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Mom On Top Shop


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.... and I somehow STILL REALLY miss being pregnant!! 😲😂🤣 - (Posted by Tina) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - newmom momof3 pregnancy funnypregnancy pregnancyproblems pregnant pregnancymemes pregnantandtired pregnancycravings pregnancycraving pregolife pregnancylife preggoproblems preggers stretchmarkcream lovebeingpregnant pregnantandhappy pregnancyissues happypregnancy happypregnant postpartumlife postpartummom momlife

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😴 Snoozing Belle AdoptDontShop Pregnant Exhausted

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Ruby 🚙


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No vacancy

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Alfie Black


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13 week ultrasound yesterday- everything was great- yay. And they gave me this coaster afterwards... so nice! Ha ha 😂- kidding - does anyone have a dvd player? I don't own one. 😕. isitonnetflix? netflixandchill cd dvd coaster oldschool pregnancy pregnant ultrasound memories 13weeks

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Ruby 🚙 (rubyrcar) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ruby 🚙


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I miss this bus and this trip 🚌

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F E R N A N D A  L U Z (fernandaluzmaquiagem) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Mamãe Haidi Rauber com beauty assinada por mim 💄 pelas lentes de @gabriellacameu 📸 pregnant mamaesdafe ensaiogestante ensaiofotografico maquiagemparafotos

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In case you didn't know Baby I'm crazy 'bout you And I would be lying if I said That I could live this life without you 💕 beach baby love pregnant

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Briana celebrando el baby shower de Stella 👧❤ Briana celebrating the Stella's baby shower. teenmom teenmom3 brianadejesus stella pregnant babybump babyshower @_brianadejesus

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Ruby 🚙 (rubyrcar) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ruby 🚙


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I miss it so much

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Ruby 🚙 (rubyrcar) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ruby 🚙


Comment from Ruby 🚙:

The storm is rolling in

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Bey in her African prints 😍😍 Beyoncé pregnant glowing beyhive twins pushparty african formation

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Super barrigão com 38semanas 😱, ainda cresce mais gente??? heringerfitness fitgestante gravidez terceirotrimestre 9meses gravida gravidadicas inspirepregnancy gestantesaudavel gestacaoativa gestante gestacao personalgestante personalbh personaltrainer pregnant pregnancy maesdebh beagamaes

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Cryo Blood Bank, C. A. (cryobloodbank) Instagram Photos and Videos

Cryo Blood Bank, C. A.


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La Mamá Carmen Rodríguez adquirió el Kit de Almacenamiento para la toma de muestra segura de su futura bebé Victoria Elena. Para cualquier información puede contactarnos por los siguientes números: Maracaibo: Av. 23 esquina calle 65 N° 65-17, diagonal a la Parte trasera del Estadium Alejandro Borges. Maracaibo - Edo Zulia Telfs.: 0261 - 762.83.03 - 761.02.83. Caracas: Urb. Terrazas del Club Hípico, Sector BW en Av. Las Repúblicas con Av. América, calle B3, Torre Médica Terras Plaza, piso 7, consultorio 7E. Municipio Baruta - Caracas. Telfs: 0212 - 815.53.05 - 977.57.80. Para mayor información: E-mail: info

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Maria Horford


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Sarah Bry


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pregnancy pregnancyshoot photography photographer waitingfor babyboy pregnant rivieramaya

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SHEILLA__CompassionforAnimals🕊 (sheilla_g1) Instagram Photos and Videos



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Sometimes it involves a tragedy to occur in our lives to help us embrace Life. To help us see Life in a dissimilar perspective. To empathize, if you will. Before I even started to read this quote, I started to cry. When I see these videos/images of these beautiful creatures being abused; tortured; mutilated; raped; enslaved; skinned alive; and more, my God 😭... I wonder; How can one not feel anything? How can you turn your head the other way? How can you go about life as though you are not part of such heinous deeds? How can you not CARE? It tears me to pieces to post these images/videos. Because it is TRUTH that whilst I am making this post, pain 😖😔💔and suffering are being done upon these beautiful creatures. People, "But, it tastes so good!" just isn't. It is very ugly. It is pain. It is cruel and barbaric. It is exponentially greater than hate. Again, these beautiful creatures are not ours to experiment on; eat; wear; nor use for entertainment, et cetera. They feel. They deserve to be FREE. They deserve to be LOVED. And, keep in mind, your choices affects all; these beautiful creatures and the planet. I implore you, shine your light. Choose LOVE over cruelty/hate. Go Vegan. Because all lives matter. 🌱💚 🍃 @enchantedfarmsanctuary Thank you kindly for your work. 🙏💚🌈🐾🕊 🍃 🍃 🍃 peace joy free life govegan vegan mother cow baby pregnant vegansofig crueltyfree beautiful friendsnotfood freedom love compassion vegancommunity milk dairyfree plantbased helpme vegangirl fitness eatclean meat foodie friends family joy

