (j0yl0ve67) Instagram Photos and Videos



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passion model modeling dream inspiration love photography photo pose simplicity powerful strong lifestyle washington pnw windy outside Photographer: @rochonphoto @rochon_portraits

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四次元ニイハオ (yozigen.niihao) Instagram Photos and Videos



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三戸なつめさんのInstagramからRepostさせていただきました。 三戸なつめさん、カキヒラアイさん、 お二人揃ってニイハオのお衣装を着てくださっています✨ とびきりの笑顔のお二人に ぴったりのお衣装で大変嬉しく思います。 私は目に見えるもの・纏えるものを作っていますが、私は私のエネルギーのような目に見えない感覚だけの世界に向かおうとしています、きっと🌈 Thx❤️❤️❤️ @mito_natsume @ai_kakihira 🌈❤️🌈❤️ mito_natsume なつめろ fashion ファッション art culture costume コスチューム 衣装 handmade ハンドメイド 手作り 一点物 kimono 着物 onepointthing red beautiful kawaii smile powerful photograph photo photography japanese tokyo HOYAJUKU

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KatG (katmusic1) Instagram Photos and Videos



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BidiBidiBakersfield 2017 respectforselena 💜🌹🎶 Xo soulofarose impossibleisalwayspossible SelenaVive SiempreSelena SelenaFan cumbiaqueen tejanoqueen selenatribute mightyred latinas chingona latinastylewars comolaflor inspire superpower believe legend chingona mightyred katg bakersfieldmusic brighter powerful wonderwoman slay music dreamer 👑💋

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Leo Scanlan (leo_nidzs) Instagram Photos and Videos

Leo Scanlan


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Tethysmusic (tethysmusic) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Blessed Beltane to those who celebrate. ✨🌿 . . . beltane ritual celebrate godandgoddess renew maypole candles fire burning pagan spring april makelove warmth naked powerful spirit tethys tethysmusic

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Paul Thane Alton Barnes (eluxiret) Instagram Photos and Videos

Paul Thane Alton Barnes


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LUVya ☆ ;-) X satelites money orphic lollypop500joules sophisticated girlgang powerful wealthy smoothoperators classy fashionista billionaire designer freks prada louisvuitton gucci chanel hermes dior supercool stylish nicevibes loveit onon executive instastyle instaparty

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Michelle (michelle.sellers) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Michelle:

wow powerful words lifequotes

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FEDERICA MARINARI (federicamarinari_official) Instagram Photos and Videos




Private show case in Singapore❤ showcase indian chinese emotional lovely powerful

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👑Charles Arnold👑 (k1ng.charl3s) Instagram Photos and Videos

👑Charles Arnold👑


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🏰 kingcharles k1ngcharl3s charlesarnoldquotes humble destined charlesarnold futurekingdom Ambitious thegreatman blackkings blackmen heirtothethrone Growth blackroyalty powerful leader

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Chrisanta DeLaO (fit.ish_chrisanta) Instagram Photos and Videos

Chrisanta DeLaO


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The best thing you can do for yourself is not only work on yourself physically but mentally. There is so much knowledge and wealth of information that most of us don't take advantage of. This is the time where we can be the most resourceful because of how easy it is to access information in this digital world. Read a book, listen to a podcast, watch a Ted talk on YouTube and you'll be amazed at how great you feel when you feed your mind with positive talk and ideas and information. Grow, learn, practice, push yourself 💕 and become the person you always wanted. It's amazing what the right book or the right talk will do to you.

