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Boss Your Business


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Available at favor blessed bossup play pray execute

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senoritalolita celeb101


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pray standingrock dakota waterislife waterisgodscreation, anytime u destroy prayer u abolish all that's imp, no matter who does it, it should never be done. Yes a fire can be a spiritual thing but a house of prayer whether a church wigwam ceremony lodge sweatlodge mosque, temple, an alter in your room, should never be destroyed once made. Even if lol not the best it becomes a place of prayer...there was person very Holy leading all to prayer. But with cancer they got upset sold all needed get away but home was filled with alter a with loss of love. But an alter is alter yes they moved it but it should never come done, breaks done family etc ...Prayers upsetting but must be seen what our people today are doing

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Kawai Kelvin


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6 am at TSM morning buddha pray wisdom compassion meaningoflife buddhism monastery

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Junichi Ogawa


Comment from Junichi Ogawa:

. . Your mind gets dirty, sweat as your body. It'll smell bad if you leave it. Let's wash your mind everyday, like brushing your teeth, taking a shower. Meditation is the best way for it. Meditation is a shower of your mind, cleaning your mind Your mind will be cleaned when you meditate on and on. Just like a white shirts. Meditation. All you do is sit down & close your eyes. Close eyes , relax. 2)You'd be disappointed 'cause your mind gets too dirty. Don't open your eyes, though. If you continue facing your mind, it'll be cleaned, become beautiful mind. Meditation is a shower of your mind, cleaning of your mind Try every day. It needs only 10 minutes, or, 5 minutes. Even 1minutes! Wash your mind as your body. . . . . 体と同じように、心も毎日汚れます。汗もかきます。 放っておくと、臭くなります。 毎日歯を磨くように、毎日シャワーで体を洗うように、心も毎日洗いましょう。 それには瞑想が一番です。 瞑想は心のシャワー、心のお掃除。 瞑想をすればするほどあなたの心はきれいになります。まるで真っ白なシャツのように。 瞑想は目を閉じて座るだけで良いのです。 目を閉じてただぼーっとします。 最初は心が汚れ過ぎていてげんなりするかもしれない。 でも目を開けてはいけません。 それでも根気づよく自分の心と向き合えば、次第にお掃除が進んで、心がきれいになります。 瞑想は心のシャワー、心のお掃除。 毎日やりましょう。10分でも5分でも、たった1分でもいいのです。 体と同じように、心も磨きましょう。 . . . . Written & Drawing by Junichi Translated by Kaori ( kaoriartichoke ) peace love loveyourself loveandpeace drawing art drawingdesign design words pray prayforlove poetry notes writing spiritual spirituality meditation meditationart calm junichiogawa

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it's all about me, myself n I


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Have no spirit at all... Hopefuly God hear my wishin' & pray... So I could get clues & spirit... Fighting!! goodmorning morning working nospirit godhelpme i'mintrouble pray spirit fighting wish

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Fernanda Iris


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Sabe o q eu aprendi nesse meio tempo!? Q devo planejar sim, mas q não devo parar de viver... Q devo qrer fazer as coisas.... Mas as coisas q posso! E q tenho q pensar no agora... E não a longo prazo... Há longo prazo a gente pensa na hr q tiver q fazer alguma coisa! Nunca estamos velhos para fazer algo diferente... life deusnocomandosempre pray

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Cukuplah ALLAH bagiku ; - Sebaik baik pelindung - Sebaik baik penjaga - Sebaik baik penolong . . . . . . . . . . Taken at Bromo mountain,Indonesia ____________________________________________ morning friday pray god moment enjoy likes like4like likeme followme follow4follow boy muscle wonderful bromo mountain indonesia ayodolan folkindonesia explore brown instamoment indotraveller backpacker instalike instagood photoshoot photography instagram

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Jen Gee


Comment from Jen Gee:

24 hours later and Pete is on his feet! Treatment has finally resolved the respiratory problem. His pain is well-managed and the biggest victory of all-- he is eating on his own again! Thank you for your well wishes and prayers. We are not quite out of the woods yet but we are day and night from where we were at this time last night ❤❤❤ bassethound bassethoundsofinstagram bassethoundmoments bassethoundlove bassetmania basset peter lovemypete canadianhounds canadiandogs dogsofinstagram dogs rescuedog whorescuedwho rescue newlife recovery prayers instapray pray goawaypain houndsofinstagram

