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Comment from bonfayah:

Real talk got so mad when i got hacked on the 23rd of dec 2016 by @jewls my last post on my hacked account was on dec23rd he even changed all my captions to make it look like a us account i am canadian thought i lost my account for good only to see it POP UP on dec 31st 2016 kept all my personal pictures BLOCKED me so i cant even take them back as i litsen to this msg, i am like this person must have #NOTHING too look forward 2, must have a SAD life with no future to take IG so seriously, how #EASY it is to #pretend to be anything ELSE but yourself, the world is fill with fake ppl ing to be real... i had to msg him from my husband account for him to take my profile picture down all that for followers #beyourlf #beyou #loveyou #ig #instagram #instacrazy

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Comment from Bae Suzy Fans:

Korean people really loves suzy's song!! 1. [+1,134, -85] I was wondering what Suzy's rank would be compared to 'Goblin' and not only did she rank #1 but kicked the roof too ㅎㅎ congratulations 2. [+969, -73] Congratulations Suzy-ya ♡♡♡ 3. [+93, -73] Successful debut as a solo singer! Congratulations 4. [+890, -75] I really like the song ㅠㅠㅠ I've been listening to it on repeat ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 5. [+88, -70] Suzy kicks off her solo debut with #1!!! 6. [+299, -20] It's a song you won't really get tired of so I can see it hitting a long run~~~ good lyrics, good melody 7. [+300, -22] Suzy has great vocal tone 8. [+293, -2] Congratulations on the successful solo debut ♡ can't wait for the title track next week 9. [+273, -22] The song gets better the more you listen to it!! Let's keep walking the roof!! 0. [+257, -7] Kicked the Melon roof~ the calm way she sings makes the song so much sadder Cr : netizenbuzz Congrats Suzy!!! @skuukzky #행복한척 #수지solo #수지 #PRETEND #suzy #suzybae #baesuzy #baesooji # #배수지 #수지 #jypnation #jype #jypgirl #goddess #pretty #talented #singer #soloist #songwriter #model #actrees #nationfirstlove #kindheart #hardworking

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Comment from Thaíze Pita:

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Comment from Danita:

So proud,, of her ALL KILL on Melon, Genie, Naver, etc @skuukzky fighting! Keep streaming on Youtube, Melon, Genie, Naver Use all of them,,, I don't expect PAK, but at least we trying :) #suzy #suzysolo #PRETEND

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