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Baby Laís 🎀 (laissmel) Instagram Photos and Videos

Baby Laís 🎀


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A fofura em pessoa passando na sua timeline pra te desejar boa noite 🎀 💕 . . . . . . . . maternidade gestacao mae gravidez gravidinhas mommy momlife momtobe mom baby babygirl maedeprimeiraviagem instababy mamae babyfever blogdemae maternidadereal maeefilha itsagirl newborn instamom blogmaterno instamaterno Preggo pregnant maedeprincesa maedemenina growingup

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My pregnant girl love TagsForLikes TagsForLikesApp instagood me smile follow cute photooftheday tbt followme girl beautiful happy picoftheday instadaily food swag amazing TFLers fashion igers fun summer instalike bestoftheday smile like4like friends instamood pregnant

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Por Beatriz Freire 💜 (biamaedofe) Instagram Photos and Videos

Por Beatriz Freire 💜


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🍉 21 semanas: Começamos o dia com muita agitação, chutes e pontapés. Mamãe está sentindo azia e queimação o tempo todo e sempre mastigando pastilha de pepsamar (hidróxido de alumínio) que alivia na hora. Sono, fome e indisposição estão regulares, a vontade de fazer xixi aumentou mas nada que me atrapalhe. Desejos ainda não tive nenhum, mas vontade é 24h kkkk sorvete tem sido meu queridinho. Os últimos dias foram de gripe forte, inflamação do nervo ciático e infecção de urina. Mas já estou bem melhor. De resto tudo ok com a mamãe e o bebê! 💛🐣🐤🐥 21semanas 5meses pregnant mamaedeprimeiraviagem vembebe babyboy Felipe

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✨Dipped N' Sprinkled✨


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💒💒💒 Weddings • Events • Everyday Now Accepting - MEMORIAL DAY 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 🎉Birthdays! Graduation 👩🏼‍🎓👨🏽‍🎓 Christening/ Communion💒 WEDDING/ Bridal/ Engagements Custom favors!✨ Dessert tables, treats & more!🎉 Contact us today.. Dippednsprinkled suffolkcounty hamptons babyshower love instagood longisland birthday bride cakepops chocolate engaged newyorkbakers picoftheday friends longisland pregnant sweets bachelorette nassau weddings homemade cute selfie fitness godbless doughnuts 2017 babygirl babyboy pregnant happybirthday

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Ruby 🚙 (rubyrcar) Instagram Photos and Videos

Ruby 🚙


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If you look closely, you can see a baby sheep sucking on my finger

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Y'all don't want to know how grumpy I am that I made the healthy choice to eat this over chocolate ice cream. grumpy pregnant healthyfood

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Brittany Ernst (scrayvyle) Instagram Photos and Videos

Brittany Ernst


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Baby is running out of womb room! Caught a video of some cardio action. babymoving cardio moving babykicking babybump 35weekspregnant 35weeks anytimenow escaping movements cute pregnancy pregnant 1stkid active active activebaby babyonboard babylegs

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It's Monday. Take a breath. Don't be a Momster. momster  love baby momlife family mom parenting mother mommy babyboy parenthood pregnancy babygirl kids cute children pregnant babies newborn mommylife maternity instagood toddler happy daughter newmom childhoodunplugged instababy motherhood

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Wilde Lima


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Ensaio de gestante, com @katiaaraujos2 📌Quer um ensaio também? Agende o seu ensaio por Via direct ou 📲 87 988092327.📷📸 ensaioexterno gravida petrolina juazeiro ensaiogestante valedosaofrancisco gestante pregnant bahia petrolinajuazeiro modelos

