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The very first roses I got as a gift. paris red roses 🌹 flowers gift bestgiftever present actress director detroitbecomehuman happy proud picoftheday instalife

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Rance Jamaal Hayes


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"It is easy to sit up and take notice. What is difficult is getting up and taking action." Respect to my nephew @markmywords30 for organizing this growing movement to feed the homeless people of Oakland. Millions of people drive by these Bay Area homeless encampments and talk about the tragedy unfolding in front of their eyes but never do anything to assist or change the circumstances. Leaders take action regardless of what anyone else is saying or doing. Take notice. This is just the beginning! If you live in the Bay Area and you'd like to support the movement to feed the homeless, please TAKE ACTION. Contact me, @markmywords30 or @yepitslae and donate food, water or feminine products. We thank you for your contribution. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 We will be out every Sat at noon to keep this movement of humanity MOVING!!! proud walkthewalk compassion give giveback oakland bay bayarea thepeople love humanity

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WorldSkills Australia


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Repost @that_mechanic_girl96 tune in now! ・・・ Tune in tomorrow morning at 8:50am to see me and @braydenanthony_ talking about our Worldskills journey! skillaroo WORLDSKILLS today channel9 ladietradie SkillsSquad eveworkwear shewearaustralia shesempowered proud friendsforlife mechanic mentors tv live SALT

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My boys. proud Dad

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Machew Thompson


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Another rarer sight, front on photo 🤣😀 . . . . gay gays gayguy gayboy gayboyuk gayuk smile insta iggay instagay amazing love like pride gaypride follower beard beardedman beardedhomo gaybeard stubble gaylife boyswholikeboys picoftheday proud proudgay man glasgowcity nofilter nofilterneeded

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:: يلازمني_خيالك وين مارحت وسرحت وجيت.. اسرني طيفك ، وحبك اسرني وصرت مفتونك.. حبيبي مرني صوتك بلا موعد وانا حنيت.. اجل وشلون لو عيني تصافح فجأه عيونك.. يدل_دربه 💛A :: ....................... .............................. .............................. .............................. by: @dm5y_ :: fashion mans stylist suit kuwaiti kuwait Positive proud GQ men mensfashion styles stylish streetstyle urban_fashion_kw fashion personalshopper مساعد_المطيري musaed_almutiri personalshopper kuwait kuwaiti fashion mensfashion mans styles streetstyle stylist photography kuwaiti

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Jennifer Robb


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Just harvested a little snack proud happyplace beans growing gardening yeg outside photooftheday happyplace yummy hummus saturday backyard positivevibes letgo

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☆owner of the parasytes☆


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WARNING NSFW if I would have put a warning on top I couldn't post the full pic aha woops screech scrooch --------------------- nsfw furry galaxy cat nude sendnoods noods digital drawing proud nsfwdrawing digitalart digitaldrawing art nsfwwarning

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Crystal Hartley


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🏳️‍🌈Happy Pride Week everyone🏳️‍🌈 loveislove prideweekhalifax pride2017 halifaxpride primeminister justintrudeau drag lgbtq+ prideparade samelove acceptance support proud equality rights rainboweverything fabulous

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670 views : this is my most seen video on my youtube chanel ! Even if it could seem little, it's a lot for me and i'm really proud of it 🤗. Plus the views never stop growing on that video. A friend from highschool recomended me to do this cover and he was so right! This song is amazing! If you want to see more videos or this cover : GO CHECK OUT MY YOUTUBE CHANEL : IamJOUMANA 👉 watch it now! Link in bio! cover bio link youtube motorhead lemmy onemorefuckingtime one more fucking time guitar voice acoustic proud views video music song

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I'm so proud right now because I've successfully done a bun! This was my third try and first try doing it all by myself! proud artsy