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God is amazing (nolimitmatthew_777) Instagram Photos and Videos

God is amazing


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Look at this beautuful example from Yeshua himself Luke 22:32 But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not: and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren. James 5:16 Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. 5:17 Elias was a man subject to like passions as we are, and he prayed earnestly that it might not rain: and it rained not on the earth by the space of three years and six months. 5:18 And he prayed again, and the heaven gave rain, and the earth brought forth her fruit. L 💘❤️💙💖💚💛💞 Jesus saves Almighty Awesome Life HolySpirit Joy Encouragement Free Faith Salvation God Guidance Holy Spirit Bible Jesus Lord Love Peace Powerful Quotes NOTW JesusChrist Purity Scripture Truth Glory Cross Verses Wisdom Word Praise God! 🙌🏼🙏🏼

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 (heresbonita) Instagram Photos and Videos



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art lovewhatyoudo preach dontwait act acting copythat facts powerful hustle grind audition facts truth actorslife actress films filmfestival theartist sag film filmmaking director producer indiefilm movie actor tv filmmaker filming dothework

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Carol K (added_attractions) Instagram Photos and Videos

Carol K


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Happy, healthy, successful and fashionable May❗️❤️happyhealthysuccessfulfashionableMaypowerfulfashionspringfashionpersonalstyleeyecandyphotoofthedayjustbeautifulbluewhiteredlovecolorstripeownitwearitloveboutiqueshopsmallshoplocalshopCarolK's❤️

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Professional Moving 🎀 (jacabelcantu) Instagram Photos and Videos

Professional Moving 🎀


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Believe in your self, And project your inner peace. ✌🏼. . God is listening to my heart ❤️ . jacabel strong healing innerpeace spiritual motivation inspirational lawofattraction artist miami latina mexicana goal sexy curlyhair vegetarian powerful belleza styles . My Besties 👍🏼🤖 @arcael_ ☄️💪🏼💋 @jacabels_metamorphosis 💃🏻 @iam.bargression ⚡️🏆

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Andrés Felipe Marroquín (afelipemo) Instagram Photos and Videos

Andrés Felipe Marroquín


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Te amo 🤗models ➡ @afelipemo gymlife gym fitness workout motivation fitfam cardio bodybuilding muscle gymshark follow gymmotivation progress fit health squat instagrammanet flex powerful back heavy hot nutricion tirandorostro modelocolombiano tirandopotse colombia desnudo blackandwhite @jacks_12week_transformation

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L.F but N.F (l.f_but_n.f) Instagram Photos and Videos

L.F but N.F


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I love you. Speechless September Love Powerful IWillAlwaysLove QuiteTimeNow QTN

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Adriana Montes (adri7710) Instagram Photos and Videos

Adriana Montes


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Wheatgrass shot energypowerful poweralcaline alcalino adrianamontes saludablecomesano comerico shots stayhealthy

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Reem (__reem.fh) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Reem:

I am Manifesting A healthy body A calm mind A soft spirit One. Year. Later. I began a ritual years ago: drawing my destiny with a deck of card. But of course there were times, while the day continued on, my daily practice had gone overlooked. It was in those moments I understood the power within each draw, despite it lacking to preceed my experiences. You see, nothing in this life is random. Every single minuscule detail is preparing you for the next moment. And in your wildest dreams, YOU are creating it all... unless that already is your reality ✨ (The last photo was an ad on the subway taken the day I arrived in Toronto. Synchronicity at its finest) 😏iam

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Sandra Bell (iam_sandrad) Instagram Photos and Videos

Sandra Bell


Comment from Sandra Bell:

One can put a thousand to flight and two ten thousand! When we women of ALL nationality, race and culture come together to worship and pray to the true living God things CHANGE! powerful

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Abhishek 🌐 (abhishekodan) Instagram Photos and Videos

Abhishek 🌐


Comment from Abhishek 🌐:

Set Peace of Mind as your Highest Goal.

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RedWine_and_Roses (redwine_and_roses) Instagram Photos and Videos



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oceanbeach sanfrancisco pacific ocean waves surf beach freshair nature powerful

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Cold Hearted Quotes (cold_hearted_quotes) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cold Hearted Quotes


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Shout out to @thegoodquote world everyone coolest cool awesome epic strong powerful strength maintain mystery mysterious question quoteoftheday quotestags quote exposed vulnerable prey detail instagram coldhearted cold freeze freezing chill blank

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Jo.Julian (jo.julian) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Yesterday was windy! weather wind photo nature NewZealand powerful cool windy view impressive cold autumn season hair