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Jaime Gonzalez


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because work. blessed

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Lili Ana


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Our 5th grader! So proud, i Pray he continues on this path! 😆 Ontheway Yes Proud MyBoys School

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Flying a Spaceship


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spiritual faith faithful god grace pray prayers praying amen believe religion coexist spirituality trust peace calm mind soul hope destiny wisdom compassion noforgiveness thankful knowledge meditation life meditate guidance

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James Williams


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Ended day with client workouts no sleep for me ever Check out vitaminsourcedearborn today use code James for 15% off .getswole eatclean vitamonsourcemi vitaminsourcemi childofgod manofgod praypraise fitfaith manofgodinthemakingandmolding ephesains5man kingjaomes manofgodinthemaking

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Meni Machado ☕


Comment from Meni Machado ☕:

//MISSÃO// MISSION// A mãe com uma delicadeza e certa fragilidade na voz entra na sala, por ora adaptada a um consultorio, segurando na Mão de seu filho: -Doutor, se vocês conseguirem atender será um milagre. O Filho, Anderson tem 18 anos e é especial. Olhos grandes, curiosos e  Um sorriso inocente, quase como uma criança em seus primeiros anos de vida, descobrindo tudo e  vivendo em um mundo sem maldade. Em cada atendimento aprendemos algo. Seja a simplicidade, seja amar mais, seja ouvir mais. E com Anderson aprendi algo que ao longo dos anos vamos perdendo, aprendi a ouvir e crer! Ele não nos conhecia, mas nos ouvia e confiava no que dizíamos. Conseguimos fazer todo o procedimento, e ele, calmo, sereno e sorrindo com aqueles olhos, grandes, brilhantes e inocentes. O sorriso de gratidão, o abraço apertado e o olhar de admiração de uma Mãe, que não tinha esperanças, renova nossas forças, alimenta nossa fé, e confirma aquilo que o Criador nos diz! Sim, eu vos chamei!! missao missiontrip godisgood goodvibes jesus jesusibelieve odonto odontomissionario instalike jesuslove pray workship usa brasil ribeiraodasneves belohorizonte belrizonte

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Between You & Allah ❤️🙏🏽🙌


Comment from Between You & Allah ❤️🙏🏽🙌:

Ibn Abbas was, at most, 13 years old when he was gifted these words of advice by Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. Imagine the impression this made on a teenager, who would grow up to be an ocean of knowledge and for whom the Prophet said the prayer, “Allah, give him understanding of the religion, and teach him to discern its meanings.” As we equip children with every means of success, we should not forget to imprint in their memory and hearts these powerful rules to live by. In another narration, the Prophet says, “Be mindful of Allah, you shall find Him in front of you. Know Allah in times of prosperity so He will know you in times of hardship. Know that whatever passed you by could never have happened, and what happened could never have been avoided. Know that victory comes with patience, relief comes with affliction, and with hardship comes ease.” Take Care of Your Relationship with Allah “Be mindful of Allah, He will be mindful of you...” This hadith reveals core truths about the nature of our relationship with Allah SWT, If you take care of your relationship with Him, He will take care of you. Whatever you need or desire, in the end it can only come from Him. This is not to say that we can never ask people for help, but we should understand that ultimately Allah SWT is the source of all help that comes our way. The companions used to ask Allah SWT for help in everything, large or small, even in getting salt for their food. We sometimes get bogged down with the side issues in our religion: with definitions, fiqh issues, and the differences between us, while forgetting the essence of our relationship with the Creator. The Prophet captured this essence for Ibn Abbas and for all Muslims, and taught us that as long as we turn to Allah, we will be all right. In order to understand we must try it; it is one thing to read about it, and another to actually experience finding Allah SWT at your side in moments of hardship. Continue below.

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😂 word

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Christy Andronicus


Comment from Christy Andronicus:

Forgiveness sets us free often the most important person you need to forgive is ourselves. I forgive myself even when I have hurt someone. I forgive myself even when I have done something really stupid. I forgive my self for the mistakes I have made. I forgive myself for being hard on myself. I forgive myself for making decisions that hurt my family. Write a list and forgive yourself and let it go. forgiveness heartchakra mariannewilliamson

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Niya Parmitha


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Alloohumma Innii As-Aluka 'Ilman Naaafi'an, Wa 'Amalam Mutaqobbalaa', Wa Rizqona'waasi'an, Wa Ilal Khoiri Qorribna'a, Wa 'Anisy Syarri Ba'idnaa... aboutniya quran alhamdulillah pray ngaji muslimah muslim islam

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