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aleksandr 🥀 / ⚧ / scorpio / 🏋🏻 (alekrduncan) Instagram Photos and Videos

aleksandr 🥀 / ⚧ / scorpio / 🏋🏻


Comment from aleksandr 🥀 / ⚧ / scorpio / 🏋🏻:

today, i am celebrating the accomplishments, no matter how "small." 🎉 this past week or so, i've had a horrible mental health week. who knows why, it happens to a lot of us. i haven't been able to leave my room, eat right, sleep right, etc. but today, i got up, had a killer workout, im going to do laundry, eat some food, clean up around the house, let some light into my room, and do things that seem normal to most people. that usually, seem normal to me. but when i crash, i realize i take them for granted. being trans and also having a mental illness is an intersection a lot of folx don't talk about. sharing my journey on here has proven to help me in the past, and i'm hoping i can give a glimpse of light for anyone else out there who's struggling like i have been this week. forcing myself to get out of bed and go to the gym was a taxing task but i am very glad i did it. even if you can't bring yourself to do that, do something small for yourself that is necessary for self nourishment. take your meds, drink some coffee, sit in the sun for a little bit if it isn't as horribly hot as it is here. look back at old pictures of yourself and realize how far you've come. reach out to someone you love. self care is not selfish and is vital to our growth. 🌱 imtrying • • • • • • • ftm transisbeautiful thisiswhattranslookslike transgender transman testosterone transisbeautiful revolution lgbtq lgbt trans queer pride nonbinary tboy activism activist advocate proud transboy transmen transboys ftmfitness

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Tiny elephants 🐘❤


Comment from Tiny elephants 🐘❤:

3 years ago we lose one of the most pure souls💕😭, a beautiful one.... we miss you Grandpa Grande... and we love you so so much💖💖... Ariana he would be so so proud of you remember he is always with you.. in your little but powerful heart ❤ 😍❤ [Tags] lovealwayswin weonlyparttomeetagain puresoul grandpagrande arianagrande misshim proud 💖💕☄

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Raechelle van der Velde


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I still feel like I'm holding on to all the holiday booze... I've only been to the gym twice since ive been back and my food intake has been terrible! I feel tired and sluggish. My inlaws have taken the kids and hubby is at work so straight to the gym for me! I need to get back into routine. It starts today!! workout gym fitness selfie preselfie tokenphoto lululemon nike white healthyliving health healthylifestyle fitnotskinny fitisthenewsexy fitmom fitnessmotivation proud positivevibes selflove

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✨ B ✨


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My man knows that change can be very uncomfortable for me. My insomnia worsens and my comfort levels feel off balance when my routine gets changed. He asked me multiple times on his trip how I was holding up, how I was feeling, how I slept at night, etc. I have gone through eating disorders and self harm; I got through that. I still struggle with depression and anxiety. A change in my daily routine can really through me off and make me feel less in control of my life. Especially when I've lived with someone for a year and never spent more than one night at a time away from him. My point is, he knows I am a strong woman and that I have gone through a lot, but he still checks on me and reassures me. I was okay while he was gone, truly. Sure, I was sad and it felt weird. I felt like a piece of me was missing. How could I not feel that way though? My best friend was in another state! Honestly though, being so proud of him and his personal growth took over. He deserved this. My first night I didn't sleep much because it was so weird not to have him beside me. I am a very lucky woman to have someone who looks out for me as much as he does. I'm so glad he's home now though. 💜 edrecovery recovery strong depression sad relationship relationshipgoals text goals inlove soulmate lover loml truelove lucky mine proud motivated strongwomen cute sweet adorable allmine perfect bestfriend

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Oxygen Yoga & Fitness Langley


Comment from Oxygen Yoga & Fitness Langley:

Congratulations to @jeremykennedy145 on his 11th win today in New York! Check out Oxygen Yoga Langley Facebook page for the full video 👌💦 ilovemylife ufc oxygenyogalangley infraredhotyoga notyourtypicalstudio yogifamily proud winner ufcfightnight newyork

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@bro.d.esigns -------------------- Feeling Proud . . . EMS EMT BLS private uniform proud -------------------- 🚑� EMS, BY EMS!!🚨🚑 Direct Message us for a feature!! 🚑Stay safe out there!! LT🚑

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Family fun happy stonerchick instagood peace addictedtomusic humansofjoy proud mykidsrmylife tatted perfection dreamer writer wiccanforlife tattoos humansofjoy toxicpoet strong poet smiles blessedbe poetry singlemom getfitt tattedmami trustnoone pride fitmom

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Jennifer Taylor


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💗💙Hayley💙💗  🏡 Liverpool UK (hayleyobe86) Instagram Photos and Videos

💗💙Hayley💙💗 🏡 Liverpool UK


Comment from 💗💙Hayley💙💗 🏡 Liverpool UK:

📚🐛❤ daughter bookworm love lovestoread proud

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I'm being my own inspiration me vs me! Hoping come October I can bring a much more conditioned package to the stage.. my first comp..experience that was definitely needed.. I'd say I learnt more on this day than I thought I ever would.. now I'm prepared for what is to come prep competition theonething i have formyself frommetome myescape proud achievement mygoal showingmykids nevergiveup💪 nomatterhowhardlifegets

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I like this on alot lol Family fun happy stonerchick instagood peace addictedtomusic humansofjoy proud mykidsrmylife tatted perfection dreamer writer wiccanforlife tattoos humansofjoy toxicpoet strong poet smiles blessedbe poetry singlemom getfitt tattedmami trustnoone pride fitmom

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Viktoria Bo.


Comment from Viktoria Bo.:

proud to be born in russia 🙋🏼🇷🇺 russian russiangirl girl blonde summer sun white dress inlove sky russia holiday proud love smile happy

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🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈 🔴 (llamafanpage_777) Instagram Photos and Videos

🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈 🔴


Comment from 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈 🔴:

||HOLINES|| LGBT Hotline:8664887386 Transgender Hotline:18002738255 Self Harm Hotline:18003668288 Abuse Hotline:18007997233 Sexual Assault Hotline:8779955247 Eating Disorder Hotline:18009312237 Crisis Text Line: Text "HOME" 741-741|| lgbt🌈rainbow rainbows transgender trans mtf ftm gay gayboy gaypride gayteen loveislove love lësbian lesbian demigirl demisexual demiboy bi bisexual bisexuallove bisexualpride bisexualgirls proud pride pansexualteen

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Louis Doligé


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REPUBLIQUE france paris statue republique proud francais night neon vsco picoftheday

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: : : . : : : : zoo ballet badgirl socialmedia barber wiw proud thai hookah homemade hamburg quotes delish cardio sunglasses

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Σοφία Λεσπουρίδου


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Όταν οι φίλοι σου είναι οι μεγαλύτεροι θαυμαστές σου....! fan bigfan sofialespouridou 20plusteam sauturdaynight friends iloveher proud

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Stephanie Kay Ball


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Wow!!!!! Brandi used Trim for 7 days and this happened!!!! getfit inchloss fatloss fit fitfam proud accomplished

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Ani's life


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Kroatia stylemakeupselfienikoninstagra tagramAtworknikemotorbikelovel lovelivelifehappinessfotoridep ridepermanentmakeupmicrobladin ladingworkdogsilovedogsanimals imalslovelovebeautyprincesspro ssproudinkedgirlstattoogirlswi

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Carolyn Dudek


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Quick comparison shot of "what I really look like" and how I look flexing (swipe) As you can see in the relaxed pose I have a bit of shape to my arms but sadly nothing too impressive. When I flex you can see the muscles I have worked hard to build. Lifting does not make you look jacked 24/7 what it does it give you some shape, curves if will. I personally find this look attractive. If it's not your cup of tea, cool, do you! We are all unique and can choose our preferred look. I won't stop until I look like I am flexing in my relaxed pose 🤣 Happy for some Mexican eats. . . . . nofilterneeded bereal justme momof3 momstrong flexing flexedvsrelaxed flexandsmile flexeveryday everybodyisbeatiful mycupoftea builtbyme proud workforit delts biceps naturalbodybuilding figurecompetitor improvementseason notshredded offseasonshape canthidethebooty saturdaynight datenight jeggings

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Roberto D'Silva


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More to come... if you want to purchase one or two or three.  20% Off your fist order!!! Use MYFIRST20 At checkout. franzenföto morning wakeup gay motivation fit fitness fitlife fitnessmotivation fitnessaddict fitstagram fitspiration fitnesslifestyle fitnessgoals fitbody lafitness strong men goals miami brickell proud 2017 workoutfashion

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Erica Dias


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Sooooo proud and thankful for my client @shavone_riggins 😊 ThankYou sooooo much for sharing your story at my 24th Erica's @TableOf20 in Dallas !! blackgirlmagic blessed godsGirl WeWorking TeamCurlkalon thedreamisreal TheBFirmPR

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Morena Dolores


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So blessed to see you growing up to be the strong, honest and loving young man you are Happy 20th Birthday proud ♡ iloveyou

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