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bunda lia💏 (cara_cepat_hamil_626) Instagram Photos and Videos

bunda lia💏


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Proses kehamilan adalah keajaiban Tuhan yang mengartikan sebuah anugerah terbesar bagi setiap keluarga, Jangan putus asa, jangan iri karena masih belum memiliki momongan yang diakibatkan terdapat masalah kehamilan seperti MIOM, PCOS, KISTA, TUBA FALLOPY, VARIKOKEL, AZOOSPERMIA, OLIGOTATOSPERMIA, KEPUTIHAN, SIKLUS HAID TIDAK NORMAL (sering maju mundur tanggal haidnya) Segera cek IG kami untuk konsultasi dan mendapatkan solusi yang tepat untuk cepat hamil sehat 👍😍😍😍 atau invite bbm : D96BC99A WA : 083837924160 selebriti indonesia bali bogor jabar jawabarat sumatra papua jakarta surabaya jatim tasikmalaya pregnantbelly pregnantfashion pregnantbump pregnantlife pregnantgirl pregnantwoman pregnantmom pregnant ensiklogram

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Le'Shawn Yang (growyourglory) Instagram Photos and Videos

Le'Shawn Yang


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A lot of my hair models are sending me their result pics 😍 😍 Here's the most recent result pic I got!! Comment below or text me when you want to get started (916) 538-3970 workinmama frienships workflow freedom fun expectingmom pregnant mom tobe mothertobe naps naptime babygirl kicks mommyandme momlife toddlermom babygirl workfromhome workfromanywhere naturalhair naturalmama 4bhair 4ahair kinkycurly mylife love

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Melinda Teló (melindateloreal) Instagram Photos and Videos

Melinda Teló


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Me conta galera, já conferiram o vídeo que a Mamãe @tatafersoza colocou no canal? Não ta uma surra de fofura com a pequenininha aparecendo no vídeo? Confesso que tô babando aqui 😂😂😂 E o melhor, as dicas da mamãe podem SUUUPER ajudar vocês gravidinhas, e as que já tem um neném ou que pretendem ter. Olha lá, o link está na minha Bio do insta e no dos papais também! Suuuper Beijo 😗😘💕 Babys TataFersoza ProjetoDeDeus MichelTeló MelindaSTelo AmorMaior MelhorMomentoDaVida Gravida Pregnant mommy Mamãe Teodoro

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Jennifer Abbott (seejentri) Instagram Photos and Videos

Jennifer Abbott


Comment from Jennifer Abbott:

I can't believe there's only 11 weeks left to go before we get to meet Baby Abbott! Fingers crossed he doesn't decide to come too early and our house is ready @homesbyaviyyc 😬 29weeks babyabbott

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Katie 💜 (kompletelykatie) Instagram Photos and Videos

Katie 💜


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32weeks 5days ❤️Baby Ames your bones are continuing to harden more and more and as your blood circulation continues to improve you can maintain your temperature better and better; as well as start to out on more and more fat (adorable chuncks😍). This week was quite eventful but we are finally reunited with daddy! And now that we are all home until you arrive we are able to get everything ready for you! 32weekspregnant harrisbaby2 babyames bumpdate growingbump growingbelly babyboy pregnantlife pregnancy pregnant preggo momofboys fitpregnancy healthypregnancy dueinjuly july2017 julybaby

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Newborn | Maternity | Babies (gabriellacameu) Instagram Photos and Videos

Newborn | Maternity | Babies


Comment from Newborn | Maternity | Babies:

Não vou conseguir postar 1 só 🙈

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Newborn | Maternity | Babies (gabriellacameu) Instagram Photos and Videos

Newborn | Maternity | Babies


Comment from Newborn | Maternity | Babies:

Começando muito bem essa semana 🙌🏻

13 Minutes ago
Erica Hammericksen (Braden) (hammbraden3) Instagram Photos and Videos

Erica Hammericksen (Braden)


Comment from Erica Hammericksen (Braden):

We made it and we're excited to say... we've got baby number THREE on the way ❤️👶🏼 due December 2017 🎄❄️🤶🏼🎅🏼 babynumber3 december2017 hammericksentribe family disneyland disney announcement pregnancy pregnant fitpregnancy love life

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