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MAMIWATA (amivigunn) Instagram Photos and Videos



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girls nightout costume funtime blackgirlmagic party 1mai blackgirlsrock melanin sexy ladies dance show artistic ffm frankfurt 069 germany selfie pictureoftheday blackwomen powerful workhardplayhard badasschick

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Nichole (adventurewithnikki) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from Nichole:

So much peace in this. Consider, there is no "you"; there is no "me". The disconnect is simply a human experience. In other words, it's all made up😏 Food for thought...😉 selfdiscovery enlightenment dosomethingdifferent healthybodyhealthymind strongbodystrongmind createdlife powerful goodnight

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Ammi's Hair Design (ammishairdesign) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ammi's Hair Design


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BrittaJ17 AGENT MOTIVATOR (brittaj1) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from BrittaJ17 AGENT MOTIVATOR:

Yes indeed :) quotes bestquotes happy happiness bestoftheday depressed depression chicago love powerful spiritual truth bestoftheday positive positivethinking positivequotes dailyquotes beautiful bestquoteoftheday inspired goodlife faith realestate chicagoagent inspirationalquotes quote chicago love depression depressed happy happiness

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Happy May Day " Labor...Rights is a High value of Nation" . . labordaylabormaydaynationpowerfulwanitadotmespreadpositivevibes

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🌻Michelle🌻 (chelley_chelle13) Instagram Photos and Videos



Comment from 🌻Michelle🌻:

As I sit here at my fave coffee spot, my safe haven, a place where I often go to breathe, relax, read, and sip my coffee/tea... This is the place where God whispered, "You are enough! You got this girl!" And a strong reminder that All I Need Is A Little Bit Of Coffee And A Whole Lot Of Jesus (as depicted on the painting) I finally met the person who painted those phrases today and she gifted me those paintings after I shared my story. I reflect on the month of April. It was a bittersweet month. A month full of mixed emotions. Sweet because it's the month when I took my first breath. The month when I turned 41. Spring month. Resurrection Day. Easter. Bitter because a 12 year relationship finally ended. Unexpectadly. Perhaps, not. It was meant to happen. Timing was a little off. But, perhaps not according to God's timetable. Shocked? Sad? Despair? Heartbreak? Cries? Answer is NO. * I was confused at first. Initially, I thought I couldn't hear God nor feel God's presence. I thought I would have to endure this journey alone. But He was there all along. I'm finally able to breathe. I can finally be me! My heart is at peace...not a sinking feeling felt in my heart. My heart rejoices! I look forward to waking up in the morning ready to embrace God's blessings, lessons, and purpose with open arms. I look forward at night, to lay my head down and close my eyes resting in God's arms. He placed me in the right places with the right people in my path to join me in my journey. Every event in my current situation has been planned and orchestrated by Him. The most profound thing amongst all of this is the peace that He has placed in my heart. Thank you for the book THE WAIT by @devonfranklin and @meagangood...It finally gave me confirmation! Preparing myself for the love of my life to be his wife... 🌻 Bible prayer prayers fellowship faith obedience steadfast meditate praying powerful encouraged fulfilled loveofyourlife lifeyoulove live laugh love breathe trust believe inspired blessed loved myBoaz theWait waitingformyBoaz devonfranklin

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Michelle Bergeron (rotting_barbie666) Instagram Photos and Videos

Michelle Bergeron


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Not in the slightest...😉🙃☻ weirdo freak alternative goth punk badass crazychick metalhead Pagan Satanist Buddhist Spiritual witch hippie unicorn mermaid demon angel magick powerful Goddess Leo Queen King

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ЩЕРБАТЮК АЛЕКСАНДР г.ИРКУТСК (alexsandr_trener) Instagram Photos and Videos




Друзья, список участников на Чемпионате Европы, Испания, Санта-Сусанна будет 🔥 Россия 🇷🇺 ✊ живаястальЧемпионатЕвропыЩербатюкХардТрейнСиловыеТренировкиперсональныйтренерstrong powerfulheavyfitstronger

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